tagSci-Fi & FantasyTurned Out Ch. 02

Turned Out Ch. 02


Chapter 2: Jessica

Robbie sat there in class, unsuccessfully trying to follow what the professor was saying. The incident that had occurred a couple of days earlier was all he could think about; the burning in his bum hole made sure of that. He was forced to sit on one ass cheek, wincing every time he shifted his weight to the other one. And each time he did so he would hear low snickering from the girls sitting behind him.

"Maybe you should go to the nurse's office," said a black girl who was sitting on the desk to his left. "I'm sure she could prescribe some cream for that booty hole." The snickering behind him continued. He gave her what he hoped was an intimidating stare, but she just leered at him, her grin growing wider.

Her name was Tisha, and she was one of the most popular people on campus. All it took was one look at her to know why. She had a beautiful face, with big, round eyes and full, luscious lips, and she always wore revealing clothing that complimented her lean body. On this day she had on a low cut, white shirt that revealed the crack in her firm, average sized breasts, and wore a short, black skirt that hugged her child-bearing hips and showed off her big African butt. She and Christine were not exactly friends as Christine was too much of a nerd for the likes of Tisha, although that didn't stop them from sharing a laugh at his expense.

Rob twisted around to look at Christine, who sat right behind him. "Would you stop telling people about..." his voice trailed off. He thought it better not to finish that sentence.

"Why not?" she looked at him with mock innocence. "It's nothing to be ashamed of. All I did was bend you over and..."

"You need to shut the fuck up about that!" he snapped, looking around to see who might have heard her. Thankfully most of the class was focusing on the professor's lecture, with the exception of Christine, Tisha, and Trixie.

"So it is true!?" Tisha said, staring at him with her mouth open in astonishment. "I was just fucking around. So Christine really did pop your cherry?"

He turned and faced forward, fuming. He could feel his face growing hot.

"I heard she has a foot long cock," Tisha continued. "Your ass must be ruined." The girls behind him laughed again, although Tisha appeared to be genuinely amazed. "Did you like it?"

"He came without so much as touching his dick," Trixie jumped in.

"Really!?" said Tisha. "I would have never guessed a guy like you enjoys getting fucked in the ass." His face grew even hotter, and he had to grind his teeth in order to keep from screaming at these girls. "You know, I used to think you were kind of sexy." That caught him off guard, and he looked at her with surprise. It would be a dream come true to have Tisha as a girlfriend, he would be the envy of every man on campus. He couldn't help but give her a hopeful look.

"Don't even think about it," she said with a smirk. "I'm not really into turned out bitches who like it up the ass." The girls burst out laughing.

Disappointment and anger hit him at the same time. Thankfully though, the bell rang at that moment and he was saved from having to respond, not that he would have been able to. What on earth do you say to a girl who just called you a cock loving bitch?

He picked up his stuff as fast as he could and practically ran out of the classroom. He was out of the building and walking the path back to the dorms when he heard someone call out from behind him, "Hey, wait up." He turned around and saw a girl from his class jogging towards him. "Why are you walking so fast?" she asked as she reached him, panting a little.

"What do you want?" he wasn't in the mood to talk to anyone, he just wanted to go to his room and put ice on his swollen asshole.

"My name is Jessie," the girl said.

"I know who you are," he and Jessie shared several classes, though this was the first time they'd spoken. She always dressed in a semi punk or goth style, he'd never known the difference. On that day she was wearing a grungy looking purple t-shirt, a short black skirt and black fishnet stockings. Her hair was shoulder length and black with blue streaks. Her body was lean, if a bit thin for his taste.

"I saw how those girls were making fun of you," she said, looking at the ground and shuffling her feet. "Is it true that Christine...fucked your butt?"

"God damn it," he muttered, and started walking away from her, but she just followed him, keeping up his pace.

"It's okay if she did," she said. "You wouldn't' be the first, you know." He stopped in his tracks and looked at her with surprise.

"She's done this to other guys!?"

"Oh yeah, Christine is quite the rapist."

For some reason he hadn't considered that he might not be the only one. "How do you know this?"

"Let's sit down and I'll tell you all about it," she grabbed him by the arm and lead him to a nearby tree, where they sat on the grass beneath it. He still wanted to be alone but was too curious to leave, and the idea that he wasn't Christine's only victim made him feel better for some reason.

