tagNonHumanTrusting the Wolf Ch. 02

Trusting the Wolf Ch. 02


Four years ago...

Nathaniel snorted as he watched Faith sway towards the bathrooms. She was very green, 20 years old, one year of intense training, and just barely holding her liquor. Of course he was only a few years older, but he felt eons older after all he'd seen in the past few years.

Faith had completed the final part of her training undercover with Nathaniel and Angela. She had enjoyed herself immensely, learning the bulk of her skills from Nathaniel as his 'cousin' while he and Angela kept up the facade of being a couple involved in a relatively benign Wolf Pack heavily connected with one they were very interested in.

Working in such close confines with Nathaniel over the last year had left Faith with a bit of a crush. She had started her initial training with him a year earlier, and he'd taught her everything she knew. He was one of the best, and it excited her to know she was one of the few agents he'd bothered to take under his wing for the entire duration of her training.

Staring herself down in the mirror she wished she had the guts to learn one more thing with him. She had waited longer than most for sex, wanting a special experience for her first time. Faith was pretty sure Nathaniel would be special. He was huge and a bit rough around the edges, but he'd always talked to her like an equal, and treated her with respect and warmth.

Besides, once you got past the whole scary, rough, and tough as nails appearance than man was truly smoking hot. One glimpse of his wicked half grin could give her heart palpitations for days. And his voice... Wow. It was at odds with his appearance, rich, low and persuasive, every time she heard him speak the contrast jolted her a little.

Nathaniel knew she had a bit of a crush, but ignored it. He was involved with someone else and Faith wasn't his type - he was too much of an asshole for her to be getting involved with him. He needed a woman with a bit more of a hard edge to her. Faith wasn't tough - instead she stirred up all sorts of unusual protective feelings in him, leaving him feeling a bit like an honorary older brother.

On the other hand, while she wasn't tough and hard, she was feisty, and at times a bit of a smart-ass He was looking forward to seeing how she developed as an agent and as a woman.

Faith was beautiful too. She was just growing into her over-large lips and eyes, and still had a slight air of awkwardness about her. It made men stare at her and speculate, which in turn made him glare and wish he could warn them all to stay the hell away from her.

He couldn't quite say what exactly it was that made him revoke his usual 'no newbies, trainees, or tagalongs' rule, but thankfully Faith had been a quick study.

Nathaniel was relieved to finally be getting into the meat of his assignment - cozying up with a Pack known to be working in conjunction with the council.

His regular partner - Angela - was staying undercover with him. She'd be along later tonight, they had arranged to meet in the woods, and head out in wolf form from there. They enjoyed working together, and they enjoyed screwing around together - discreetly of course. It wasn't really a serious thing, but both knew that in their line of work it was about as close as it would probably get.

Faith chose that moment to sashay her way out of the bathrooms eyeing one of the young males by the pool-table boldly.

He signed grimly, and finished his beer. She was young, but when she wanted to, she knew how to use her inbuilt wolf sexuality to drive men crazy. He growled a little in warning and she looked over guiltily, making her way back to her barstool.

"We should go. You've had about all the drink you can handle." He said, slinging his arm over her shoulder affably, and suddenly realizing he was a lot drunker, and a lot less in control than he'd assumed.

She smelt very, very good.

They swayed out of the bar towards the strip of forest across the road. He had driven, but they were both a little drunker than expected, so they'd just shift and run home. It was standard practice for most of the Shape-Shifters living in the town, and the bar owner was Pack, so he didn't question the occasional pile of off-cast clothing or overnight use of the carpark.

Stripping they both crouched and shifted form. Their ears, nose, and eyes always changed first, blasting them with an overload of noise, scent, and vision. Then with a wave of hot pricking pain as internal organs shifted, bones creaked into place, and hair swept dramatically over bare skin. Finally two wolves - perhaps a little larger than a biological wolf - crouched panting on the forest floor.

Faith grinned at the much larger wolf beside her. She knew she was a little drunk, but ultimately didn't care. He'd take care of her - he always did. They playfully wrestled before Nathaniel remembered himself, and rolled away nudging her up and in the direction of the house.

