tagErotic CouplingsTurkey Noodle Ch. 02

Turkey Noodle Ch. 02



Please note: The following continuing story is completely true. All I have to say about myself, is true! This, indeed, did take place some years ago.


Lisa had called me one early evening just after I had gotten home from work.

"Hi Hoot!....Lisa,....what are you doing tonight?" she came right out and asked.

"I don't have any plans," I responded.

"Okay,....want to go out?"

"Sure,....where should I pick you up?" I asked, my cock already throb- bing.

"How about in front of the rec hall," she suggested.

So, at 8 that evening, I pulled up in front of the rec hall and she was there, sitting on a curbside bench. She came my way, wearing a knee-length skirt and a loose blouse. Her brown hair was up and her pony tail bounced as she strode toward the car. She climbed in and slid over real close to me, her hand moving to the inside of my upper thigh.

"What would you like to do, Lisa?" I asked.

"Nothing in particular,...just as long as we have time for me to wrap my lips around THIS!" she answered, the fingers of her right hand folding around my already, rock-hard cock.

It wasn't often I had known a gal like Lisa and as the years went by, I found I would not know many like her. Young as I was, I did, indeed, realize this.

I took it upon myself to decide what to do, so, it being a warm autumn night, I drove to the drive-in. I pulled up to a speaker in a rear row, in the corner away from every one. I pushed the seat back and placed the speaker on the top of the rear window. Then, I turned in my seat and Lisa cuddled in, sliding her left arm up around my neck and we both kissed each other deeply and wetly. I slid my hand up under her skirt, loving the feel of her hefty thigh and the half-slip she was wearing.

Whenever we went out together, she always remembered to wear the.... ...silkiest slip she had. I loved the feel of it gliding across the top of my hand and of her warm, full flesh on the bottom.

I continued moving my hand until the tips of my fingers felt her thatch, then, I slid my middle finger in between her nether lips and, already, she was quite wet. She began to squirm and pump her hips, allow- ing me to slide my finger in her wet depths, in rhythm with her movements. When she knew she was going to see me, she never wore panties. And, I didn't mind....at all!

I leaned into her, my finger working....diddling her clit,...and, pumping deeply in her soaking depths! Her hand was busy getting at my zipper,...and,...we both heard the familiar z-z-z-z-i-p,....as she drew it down! She unloosened my belt and I raised my ass so I could help her slide my trousers down! I reached back and grabbed the seat handle and the seatback rolled down until it was poised upward at just a slight angle. Lisa had pulled my shorts down as well,...and,...there I was,... my trousers and shorts sitting at the bottom of my legs against my loaf- ers, and, Lisa was already stroking my long shaft, breathing heavily, moaning how she so loved my long, thick cock!

"Mmmmmmm!!!!!" she moaned, "a nice, long cock that is throat bound!" But, at that moment, she had something else in mind. I knew what it was when she raised her right leg and looped it over my body! Now, she was straddling me, her hands down on my chest and with my hands on her hips, I maneuvered her over my long cock! Then, she relaxed her weight a little and I felt her pussy lips snugging against the large, open tip! We both began to breathe heavily as I pulled her hips....slowly and gently....on me and she had an exquisite look of torture on her lips as the tip starting.....spreading her....and, spreading her,...and, soon, she felt the large tip slide into her wet depths!

I worked just the tip....in and out of her. Already, her depths felt sooooo velvety. Then, she rolled her hips and half of me slid up into her.

"OOOHHHHH,....you have such a nice, long, thick cock, Hoot!" she moaned and I worked the upper half in and out,....in and out,...in and out and she leaned her upper body down, her lips encompassing my own. Her broad ass rolled and rotated and she was anxious for all of me. I raised my ass and I felt her snugging, squeezing pussy walls massaging my shaft as her pussy lips came down and pressed against my big, now full, balls. Now, we began working, in rhythm, as her hips went up and she withdrew herself right to the tip,....then,....she came back down....encompassing every inch of me,....and,...I could feel her juices all along my shaft. I could also feel the hem of her silky slip as it brushed against my length when we moved and I knew I could not maintain this for too long without exploding.

For a few minutes, I pumped and pumped,...and,...she responded by rolling her body accordingly. Then,...she raised up and off of me, and, moved so that her face was right over my upstanding, hard, and very wet shaft. I felt her hand move to and cup my big balls.

"OHHHHHH Yes!!!....YES!!!!....These balls are nice and full for Lisa! And,...you are soooooo wet now, baby,....this big cock is all ready for Lisa's throat!"

