Turned Out Ch. 03


"You know who I'd like to fuck? B'Elanna Torres from Voyager," said Christine as she mashed the buttons on her playstation controller. "And I'd fuck that bitch Harry Kim too, see him play that flute with my rod up his ass."

"Who the hell are these people you're talking about? Jessie said as she sat next to Christine on the couch with her arms stretched across the back rest, watching as Christine played a videogame. "And you wonder why people call you a nerd."

Christine threw Jessie an annoyed look through her black rimmed glasses and turned back to her game. "Just because I like Star Trek and video games does not make me a nerd. Look who's talking anyway. Who do you think you are with that makeup, the queen of the damned?"

"Hmph, I wouldn't expect your fat ass to know anything about style," responded Jessie calmly.

"My ass is not fat!" Christine snapped. "I'm what you'd call voluptuous."

"Ha! Who the fuck are you kidding? Robbie, don't you think she has a fat ass?" Jessie turned to Robbie who was sitting in an arm chair to her right with an irritated look on his face.

"Uh...I don't know," he said. "Why don't you just leave me out of it? I don't even know what I'm doing here." The three of them were hanging out in Jessie's off campus apartment. The two girls had dragged him back there when they ran into him in the campus cafeteria during breakfast, saying that they wanted to make it up to him for all the hurting they put his butt through. He was pretty sure they'd do no such thing, but he knew that if he refused they would just threaten him with exposure and he'd go along in the end. Besides, he just didn't have the energy to argue.

"You don't wanna be here?" Christine said without looking away from the TV screen. "I thought we were friends."

"Friends?!" his nerves were starting to get frayed. "After what you two did to me?"

"Again with this?" Christine huffed out her mouth in exasperation. "We said we were sorry, cant you just let it go already?"

Is this girl delusional or is she just fucking with me?

"We enjoy your company, is that so hard to believe?" Jessie turned her head towards him and studied his face. He noticed right then that the way Jessie spoke did not match her appearance; if he'd talked to her on the phone he'd think he was speaking to a professor or some other type of intellectual.

"Well I don't enjoy yours," he said.

"We all know that's not true...God damn it I just got sniped! I hate these camping bastards!" Christine yelled at the screen. "I was on a kill streak, too!"

"Would you give it a rest already?" Jessie rolled her eyes and gave Robbie a look as if to say, what a nerd, right?

"Ugh, but there's nothing else to do," said Christine in a whiny voice.

"Maybe Robbie can suggest something," Jessie said. "Any ideas, Robbie?"

"Yeah, how about you two go jerk each other off and leave me the fuck alone?" he said, regretting it as soon as soon as the words came out of his mouth. He knew that antagonizing these bitches was not a good idea, but he was pissed that they were acting as if they were his friends, as if each of them hadn't forced herself into his ass.

Christine turned away from her game and looked at him with raised eyebrows, then looked at Jessie and they both laughed. "I just love it when you talk dirty," said Jessie, and started fondling her cock through her jeans. "Don't you know your just stirring my loins with that talk?"

"I think he does know," said Christine. "I think he's being slutty and is trying to tease us." He cursed himself a dozen times over in his head for opening his big mouth.

"That's not very nice, Robbie. Nobody likes a cock tease," said Jessie. He couldn't help but notice the distinctly visible bulge that was snaking down her right thigh. His heart started racing at the sight of it. "Happy now? Now you've got us all hot and bothered."

That's it, I can't take it anymore, he thought. He knew that if they wanted him they would have him; he had no delusions about who was in control here. The problem was that he could see that he was one or two fucks away from being turned into their personal, living jizz rag. He decided at that moment to end it, telling himself that even if they did expose him it would be better than getting sodomized every time one of them got an itch.

"Look..." he said as he stood up. He swallowed hard, trying to wet his throat which was suddenly dry."It's over, ok? I'm not going along with this anymore. You can expose me or do whatever the hell you want. I don't care anymore." He was trying his best to sound determined and confident, but didn't really fell like he was succeeding.

"Don't care, huh?" Christine looked at him with amused eyes, and then turned to Jessie, "I don't think he comprehends the situation here."

Jessie nodded slowly. "Do you think we're the only chicks with dicks around here?"

