Turned Out


Rob sat there on the edge of Christine's bed in her dorm room, nervous and apprehensive, not knowing what to expect. He did not like the feeling. He had never been the type of person to let someone else decide his fate, he was always in control. Not anymore though. He watched Christine's behind as she fiddled with her computer, which was opposite the bed. She was wearing an olive colored tank top and nothing else. Her back was to him and she was humming a cheery tune while slightly moving her hips from side to side. She had her shoulder length hair tied back in a pony tail. He still marveled at her figure; her thick thighs, wide hips, heavy breasts, and her large, round, hypnotic ass. She was the epitome of femininity. He still couldn't fathom how such a girl, such a woman, could have a thick, long phallus between her legs.

"Can you hear me?" she asked the computer.

"Yep, I surely can!" an excited girl's voice answered back from the computer's speakers.

"Great," said Christine as she walked over to a cabinet under the room's sole window to his right. He looked over at the computer screen which was now visible without Christine's ass blocking the way, and was taken aback when he saw a face staring back at him; it was a two-way web chat.

"Hello!" the smiling girl on the screen waved at him enthusiastically. She was petite with short blonde hair. He recognized her, she shared several classes with him and Christine. Her name escaped him, but he did remember that she was a talkative chick with an annoyingly cheery disposition.

"Why is...that girl on the screen?" he asked Christine, who was rummaging through her desk drawers.

"Hey, I have a name you know!" the annoying girl said from the screen, her smile not leaving her face. "It's Trixie!"

"Fuckin' Trixie?" he said. "Whatever, look, Christine, what's going on?"

"Come on, I know you like an audience," Christine turned and looked at him through her nerdy glasses, the tank top was tight on her large breasts and her dick was half aroused and hanging freely between her legs. Even in this state, it was larger than his. She studied him as he stared at her stupidly. It took a second before her words registered.

"You...you can't be serious," he stammered.

"What's the problem?" she said. "It's not like it would be the first time." She looked at his face with a knowing, mocking smile. She obviously enjoyed watching him blush fiercely as he remembered the incident she was alluding to; they had gone to a local park adjacent to their campus. She had dragged him to an isolated location behind some high bushes, and made him get on his knees and pleasure her. She'd insisted that he suck on her balls loudly, slurp them as noisily as he could. It was only after she had spewed her jizm all over his face that he saw some of their female class mates watching them from beside a nearby tree. His face turned even redder as he imagined what he must have looked like, kneeling in front of a smugly satisfied Christine with her cream coating his face. He figured she must have made him suck loudly on her balls in order to make those girls not only see, but also hear his emasculation. Whether she'd invited them to come watch, or whether they happened to stumble upon the happy couple was anybody's guess. He certainly wouldn't put it past her though.

Before he'd "known" Christine he was somewhat popular on campus, the girls liked him enough and the guys respected him. Now that he's been...involved with her for a couple of weeks, he started noticing certain looks and giggles from a few girls, one or two of whom he'd previously intended to put the moves on. He suspected that Christine wasn't keeping her mouth shut about their escapades, even though she'd promised she would. Now, as he looked at the girl on the screen, his suspicions were confirmed.

He wanted to curse Christine for breaking her promise, to tell her to fuck off and walk out the door, but there was something about the way she looked at him from behind those ridiculous glasses that sapped all the courage from his body.

"Look," he spoke towards the webcam desperately, trying to appear calm. "I don't know what you expect to see here, but there's nothing going on." Both Christine and Trixie laughed at that.

"Come on, that was pretty lame," said Christine.

"I already know you have a taste for girl-sausage," said Trixie.

This was getting him angrier by the second, he couldn't stand that his most private and embarrassing conduct was being discussed so freely. "Fuck this, I'm outa here!" he said, trying his best not to look Christine in the eye as he got up to leave. He thought maybe he could bluff his way out of this situation, or at least have Christine turn off the webcam before said 'sausage tasting' commenced.

"Fine, go ahead," she replied, unfazed in the slightest. "Nobody is forcing you stay." She was leaning her elbow on the drawers as she watched him silently, her face expressionless. He wished for the hundredth time that he could read her mind.