"Is this common knowledge around here or what?" he asked.

"Not really, I know about it because I saw it happen once." He wasn't really surprised; he knew better than anyone how Christine liked to parade her conquests.

"Was it by webcam?" he asked.

"Webcam? What are you talking about?"

"Forget it, just go on."

"Is that what she did with you?" the prospect seemed to excite her for some reason.

"No it wasn't! Would you let it go already?" he snapped.

"Ok, jeez, take it easy," she seemed to be holding back a laugh. "Anyway, it was at a frat party a few weeks ago. This drunken frat boy kept hitting on her and groping at her all night, and eventually he took her to an upstairs room. Now I knew about Christine's little package, and I so wanted to see that guy's face when he pulled her pants down, so I snuck upstairs and walked in on them." She paused and studied Robbie's face. He found that he was dying to hear the rest.

"Will you get on with it?" he snapped. She seemed annoyed at his rudeness but continued anyway.

"I walked in to find the frat boy on the floor with his elbows tied to his knees and his ass up in the air. Christine was just reaming this poor guy's asshole." She snickered. "He didn't seem to be enjoying it much."

"Didn't you try to help him?" he asked.

She looked puzzled by his question. "Why the hell would I do that? It's not every day you see a girl pounding a guy's asshole."

Are all the girls in this school sociopaths or what? he thought. When he didn't respond she went on.

"She fucked him for a good twenty minutes, switching between his mouth and his butt." She smirked at Robbie's disgusted expression. "When she finally came in his ass and pulled out, he had the biggest gaping hole I'd ever seen, her cum was flowing out of it like a river," she laughed, obviously finding it very amusing. At the mention of gaping holes he became all too aware of his own burning hole, and to his utter frustration, he felt his dick getting hard. He placed both hands on his crotch in an attempt to hide his growing erection. Unfortunately Jessie noticed and looked at him with amazement, "is this getting you hard!?"

"Of course not!" he answered emphatically. She was obviously unconvinced.

"You really are a butt slut, aren't you?" she said with a mix of surprise and amusement.

Here we go again, he thought. He was getting pretty pissed at these girls and their cute fucking remarks.

"So you like the idea of a girl ruining your butthole?" she reached behind him and traced her hand down the small of his back, going inside his underwear and sliding her middle finger down the crack of his ass. "You know, Christine isn't the only one who can pry that ass open." A red flag instantly went up in his head and he pulled her hand out by the wrist and bolted up to his feet. He moved to leave but felt her hand grab his ankle and yank it backwards, and he fell flat on his face. "You're not going anywhere you little slut." Her voice had turned predatory, and she leapt on his back and pinned his hands to the ground, which were sprawled in front of his face, and he felt a hard shaft press firmly between his butt cheeks. He tried to buck her off, and panic set in when he realized he couldn't move her one inch.

"Please don't," he whimpered.

"Why not? Christine turned you out, it's open season on your sissy ass." He couldn't bring himself to fully consider the implications of that statement. She rubbed her boner hard against his butt, and it felt like it could be just as big as Christine's, a frightening concept. She brought both his arms together in front him and gripped both his wrists with one hand. He couldn't believe how strong this girl was! She then reached with her free hand down the back of his pants, and pressed her thumb on his swollen asshole.

"Gahhh!" he struggled more than ever, to no avail.

"Damn, she really did a number on your hole, didn't she?" she started rubbing her thumb on his sphincter in a circular fashion. He thought it might have felt pleasant if he hadn't been recently buggered. He looked around and was grateful to find that there were only few people in the area, which were far away, sitting on benches and relaxing on the grass. Even though he and Jessie were partially concealed by the tree, if someone were to look in their direction they would undoubtedly see that something odd was going on. Jessie did not seem to care about any of this, it seemed that her only concern was getting at his ass.

"You can't do this," he pleaded. "There are people around."

"Don't act like you wouldn't enjoy getting fucked in front of everyone." His heart sank. He had been hoping she would just toy with him and let him go, but obviously she wanted to go all the way, in the middle of campus, in broad daylight.

"You can't..." he repeated desperately.

