tagLesbian SexTurning Contest: A Beautiful Blonde

Turning Contest: A Beautiful Blonde


Summary: Teen seductress MILF molests and takes teen in clothing shop

Thanks to: Thanks to hfernandez1983 for the story idea suggestion.

Thanks to 2: Robert, goamz86, and Wayne for editing.

Note: This series is based on a few things:

a) Quick seductions (Each story will likely be under 5000 words... give or take); these are sex stories and thus not the usual detailed character development I often have)

b) Some are inspired by the Japanese molestation videos that are so popular in Japan.

c) This will be, if people enjoy them, a many chapter's series of five women who seduce straight women.

Turning Contest: A Beautiful Blonde

Seductress 1: Mrs. Veronica Stone

Amy was walking down the street, texting on her phone.

Mrs. Veronica Stone was returning from lunch walking in the opposite direction, a coffee in her hand. As she saw the young nubile teen, in a plaid skirt, white blouse and pantyhose, she instantly knew her first target.

Mrs. Stone and four other married best friends had made a bet at lunch just fifteen minutes ago. How many teens, college girls or women could they seduce in one week? The winner would get the other four women's daughters for a weekend.

Each daughter was a submissive to her own mother (except for Carol White who was more the submissive to her own daughter)... and it was time for some daughter swapping... unbeknownst to the submissive daughters.

Mrs. Stone was always drawn to girls in pantyhose'; she made all her pets wear nylons of some sort and when she saw the pretty blonde walking towards her in nylons she knew she was the one.

Mrs. Stone owned a clothing store a block away and already had a plan for her first seduction.

She walked directly into the oblivious teen, spilling coffee all over her white shirt.

"What the hell?" Amy gasped, looking up.

"I'm so sorry," Veronica apologized.

"My blouse is ruined," Amy said, looking down at the new blouse she had just bought a couple of days ago.

"I can make it up to you," Veronica said, acting all concerned.

"You can?" Amy questioned, looking up at the woman.

"Yes, I own a clothing store a block away, my dear," Veronica said. "I can get you something cute to go with that plaid skirt."

"Um, okay," Amy nodded.

"Come with me," Veronica said, taking the young girl's hand and already sensing the natural submissiveness of the pretty teen.

Amy followed, although confused why she was allowing her hand to be held.

Veronica led the fresh meat into the store, and straight to the back racks where the new clothes were, a particular corner she called the seduction corner, close to the fitting rooms.

"Pick anything you want, my dear," Veronica said keeping up her sweet persona.

"Thank you, ma'am," Amy said, grateful to the very nice woman.

Veronica moved behind the teen, leaned forward, and grabbed a nice blouse, "How about this?"

"It's very nice," Amy nodded.

"Feel free to try on anything you want," Veronica said. "Pick three to keep."

"Three?" Amy asked, surprised.

"It's the least I can do," Veronica smiled, especially since I'm about to dominate you'.

Another customer arrived and Veronica turned to help the customer, her hand gliding over the teen's ass ever so lightly as she did so.

Amy was surprised, but as she looked back, she saw the woman was assisting another woman and returned to browsing the fancy clothes.

As Veronica kept helping the other customer, her hand continued to slyly caress the teen's ass.

Amy tried to focus on picking some blouses, these all more expensive than anything she owned. Yet, she began to realize she was being felt up. Amy moved away slightly and Veronica continued assisting the customer.

When Veronica was done with the customer, she returned to the teen and put her hand directly under the teen's skirt and firmly squeezed her ass.

The customer went to the other side of the rack of clothes and asked Veronica, "Do you have this in medium?"

Veronica moved back behind the teen as she said, "Just check the medium section there," as her hands went firmly to the teen's ass and stayed there.

Amy was stunned. She was being molested right in front of another woman. Yet, not wanting to be caught in such a compromising position, she allowed it to happen. She also was surprised by the strange sensation of soft hands on her ass, unlike the roughness of her boyfriend.

Amy turned her head around to get a good look at the owner's face... the woman molesting her... in public. She didn't look back at her as she spoke to the other customer.

Veronica got more aggressive when the teen didn't move away. She caressed firmly before slowly and methodically tearing the teen's pantyhose which gave her direct access to the girl's luscious ass.

Amy was a confused mess. She couldn't believe this was happening; she also couldn't believe it was definitely turning her on. She knew she should protest, move away; yet she didn't, as she glanced at the oblivious other woman looking at blouses.