"Ok then," he said, and started for the door. Just as he turned the knob, Christine walked over to her computer and sat down.

"Trixie I'm sending you a great amateur tape featuring a slut getting his oral virginity taken. Feel free to share it with all your friends."

Of course, he thought. How could he have thought for an instant it would be that easy? "You're a real fucking cunt, you know that?" he said. The two girls looked at each other and laughed, no doubt at his choice of words. He could keep on cursing and bluffing but he knew she would get what she wanted in the end. Hating himself, he slumped back to the foot of the bed and sat down. She gave him a pitying look as if to say, why do you even bother putting up a fight, you weak willed bitch? She then swiveled around in her chair and motioned for him to come closer, that mocking smirk on her face. He walked over to her and got on his knees, getting face to face with the monster that haunted his dreams. It was already almost all the way stiff.

"Kiss it," she said, the usual condescension in her voice suddenly absent. Her voice was throaty, anticipating. Her mouth was slightly open as she looked at him, and she had that look in her eye that she gets when she's horny, like a predator studying its prey. He moved his head slowly towards her cock, which seemed to stiffen harder the closer he got. Even though it wasn't the first time he'd come face to face with it, the size of Christine's beast didn't cease to humble him every time he saw it. He had never considered himself as having a small dick, he was pretty certain that he was at least above average. But each time he saw the one in front of him it made him feel dwarfed. Also unlike his own, it wasn't circumcised. Of course it's not, he thought absently, girls don't get circumcised.

The foreskin pulled back as her cock bobbed gently in front of him, precum already starting to well up over the tip. It had a musky smell to it which, he had to admit, stirred something inside of him. It was the smell of lust, but it was also the smell of humiliation, as it brought back memories he would rather forget.

Christine, maybe tired of waiting, moved her dick gently forward and touched the tip to his lips, parting them slightly. She then pulled back, a string of pre-cum connecting his lips to her dick. He was grateful that Trixie couldn't see this part, as the web cam could see nothing but the back of Christine's black ponytail.

As if reading his mind, Trixie cried out from her limited vantage point, "What's going on? I can't see!"

"Oh, how rude of me," said Christine, who'd apparently forgotten about the annoying girl on the screen. She rolled her conveniently wheeled chair around Robb so that she was to his right, no longer obscuring the view from the webcam. He looked apprehensively at the girl on the screen, who stared back at him eagerly. He absolutely did not like his humiliation witnessed. At the moment, all that a few people knew about him were rumors and innuendos, nothing solid. If Christine were to follow up on her threat though, everyone would know for certain. He'd be brunt of every dick sucking joke, and he could kiss pussy goodbye for the remainder of his time on campus.

Christine watched him as she held the base of her cock, waiting for him to muster up the courage to willingly debase himself. "Open, stick your tongue out" she finally said, and he flinched when she whipped her dick toward him with her hand, flinging precum onto his face. She chuckled at his disgusted expression as he wiped the sticky fluid off his face. He turned towards her, and as soon as he stuck out his tongue she slid her chair closer and started loudly smacking her dick against it. He could taste her salty pre-cum with each smack. He knew from their previous encounters that Christine expelled much more precum than men do, and it flung about with every quick motion of her cock.

She then started sliding the tip back and forth on his tongue, spreading her salty pre-jizz. With each thrust she went deeper into his mouth, until she reached his uvula. She then grabbed his head with both hands and shoved her entire length down his throat, her girth expanding it as it went down. If it had been his first time he would have definitely thrown up. Luckily Christine had trained him well. Her dick didn't stay in his throat for long though, and he sputtered and spat saliva on her abdomen as she pulled it out. After she pulled out entirely he expected her to shove it back in, but she didn't. Instead she stood up and turned around so that her fat ass was in his face. She grabbed the back of his head with one hand and slowly pushed her ass into his face. He could feel himself sinking into the crevasse that is her ass crack, until his lips were pressed against her puckered hole.

"You know what to do," she said, and indeed he did. He knew she wanted a rimjob, though she had never made him do that before. He suspected that it was for their voyeur's benefit. He opened his mouth and traced his tongue around the rim of her anus.