I groaned aloud when she said that. By now, she knew how much dirty talk got to me.

Lisa practically unhinged her jaw as she folded her sexy lips around the tip, and, she took it in until it bumped against the back of her throat! My body flinched and she knew she was getting to me. Then, she angled her head slightly, and, I felt the big tip and some inches behind it slide into and down her tight, constricting throat walls!

I yelped aloud, and, it only served to thrill and inspire her. Her lips slid down my shaft, every inch disappearing in her mouth and I could feel the big, open tip,....full of pre-cum,...slide deeper and deeper along her throat walls and it felt like my cock was way down her chest!

I was taking breaths in deep rushes as I could feel the walls of her throat milking,.....squeezing.....the sides of my shaft while her hand cupped and fondled my big, heavy balls. I felt her lips slide down and against my thatch. My hands moved to the back of her head where I pressed and pressed it and I felt the added pressure of her lips right against my body. I moaned and yelped again! She had every inch of my 11.5-inch cock and she was not about to release it until she had pulled every drop of gism from me and she felt it.....splashing....into her belly!

She was amazing,...and,...very expert at giving such deep oral as her throat walls, like a snake,...wormed....all along my length! I knew I wasn't going to last at all, but, that didn't matter to her. She just wanted to feel my hot gism spurting directly into her belly!

I reached around her body with my right hand and moved it to her ass. I slid my hand along her asshole until my middle finger found her pussy lips! I pumped it inside of her cunt, and, she was incredibly wet! My other hand was on the back of her head. Then, her mouth raised up and I felt the large tip slide out of her throat and into the back of her mouth.

She did this to regain a fresh breath of air, then, suddenly,....she swooped down on it,....not stopping until her lips were, once again, snugging against my crotch! I could feel the inches of my shaft that were housed in her throat walls, and, she was working them,....squeezing, massaging,...constricting,.....and, the gism in my balls was swirling! Her hand kept busy on my balls and I knew my explosion was mere seconds away.

She felt my cock thicken in her mouth and along her throat walls, and she felt my balls....draw up,....against the base of my cock and she braced for what was about to happen.

And,....it did!....My fingers tightened on the back of her head and my body stiffened!....My toes curled, and, the first bolt of hot cream blasted into her belly!.....Again, again, and, again,...more hot gism poured from the large, open tip, now housed sooooo deeply down her esophagus!....My body stiffened, each time, and, the exquisite agony of my strong pulses, rifled through my being!

When Lisa felt the 3rd pulse of my cock release it's hot burden, my finger in her pussy was met with a strong gush of her juices as Lisa ex- ploded! And,...how she exploded!!....It was strong,...almost like a man and, it ran out of her pussy lips and spread all over my hand!

My cock continued to buck and kick, spurting, each time, into Lisa's belly and how she loved it. How she loved it! My shaft kicked and kicked,....and, the seconds rolled by,.....20,....30,....35,....38, and every other second, her belly was greeted with a fresh, hot release of my sweet cream!

Still,....Lisa kept her lips pressed against my thatch, not wanting to come up for air until she knew she drained me dry. And, GOD,...did she ever drain me dry. She felt the sides of my cock bumping against the wall of her esophagus, each time, until,...finally,...my big balls were completely empty. Only then, did she....slowly,...raise her face and the inches of my shaft appeared. At the large tip, she dug her tongue down into the large hole to drag out any remaining residue of my sweet cum and she swirled her tongue all over the tip!

She had throated me so thoroughly, not a drop of my cream could be seen anywhere! As her head came up, she smacked her lips and looked at me very seductively.

"God,...Hoot,....I could feel that big cock spurting right into my belly and right now, it feels so full of your hot cream. I think the next time I throat you, I will back off and let you cum in my mouth so I can taste it!" she said very sexily.

After I had regained some of my strength, I reached under the seat and took out a hand massager wrapped in cloth. Then, I leaned and reached into the glove compartment and removed a very silky slip. Lisa unwrapped the massager and remarked, "OOOOHHH,....look at what we have here!" she said. She slid it onto her hand, and, pulled on the strap so she could orient it correctly against the back of her hand. Then, she took the slip and filled her hand with it.

She wrapped her fingers around....part....of my shaft and threw the switch on the vibrator, and, we both heard the smooth hum of the unit as she rode her hand up and down my long length.

"Let's get those big balls nice and full again," she said and she smiled when she heard me take deep, long breaths.

Up,...down,....up,...down,....up,....down,...her hand traveling my long length, right from the open tip right on down to my balls! She leaned over me, looking at me in the dim light, smiling, always talk- ing because she knew how hot words thrilled and excited me.