Veronica, getting bolder when the teen didn't protest, moved her hand inside the pantyhose, and rubbed the teen's pussy from behind... a very wet pussy.

Amy moaned, in a whisper, the other woman now just out of ear shot, "Ma'am, what are you doing?"

"You're checking out my merchandise, I'm checking out yours," Veronica whispered, her hot breath on the teen's ear, as her fingers parted the young woman's pussy lips.

"Ohhh," Amy moaned, an intense pleasure hitting her, as she heard the woman's ludicrous words. She knew this was wrong, yet it felt right. As soon as she moaned, she looked up worried the other woman heard her. She hadn't.

Veronica continued her aggressive attack as she moved her hand inside the teen's pantyhose and panties, and began to directly stroke the girl's wet pussy and clit.

Amy was overwhelmed.

Amy couldn't believe how good it felt; she also couldn't believe she was allowing it to happen. She also couldn't understand why having others nearby, oblivious to the naughty sexual public act that was happening, made her more excited. She knew she should move, she knew she should stop this, but was unable.

Amy knew it was completely wrong, yet stood there like a statue; partly because she felt paralyzed with shock and partly because she was paralyzed with growing pleasure. It seemed both the shock and the pleasure were ricocheting off each other like a pinball going wild.

Even bolder, Veronica slid a finger inside her prey's pussy.

"Oh, God," Amy moaned, as a finger slid inside her.

"Don't come yet, my dear," Veronica ordered, as she added a second finger.

Amy looked at the oblivious woman looking in the mirror with a blouse, then looked back at the older woman who was molesting her. The finger was driving her wild and her body began shaking and shuddering as she was finger banged. Shame coursed through her at allowing such a violation and yet her orgasm was so close, and she needed it so badly.

Veronica, knowing that power came from control and knowing she was close, pulled her fingers out and purposely dropped a couple items onto the floor.

Veronica bent down to pick up the clothes she dropped.

Amy should have been happy to stop getting molested. She should have run away the moment she was in control. Yet, instead she looked down and watched with disappointment that her orgasm was prevented and stayed in place waiting for whatever was next.

Veronica moved in front of the teen, quickly moved up and swiftly tore the teen's pantyhose in the crotch to get direct access to the teen's pussy, hidden somewhat by the rack of clothing.

Amy watched with excitement, seeing that the pretty older woman wasn't going to leave her near eruption.

Veronica always kept a pocket knife with her; it came in handy at work many times, and this was no exception.

Amy saw the small knife and got nervous. But before she could react, the woman moved up and quickly cut the panties and pulled them out from inside their nylon prison.

Veronica who loved having straight girls get their first pussy licking experience between her legs, also loved tasting fresh pussy herself. Confident she was quite hidden in the clothing, she leaned up and began licking the teen's already wet pussy.

Amy moaned loudly just as the other customer walked away, hopefully out of ear shot. No one had ever licked her like that. Her boyfriend was rough and intense... this was tender, teasing and stimulating.

Veronica only licked for a minute. Long enough to tease, long enough to enjoy the always delicious taste and long enough to enjoy the scented bouquet. Veronica then grabbed the clothes she had dropped and stood back up and whispered, as she leaned back in from behind the teen, putting the blouse back on a hanger, "you're delicious, my dear."

Amy's entire body shivered; Amy's pussy begged for attention; Amy's legs opened with anticipation at further molestation.

Veronica kissed the teen's neck.

Amy quivered.

Veronica returned her left hand to the teen's pussy and slid two fingers inside.

"Oooooh," Amy moaned, looking around to see if anyone else was in view. She was thankful there was no one. The teen continued to shudder and whimper from the intense sensations coursing through her body.

After a few fast deep thrusts, Veronica again pulled out and, after looking around for witnesses, she reached around and cupped both of the teen's covered breasts, surprised to feel the teen wasn't wearing a bra. She whispered, "No bra, my dear. Where you anticipating being my little slut today?"

Being called a 'slut' usually would have had her lose it. Yet, here she was letting a stranger, a female no less, molest her. She had had her ass groped, her pussy fingered, her pussy licked and now her tits played with and she had allowed it. Although she wasn't a slut in the past, she had only slept with two guys, and blown five more (blow jobs pretty much second date expectations), she sure felt like one at the moment.

