tagCelebrities & Fan FictionTruth Or Consequences, L.A.

Truth Or Consequences, L.A.


The car rolled slowly along the quiet streets. When you’re looking for fun you shouldn’t go too fast, in case you overlook something.

Pete was holding the steering wheel casually with one hand, his left arm dangling out the open window, a cigarette between his fingers. Tapping in tune with the music that blasted at full volume from the loudspeakers. Nice evening. The weather not too hot, but still enough for the girls on the sidewalk to wear only skimpy dresses or shorts. A lot to look at. Just what he wanted tonight!

”Hey!” The yell from the back seat made him turn his head, looking at the two guys sitting there. Enrique stared at him with his usual pettish look on his face. ”Why the hell we’re goin’ so slow?! Let’s get the fuck on with it!”

Pete took a deep breath before answering. Sometimes he just wanted to slap the younger man silly for always complaining, no matter what they were doing. ”I’m really sorry, professor! But we’re out here looking for some fun, right?! And how the fuck do you think we’ll find it, if we’re racing down the boulevard like friggin’ idiots?!”

The guy beside Enrique, Johnny, howled with laughter and slapped his thighs, enjoying the dumbfound look on his friend’s face. Pete looked at the girl sitting in the front seat beside him. She sat quietly starring out the window, but he knew that she hated it when he was making her brother look like the fool he was. Hell! Only proved that being stupid didn’t run in the family! Angelina knew that speaking up against her boyfriend wouldn’t be the right choice to make! He didn’t slap her too often, but if she ever raised her voice to him ….

He reached over to let his hand run slowly from her long, dark brown hair, over her bare shoulder to her left breast, pinching her nipple lightly through the thin fabric of her low-cut top. She winced, but didn’t say anything and didn’t turn her head to look at him. So the bitch was in a foul mood tonight? Well, she’d better be a little more forthcoming once they got back home!

He turned and looked out the windshield again. Far too few people out tonight! And most of them someone they knew. No fun in sight! No FUN!

Suddenly he caught sight of a man that came jogging towards them. A black-and-white dog was running beside him, tail wagging, ears flying and tongue lolling out of its mouth. From time to time the man looked down, smiling and running a hand over the dog’s back. Pete made a face. Yawn!! So idyllic it made you wanna puke!

As they were slowly passing the running man, Johnny shouted, ”Hey! That’s the dude from that stupid TV-show! You now …. ’24’! That’s fuckin’ Jack Bauer, man!!”

”Yeah!” Enrique said. ”I’ve seen some of it. He’s really cool, man! Shoots about ten terrorists in each fuckin’ episode. And if he’s not killing them, he’s beating the shit out of them!” He looked back through the rear window. ”Too bad we’re not in that show …. Then maybe he could get HIS ass whooped for a change!” Both men in the back of the car howled with laughter. Angelina turned to look at them for a second, then turned back to stare silently out the side window.

Pete sat for a moment staring out the window, then suddenly slammed his fist down on the steering wheel. ”That’s it, man!” The others starred at him. ”Why don’t we go see if he’s really so fuckin’ tough, or if it’s all stunt work!” He laughed out loud and quickly turned the car around.

In a minute they’d caught up with the running man just as he was getting off the main street, heading towards a small, green area. It would be an overstatement to call it a park, but at least it had grass and a few trees that made it possible to close your eyes and dream of being outside the city, if that was what you wanted.

Pete stopped the car in a flash and jumped out, heading after the man and the dog. The two other men scrambled out, too, and ran after him. ”Hey, what the fuck is goin’ on, man?” Johnny shouted. ”What are we doing here?!”

Pete didn’t reply but started running, and the two others followed him as they always did. He was the leader, so there was no point in asking if he didn’t want to answer. Behind them Angelina had stepped out of the car, too, but she was staying behind. Leaning against the car and hugging herself as her eyes followed the three young men running between the trees.

”Hey!” Pete yelled as he kept running, the other two a bit behind him. ”Wait up, man!” The man jogging in front of him turned around, looking inquiringly at him. But he stopped, getting the dog to sit down beside him.

As the three young men caught up with him, slightly panting, the man said, ”Hi, how are you? Were you talking to me? What can I do for you, man?” He smiled but kept a distance to the three men. He stood seemingly relaxed, but Pete could tell from his stance and body language that he wouldn’t be an easy target. Great!

”You’re that guy from TV, right? That Jack Bauer dude?!” he said, stepping a little closer. Johnny and Enrique knew what to do, just old habit after all the previous times they’d whacked someone, and they moved slowly to get behind the two other men.