"Whoa, I didn't think he'd actually do it!" said Trixie, sounding both amazed and pleased. "You carry yourself like such a man, Robbie. Who knew you were such a little bitch?" Both the girls started laughing.

He was really starting to dislike this brat, but what really made him angry was that she was right. All his life he'd carried himself a certain way, considered himself hyper-masculine. Now look at him, being told to put his tongue on someone's asshole and actually doing it.

"What else can you make him do?" Trixie asked.

"Hmm, let's see..." Christine considered. "Oh, I know!" she grabbed the chair and positioned it facing the computer. "Come on, knees here," she tapped the seat of the chair. He did as she said and got up onto the chair so that his arms were resting on the backrest and his butt was facing the computer screen.

"Ooh, this is so exciting!" said Trixie. He could not see her anymore but could still hear her annoyingly chipper voice. Christine pulled down his pants and underwear with one motion, revealing his ass. She then reached for a small tube that was on the floor and screwed the top off and tossed it away. She started squeezing the tube over his ass and coated his butt with its content. He then felt her spreading the cool fluid up and down his crack with her fingers, then felt a sudden intrusion into his hole. He ground his teeth as she slowly pushed in her middle finger to the second knuckle, and started sliding it in and out. He imagined the view from Trixie's vantage point, him bent over with a grinning bespectacled girl finger fucking his virgin hole. And then he felt his dick start to swell. The more he thought about how wrong this was, how this shouldn't be happening to him, the more he felt the blood rush into his penis.

"Is he tight?" asked Trixie.

"Oh, you bet," Christine answered.

"Can I see his face?"

"I think we can accommodate you," she took her finger out of his ass with an audible plop and swiveled the rotating chair around so that he faced the computer. Trixie stared at him, smirking. His face started to feel warm and he turned his head to the side to avoid her gaze.

"Ah!" he suddenly whelped when Christine smacked his butt cheeks with both hands.

"That's a nice sound," she said, before reinserting her middle finger, this time pushing it all the way inside. He felt his face contort at the sensation and wished he wasn't facing a live webcam. Christine's other hand reached down between his legs and wrapped around his cock. "My god," she said. "He's hard as a rock!"

"Really?" said Trixie. "You are such a slut, Robbie-boy." His face flushed worse than ever. "Do you think he's ready?"

"Not really, but what the hell," Christine took her finger out and suddenly pushed the tip of her dick against his resistant anus.

"Stop!" he yelled and jerked away from her. "A finger is as far as I'm willing to go!"

"Come on, Robbie, don't be such a kill-joy," a disappointed looking Trixie said.

"Fuckin' forget about it, it's not gonna happen."

"Ok, no ass fucking," said Christine. "Just let me put the tip in." Rob turned his head and looked at her face, and she looked back at him expectantly and said, "Please?" He was taken aback a bit, and at that moment he saw the shy, nerdy Christine he sees in class, and not the domineering Christine he'd gotten used to behind closed doors. It made him realize that he had a degree of control over what happens to him. Her imposing personality had actually made him forget that he was the man, and that despite his slight frame he could probably snap her neck like a twig. Probably.

I shouldn't forget what she has over me, though, he thought. Letting her have this little thing was better than facing the nasty consequences of his refusal.

"Ok, just the tip," he finally said reluctantly.

"I promise," said Christine, the evil grin returning to her face. She placed her dick between his butt cheeks and rubbed it up and down his crack, which was still slick with lube. She then pushed against his pucker with the tip, and he clenched reflexively. That didn't deter her though as she kept pushing until it plopped into his butthole, forcing its way inside a few centimeters more than intended.

"Ahh!" he cried and gripped the back of the chair with both hands. "Ow...out, pull it out."

"Oops, sorry 'bout that," she sounded as if she was holding back a laugh, and instead of pulling it out she drove it deep into his rectum.

"Uhnnnggghh," he grunted loudly as she continued penetrating, stretching parts of him that weren't meant to be stretched so far. Her dick kept going deeper until her hip tapped lightly against his butt; she had just buried her entire monster of a cock into his asshole. He wanted to scream at her, tell her to pull out, but he couldn't find his voice. All his energy was focused on fighting the pain in his rear. Christine bent forward and hugged him, and he realized absently that she had taken off her tank top when he felt her plump breasts rest on his back.

