tagGay MaleTurning Out My Neighbor Ch. 02

Turning Out My Neighbor Ch. 02


There was a long silence then John softly asked, "What do you want me to do?"

Billy thought his heart would burst with happiness. He pushed his boxers down and off his legs.

"Sweetie, get on your knees between my legs...I want to cum in that pretty mouth of yours!"

The blood drained from the younger boy's face.

"B-Billy please, it's one thing to use my hands on you down there, but this – what you want me to do is really queer, I would die if anyone found out I, uh, you know...."

"Suck my cock?" Billy said finishing the blonde boys thought for him.

This time John's face flushed bright red. The boy could only nod his head slowly up and down in agreement.

"Johnny, you have only lived in this town for a month. I have never met anyone you work with, and have no intention of meeting any of your co-workers...the only people you know outside of work live here, and I can assure you they don't give a rats-ass if you suck cock or not...in fact, most of them already believe you're queer anyway."

"B-But how can that be? They've never seen me with anyone except you..." stammered John.

"Sweetie, don't you get it? EVERY guy in this building is queer – this is literally a 'gays-only' apartment building...I don't know how you found this place, but I am so happy you did...I was a very lonely man before you moved in here."

As if in a trance, the younger boy moved off the sofa and slowly went to his knees between Billy's wide spread legs. He found himself staring at the older boy's long and slender penis jutting proudly upward from his crotch. He noticed for the first time how large Billy's balls were inside the dangling scrotum.

Billy patted John's head and said, "Good boy."

The older boy spoke soft but firmly. "Hold the base of my cock with your left hand...good boy...now cup my balls in your right hand...gently, yes, just like that, good boy!"

"Now, starting at the base I want you to kiss it all the way to the tip then back down again...you're going to kiss and lick every inch of my cock!"

John closed his eyes and leaned forward smelling the manly aroma wafting from Billy's crotch. His own prick suddenly sprung a boner.

"Johnny, listen to me, I want you looking at my cock whenever I have you kiss and lick it...only when you take it in your mouth and begin sucking are you allowed to close your eyes, do you understand me?"

A timid "Yes, Billy" squeaked from the boy's mouth.

"Okay, what did I tell you?" asked Billy.

"Huh? What do you mean?" asked the blonde boy.

"I want to make sure you totally understood what I told you – repeat it back to me," insisted Billy.

"Well, uh, you know, uh, whenever I kiss and lick your, uh, cock, I am supposed to look at it," said John.

Billy patted his head and said, "Good boy!"

The older boy's cock throbbed as he sat back and watched with rapt fascination John's obedience and attention to detail. From time-to-time he gave the boy instructions and became filled with joy as John immediately obeyed him.

When his cock was glistening with the boy's saliva, he decided to further test him.

"Okay, sweetie, don't forget my balls – kiss and lick my balls!"

He smiled upon hearing the boy's whimpers of protest, but John again obeyed his command without delay.

Then to his surprise and total delight, the kneeling boy suddenly took it upon himself to take first one testicle inside his mouth, lather it well, then the other testicle. Billy's heart pounded with excitement.

When John moved into the apartment building it was almost like love at first sight. The boy was open and friendly; smart and funny; and Billy became smitten with him right from the beginning...and now his wildest dreams were becoming reality.

"Ohhhh, very nice, sweetie...I can't hold out much longer – wet your lips and slide them over my cock...ooooo, yes, ohhhh that's good, sweetie!"

Once again, when Billy gave the boy suggestions on technique, the boy instantly obeyed him.

"Hold it tighter between your lips – yessss, very good...go slow at first – move your head slowly up and down – take as much of it in your mouth as you can...ooooo, my goodness, yesssss...."

"Use your tongue, sweetie – your tongue should always be moving on my cock...yesss, oh my God you're a fast learner...ohhhhhhh...."

Billy decided it was time to give the boy his first taste of sperm and semen.

"Faster now, sweetie...make me cum – make me shoot my load in your wonderful mouth...ooooooo, yessssssss...."

Billy watched the boy's head rise and fall rapidly on his cock. The boy's warm and wet cavern-of-a-mouth gave him sensations he'd never experienced. Suddenly, his body came to a complete halt for a brief nano-second, his back arched, then his balls exploded with a force that sent him wildly bucking and thrashing about.