"You are much too concerned with your image Robbie-boy, but if it means that much to you then fine, let's go behind the tree. Move on your hand and knees though, if you try to run away I'll fuck your ass raw with no lubricant, Ok?" He nodded hesitantly and she let go of his wrists and got off is back. At that moment he had the chance to try and escape, but her threat was much too frightening to chance it. He got on his hands and knees and crawled behind the tree. This location was much better since they were between the thick tree and a wall of brush. For someone to see them now they would have to walk to the tree and look behind it. As soon as he got there Jessie grabbed his pants and yanked them down, revealing his naked ass to the world. He just couldn't believe this was happening again.

"Ooh your pucker looks so pretty, it's all red and swollen." She put her middle and index fingers on his asshole and rubbed it, just as she had done with her thumb earlier. A stinging sensation shot through him. His ass was still too raw for this, and he didn't want to think how painful an ass fucking was gonna be. He felt extremely vulnerable, completely at the mercy of this girl. She could do whatever she wanted with him; fuck him, cum in his ass, or in his mouth, and he wouldn't be able to do a damn thing about it. His hanging dick began to swell again, and he just couldn't believe it; why the hell were these things turning him on? I'm a fucking man, god damn it. I don't enjoy getting fucked in the ass! he thought.

He heard Jessie unzip her purse, and then he heard something pop. He flinched when he felt a cool liquid pour onto his crack. She continued rubbing his hole, but now the lubricant was having a soothing effect. She then suddenly reached between his legs and grabbed his erect cock, her hand slick with lube. "I fucking knew it," she said. "You act like such a tough guy, but you're just a submissive little slut inside." She started slowly stroking his dick while still rubbing his asshole with her other hand. His erection was pointed right at he ground at a ninety degree angle, and he felt like a farm animal being milked. His cock twitched at the thought. "Are you gonna cum already!? How pathetic!" Despite her condemnation she seemed pleased. She gripped him harder, still stroking slowly but gripping tight on his dick.

"Ah!" he moaned softly. Every time her hand moved down the shaft and her tight grip stroked the head, he felt the cum rise from his balls. He didn't want to add to his humiliation by cumming within a minute of being stroked, but it seemed like he'd have no choice. Being milked was an appropriate analogy after all; she was simply forcing his seed out of him.

Suddenly he felt a burning pain shoot through his butthole; she had just shoved her middle finger all the way inside his ass. His balls tightened despite the pain, and he clenched as hard as he could, trying to contain his cum inside. Jessie wouldn't have it though, and inserted another finger inside him. All it took was three deep pumps for his dick to fail him. He ground his teeth together to keep from screaming as he shot his semen again and again on the grass.

"Your ass gets so tight when you're cumming!" she said. His body spasmed as he shot the last of his cum, and she slowly pulled out her fingers and gave him a hard slap on the ass. He hated himself for allowing another person to have such control over him and his dick, that she could make him orgasm whether he liked it or not.

She didn't allow him to wallow in his shame for long, in one quick motion she flipped him over onto his back. She then crawled over him and straddled his chest, and he saw that her huge erection was lifting up her skirt. It looked so long and thick that he was actually starting to feel jealous; If he wished to hide his erection in public it could be done, but if this chick got hard in public there was no way in hell she'd be able to hide that. She moved her hips lightly and her cock swayed under her skirt from side to side a few inches from his face. He looked up at her and she just looked back at him, smiling. She waved her cock again and this time it almost touched his nose, and he knew she wanted him to unveil her. At that moment he realized that he despised taking an active role in his own rape; just sitting there passively letting some dickgirl play with his butt or his mouth meant that cock was being forced upon him, but if he started touching her with his hands or doing god knows what else...

He looked back up at her and she was still smiling at him. She looked like she had no problem with sitting there all day long with her dick in his face. He wanted this to end as quickly as possible, so with nervous hands he lifted her skirt by the hem to reveal white see-through panties that were stretched to bursting point. Her cock was pushing them at an upward angle, with precum welling out from the tip and soaking through the thin fabric. Just like Christine, her cock was something to behold. Although it wasn't as long as Christine's, it was still longer and fatter than most. He pulled down her panties, making her dick spring up and fling precum into the air. She stood up for a moment to take off her panties, then suddenly dropped onto him, plopping her balls right on his face. They were completely shaved and felt oddly smooth and soft, feminine somehow. Feminine balls? How ridiculous. She rubbed them on his lips and pressed them to his nostrils. They smelled of musk and sweat, but it wasn't unpleasant. The smell was actually turning him on, and he felt like he wouldn't mind sitting there all day sniffing her nut sack.

