tagNovels and NovellasTumbling off the Cliff Ch. 08

Tumbling off the Cliff Ch. 08


Some people are walking disaster areas, so what would happen if a very together and successful man falls for a ditzy but sexy woman?

Sparks fly between Mitch and Lisa in this romantic story.

It is a slow build to hot sex in later chapters, with lots of clashes of personality and misunderstanding in-between.


Shivvy sat listening to Lisa rant on about Mitch later that night.

"Lisa, you're going to have to tell him about the baby,"

"No I don't."

"Yes you do. He's responsible for it, and should help support you. You're always broke. How do you think you are going to support you and a baby when you can't even support just yourself?"

"If it's about the money I owe you for the back rent......."

"You know it's not about that....It's about you and the baby growing inside you. Baby's cost money....how are you going to work and look after a kid?...for God's sake grow up and start thinking like an adult."

Getting up and staring down at Shivvy, tears in her eyes, she told her, "I am thinking like an adult. That's all I have been doing lately....thinking, and there is another alternative....I could get rid of the baby....not have it."

In the ensuing silence the two women stared at each other. Then Shivvy whispered, "You should still tell Mitch. It should be a joint decision. It's his child too!"

"It's my body and any decision I make is mine alone."

Walking out the room Lisa climbed the stairs and threw herself on her bed, crying into the pillow. Not sure what to do, and feeling really scared.


The smells and sounds of the backstage area resonated through Mitch's mind as he walked towards his friends' dressing room, bringing back memories of when he first started out in his career. A time when he was younger and more carefree. A time when after a performance he would, along with the other members of the cast go out and party in the West End club scene and not have to worry about appearance, or making the papers the next day with 'undesirable and candid' photos.

Knocking on the chipped and scuffed white door he heard Ben's voice call out telling him to come on in just as a couple of the company dancers walked past him, giving him wide and inviting smiles. Watching them as they made their way up towards the exit he entered through the door into the cluttered small dressing room where he found Ben sitting in front of the mirror removing his make up, the flat dressing table surface in front of him covered in make up, good luck cards, flowers and the usual rubbish that dressing rooms accumulated.

Clapping his friend on his back Mitch told him, "Great performance Ben, very funny. Should be a sell out, the audience loved it. Great part and you hit it just right, sweet as a nut."

Looking at his friends' reflection in the mirror as he continued to remove the heavy makeup off his face with the cream Ben replied, "Cheers mate, and it means a lot that you came."

Settling down on a chair Mitch looked around the cramped room, "Wouldn't have missed it. See they still haven't improved the working conditions here. God I miss it. I envy you."

"You could come back to the West End. You must have people throwing scripts at you all the time. Lots of big names are performing here at the moment. Might be a good move for you."

Sucking a deep breath into his lungs of the stale sweat and musty atmosphere, "My agent George would have fit. Theatre doesn't pull the money that film does, and that means a reduction in his ten percent."

Ben turned around to stare at his old friend. They had been to Drama school together, appeared in their first play together as bit parts in the chorus and for a while shared digs. "Then dump him. Change your agent. Get one who understands the real need to act in front of live people and not just for the most moulah that you can get....or is it you Mitch. Have you sold out your soul for the cash?"

Flushing Mitch shook his head. "It's not that easy Ben...."

Turning back to the mirror and wiping off the last of his make up, "Isn't it Mitch? I always thought you were the kind of person that everything always came to so easily....so maybe you don't want to! Maybe you really have sold out to fame and fortune and forgotten what its like be one of the common plebs. Making fluffy RomComs in Hollywood pays more than appearing in the West End, and fame brings with it lots of extra's on the side."

Getting up, his anger at his friends words making his stomach tighten, he bit back his angry retort and just told his friend, "Great show Ben, wish you good luck for a long run." Leaving the dressing room, he passed out into the noise and movement in the corridor, stopping to absorb the kinetic atmosphere swirling around the area, and then made his way to the stage door and the back street behind the Theatre. He was saddened that he realised for the first time the underlying resentment of his old friend at his own success, and realised that there was a kernel of truth behind the acerbic comments. He did like the money and all that the fame provided him. Was that so wrong? So what if he no longer acted in front of live audiences, he was acting in the big time now. He had just completed a great part in a good film, one that when it was released he felt would enhance his standing and get him more meaty parts. Ben just didn't see the bigger picture, or understand. He was just being resentful and jealous.

