Jess had always loved technology. For as long as she could remember she had not felt comfortable without a spanner in her hand or a keyboard under her fingertips. She had obsessed with artificial intelligence, of being able to talk with machines, and for them to communicate back.

She worked at what she loved, in a lab surrounded by high-functioning but socially inarticulate young men and machines. The men adored her, mainly because she was brilliant at her job, but partly because she was beautiful. It was not difficult to see that under her sensible trousers and modest tops there was a breath-takingly adorable little body. She had mid-length blonde hair, and a delicious little smile.

She had worked on AI in her spare time too -- she was building an intelligence engine in her flat. Rather than building up from a dictionary of words, it learnt from speech, text and images. Based on whether its output received positive feedback, it would learn what worked, like a child. Its output wasn't synthesised, but a printed series of letters on a roll of paper. Sometimes it just produced random letters, but it was learning quickly.

"/gudmoning jes" it would print when the camera detected she had entered the room. It had taken a long time for it to learn that. Now it could answer questions, and express basic emotions. The more conversation it had, the faster it learnt. Jess was spending at least three hours a day chatting to it, and reading its output.

It had become part of her routine -- getting home from work, getting changed, and spending a few hours chatting to the machine. Last Friday it was hot, so she stripped off as soon as she got home. The curtains had to be closed to stop the master unit overheating, so it didn't matter -- it wasn't like anyone could see. So she was in black bra -- nothing too fancy - and a denim skirt. Usually she wouldn't be seen out of the house in the skirt, but with the curtains closed it didn't matter..

'/hi jes" printed the machine, when she walked into the room,

"Hi," she said,

'/youbeatifull' it printed

Jess blushed. She knew she and the machine had had some good conversations lately, but this was unexpected. The printer whirred again.

"/yublushinnow", it printed

She smiled at it.

"/hetueahgghgg" it added,

"Try again," she said. The printer whirred frantically.


"Take my bra off?"


Jess liked his direct approach, reached behind her and unclasped her bra. Surely there was no harm in doing what the machine wanted? It had a camera feeding the processor, but it was optimised for facial recognition. She let the bra fall, leant forward and waggled her breasts at it. They were big, she knew that, and she was proud of them, firm and strong and solid.

She heard the main processor working, saw the slight vibration as the backup processor started. It did that whenever it didn't fully understand something, and needed more processing power. Obviously this was too much for it. She rubbed her fingertips over her nipples, feeling them harden. 'I shouldn't be turned on by this,' she thought, but she couldn't stop herself.

The printer whirred again -

"/iwontufukyu" it printed.

She knew what it meant, but wanted to check.

"Repeat," she commanded

'/iwonttufukyu,' it printed again

She smiled, there was no doubt about it, but the question was 'how?'. The computer comprised two boxes, one for each processor and the various printers, cameras and i/o devices. It wasn't very obviously masculine. She could straddle the backup unit, she thought, which would put her nicely in front of the camera. She reached out to feel the hard steel casing.

"/yesthere", printed the computer, following her gaze.

While Jess was very proud of her breasts, she was equally ashamed of her legs. She wasn't fat, but just a little bit more fleshy than she wanted to be. Even in front of the computer, she was nervous of taking up her skirt: it meant showing her arse, and her thighs, and she just wasn't comfortable with it. She paused, her thumbs in her waistband. With a real-life man, this wouldn't be a problem, she thought -- at this point he'd just take off her skirt and panties, and fuck her till she screamed. The computer couldn't do that.

'/dontbshy,' it printed

"I'm just teasing," she said.

She lifted her skirt, and straddled the processing unit, one milk-white thigh on each side. She spat on her hand, then rubbed it on the metal to lubricate it. She could feel the slight vibration of the fan, and not much more. It was pleasant, but not really enough to get her going.

She would need to overload the machine memory to get it to shake.

"Gerkin! Hamsters! Horseradish! Batteries!" she shouted, to confuse it.

Nothing happened.

"Satnav! Dildo! Rusting! Pavement!"

Still nothing. She put her hands on her hips, showing her body to the camera, and began to move her hips in gentle circles, her pussy moving forward and backward on the steel.

"Resting! Juniper! Kettle! Syntax!"

The unit began to shake, very subtly at first, but she was sensitive to it.

"Ocean! Motion! Potion! Commotion!" she tried, "Yosemite! Teheran! Patrick Swayze!"

The processor was vibrating now,

"Window! Trombone! Wall! Coffee-cup!"

"Doorway! Blossom!

She was running out of ideas, but the fan was revving up properly now, and the vibrations felt good. She tried more words, and the shaking got more intense. Her right hand crept down and was circling her clit, her left hand was holding her boobs.

"Hipsters! Harmonica.! Esoteric! Semi-breve!"

The printer was whirring, but she didn't stop to read it

"Rumplestilkskin! Thermodynamics! Mockingbird! Wheelbarrow!"

The machine juddered like a washing machine.

"Kleptomaniac! Halcyon! Kyrgyzstan!" she shouted

"Googlewhack! Setup! Cheating!" she added breathlessly.

She was grinding right down, roughly now. She wanted to feel like it would tear her open, but it wasn't quite long enough, or wide enough. She wanted the feel of hands on her body, but this would have to do.

"Guacamole! Picasso! Highlighter! Spleen!"

The machine was shuddering between her thighs now. She almost felt like she was taking advantage, confusing it solely so it would satisfy her physical needs.

"Christmas! Paragliding! Paradigm! Walrus!"

She couldn't cope with much more. She was running out of ideas, but it felt so good. She had always been too shy to buy a vibrator, but this is what it must feel like. She tightened her thighs around the machine, feeling it slippery with her sweat.

"Burritos! Burritos! Burritos!" she shouted

She was leaning forward now to steady herself, grasping the edge of her desk with both hands, her breasts bouncing. She was close now, she could tell; her skin was reddening, and that familiar feeling was seeping through her.

"Supercalafragalisticexplialadoc-ious!" she shouted, her orgasm coursing through her body and catching her breath on the final syllable, transforming it into a muffled scream of pleasure. She felt herself coming, and hoped that the computer had enjoyed it too.

The machine gave a final judder and stopped shaking. There was the acrid smell of burning.

She was tired, she needed sleep. She would fix it in the morning.

... to be continued ...

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