"Open up." He did as she said and she slowly dipped her large sack into his mouth. He tried not to let it touch his tongue but it filled his mouth entirely, and he accidentally licked it when he tried to shift his tongue's position. She looked down at him with surprise. "Do that again." He licked again. Then without thinking, as if reflexively, he sucked on them. He looked up at Jessie's face and she looked immensely pleased, triumphant even. "Little sissy boy likes his snack. Well don't stop now."

He really didn't like being called a sissy. For a guy like Robb who has a bit of an ego and a macho sensibility, the verbal abuse was almost worse than the physical. He suspected that both Jessie and Christine could sense that about him, which is why they were relentless in their insults.

Jessie pulled her balls out of his mouth with a plop and told him to stand, and as soon as he did she pushed his back against the tree trunk. She squirted what was left of the lubricant on her rigid cock. She then lifted his left leg, pressed herself against him and guided her cock between his legs and below his balls. She pushed the head into his resistant anus, slowly driving her shaft deep inside. The feeling of something invading his rectum gave him a flashback of Christine, and he still felt like his was never meant to be stretched so wide. He still wasn't used to it, and hoped he never would be. She stared at his face as her cock went in deeper and stretched him more. Just like Christine, she seemed to be savoring the moment of initial penetration, no doubt pleased at how his expression clearly conveyed the pain he felt in his butt.

"You're still tight," she breathed. "There's nothing better than fucking someone who used to think he was a man." It was an odd sensation, being used for someone's pleasure as if he were a toy. And he couldn't help but notice how she was basically telling him that even he himself didn't believe he was a man anymore.

She fucked him faster and a moan escaped his lips. He tried to look away from her, finding himself wishing that she'd taken him from behind. He didn't want her to see the effect her dick was having on him, but there was no escape. He hated that he couldn't control his facial expression, how it was so easy to tell how much her cock was having an effect on him.

Jessie's face was filled with intensity. She was completely engulfed in the act of raping him, and he thought that she probably lived for moments like this.

"Feels good, doesn't it?" she asked while giving his ass cheek a tight squeeze with her hand.

God help me, it does. He realized that his treacherous cock was hard as steel. He didn't think he'd ever had such a powerful erection, it was as if his dick was trying to force itself out its skin.

Jessie reached for his other leg and lifted it as well, so that both his legs were wrapped around her middle. She backed away from the tree so he was being held up solely by her strength. She was carrying him by the butt cheeks with both hands, and started thrusting into him while bouncing his butt on her cock. His ass slamming into her hips was making that obscene slapping sound he used to like so much, and he was sure that from now on that sound would always remind him what a submissive weakling these girls had turned him into.

"Ah...ahhh," He hated her for forcing him to moan like a whore. Never in his life had he felt like less of a man. She stopped her thrusting with her dick all the way inside him, and to his utter dismay she started walking out from their hiding place with him impaled on her cock.

"No...no, don't do it!" he pleaded, trying to contain his panic. She walked all the way around the tree and stopped. She faced the open space of the campus, so he couldn't see if there was anyone around, and then continued pounding his ass. If there were people close by they were getting quite the sight; a pantless girl standing on the grass with a guy wrapped around her as she slammed his ass into her crotch. The idea made his dick twitch and expel a considerable amount of precum.

She lifted him up by the ass so that her dick slid out completely, and held him in place a few inches above her phallus. She spread his ass cheeks with both hand, exposing his gaping hole to the world. He could actually feel the cool breeze inside his asshole. It was so utterly fucked that it twitched and spasmed when he tried to close it. She didn't give him the chance though as she lowered him back down onto her shaft, her cock sliding in much easier then it had before. She started fucking him again, even harder this time. He was imagining that all the people he knew, especially his friends and exes, standing there behind him and watching as a dick reamed his asshole, and hearing the humiliating squishing sound of his rectum being churned. He couldn't take it anymore, he felt his balls tighten and his butt clench around Jessie's dick. She must have liked the feeling because she shortened her stroke so that most of her shaft didn't exit his ass with each pump.

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