Or was he!

It was true. More and more names were doing short runs in the West End and Broadway. Slater and Law were doing live Theatre at the moment, and Judi Dench always mixed film and Theatre. Maybe it was a good move. Walking up the road towards his car deep in thought he didn't notice the startled looks from the people passing him by as they recognised him.


A couple of days later Shivvy was sitting in the lounge, her feet up on the coffee table a box of chocolate mints next to her while she watched 'Mock the Week' on the TV. Laughing at the funny satirical comments that the comedians were making she muttered to herself "Who the fuck is that this time of night." at the loud banging on the front door.

Opening it she stood there glaring at the tall male standing in front of her. "Not again. Don't you take a bloody hint? She doesn't want to see you." and she started to close the door in his face.

Pushing back and stepping in Mitch called out, "Lisa!......" and to Shivvy "where is she?"

"She doesn't want to see you."

"Where is she?....Look I know this seems like Deja Vue, a repeat of the other day, but I need to see her." Even as he said it he knew it was true, he did need to see her. Not sure why it was so important. That this crazy woman was so integral now in his life, but he just knew, and had been drawn here to see her.

"Where is she?" he said softly, his gaze steady into Shivvy's eyes.

"Upstairs in the bath...if you'll wait I'll........"

But he was already running up the stairs two at a time and then trying the doors on the upstairs landing until he found the one that opened revealing Lisa laying back in the bath, a frown on her face as he stood in the doorway admiring the view before him.

"You...what do you want?"

Stepping into the small bathroom he closed the door, and locked it behind his back, staring down at her. Lisa grabbed the large natural sponge beside her and tried to cover her breasts. "Get out you big oaf...."

Mitch pulled off his sweatshirt and threw it to his right, where it landed on the seat of the toilet.

"What do you think you're doing you idiot......"

Undoing the flies on his worn faded jeans he toed off his trainers and socks and then pushed down on the denim material, exposing his semi hard manhood. Lisa pulled her knees up to her chest in the water, "Mitch, stop......"

Stepping into the bath in front of her he knelt down, pushing her knees apart and leant down over her, face to face, his body laying down so that his feet hung over the end of the bath. Laughing Lisa looked first at his twinkling eyes and then over his shoulder at his feet and then over the side of the bath where the water was sloshing onto the white and black tiled floor.

"You bloody idiot...." But what ever she was going to say was stopped as his mouth covered hers in a deep, long, slow wet kiss. Her arms went around his back, legs trying to manoeuvre to accommodate him more, but unable to do so in the tight fit of the two bodies crammed together in the bath.

Breaking the kiss she smiled into his eyes, whispering, "It looks a lot easier in the movies, making love in the bath."

"Don't you know that nothing is real in the movies.....the bath would be a prop, specially made, and wide so we would fit. This is real life Lisa, and nothing is perfect, especially me."

"No clever script to say Mitch?"

"No babe, no clever script."

Kneeling up and sitting back on his haunches, his hands sweeping down her torso from breast to belly he told her, "Besides the bottom of this bath is tough on my knees, and although I feel its fitting that you are as wet as me for a change, I would prefer to continue on a nice soft bed."

"Continue.....? What gave you the idea that we're going to continue?"

Bending over and sucking a nipple into his mouth, he then raised his head up so that they were nose to nose and told her, "You know we are baby.....we have a very long and hard night ahead of us. One during which I intend to make sure you feel me deep inside of you, deeper and harder than you've ever felt before."

Watching as he stood, holding out his hand to her to help her up, Lisa felt the flutter of desire pulse deep in her belly, and just about managed to stand as she felt a towel wrapped around her and was picked up and carried out the bathroom by a naked Mitch, past a wide eyed Shivvy standing in the hallway.

"Which way babe?"

Pointing to the door at the end of the hall, she looked over Mitch's shoulder at her friend standing staring with her mouth open at the soaking wet naked butt of the man carrying her.

"What's the matter Shivvy, surely you've seen Mitch's naked buttocks before, after all you saw his movie 'It's what people want.' and it had its own starring role in that one.

The last sighting and sound of the two lovers was of Mitch's foot kicking the bedroom door shut and the two of them laughing behind the now closed wooden door.

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