Oddly, Amy liked the feeling of being a slut. She enjoyed just having someone take control of her. It was, ironically, incredibly liberating.

Amy has also never been with a woman. She had kissed a few, mostly to tease boys and during truth or dare at cheerleader parties, but now she wasn't so sure she was straight. The odd intimacy of being molested, again ironic, an oxymoron of sorts, was that this felt better than any sex act that she had experienced with boys and men.

Suddenly Amy's erect nipples were pinched over her sweater.

Veronica asked again, "Answer me my little slut, why aren't you wearing a bra?"

"I usually don't on weekends," Amy answered, always liking having her small but firm tits free.

Looking back for customers and seeing none, Veronica quickly grabbed the teen's blouse and ripped it open.

Amy gasped, a cool chill hitting her as her breasts were now exposed.

Veronica grabbed the tits from behind again and said, "Such nice perky titties."

"Thank you, ma'am," Amy responded, feeling completely like a slut getting felt up like this, yet also feeling compelled to show her desire to allow it to keep happening.

Veronica heard voices coming and quickly pushed the teen to her knees and whispered, "Stay and lick."

Amy's eyes went big, as she was suddenly on her knees, surrounded by clothing. In front of her was the woman, who lifted up her dress to reveal a few things: was wearing thigh high stockings, was not wearing panties, and was completely shaved.

Veronica grabbed the dazed teen's head and roughly pulled her into her pussy.

Amy was surprised by the sudden move, and instantly began licking, surprised by the strong scent. The taste was also pleasant and soon she was licking eagerly, forgetting where she was.

Once the teen began licking, Veronica let go of her head and, as expected, the teen kept licking.

Veronica casually feigned working as she moved clothes hangers around a bit while being pleasured.

After a couple of minutes, a customer asked a question, startling both women.

Amy froze, but Veronica slyly moved her hand down and tapped the teen's head. Amy kept licking even as two women talked.

Veronica pointed the customer in the right direction and then closed her eyes and allowed the teen's tongue to please her. It took a couple of minutes, but Veronica's orgasm built quickly and she eventually came on the teen's face.

Amy licked and licked and was surprised when suddenly her face was sprayed with wetness, the cum even stronger in taste.

Once done, Veronica pulled the teen up and ordered, "Grab the outfits you want and go to change room six."

"Yes, ma'am," Amy nodded, not wanting to leave... the molestation somehow drawing out her inner submissive.

Amy grabbed the two outfits she had already chosen and went to the room indicated.

Veronica went to her office for a moment in preparation of finishing her first conquest in the week-long competition as she pressed record on the video camera that was only in this room... the room only used for her many seductions of customers.

Amy, in the room, couldn't believe what was happening, what had she allowed to happen and what she was about to allow to happen. She didn't even put on the new blouses she grabbed, instead taking off her stained blouse and waiting.

Veronica knocked on the door.

Amy opened it without hesitation.

Veronica entered, closed the door and pushed the teen against the wall and kissed her passionately.

Amy kissed back, enjoying the urgency of it after the slow teasing.

When Veronica broke the kiss, she said, "Nice tits."

"Thank you, ma'am," Amy replied, shivering.

"What is your name, my pet?" Veronica asked.


"Have you been with a woman before?"

"No, ma'am."

"But you want to lick my pussy?"

"Yes, ma'am," Amy admitted, wanting to be back on her knees licking.

"Get that skirt off."

"Yes, ma'am," Amy nodded, obeying instantly, taking her skirt off.

"Did you enjoy having that tight pussy fingered?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"Do you want to come?"

"Yes, ma'am, very badly," Amy answered, wanting to show her desperation.


Amy obeyed.

Veronica walked over and ordered, "Lift up my skirt."

"Yes, ma'am," Amy nodded. She obeyed and gasped when she saw a strap-on cock in her face.

"Suck it, Amy," Veronica ordered.

Amy stared at it, the cock way bigger than any guy she had sucked or fucked. This was also different. Licking a woman's pussy wasn't cheating the same way sucking a cock was... even if it was a plastic cock.

Veronica, wanting to fuck the slut, not allowing time for the teen to reconsider, shoved it in the teen's mouth.

Amy began sucking, her mouth stretched way more than she ever had. Instantly, she wondered what something so big would feel like in her pussy.

After a couple of minutes, Veronica pulled Amy up, bent her over and rubbed the cock up and down the teen's wet pussy lips.

"Ready to get fucked?" Veronica asked.