Her question caught him off guard, and he just looked at her blankly. "What are you talking about?"

"Well, the moment Christine deflowered you, you officially became a sissy," Jessie said. Christine just beamed at him, looking quite pleased with herself. "Which means that no matter how hard you try to act macho, every girl with a dong around here is now and forever gonna see you as a pussy that can't protect his own asshole. And they are all gonna want a piece." Both girls looked highly amused by the stunned look on his face.

He suddenly felt as if the room was spinning, so he let himself fall back into his chair. He opened his mouth to say something but he just didn't know what to say. This was it, disaster. Having these two use and abuse him was certainly bad enough, but the idea that there were plenty more of these freaks out there just waiting for the chance to get a piece of him...it was just too much to handle. His heart was beating so fast that he though it would burst out of his chest.

"Haha, my god, don't look so terrified," said a grinning Christine. "It's not gonna happen that way. Unless of course..."

"Unless you walk out that door," Jessie finished the sentence. She leaned forward in her seat with a serious look on her face. "None of those bitches is gonna come at you if they know that your ass belongs to us. We are the only thing that's stopping you from becoming a public cum dump." She smiled at him as she got up off the couch, and then sat next to him on his chair's armrest. "Don't worry baby, nobody's gonna run a train on you." She looked him in the eye and stroked his hair.

"Not yet, anyway," said Christine, and they both started laughing.


Robbie's roommate Scott sat in his swiveling chair by the computer and watched with amusement as Robbie moaned and muttered in his sleep. The noises he was making were too loud not to notice, and Scott just couldn't concentrate on his work.

Robbie was naked except for his underwear, and half his cock was poking out of the band, laying flat on his stomach. It was stiff as a rock, which was odd because he had already ejaculated twice all over himself. There were streaks of jizz that had spurted all the way to his chest, and even more of it was pooling up in his bellybutton.

"No please," he muttered. "Not in my ass."

Scott couldn't believe what he was hearing, and was having a hard time containing his laughter.

"There's too much cum in my ass already. Please...ugh...ughghhhhh," Robbie's body stiffened as semen exploded from his dick for the third time, in amounts that were just as plentiful as the first two orgasms.

Scott couldn't take it anymore, and he just burst out laughing. Robbie opened his eyes and blinked a few times as he tried to recognize his surroundings. When he finally did, he propped himself up and looked at Scott with irritation.

"What the fuck, man?" he croaked sleepily as he rubbed his eyes. "What's with all the noise? I'm trying to sleep here. "

"Oh, I bet," said Scott with a wide grin and nodded towards Robbie's chest.

Robbie looked down at himself, and his eyes grew wide with horror when he saw that his chest and stomach were caked in white gunk, and that he had a raging erection sticking out of his boxers and pointing up his face. "What the fuck?!" he grabbed the crumpled up bed sheet and quickly covered himself with it.

"So tell me, how does it feel to have a nice cock in your ass? Pfff, hahahaha" Scott slapped his desk with his hand as he reeled with laughter.

Robbie could feel his face grow hot with embarrassment. What the hell could he possibly say to save face? He leapt off of his bed with the sheet wrapped around his chest and ran to the bathroom, slamming the door and locking it shut. He jumped into the shower, and after he had scrubbed himself rigorously he just stood there, letting the warm water pour over his face. He looked down at his cock, which was only half erect now, and shook his head in frustration.

"Why are you doing this to me?" he said, and suddenly he remembered the dream.

He was at the graduation ceremony in his old highschool, sitting in a front row seat in the auditorium. When it was his turn to go up on stage and receive his diploma, he walked up the steps and saw that one of his favorite teachers, Mrs. Brooke, was standing on the stage with no pants on. He traced up her legs with his eyes, from her feet and up to her huge, pendulous balls and her long, thick erection.

Next thing he knew he was bent over a stool with two of his female friends holding him down by each arm. He pleaded to the girls to let him go, only to have Mrs. Brooke position herself behind him and dive into his ass.