She really was a beautiful wolf. Silvery white she stood out plainly under the moonlight. It was a little impractical for camouflage but they'd worked hard on making sure she could blend in if she needed to. It was a lot harder for a pale wolf, but as long as she stayed aware of her surroundings she did quite well.

It took all of ten minutes running to get close enough to change again.

Faith bit her lower lip trying to get up the courage to touch him... Maybe to kiss him. She hadn't kissed many guys either, but she figured it would be a good way to lead into sex.

She licked her lips, watching his skin ripple as he came through his shift. He knelt for a moment, giving himself time to adjust. She let herself look a little longer. It was easy to imagine kissing him when he was kneeling - he was much less imposing this way.

When he looked up he realized that she was staring at him, her eyes wide, and her pupils dilated. It turned him on a lot more than he was expecting - they'd been naked around each other before why was tonight any different from any other night?

His eyes ran over Faith, seeing more than he usually let himself. Her breasts stood high, with taunt nipples, puckered a little from the cold. From where he crouched he observed the soft curve of her hip and belly, leading to her lightly furred pubic mound.

Nathaniel could scent the warmth between her thighs. She was aroused, and would probably allow an advance from him.

"Well pup?" He said, barely recognizing the rough rumble that passed as his voice.

He was definitely less in control than he should have been.

It didn't matter though because she shivered a little, widening her stance in invitation. He audibly scented the air as the space between her thighs widened.

Standing in one smooth movement he grabbed her arm, hauling her up against him. She froze for a second as his thick cock came into contact with her stomach, but kissed him eagerly as he bent to roughly take her lips.

He had meant to go slower, but the way she moved against him short-circuited his brain. Nathaniel lifted her off the ground, with one arm around her waist. It brought her closer to his height so that he wouldn't have to stoop over her.

Sweeping his tongue into her mouth, Nathaniel reached his free hand down between her thighs. He slid two fingers between her lips, pressing them against her clit, and enjoying the obvious wetness he encountered.

Faith felt overwhelmed. Good overwhelmed, and bad overwhelmed, and panicky overwhelmed. They were going a bit faster than she thought they would, but she also desperately didn't want to stop. His fingers felt amazing in the spot where only her own had ventured before.

Her toes curled and she arched against him whimpering breathlessly, desperately wishing he would touch her breasts.

Instead Nathaniel urged her to the ground, flat on her back. She paused for a moment, suddenly a little unsure. She had kind of envisioned a bed... Or at least a blanket or something - the pine needles were a little uncomfortable underneath her, and her shoulder was right on a pine cone.

Urging her legs apart with his hands Nathaniel briefly touched her between her legs again, rubbing a little harder. She arched her back, wishing he would touch her nipples.

He crawled up and over her, dwarfing her with his size. Her stomach flipped over, and she opened her mouth, feeling the first flicker of fear. She was unsure of what to say but knew that she should probably tell him she was a virgin... Unless... Maybe if she did that he would stop...

"Do you want it fast? Slow? Rough? What would you like Faith?" He growled out above her.

She bit her lip, wishing that he wasn't looming over her. It would have been nice to touch him a little. She wondered what his chest might feel like.

She would have liked to kiss him some more too. That felt good.

He nudged the slick area between her thighs with the blunt head of his cock "Faith? What would you like?"

"Um I... What would you like?" She asked breathlessly, chickening out on voicing any of her thoughts.

Nathaniel wanted to be inside her. He wanted a hard slick ride. With a groan he nudged her again. "Ready?"

Faith bit her lip panicking a little. She wanted more though, so she nodded, tensing a little. "Yeah."

Nathaniel wrapped his hands around her shoulders, and pressed his face into her neck. His grip tightened as he thrust himself into her.

God she was tight. Hot and tight.

Faith froze and tensed in pain as he ripped through her hymen. Nathaniel groaned loudly against her neck, and pushed deeper roughly pulling out, and then forcing himself inward again. She squealed a little in pain and fear as he battered her burning nether regions.

Nathaniel shivered, and licked tenderly at her neck, and hugging her a little closer, cradling her against his body. He squeals and moans of encouragement were exciting him - he loved a vocal partner.