"Yes, ma'am, please fuck me," Amy moaned, desperately wanting that cock in her, actually moving her ass back, trying to get it inside her.

Veronica slid the cock deep in the teen's pussy, loving the thrill of fucking a new girl.

Amy moaned, "Oh God, so big."

"You like this cock, Amy?"

"Yes, ma'am," Amy admitted, even as she tried to get used to the extra girth and length.

"You know you will be coming back for my pussy and cock, don't you, my pet?" Veronica said.

Amy knew that she would eagerly eat pussy again given the chance and as the cock completely filled her knew she would never be satisfied with her boyfriend's smaller cock. She moaned, "I think I will."

"They always do," Veronica purred, thinking of how many women she had turned in her life and how almost all of them came crawling back for more.

"They do? Amy asked.

"Oh yes," Veronica purred. "Only women can really, truly, satisfy women."

Thinking how she had never orgasmed from sex, only from her fingers after, she could understand her point. Yet, she wasn't convinced, even though she was super horny, that she could cum like this. She admitted, "I've never come from sex, ma'am."

As Veronica slowly fucked the teen she scoffed, while smiling at the revelation, the willingness to tell her such things, "That doesn't surprise me, my pet. Men are only useful to knock us up."

"I guess," Amy replied, hoping they had more purposes than that, although in retrospect she couldn't think of much.

"I'll show you what a real orgasm feels like, my pet," Veronica promised.

"Okay," Amy moaned, the pleasure already increasing.

For a couple of minutes there was just slow fucking. Finally, Veronica asked, "Do you want to be my slut?"

"Yes, ma'am," Amy moaned, willing to agree to anything to keep getting fucked.

"Good sluts do as they are told," Veronica pointed out, stopping deep inside the moaning teen.

"I'll do anything you want," Amy moaned, frustrated that the fucking had stopped.

Veronica grabbed the teen's hips and bucked forcefully.

"Oh, God!" Amy screamed, am intense pleasure hitting her.

"You will do anything I say?" Veronica asked in clarification.

"Anything," Amy whimpered, desperate to be fucked.

"I want you back here tomorrow," Veronica said.

"Okay," Amy nodded.

"With a friend," Veronica added, thinking she may be able to get Amy do to some of her work for her.

"Ohhhhhh," Amy moaned, not liking the idea, but moaning as the woman bucked hard into her again.

"Will you do it, my pet?" Veronica questioned.

Amy paused, trying to think who she would bring.

Three quick hard thrusts.

"Answer, slut," Veronica ordered.

"Yes," Amy answered.

"Yes, what?" Veronica questioned, one more hard thrust.

"Yes, I'll bring a friend for you to fuck," Amy said, suddenly liking the idea.

"Good, girl," Veronica purred, as she began fucking the teen hard.

"Oh yes, please fuck me hard with that big cock," Amy moaned, loud enough for others to hear.

Veronica had sound proofed the room for that reason, but didn't tell the teen that.

"You like it hard, slut?" Veronica asked.

"Yes, ma'am" she moaned, loving it hard when her boyfriend fucked her too, although it never got her off as he only lasted a couple minutes, max.

Veronica slammed it deep in the teen's pussy as the teen's moans got louder.

"Oh yes, so close," Amy babbled.

Veronica, knowing how to make an orgasm intense, pulled out and sat on the bench.

"Nooooo," Amy whined, desperate to come, thinking maybe her first real fucking orgasm was close.

"Come ride me, slut," Veronica ordered.

Amy quickly obeyed, desperate to have the big cock back inside her.

Veronica put her hands on the girl's waist for balance, as Amy slowly lowered herself on the cock.

"Oooooooooh, yes," Amy moaned, as the cock slid deep inside of her. The different position led to a different pleasure as it somehow stimulated differently.

"Ride me, slut," Veronica ordered.

"Yes, ma'am," Amy obeyed, beginning to bounce on the cock, while the woman groped her tits.

Veronica knew from experience that the teen wouldn't last long. The earlier teasing, this position and the domme-sub treatment usually led to quick, intense orgasms.

For a couple of minutes Amy took the entire cock deep in her as her pleasure increased. Amy stammered, I-I-I think I'm going to come."

"Come for me, slut," Veronica ordered, pinching the teen's nipples. "Come for your Mistress."

Hearing the term 'Mistress' somehow seemed natural and made her orgasm come.

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