"I always though you were...ugh...a bit of a slut," she huffed as she slammed her hips into him. "But I never imagined you'd take cock so readily." His balls tightened and in no time at all he started spurting his jizz all over the floor, which only made Mrs. Brooke chuckle between grunts. She slapped his ass cheeks with both hands, and started cupping and fondling them. "Ooh your ass is soft." She squeezed his butt hard, moaning as her dick churned his rectum into butter. He felt it swell up inside him before releasing a burning hot torrent of cum.

Then, one by one, every female student in attendance took her turn with him up on the stage. Each of them were steadily filled him up with so much cum that he was starting to taste it in his mouth. One of them, after pulling out of his ass, turned him on the stool so that his rear was facing the audience. She spread his cheeks, exposing his gaping hole to the entire room and letting everyone see how the thick jizz bubbled and spurted out of his butt. The entire audience burst out in laughter and applause, and he could hear people saying things like, "what a whore," and "can you believe he likes it?"

The laughter and condemnation filled him with shame, but the more he was mocked, the more his dick twitched and blasted cum everywhere.

He stood there in the shower and shook his head to bring himself back to reality, and sighed in frustration when he noticed that his dick was back at full mast. He stood beneath the falling water for a few minutes, waiting for his erection to subside. The problem was that his mind kept going back to that dream, and his cock showed no signs of letting up. "I fucking hate my life," he muttered.

His anus was still feeling a bit sore, so he reached behind him with his right hand and started gently rubbing his sphincter. As he tried to massage away the pain, he tensed up as the tip of his middle finger accidentally slipped inside, and a little precum starting dribbling out the tip of his cock. It was distressing how easily his finger had just slid up there, and how such a small amount of anal stimulation provoked an instantaneous reaction from his cock. He just couldn't believe how worked up he was. He felt that if he didn't do something about this erection it would never go away.

Fuck me, he thought in frustration, and pushed his finger into his butt up to the second knuckle. He slid it in and out a few times before inserting his ring finger as well. He kept speeding up the pace until his ass started making an obscene squishing sound, which probably would have been audible, even through the bathroom door, if it wasn't for the shower.

"Fuck..." he groaned as he felt his knees weaken, and leaned with his other hand on the wall for support. Every moan he let out made him feel as if he was being showered in shame and not water.

What the hell am I turning into? Just one week ago if someone had told him that he'd be standing in a shower with his fingers up his own ass, and with his knees shaking like a girl about to orgasm, he'd have probably knocked that person out.

It didn't take long for him to reach his limit. He bent his knees in half a squat and moaned loudly as he continued his frenzied self-violation. He looked down at his cock and watched as it twitched a few times before its hole dilated and spewed cum all over the side of the bathtub. He spasmed as the last of it shot out of his dick, then pulled his fingers out of his butt with pop.

After stepping out of the shower and getting dressed, he braced himself in order to face his prick of a roommate. He opened the door and stepped out. Scott was still sitting in his chair, chatting with someone on his computer. When he saw Robbie he turned towards him.

"If it isn't Mr. Fuck my Heiny!" he said, laughing at his own joke like it was the funniest thing ever. Robbie took a deep breath and tried to contain his anger.

"Look, I need you to keep whatever you saw to yourself," he said, trying to remain as calm as he could.

"Now why would I wanna do that?" Scott grinned at him, making Robbie just want to punch him in his stupid, satisfied face. "Wait till my girlfriend hears about this. She's gonna crack the fuck up."

Robbie breathed out in frustration, and thought about Scott's pretty girlfriend having a good old laugh at his expense. But then suddenly he got an idea.

"Tell you what Scottie, if you keep quiet about this, I'll introduce you to a smoking hot chick who's always down to fuck."

Scott looked at him skeptically but seemed interested in the prospect. "Oh yeah? Who's this girl then?"

"Trust me, she's DTF. In fact, she has this girl friend who she always likes to have threesomes with." Robbie watched for Scott's reaction, and he knew that he'd reeled him in with the promise of fucking two chicks at the same time.

"Ok, fine," said Scott. "But if you're playing me..."

"Oh trust me, you're gonna have a grand ol' time." Robbie smiled to himself as he turned and walked out the door.


Robbie stood in front of the hookah bar, nervously smoking a cigarette. He was starting to think that maybe this was a bad idea. He didn't know how the girls would react to him 'setting them up'. What if they get mad? Why am I even doing this?

