Turning the Clock Back


We swapped places on the chairs : he took off his trousers and underpants and ruffled up his shirt to expose his belly. The great tool was a sight to see and I started to jack him without preliminary stimulation because he was really hot from sucking me. While I did so I wondered what his employees would think if they could see their MD, but I didn't have much time for wondering because I could tell he was close. His balls were tight and ready to fire and the spunking tube was standing proud from his shaft. He said nothing, but with a shudder of his whole body and that distinctive lift of his dick, the great gun fired again, and again … and again. If the sheer volume of cum was slightly less than last night, who cares? It was still a stupendous sight.

He opened his eyes, drew in his breath and said "Whew!" I fetched him some toilet paper from the loo and he cleaned up without any embarrassment as if it was all in a day's work. (Maybe it was!) It was time for me set off for my aunt's funeral, but before I got dressed I gave his dick, now lying limp, wrinkled and curled up on his groin, a last playful squeeze. A small drop of cum came out and we both laughed.

As we left the building Steve reset the security alarm and locked the door carefully behind him. He said "We must do this again" and I agreed, saying that unfortunately I had no more aunts living close to him and that we would have to find an excuse to meet again. "Keep in touch" he said as he got into his car. "Yes" I said, thinking that I would be wanting very much to touch him and that I would come and "cum" again – if I could!

I felt tired at the funeral, but fortunately my relatives were too preoccupied to notice. When I got home very late that night I was so worn out that I went straight to bed and straight to sleep. Turning the clock back can be tiring and emotional but very, very exciting!

See "First Fumblings" which is Chapter 1 of The Adventures of Urlen

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