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Truth or Dare


Authors note: What follows is a very short story, a quicky if you will. It was previously listed under exhibitionist/voyeur, but I felt it was more suited to this category. I hope you will enjoy it, and let me know what you think. Thanks!

Some friends and I were sitting around, drinking and getting bored when somebody suggested "Truth or Dare".

"What do you think this is, Jr. High?" my oh so sophisticated friend, Allison asked.

We all laughed at that. We where just barely in our twenties, but we thought we where so grown and mature.

"What are you afraid of?" Jake asked. "You got some secrets to hide?"

"Of course not," Allison snapped.

Every one in the room laughed again. Jake said, "I don't know, you seem awful touchy. Maybe you're afraid we'll ask you about your first time and it was so long ago, you can't remember."

"Fuck you, Jake," Allison said, grabbing a nearby coaster and throwing it at his head. He ducked just in time. "Can we just play already?"

As soon as we started to play, we realized that we had never been able to come up with very many good ideas. But the game was fun, and we where all quickly in a very silly mood, asking about our fist kisses and first crushes. Our pretense at being "mature" quickly dissolved as we quickly got into the Jr. High spirit.

About 3 rounds into the game, my friend Ron dared me to kiss his girlfriend Leta. Leta had curly dark hair and an exotic beauty. Her breasts were large and pressed against her white t-shirt. Her sexiness was intimidating. I looked over took a deep breathe and pecked her on the cheek. Ron was, needless to say, disappointed.

The next time my turn came around, I had Ron again. This time he said, I dare to to feel Leta up.

Well that was a little harder to fake my way through, plus I'd had a bit more to drink so I slid across the floor toward Lita. I brought my hands up to her breasts and rubbed them in a circular motion. I felt her nipples harden like little pebbles beneath my hands.

Suddenly I felt a strange desire overtake me, and I brought my lips up to Leta's. She took my mouth with hers and pressed her body against mine. She groaned with desire as I worked her nipples.

I broke the kiss just long enough to lift her white shirt up over her head. Then I continued sucking on her tongue while I unfastened the strap on the back of her bra.

As the bra dropped to the ground, I brought my lips down to her tits. My tongue flicked her nipple a few times and them I began to lick her entire breast. Her hand had slid between my legs and was working my pussy into a sloppy wet lather.

She ground my cunt with her fingers, up my skirt, and slid them around inside my panties. She whispered in my ear. "Have you ever had your pussy eaten?" I shook my head no.

She pushed me back gently onto someone's lap. Then she slid my panties down my thighs and onto the floor. She picked them up, and shoved my soaked silkies into mouth. Then I watched as she dove into my cunt. The lapping of her tongue made slapping slurping sounds between my legs. Moans escaped even past the silken panties in my mouth.

Leta continued to lap while she shoved two fingers up me, then three. She pumped my pussy while sucking my clit into her mouth and holding it there. I couldn't hold it any longer. My thighs began to quiver uncontrollably as I came into her mouth. She continued to suck, and slurped up my pussy juice.

Then she pulled me back up, and put her cum drenched lips over mine. Hungrily I tasted myself on her salty lips. Then she shoved my head down and I found myself buried between her thighs.

I used my tongue to explore her juicy twat. She began bucking at my face and telling me to go faster. "Shove your tongue up my pussy" she ordered. "Fuck me with your tongue!" I shoved my tongue up inside her and fucked her in and out with it. "I'm going to cum in your mouth. Are you ready?" The idea sent shock waves through my body. Her orgasm came with incredible force, and I found myself nearly drowning in sweet pussy nectar. She grabbed my hair and shoved my face into her while she came.

Then she sat up, overlapped our legs, so we were close together with our legs spread wide. We both shoved three fingers inside of each other. "More" she whispered so we progressed to four. Then we tasted each others sweet nasty cum from the others lips while we practically fisted each other to orgasm. Our breathing got hard and fast. The next thing you know we were both squealing, screaming and begging each other to be hand fucked.

When we came, it gushed out on the carpet our orgasms had been so intense. We collapsed in each others arms, and lay there, letting our breathing regulate.

We had forgotten that the room was full of people- our friends- until we heard applause, and Leta's boyfriend whistle and call out- "encore, encore".

authors note: I hope you liked the story, and I'd love to hear your feedback. Be sure to vote!

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