Trapped under him, Faith had nowhere to go, and his vice-like grip meant she was unable to wriggle off his huge burning hot cock. Her throat closed as she realized she was trapped.

One big hand moved up to cradle her head and thread through her hair, in stark contrast to the brutal pain he was causing between her thighs. Faith balled her fists, her nails cutting into her palms as she struggled to draw breath. Tears ran down her face, unnoticed by Nathaniel who was nipping at her throat.

He shoved himself deeper into her tight warmth shuddering at how good it felt - he was nearly fully seated inside of her. It occurred to him that he'd never had a woman as tight as Faith before, at the same time he registered how stiff she was beneath him.

"Stop..." She hissed so quietly he barely heard her.

Immediately he froze, drawing back from her neck to see her face - the tears and pain he saw there horrified him.

Another noise intruded into the night - Angela calling out into the night "Nathaniel? Is that you?"

He jolted, causing her to wince in pain again. Fuck. He'd forgotten his plan to meet Angela - he needed to find some way to get Faith covered, and away from Angela... He had the feeling Faith wouldn't want the older woman to see her - they weren't exactly close.

He could hear Angela moving closer, and quickly withdrew his cock from Faith. She gasped in pain and he sat back, looming over her and staring in horror at the blood between her thighs.


She had been a virgin - how in the hell had he not known that? He wondered, pissed off at himself, and his own lack of control.

Faith looked up at his pale, horrified face, whimpering as she caught a gleam of anger in his eyes.

"You're supposed to meet Angela here?" she asked quietly, drawing back from him slowly.

He swore again "Yes. Fuck! We need to get you out of here."

Her eyes grew wider. "You're... You're together?"

That wasn't what he had meant, but he realized that lying at this point would be a bad idea. "Sometimes."

He stared silently at her, regretting the pain and horror on her face. What the fuck had he done? Why hadn't he realized? Why didn't she stop him? Why the hell hadn't she told him she was a virgin at least?

Swallowing against the bile in her stomach Faith rolled away from him, she scented her own blood on the air, and looked towards his cock recoiling at the liberal smear of red she saw there.

"Faith, wait... Why? Why the didn't you tell me? I don't sleep with virgins... Fuck. We didn't use protection or anything. I could have... Fuck, Faith!.... Idiot! Why didn't you stop me?! Why didn't you talk to me?"

His mind racing he tried to figure out what to do with Faith, and how to deal with Angela. Faith made up his mind for him.

Shifting to wolf, she scrambled away towards the house, and around Angela - well downwind. Nathaniel growled again, and then shifted, heading after Faith. He needed to meet Angela before she came into the house looking for him, but he'd take a few minutes to make sure Faith would be ok, and then head back out.

Hell, it was the absolute least his worthless, unworthy, stupid, drunk, idiot ass could do. Well... That and protect Faith. And he'd do that by getting Angela away from the house. Soon.

Faith whirled in full panic mode, dropping the wet flannel in her hand as the bathroom door flew open behind her - Nathaniel filled the frame looking impatient.

Nathaniel swallowed audibly as he saw her fear. It was a new experience for him - she'd never been scared of him before. He didn't like the feeling.

"Are you OK?" He asked gently.

She frowned in confusion. She really wasn't sure. Physically she wasn't sure, and mentally she was pretty sure the answer was no.

"May I see?"

Seeing her hesitate and inch further away he decided not to waste anymore time. Angela would be back at any moment, and he needed to get them both out of there before she suspected anything.

He moved unexpectedly quickly, snagging her around the waist, and sitting her up on the edge of the basin bench and forcing her thighs wide. Crouching down he picked up the flannel dabbing away the blood. It didn't look like he'd done too much damage beyond the obvious. The bleeding was almost stopped, and although she would be sore she would heal.

"I have to go Faith. You're going to be sore - probably for a day or two. The bleeding should stop soon though. If it doesn't or if you're still sore, go to the doctor and get checked out. I'm a bit bigger than average, and I was rougher than I should have been. You're not on the pill are you? It might be an idea to go and get Plan B or something similar just in case. It's unlikely that you'll need it, but just in case. It's happened before."

Staying low to the ground he let her close her legs again. "Why didn't you tell me?"