When he had called Jessie and told about the date all she said was, "ok, we'll meet you there," before hanging up.

He'd thought that setting up his prick of a roommate with the dong sisters, as he came to think of them, would have been an appropriately poetic way of getting back at him. He was angry when he thought it up, but now that he's calmed down and had a chance to think about it, he was getting more and more anxious. He just had this feeling that it was gonna backfire on him somehow.

"Fuck it," he said to himself and tossed his cigarette on the ground, stomping it out. He walked into the hookah bar and looked around. The place was smoky and dimly lit, and each table had a couch next to it, except for the low tables which were surrounded by cushions. The room was divided into two sections, one of them wasn't visible from the entrance.

He didn't see them anywhere so he walked further inside, and when he turned the corner he spotted a short, blonde girl waving at him from a table at the far corner of the room. When he walked closer he saw that it was that irritating little imp Trixie. What the fuck is she doing here? She was sitting on the couch by the table along with Christine and Jessica. It was actually two couches that intersected at the corner of the walls. Jessica was sitting on the left side while Christine and Trixie were sitting on the other.

"Come, sit," Trixie happily tapped on the seat next to her, but he ignored her and sat next to Jessica.

"So where is he?" Christine said. She was chewing on a toothpick and looked a bit nervous.

"He should be along shortly," he said. He looked at Jessica who was her usual calm self, which highlighted how weirdly fidgety Christine was being. "Is everything alright?" he asked

"Yeah. What do you mean?" she said. For once she her black hair wasn't tied back in a ponytail. She was wearing a red top that showed off her ample cleavage. He had never seen her like this before. She usually used to dress simple, and you could tell she was uncomfortable. She kept fidgeting around with her glasses and adjusting her tits.

He turned to Jessie. "What's wrong with her?" he asked.

"She's nervous about meeting Scott," said Jessie.

"I am not!" Christine said indignantly. Robbie looked at her with a smirk. Scott was a pretty popular guy, and Christine was never one to interact with his kind of crowd. It was pretty amusing seeing her out of her element like this.

"It's ok, Chrissie. Maybe Robbie can do something for you to take your mind off it," Trixie said with that eternally goofy smile on her face.

"What do you have in mind?" Jessie asked her.

"Well, Christine was telling me before how she gets irritated when she has an over-full nut sack," Trixie said, her smile growing wider as she looked at Robbie. As soon as he'd walked in and seen her he knew there was gonna be trouble. He hadn't even been sitting there for two minutes and already they'd started with the sex talk.

"You know, he was really excited to meet you," he said quickly, trying to change the subject, and conveniently leaving out the fact that he didn't tell Scott the identity of his 'blind date'.

Christine just looked at him silently, an uncomfortably familiar look in her eye. Uncomfortable for him, that is. Every time he'd seen that look he'd ended up having girl gunk somewhere on, or inside his person. "Where the hell is this guy?" he checked his watch and glanced around the place.

"I think you're onto something, Trix," Christine said slowly. She bit her lip as she eyed him up and down. "Jessie, would you switch places with me?"

Jessie grinned and said, "by all means."

"No!" Robbie blurted out, and felt his face flush when the three girls started laughing at him. Jessie got up and sat next to Trixie, while Christine slid over so that she was sitting to the left of him. She sat in a very unladylike manner, with her legs spread apart. He could already see the outline of her monster cock starting to lift up her skirt.

His heart started beating faster and he looked around nervously. The lights where dim and the place wasn't exactly crowded, but their table was within sight of half the people there. Thankfully though almost all of them were couples lost in each other's eyes, and probably wouldn't pay attention to whatever's going on at the table in the corner.

Christine leaned closer to him so that her large, soft breast pressed into his upper arm. He looked down at her chest and could see a good portion of the top of her tits. Being so close to her half naked flesh made him feel a rush of adrenaline in his veins. It had been a while since he played with a pair of boobs, or fondled a nice, soft ass. He felt his dick starting to stir in his pants.

Christine spread her legs further and her skirt started riding up her thighs. His breath caught in his throat when he saw the swelling head of her cock peek out from under the hem.

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