"Incredible," she gasped. "He's...so tight! He's clenching so hard around me..." she held that position silently for a few moments, probably savoring the moment of his defloration. She then let go of his torso and rose back to her former position before starting to pull out, and the ensuing pain made him wish she had just stayed inside. When about two thirds of it was out, she gripped him by the hips and pushed it back in.

"Ahhh," he squealed helplessly.

"Mmm what a manly sound," she mocked, smacking his ass hard with her right hand. He couldn't believe it, he'd just been deflowered by a nerdy girl with a ridiculously fat cock. At that thought he realized that his own cock was hard, very hard. She continued to slowly stroke her dick in and out of his ass, and to his distress it was actually starting to feel good. She leaned forward and whispered into his ear, "I hope you realize you're my bitch now." She started speeding up her pace to the point where her hips were smacking into his ass. Her cock felt enormous inside him.

"Ffffuuuuck!" he cried. Her cock was just churning his ass, and he felt his erection swing back and forth with each thrust, expelling precum all the while. With each stroke she was stimulating a spot deep inside him, and each time she pressed into it he felt his dick twitch, and he new that if she kept up that pace he would blow an enormous load. She reached down towards his dick and he thought she was going to grab it, instead she position her open palm in front of his swinging cock, as if giving him a target to shoot at. He tried to hold back as long as possible, he didn't want to give her the satisfaction of forcing him to cum, especially without so much as touching his dick. The pressure was rising from his balls to an unbearable degree, and despite his best efforts, she successfully coaxed his seed out of him. He spewed with such intensity that an embarrassingly load moan was forced from his lips. Her thrusting did not stop, and his cum flung about with the swinging of his cock, his jizz spraying all over her open palm and the leather chair.

When his orgasm finally ended Christine stopped her thrusting, her hips giving his ass a final tap, her cock buried all the way inside.

"Would you look at that," she held up her upturned palm in view of the webcam.

"Is that his cum?!" Trixie gasped, astonished.

"It sure is," Christine laughed, obviously delighted. "I didn't even have to touch his dick. What kind of man likes it in the butt, I ask you?" she grabbed him again by the hips, not bothering to wipe his semen off her hand, and it felt warm and sticky on his hip. She slid her cock out slowly until the tip, and drove it back in with a sharp thrust. He held back a cry from his lips, the noise he'd already made was embarrassing enough, and he wouldn't be surprised if the whole floor had just heard him orgasm.

Christine's trusts were getting frenzied, and to his chagrin his dick was getting hard again. Her each pump pushed him forward forcefully, her dick making an obscene squishing sound as it reamed his ass. He could hear her low grunts and he knew that it wasn't about humiliating him anymore; she had reached the tipping point. "Oh god!" she cried, and he felt her cock twitch and then blast unnaturally hot spunk deep inside his rectum. He knew that Christine expelled copious amounts of cum, but never like this! His bowels were actually expanding from the shear volume of semen being deposited in them. He felt like a human condom that was filled to bursting.

"Ah...ah," she spasmed as she spewed the last of her little gift into him, before letting herself collapse backwards onto her bed. Her cock slid out of him with a ridiculous popping sound, some of her jizz spilling out of his once tight asshole. She propped up her head with a pillow as she lay on her back, watching the aftermath of her buggering.

"Don't let it spill out," she said when she saw her cum drip down his leg. He clenched his butt tight, as tight as he could anyway, and stood up.

"I...gotta empty out my out butt," he said, and both girls burst out laughing.

"Jesus, how much did you cum inside him?" Trixie asked.

"A lot," Christine answered. She stared at him with such a self-satisfied expression that he couldn't bear look her in the eye. "And no, I want you to walk around like that, with your butt full of my cream." She got up off the bed as he pulled his pants up and buckled his belt. She walked over to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Just as he started thinking that that was too nice for Christine, she smacked him on the butt and whispered in his ear, "you have such a sweet ass, from now on you're my little honey butt." He was grateful Trixie couldn't hear that part.

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