”Well, you could say that, I guess,” the man in front of Pete said, smiling. ”But actually my name is Kiefer Sutherland. And I’m not out chasing terrorists tonight, I’m afraid. Just taking my dog for a walk.” He scratched the dog behind the ears and it leaned its head against his thigh.

Pete made an almost imperceptible gesture with one hand, and all three of them closed in on Kiefer. ”So .… are you as tough as you look? Or are you just some wimp using stunt guys, like all other Hollywood-stars?!” Pete stepped up to stand with his face just a few inches away from Kiefer’s, while Johnny and Enrique stood on either side of them. To his surprise the other man didn’t look away or even flinch, just looked him squarely in the eyes. As he got no reply, Pete raised his voice, ”Huh?! Are you gonna answer me, man? Or do we have to test you?!”

”Actually I do most of it myself,” Kiefer answered, ”But I can’t see how it could be any of your business, and I don’t have to prove myself to you ….” His voice that had been friendly a moment ago now was cold as ice, and the look in his green eyes showed pent-up anger.

”I’m afraid you’ll have to!” Pete sneered, at the same time taking a swing at Kiefer’s jaw. He was surprised when he hit only air where Kiefer’s face had been a moment ago – and even more surprised when his left arm was grabbed from behind and twisted painfully up his back.

”Let’s not make this into a situation ….” A dark whisper in his ear, ”Just go back to your car and let me finish my walk. OK?” Kiefer yanked his arm a little more, making him groan. Then he abruptly let him go, pushing him forwards as he did it.

Johnny and Enrique stood with their mouths agape, looking for some sign from Pete. He screamed at them, ”Don’t just stand there! Kill that mother-fucker!” They hesitated for a moment before closing in on Kiefer. They stood staring each other down for a few seconds, and then the two young men attacked at the same time. Kiefer quickly kicked out with his right leg, connecting with Johnny’s knee. The sound of the knee cap fracturing was nauseating and Johnny went down screaming, clutching at his leg.

But Enrique had taken advantage of the situation and was now behind Kiefer, grabbing him and pinning his upper arms down. Kiefer tried to free himself by slamming the back of his head against Enrique’s face. The young man howled as he felt the bridge of his nose breaking, but he managed to hold on.

Now Pete was in front of them, his face a thundercloud. ”Who the fuck do you think you are, ass-hole?!!” His fist punched Kiefer in the pit of his stomach, knocking the air out of him. ”Let him go, Enrique! I wanna take care of this fucker myself!”

Reluctantly Enrique let go of Kiefer’s arms. A mistake! Kiefer turned around quickly, slamming his knee up into the young man’s crotch. Enrique just uttered a muffled grunt as he fell to the ground, clutching at his genitals.

A second later Pete’s fist landed a devastating blow to Kiefer’s back, hitting him right in the kidneys. He went to his knees and then tumbled down on the grass to lie on his side, gasping for air. His head was swimming, and he fought to not pass out. He knew all too well what was likely to happen if he did.

Suddenly he felt a cold nose on his cheek and a warm tongue licking his face, a whimper coming from somewhere above his head. ”Oh, Molly!” he groaned. ”Today I really wish you were a pit-bull in stead of a Boarder Collie .…” The dog lay down beside him in the grass, whining and nuzzling him, clearly waiting for him to get back on his feet.

Then he heard a woman crying at the top of her lungs, ”No, Pete! Don’t do it! Please, don’t! What if somebody sees us! You wanna go to jail again?!” He managed to open his eyes and saw a young, Hispanic-looking girl come running through the trees towards them. He saw her grabbing Pete by the elbow. ”Please, Pete! Don’t hurt him! He’s done nothing to you!”

”What the fuck are you doing here? Keep your mouth shut and get back to the car!” Pete pushed her away from him roughly and turned his attention back towards Kiefer, who was still lying on the ground in a foetal crouch with Molly at his side.

Enrique was to his feet again, still holding his crotch, but screaming with anger, ”Kill that mother-fucker! He just about smashed my dick!”

Angelina was almost crying now, turning from Pete to her brother. ”No! Please! Let’s just go, OK? You attacked him. He had to defend himself!” She moved to stand between Kiefer and the two angry men, holding out her arms towards them. ”Please, don’t ….” she sobbed.

Suddenly the angry expression on Pete’s face changed to a mean smirk. He stepped forward, grabbing Angelina by the arm. ”What’s the matter, baby? You got the hots for this guy?”