When his body came to rest. He opened his eyes and saw streams of sperm and semen oozing from the corners of the boys mouth. John's eyes were wide open with a look of, what? Disgust? Horror? Total shock?

"That was wonderful for your first time, sweetie...but now you have to clean-up the mess you made by not swallowing all of it – use your tongue and lick up the cum you weren't able to swallow...oh yes, good boy!"

When he was finished, and his lips and cheeks were shiny with cum, John rose, found his clothes and began to get dressed.

"What do you think you're doing?" asked Billy.

"Well, uh, we're done, right?" he said.

"Sweetie, we've got the rest of today and all of tomorrow – you're going to be with me until you go to work Monday morning!"

"B-But, uh, no, I did what you wanted – I mean, what else can you possibly want from me?"

Billy chuckled and said, "Sweetie, you are now officially a cock-sucker...and by the time I'm thru with you Monday morning – you'll be able to swallow every drop of cum I shoot into your pretty mouth!"

"B-But, no, that's not right!"

"Well, okay, but you know what? If you leave right now, I may have to go have a talk with your boss and co-workers...do they know they work with a cum-swallowing-cock-sucker?"

"Noooo, please, Billy...please don't do that...."

The older boy smiled as he watched John neatly fold his jeans and shirt and place them on a chair by the front door.

He turned to Billy, sighed and softly said, "Okay, you win...what do you want from me now?"

Billy pointed at the boy's erection tenting-out his briefs and said, "For starters, I want to watch you masturbate..."

Billy felt a surge of power when he saw the boys eyes pop wide open; an expression of total horror on his pretty face.

John stared at Billy for a few seconds wondering if the older boy was serious, or just having fun with him.

"What are you waiting for? Push your little black panties down to your knees and go at it, sweetie!"

John's mind drifted to a safe place as he reluctantly obeyed the older boy's command and exposed himself to his friend.


I had been in a very dark place for a couple months prior to meeting John.

The only long-term boyfriend I ever had accepted an overseas job and ended our relationship. I was devastated; heartbroken.

We'd met in college, became roommates, then I seduced him into becoming my lover. It was quite similar to the way I have seduced Johnny.

Yes, okay, perhaps I resorted to a little blackmail with Timothy, as I am doing with Johnny, but in both instances, it is completely justifiable – some boys refuse to accept who they are without a bit of coercion.

I call it 'tough love' – and in both instances, I was proven to be right, and they thanked me for my persistence.

I am more or less an Alpha male and knew from the beginning I was a 'top,' and the boys I am attracted to are submissive, and easily molded and shaped into whoever I want them to be.

When I used to masturbate to gay porn, I fantasized myself to be the boy standing and receiving blow jobs from pretty boys on their knees.

Sure, occasionally I don't mind jerking-off my boys, but I don't make it a habit, no, it is much more satisfying when my boy blows a load while bending over for me as I slam my cock in-and-out of his boy-pussy.

Being the 'man' in the relationship, I don't take my responsibilities lightly. I believe it is my duty to bring out a boy's suppressed, or hidden desires. To make him the boy, or girl, he truly is and wants to be.

Timothy was more masculine than Johnny. He wasn't girly at all so I treated him differently. He was naturally submissive, but didn't know it until one night I wrestled him over my lap, pulled down his shorts and spanked him so hard he cried like a little baby. From that moment on, he knew his place in our relationship and obeyed me, probably out of fear of another spanking.

Johnny on the other hand has a strong feminine side. No, not physically, he doesn't walk or talk like a faggoty twink, he simply is soft-spoken, reflective, and quite deferential to me.

I believe deep inside, he knows he is not a real man. That his place in life is to serve and obey a real man.

This has been my approach to training him. Yes, he rebelled at first, but is now 100% happy when I make him wear women's panties, and use him like a girl every chance I get.

He loves cumming in his panties so much, I had him cut a slit in the material so he could wear them while I'm fucking him. His tiny balls hold a lot more spooge than you would think.

I look back on those two-days I had him stay with me as the turning point in our relationship. It took only three blow jobs before going to his knees between my legs became as natural to him as a duck is with water.

The night I took his virginity he whined and protested but never hesitated when I had him bend over and after thoroughly lubricating his tight little asshole, I had him take hold of my cock and guide it to his anus. I had him more-or-less deflower himself.