She sniffed and shrugged, trying to stop the way her hands were shaking by tucking them under her armpits. "I didn't know it would be so awful."

"Faith, it's not usually like that. It hurts a bit the first time, but it gets better. I promise. I rushed you, and I was too big, and too rough. It will never be like that again, alright? You were stupid to not tell me, but no one will ever hurt you as much as I did this time. Trust me ok?" He said soothingly, trying to reassure her, while also beating himself up for his own stupidity.

"I don't care. I'm not doing that ever again." She said avoiding looking at him.

He stood and brushed a kiss across her forehead, his heart sinking as she cringed away from him in fear.

"I promise it gets better."

He left, shifting the moment he cleared the back door, and intercepting Angela on her way back. After an impatient Angela had berated him for making them late, she shifted and they headed at a run towards their next assignment.

Faith sat in the shower until she had stopped shivering, and came to terms with no longer being a virgin. It wasn't had as freeing, or as fun as she'd thought it would be. After a few hours of feeling sorry for herself she had a stern conversation with the mirror, reminding it of all the hard work she'd put in, and how much she believed in Aaron's cause.

Then she put all her pain, and fear, and horror inside a box, and locked it away from her determination to do this job - and to do it damn well. At dawn when her extraction team and her new partner arrived she was ready to take on the entire Shifters Council, and eventually, win.


Present day

Sitting in the darkness of her room Faith groaned at the memories.

She could have done without the reminder of how stupid she'd been. Unfortunately, her brain didn't want to co-operate.

She took another gulp from the bottle of cheap scotch she clutched beside her. It went down like turps.

He had been involved with Angela. She wondered if he still was.

She also wondered what the hell he'd been thinking, trying to convince her 'it got better'. Snorting in derision she took another gulp of scotch. Like she would ever try that again. Faith was nothing if she wasn't stubborn.

When she had said she wouldn't ever have sex again, she meant it. And she'd stuck to her guns - despite the number of propositions along the way.

Simon - before he'd met Ruby, fallen in love, and died - had wanted to sleep with her. She had threatened to castrate him if he ever touched her.

True, he had been a little shocked that his invitation to join him for dinner and a drink had been met with threats of bodily harm, but he'd wised up in a hurry and refrained from trying again.

Faith took another swig from the bottle, seeing for the first time how much she'd drunk while lying around in her bed.

She put the scotch down and instead picked up one of her guns. She checked the clip quickly, seamlessly, despite the alcohol. Some things you didn't forget. Like guns, and Nathaniel.

Why should she give up this mission? She was close. Closer than any agent had ever been. Ferr.... What the hell could it have meant?

Nathaniel didn't deserve to sweep in and take what she'd worked so hard for.

Perhaps she should sweep in and take it back? Quietly. She was quite a good thief. He'd made sure of that. The asshole had made sure of a lot of things.

With a grin she launched herself up off the bed. She had a plan. A good plan. A half-a-bottle-of-cheap-scotch plan.


Later that night.

She'd got what she came for.

Palming the USB stick she flicked it casually back into it's case, and slipped out of the room.

Swaying slightly she shut the door and locked it the same way she had unlocked it. It was rule #8 - always leave a scene as undisturbed as possible - but it was a pain. For whatever reason, she had always found picking a lock shut harder than getting the damn things open.

Back out on the balcony she stuck to the walls, staying low... Well... Sort of low anyway. (The scotch made it a little harder to crouch, walk and keep her balance.)

It took her valuable time to realize that her sensitive ears were picking up a noise... Footsteps!

Nathaniel wouldn't be back so soon would he? Faith really hoped not. She was in no real shape to fight.

Too late she realized that the footsteps were coming closer. There was nowhere to hide.

Faith pushed up off the wall, using the railing and one of the supports. She missed the first time, but on the second attempt she miraculously found a hold and flung herself up into the balcony roof supports.

Willing herself sober for a moment or two she tried to draw herself up and back out of the light, and out of the oncoming persons line of vision.

She had moved too late though.

Before she could tuck herself up out of reach, a long pole connected painfully with her left side, jolting her grip. She watched as the USB stick clattered to the ground, flying from its case and cracking against a stone pillar.

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