tagGay MaleTrying Something New Ch. 02

Trying Something New Ch. 02

byMr. Stiffy©

Uncle Ted led me down the hallway to the bedroom. He told me to get undressed and lay on the bed. He went to the closet and recovered a large box. It was full of porno movies and sex toys.

"Go ahead, pick out a movie," he said.

I searched through the nasty titles and chose one called "Bi Bangers" or something like that. He put in the movie then took off his jeans. I couldn't keep my eyes off his prick. It was pretty big and thick even when it wasn't hard!

The movie was really wild. There were men and women all fucking and sucking. One scene was really hot - two women were fingering each other while this guy was getting gang-banged by four guys. Uncle Ted got a tube of lotion from the box and squirted some on my cockhead. He stroked my cock for me then started rubbing my asshole with his finger. Soon he was sticking a big finger up my ass while he jacked me off.

"That feel good? Huh? You like that finger fucking your boy-pussy?"

"Oh yes, uncle Ted, it feels really good," I moaned.

"Mmm, how 'bout another finger? Ooh yeah, that boy-pussy is tight!"

He was shoving two thick digits up my ass and I was going to cum soon. Suddenly, he stopped. He went back to his box of smut and pulled out a long slender dildo. It was about the same width as his two fingers. It felt so nasty having him ram it up my ass! He mounted my chest, feeding me his big cock.

"Suck my cock, you little whore! Beat yourself off while I fuck your ass with this dildo," he commanded.

I loved his thick warm cock in my mouth! Reaching behind, he was really fucking me hard with the fake cock.

"Mmmuummpphh, Immm gunna cumm," I mumbled around his prick.

It felt like I would never stop coming. Fuck, I had one of best orgasms of my life. Uncle Ted got off my chest and removed the dildo. A puddle of thick cum pooled on my belly. Ted was rubbing his cockhead in my cum and used his fingers to cover his shaft with it. Then he fed me.

"That's it, lick and suck off your jizz!"

I loved how nasty uncle Ted treated me. I wanted to please him and I eagerly ate my cum from his throbbing dick. When I was finished, he grabbed me and flipped me over with ease.

"On your hands and knees, you little slut," he barked. "Now spread those little asscheeks for your uncle!"

Oh fuck! His big dick was pressing against my asshole! This was insane! But I wanted it...I wanted to get fucked like a girl. I knew I had to relax....Oh shit! I could feel his thick dickhead pop inside me!

"Ooohh, Unnnghhhh....Oh Fuck! It's going in me! I can feel it!" I groaned.

"Yes, thats it little girl, take that cock up your ass!"

It felt like his dick was splitting my ass open! Relax! Damn is there no end to the length of it? It seemed his shaft just kept going! Finally, I had his whole cock up my ass!

"Ooh that's a good girl! You got that whole cock up your boy-pussy!"

Slowly, he withdrew it then equally as slow pushed it back in. He was going slow, but firmly grabbing my asscheeks. I kept telling myself to relax as he started going faster. Smack!! His hand crashed down on my ass! Reflex made my ass tighten and clamp down on his rod.

"Ooh yeah, squeeze that dick with your boy-pussy!" he commanded.

And thats how it went for what seemed an eternity. He would pump in and out of my "boy-pussy", then lodge his cock deep inside me and spank my asscheeks.

"Fuck yeah, liitle slut! I'm gonna squirt! I'm gonna pump some hot cum up your tight ass!"

I can't accurately describe how it felt. He was still spanking me with his whole dick in me. I thought it would be hot, temperature-wise. But his cum was warm and juicy. I could feel it squirting into my bowels. Ewww - I thought. It felt disgustingly good having his juice shoot deep up my ass. He kept his cock there for a bit. Then he removed it, making me feel like I was taking a shit. I was exhausted and sore. I felt like a slut, and I loved it. My asshole was really sore, used and abused. I good feel my uncle's cum slowly leaking out. Uncle Ted got up after a short breather, and returned with a couple beers and cigarettes.

"Damn Paulie, your ass is a lot tighter than your Aunt's," he said with a wink.

We laughed and smoked and drank, but after awhile Uncle Ted let me sleep. I needed it. I was really fucked - literally. Amazingly, when I woke up I wasn't nearly as sore as I had figured. With my Aunt gone, I knew it would be another wild day of gay sex with my uncle. But that's another story...

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