Even though he continued to strongly claim he was heterosexual, it wasn't long until I made him move in with me and had him quit his job so he could do all the cooking, cleaning and laundry.

When we are alone, I have him wear only panties around the apartment; the sheerest and most feminine panties I can find so he is constantly reminded of his role as my girlfriend in our relationship.

He has conformed to my will. He is the ideal girlfriend: an excellent housekeeper and cook, and a submissive slut in the bedroom. One day soon I will make him my wife.

Charles from across the hallway has hinted that he and his boy, Edward, would be open to a mutually beneficial relationship with Johnny and me. Edward is slightly older than Johnny, but cute as a bug. I'd love to take him for a test drive some day soon.

For those of you who look at me as a blackmailing villain in this story, I say: the ends justifies the means.

A boy so deeply in the closet as Johnny was requires a special kind of 'tough love' approach to open his eyes and consciousness to who he really is so he can live a life of fulfillment and true happiness.

Never a day goes by where we don't profess our love for one another...and we never go to bed angry.


It was a month after I'd graduated from high school when I spent two weeks with my cousin at his parent's remote, lake-front cabin a hundred-miles from the city.

He had taken me there on a fishing trip the year before for a week, and I had pretty much lived vicariously through my memories of that week the entire school year.

Even though he is three-years older than me, we were close growing up; he always seemed to prefer my company over guys his own age. He said we were 'sympatico' – soul brothers who understood each other.

As usual for mid-July, it was hot and humid and an hour before sunset the mosquitoes became so unbearably thick there was no way anyone could be outdoors for more than a few seconds.

There was no television inside the cabin. No internet service; not even cell phones would work in that area. Our nights were spent playing card and board games.

On our drive there, he stopped in the nearest town for supplies. Lots of meat and potatoes and when I said, "Why so much food – we'll be eating the fish we catch every day" we laughed and laughed at my inside joke. The year before we hadn't caught a single fish.

It surprised me when he stopped at the local liquor store until I remembered he had just turned twenty-one. When he came out with two cases of wine, I really was surprised.

He saw the expression on my face and said, "This might last me, what do you want to drink?" and we laughed some more.

"You know, Jo-Jo, I really miss seeing you...there isn't anyone at the university I am close to...all I do is go to school during the day and study at night...I miss our little talks," he said to me. He has called me 'Jo-Jo' for years.

"I miss you too, Goog," I said. The previous summer I had begun calling him 'Google' because he knew the answer to any and all of my questions. I shortened it to simply 'Goog.'

The first night inside the cabin we drank wine before dinner. At least that was the plan.

It was so darned hot and sticky I followed his lead when he stripped off his shirt to cool down. After our third glass, he announced, "To hell with it – I can't take the heat anymore" he stood, opened his slacks and let them slide down his legs.

He looked at me expectantly so I too stripped off my jeans. We stood face-to-face, he wearing abbreviated boxer shorts, me in my white Jockey's.

He laughed and said, "Still in your tighty-whities, I see."

I said, "You're still glad to see me, I see," my eyes darting to the tented-out crotch of his shorts.

Yes, he doesn't know that I've known for years my cousin is not only gay, but has a 'thing' for me, as well.

Caught slightly off-guard, he grinned and said, "Jo-Jo, I've been taking communal showers with guys for so long, when I see someone as soft and pretty as you this is what happens to me!"

"Poor baby," I replied with a wide smile. "Too bad there isn't a girl here who could take care of that for you."

Our banter can border on the crude and risque, but it never crosses the unspoken line. Until now, that is.

A strange expression came over his handsome face as he responded, "There isn't a thing a girl can do for me that you couldn't do, too."

My heart fluttered and a shiver raced up my spine.

"Remember last summer, Jo-Jo?" he asked with a twinkle in his blue eyes.

I blushed a furious red. I couldn't think of a single thing to say.

"C'mon, let's play a game of backgammon," he said. Then added with a wink of an eye: "The winner rules the night."

As usual, it didn't take very long for him to win the game. My heart was pounding as he poured more wine and led me to the sofa. He sat so close to me our perspiring thighs pressed tightly together.