Angelina looked up at him, confusion in her eyes. ”What do you mean, Pete? I just want you to leave him alone!” She tried to free herself, but he held on to her arm, squeezing it until she whimpered with pain.

”No, you never poked your nose into our business before! I think you want this mother-fucker!! What do you think, Enrique?! You think your sister wants some Hollywood-prick up her cunt?!” He turned towards Enrique with a wicked grin on his face. Angelina’s brother looked a little shocked at his gang-leader, but then reluctantly nodded his head.

”Well, guess we better make sure you get it then! This could be fun, actually! And we don’t have to rent a porn-flick for tonight!” He turned Angelina around roughly, at the same time tearing her top all the way down, exposing her young breasts. ”Get that sissy on his feet and tie him to that tree over there!” He bent down, grabbing the waistband of Angelina’s shorts and pulling down both shorts and panties at the same time.

Angelina stood paralysed for a moment before she tried to cover her nakedness with her hands, tears streaming down her face. ”Please, Pete! Don’t do this! Enrique, make him stop!!” She turned towards her brother, who by now had Kiefer back on his feet again, dragging him towards the nearest tree and tying his arms behind it with his belt.

Enrique looked back at her, his eyes shining with rage. ”No! You go to work on that wimp! I bet he doesn’t even have a dick!! And if he does, just bite it off him – for what he did to me!!” He kicked out towards Molly, who tried to get between him and her owner. ”Get away, you damned mutt, or I’ll cut you in half!”

Kiefer lifted his head. ”Please, don’t hurt my dog! She won’t do anything if you don’t hurt me .…” He looked down at the anxious dog and cooed softly, ”It’s OK, girl. Daddy’s right here ….”

Pete laughed out loud, ”Well! The problem is, man … we ARE going to hurt you! Enrique! Get that fuckin’ dog and tie it to a tree somewhere! Use the leash! We’ll play with it afterwards!” Enrique obediently took Molly and dragged her to another tree, tying her up there as she whined and barked in frustration, pulling at the leash to get back to Kiefer.

Pete walked slowly up to the tree, standing as close to Kiefer as possible without actually touching him. Their eyes locked. After a while Pete’s eyes began to flicker. The fact that Kiefer’s eyes showed no sign of fright, only anger and aggression was really frustrating. Something he had never experienced before. To bolster his own courage he took his switchblade knife from his pocket, flicked it open and pressed it against Kiefer’s crotch.

”Now! You’d better know how to use that piece of meat of yours and make my girl happy, or I’ll cut it off!” He saw the flicker of pure hatred in Kiefer’s eyes and stepped away from him, grinning. ”Come on, Angelina! Get your butt over here and get him ready! Show us how good you are at givin’ head!!” Both Pete, Enrique and Johnny, who by now had crawled to where the other men were standing, laughed out loud as Enrique gave Angelina a rough push in the back towards the tree.

The girl walked slowly forward, looking down, tears running down her face, not even trying to hide her nakedness anymore. She had witnessed her brother and her boyfriend do a lot of bad things before, but they’d never dragged her into it. She reached the tree and stood still, her naked body just inches away from Kiefer.

”Come on, you slut! Get started! We don’t have all night!” the brutal calls came from behind her. She dared lift her head a fraction and was amazed to see Kiefer looking sympathetically at her.

”Oh, God! I’m so sorry! I don’t know what to do ….” she whispered, not daring to move a limb.

Kiefer cast a quick glance at the three young men standing about twenty feet away from them. He bowed his head towards hers and whispered, ”I guess our best chance to get out of this is to do as they say ….!”

”But how?!” Angelina said, still crying. ”They want me to rape you!”

”We’ll help each other …. Just don’t be frightened of me. I know that you are just as scared as I am. I won’t hurt you, I promise!” He tried to catch her eye, saying half-laughing, ”Try to forget that they’re even here …. Or think of this as a movie set, with them being the directors!” Though she was shivering with fright Angelina almost laughed, but she still wasn’t able to move.

Again she heard Pete’s rough voice behind her. ”Get on with it, bitch! Get those pants off him! That’s usually no problem for you! I know that!” A roar of laughter from the three young men followed his words.

Angelina looked at Kiefer as she reached for the waistband of his sweatpants. ”I’m sorry …. ” He nodded slightly, smiling encouragingly at her. With her eyes closed she started removing his pants, pulling them all the way down his legs and getting them over his sneakers. She heard a soft hiss from behind, the men there swearing under their breaths. Hesitantly she lifted her head and looked up at Kiefer’s naked manhood. Well, evidently it wasn’t as small as they’d hoped for!