"Yes, Hoot,....yes, baby,....I think, this time, I'll just get this big tip in my throat and milk it with my throat muscles. Then, I'll let you explode a few bursts there so my mouth can handle the rest."

"GOD!!!!!!!" I hollered out as Lisa lowered her face into my crotch. Her silk-filled hand, with the massager working, traveled down until her pinky was against my big balls as her mouth opened real wide and her lips folded around the tip. It was absolutely magnificent. Her mouth worked,....sucking and pulling against the sides of my shaft while her silk-filled hand moved lower and I felt the palm of her hand cup my huge balls.

"OH YES!....These balls are filling nicely," she moaned. She dipped her tongue in the large hole and pulled out all the pre-cum, then, she swallowed it loudly so I could hear! At that, she felt my cock lurch in her hand. As the massager shook her hand, she cupped my balls more firmly, being sure the silky slip in her hand made a lot of contact with my huge balls. Her gaping mouth took me in,...and, in,...and, in ......until I felt the end of the tip bump against the back of her throat.

I yelped when she angled her head differently and I felt the tip push in and squeeze against the constricting walls of her throat! She took it in further and I could feel the walls of her throat pressing against all sides of the tip!

She held it there,....not taking any more in,....but,...she worked her throat muscles, and, it was absolutely out of this world as her throat massaged and squeezed and milked the tip, and, I could feel my abundant cum swirling in my balls! She slid the middle finger of her right hand in my ass hole while her palm continued to cup my balls and the massager shook and shook and shook and she was delighted that my balls were, once again, real heavy again! She knew I was ready to spout!

She pumped and pumped her finger in my ass while the depths of her mouth sucked and pulled on my shaft and her throat fucked the big tip.

"LOOK,.....LOOK,.....LOOK O-O-O-U-T!!!!" I hollered as the first long column leaped from my balls and quickly shot up my shaft, and, she could feel the tip yield it's huge, first release against the walls of her throat! Then, another column, and, another,...and, this went on for several more before she decided to pull her face up just enough for all the others to blast into her hot mouth!

Eagerly, her throat worked to swallow it! She felt my shaft buck in her mouth and she swooned each time a long column jettisoned there! With her silk-filled hand solidly cupping and fondling my big balls, the massager continued to throb,....generating it's waves of pleasure through my body, and, I reacted,...with huge, thick, releases of sweet gism Lisa so loved to eat and swallow!!

Lisa, by now, was not shocked at anything I did,...and,...she always encouraged huge, thick releases from my big balls!....She never pulled back at the amount. On the contrary, she dove for it each time,...ex- pecting more and more! Both of my hands were on her head, pressing it, never wanting her to raise it....never wanting her to lose an inch of my cock!

"YIIIII!!!!....OOOHHHHH!!!!.....AAAARRRGGHHHH!!!!" I hollered over and over, commensurate with each release, and, with vigor and enthus- iasm, her oral activities continued. She never forgot a thing,...al- ways doing everything possible to excite me to my limit,...always want- ing my thick cum in her mouth, throat, and, belly!

Even though she had taken some of the thick spurts in her throat, and she backed my cock out of it to take the remainder in her mouth, I shot so much, her cheeks puffed out and very soon, long strings of thick gism began leaking from the corners of her lips!

"YIIIIIII!!!!" I hollered, again and again, as the long, broad col- umns continued to burst from the big, open tip! She kept my cock in her mouth, swallowing at every opportunity and it wasn't too long and my huge balls emptied.

I lay against the seat panting, saying, "DAMN, Lisa....you can suck!"

"Yup,...I sure can,...and, I love every minute having that big, lum- bering cock down my throat! Besides,...what you have there is every woman's dream! How often does a lady come across a shaft that never, ever goes down?" she said smacking her lips and running her tongue all over the outside of her lips drawing in the strings that escaped her mouth.

Then, boldly, she threw her leg over my body and pulled the handle on the car seatback, raising it up!

She kissed me hotly, saying, "C'mon Hoot,...my pussy is dripping! I need one of those gigantic loads filling it!"

I loved fucking her this way! I guess because I was in the habit. During my early years, that front seat saw a lot of action.

As we kissed, my hands slid down her hips and onto her broad, shapely ass cheeks! She began rolling her hips, glancing her pussy lips against this big, open tip! GOD!!! She was soaked with her juices and I felt the heat and wetness rubbing against the end of the open tip!