He put his arm around my shoulders and gently caressed my back and neck. My head began to spin. He leaned over and kissed my cheek.

He whispered, "I've wanted to kiss you for the longest time...are you a good kisser, Jo-Jo?"

Again, I was speechless. I couldn't resist glancing at the pole tenting-out his shorts. He caught me looking and softly chuckled.

"Just like old times...c'mon sweetie, give your cousin a kiss," he said, and turned my head to his and pressed his hot lips to mine for the first time.

It was better than I had dreamed it would be. His tongue became insistent and when I opened my mouth he found my own tongue, and that was when I melted in his arms and sprung an instant boner.

"I've missed you so much, Jo-Jo...you know what to do, do it for me now, sweetie," he sighed into my mouth.

It was like I had no mind of my own. Obeying him was the most natural thing in the world. My hand caressed and stroked his chest and stomach, hesitated, then slipped beneath the waistband of his shorts.

I gasped when I took his warm, rigid penis in my small hand. It pulsated and throbbed; it felt alive in my hand like a hot, rubbery snake.

I caressed it slowly at first; he responded by lifting his hips and pushing his shorts to his knees.

He instructed me, "Look at it while you play with it, Jo-Jo."

My eyes glazed over staring at his wonderfully hard cock. A visible stain of pre-cum formed on my Jockey's.

Yes, I have questioned my sexuality over the years but I really never thought I was different from other boys.

Sure, all the times I showered with the guys after gym class I would sometimes sneak a peek, but it didn't effect me at all.

There is something inherently non-exciting, and quite frankly, unappealing about limp dicks and dangling scrotums...but when a penis gets hard, well, that's entirely a whole different matter to me.

I became so mesmerized staring at his hardness I rested my head on his chest and lovingly gazed at his erection while my hand glided up-and-down on it effortlessly.

I heard his voice in my ear.

"Jo-Jo, I know you're dying to find out what it would be like to take it in your mouth – to wrap your lips around it and run your tongue all over it...it's okay, sweetie, there is only the two of us here, and I certainly won't tell anyone if you want to suck it."

I sighed and watched the pre-cum leak from his slit. My heart pounded, this time out of fear and uncertainty. If I did what he wanted my fate in life would forever be sealed. I would be admitting to myself and to my cousin what kind of boy I truly am.

I wasn't sure I had the courage to go through with it.

"Johnny..." he whispered. "I have loved you more than a cousin all these years, and I have known, from the looks on your face and your submissiveness to me that you love me, too. I want to help you be the boy you know you are, and you want to be...do it for me, Jo-Jo, take my cock in your mouth."

It was like my entire life flashed before my eyes as I lowered my head, wet my lips and slid them over his purple glans. I licked at the pre-cum, and OH MY GOD – my prick throbbed and my balls ached for release.

I loved the taste of his man-seed and wanted more. I furiously bobbed my head up-and-down on his pulsating, hot cock, desperate for him to fill my mouth with sperm and semen.

Now that I knew who I was, I unashamedly sucked him harder and faster. My tongue never leaving his salty flesh. Tears of joy escaped my eyes. I felt true freedom for the first time in my life.

I knew my wish was about to come true when he began to thrust upwards forcing more of his cock inside my greedily sucking mouth.

Suddenly, with one hand he held my head in place while his other hand found my prick thru the undies and squeezed.

OH MY GOD – we both exploded at the same time. I filled my Jockey's as he filled my mouth over-and-over. That first time I wasn't able to swallow all his precious fluids, but after the second day, I became an expert at not spilling a drop.

Those were the most glorious two-weeks of my life!

It not only became second-nature to drop to my knees, but also, when he took my virginity I'll never forget the orgasm I had when I felt his hot cum filling my 'boy-pussy' as he liked to call it.

Yes, I am unabashedly and happily queer. There is nothing I love more in life than a hard cock going limp in either my mouth or my boy-pussy. The greatest feeling I have in my life is knowing I have thoroughly and totally satisfied the man I love.


The blonde boy smiled as he stared at his reflection in the mirror. Billy had made good on his promise to him the first night they were together.

The boy was dressed in a brief, pink halter top, pink short-shorts, pink anklets and open-toed pink shoes. He smiled at the pink toenail polish on his small feet...and yes, the pretty boy was wearing sheer, pink panties, too.

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