She got to her feet again, leaning against Kiefer’s body. ”What do you want me to do?” she whispered in his ear. He answered her by turning his head, catching her mouth in a gentle kiss. Without thinking her hands went up to cradle the back of his head as she returned the kiss. She felt his lips, warm and soft, nibbling at her upper lip. And then his tongue, pressing lightly to enter her mouth.

She opened her mouth to him, her tongue meeting his. He kissed her deeply for a long time, then took her lower lip between his own, sucking gently at it. He moved his mouth from her lips, kissing her cheeks, her closed eyes, her chin and the soft skin of her throat. Her eyes were still closed tight, fervently wishing that this wasn’t happening, but her heart was pounding in her chest and her breath became more ragged as he kept kissing and licking every part of her that his bonds allowed him to reach.

Her hands left the nape of his neck, moving to his shoulders. She could feel the strong muscles working under her palms as he unconsciously fought to free his hands to be able to touch her. She let her hands slide over his chest and around his waist to caress his back through his sweatshirt.

”Come on, girl! This isn’t a fuckin’ soap-opera! Get to work on his dick!” Her brother’s strained voice made her jump and her eyes flew open. The fright possessed her again, and not even Kiefer’s compassionate look could make it better. Tears slowly trickled down her cheeks again as she got to her knees in front of him.

”Suck him! Suck him! SUCK HIM!!” The cries from the three men behind her made her skin crawl. ”If you can’t make him hard, no one can, you fuckin’ cunt!!” she heard Pete yell. ”You’d better do your best, girl, or we’ll have to cut it off!!”

She looked up at Kiefer in pure terror. He was standing with his eyes squeezed tight, every muscle in his body tensed up. His breath came in short, rapid gasps, but he managed to whisper to her, ”Go on! I know you can do it! Just pretend they’re not here!”

Hesitantly she lifted her hands, gently caressing his manhood. Her right hand encircled the shaft, and the left cupped his testicles, squeezing them lightly. Pete was right. She knew how to do this .… He had taught her the hard way!

She bowed her head, trying to stop the tears still trickling down her cheeks. She let her tongue touch the sensitive skin of Kiefer’s inner thigh, then slowly licked her way towards his genitals. At the same time she started moving her hand up and down the shaft of his cock. Softly at first, but then with more force and speed as she felt the blood starting to pulse through it.

Her mouth reached his balls and she let her tongue play around, licking at them and sucking them into her warm mouth, one at a time. She heard him moan, and her tongue continued upwards. She followed a thick vein on the side of his cock, licking her way towards the head. When she reached it she let her tongue circle it, pressing down on the sensitive tip, before she opened her mouth wide to take the cock head into her mouth. As she started to move her mouth up and down the shaft, sucking hard and at the same time stroking it with both hands, she could feel it growing even harder against her tongue.

Pete’s voice cut through the air, ”Hell! She did it! Enrique, your slut sister sure knows how to suck cock! Now let’s see if she knows how to fuck him, too!” He strode towards the two helpless people by the tree, the knife ready in his hand. When he reached them he shoved Angelina away, taking no notice of her as she fell hard on the grass.

He put his mouth close to Kiefer’s ear and hissed, ”Now you don’t try anything, mother-fucker! When I take the belt away you just go lie down on the grass there quietly, or I’ll have to cut both of you! You got that, Jack?!”

Kiefer snarled through clenched teeth, ”My name is Kiefer! This is no fucking TV-show, you ass-hole!” but at the same time he nodded his head slightly without looking at the other man.

Pete moved behind the tree and loosened the belt holding Kiefer’s hands. As he felt his hands being free again, Kiefer had to use all his willpower to not rush the man behind him, beating him to a pulp. But the sight of the woman cowering on the ground in front of him helped him to stay calm, at least outwardly.

He felt Pete’s knife prodding his lower back, and he quickly stepped away from the tree to lie down on his back in the grass. His heart was racing, rage filling him to the point that he could practically feel the bile in his mouth. He closed his eyes, fists clenched along his sides, waiting silently.

He heard Pete again just beside him, ”What are you waiting for, bitch?! You were so hot for him a moment ago! There he is now, ready for you! So go fuck his brains out! Get on top of him, or I’ll slice him up!” He heard a strangled sob and then he felt Angelina’s light weight as she crawled on top of him, straddling his waist.

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