Holding her ass cheeks firmly, I spread them apart as she slowly lowered her pussy down! We both could feel the big tip begin to spread her lips!

"JEEEEZZZ!!!....YOU'RE THICK, HOOT! YOU ARE SOOOOO THICK!!! GOD!!!!.. ...HOW YOU SPREAD ME!!" she moaned as the sides began to follow the big open tip in spreading wide and rubbing against the walls of her cunt!

I felt her heat spread along my shaft as my cock slipped into her. The deeper I went, the more her hips pumped and rotated!

"C'mon, Hoot!...My belly is full of your hot cum! Now fill my pussy!"

No doubt she was one of the most uninhibited gals I ever met.

My cock was straining from need as her pussy moved down, down, down, and, she gasped as it continued to spread and fill her!

"GOD!! I'M FULL OF COCK!! I'M FULL OF COCK!!!! NOW, FILL MY CUNT WITH CREAM!!!!!" she hollered out.

She didn't forget. Immediately, gathering up the hem of her slip, she moved it down and onto my balls!

"MMMMMMM....your balls are already heavy! Soooooooo heavy!!!! Has Hoot got a present for me?" she asked, taking deep breaths.

Pound,...pound,....pound!! Slap,...slap,...slap,...was the sound of our crotches banging and each time my ass came up as hers came down, her silk-filled hand exaggerated the fondling and rubbing movements on my balls!

"I....WANT.... THAT....BIG....BROAD....TIP... PRESSING...AGAINST... MY WOMB,...HOOT!!!! YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!" she moaned again and again! And I was only too happy to oblige! Both of us could feel the tip snugging against her womb, and, when we did, I pressed my hands hard on her ass cheeks, trying to give her even more!

I felt her teeth dig in my shoulder and I felt the heat and wetness of my blood as it oozed from where she bit! Then, I went at her full tilt....raising and lowering my ass at blinding speed and soon, her thrusts were matching my own!!!

"OOOOHHHHHHH,....YOU FUCKER, HOOT!!!! YOU FUCKER!!!!!" she screamed! 'Slurp,...slurp,...slurp,' was the sound of her juices along my cock as I sawed it in and out of her! It excited us both! "Damn,...feels like a telephone pole is buried in me!" she remarked. C'MON, HOOT!!!...FILL MY CUNT WITH CUM!!!! FILL IT!!!!!" she hollered out and I knew this kind of talk from her would spur on another great release!

Faster,....faster,....her silk-filled hand diddled my over-packed balls! "UHHHH!! UUUHHHH!!! UUUHHHHH!!!!" she groaned as her hand flew on my balls!

"HERE.....HERE,.....HERE,....IT.....ISSSSSSSS!!!!!!!" I moaned as she felt my balls draw up and my cock harden even more! She was ready for it! Hell,...she was ANXIOUS for it!!!!! So,...with every inch in her, and she pulling my balls up against the base of my shaft, more tightly then normally takes place,...the first hot splash she felt shoot against her womb,....SHE came!!!!! And, what a release! It was powerful,..even more then the one before! She could feel every column blasting against her depths!

She felt it running down the walls of her pussy, and, mixed with her own release, it was almost like a tidal wave of cum!!!! I held her luscious ass real tight against me, not wanting the big, open tip to back out of her a micro-inch! Column after column made my shaft buck and buck and she could feel the sides of my shaft doing this against the tight, restricting walls of her pussy which helped add to her ex- plosion!

Some 43 seconds later, the last of my gism emptied from my balls, which she was still fondling with that silky slip! She never wanted it to stop!

We lay there against the seat, and, she looked me in the eye, sweat running down her soft face.

"Hoot? Take me to your place! I want to get you on that big bed of yours, and, get this huge monster down my throat! I want you to pump so much cum in my belly, it will back up my throat tube and into my mouth!!!"

After pulling my clothes back on, nervously, I slid over and started the car! As I headed out of the Drive-In, her hand was grasping my cock on the outside of my trousers, rubbing it,...jerking it,...as she wanted to be sure my balls were, again, completely full of the hot liquid she wanted in her belly!

(To be continued.....)

I am interested in getting feedback on this continuing story. I admit, I am no writer, but, I do enjoy writing erotically.

If there are any ladies who have an interest in exchanging very HOT emails with me, I encourage you to drop me a line. I am OBSESSED with tit-fucking, and, although I enjoy tit-fucking with ALL ladies, I am the most excited and I cum the most when a lady can fold her tits com- pletely around (nipple-to-nipple) my cock and whip them up and down.

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