tagFirst TimeTutoring isn't Always by the Books

Tutoring isn't Always by the Books


I'm a fast learner, although I really can't take much credit for it. It's not that I put a lot of effort into studying or that I have some secret method, I just remember things well and figure out how things work almost instinctively.

I sailed through high school taking advanced classes and got a full scholarship to a prominent university, all before I hit age seventeen. Granted many of my "friends" were people who needed help with the subjects they had taken. I didn't mind, I'd faced the same thing in high school. I knew I was being used, but sometimes friendships would develop that transcended being a study partner.

The cool thing about being the "brain" in high school was that some of the hottest girls in school wanted to come over. I had a bit of a reputation in high school because of it. But truth be told, none of those girls were ever more than study partners.

It's not that I was ugly. While I was smart I didn't fit the typical geek persona, no pasty white skinny kid with bad acne. My family spent summers at a cabin on a river and early on I learned to love the water. I kayaked every day and my arms and shoulders had definition that most kids my age would have killed for. I wasn't awkward either; socially I was outgoing and friendly. No I think my problem was I was to nice, the girls treated me like an older brother or a good friend.

I always hoped that one of those girls would give me a little hands on education but sadly it stayed in the realm of fantasy for me.

When I learned I'd received the scholarship I was excited and nervous. The school was only a couple hours from home but I would have to go alone. My parents, ever concerned about the dangers of frat houses, had rented a small one bedroom apartment for me.

School started uneventfully, classes were a breeze, not really any harder than high school was. It didn't take long to develop a reputation for being "a brain". A couple weeks into the semester and I already had a couple people over to work through some physics problems. They brought pizza and some beer and I explained basic quantum theory to them in simple terms.

I was just beginning to develop a routine when Laura showed up, late to class, drenched by an unexpected downpour. She had missed the start of school because of a death in her family. Due to the circumstances the school administrator said she could start late rather than have to wait until the next semester.

That first sight of her was unforgettable. Her red hair hung in thick wet strands on either side of her face. One small piece looped over her left eye. She tried to blow it out of the way, as she walked up to her seat, arms full of books. Her skin was pale and a few small freckles dotted her nose and cheeks. I locked in on her lips, full red and glossy but devoid of lipstick. Then I noticed her eyes, emerald green jewels that twinkled with mischief as she noticed me staring.

I awkwardly looked back up to the professor as he continued to lecture us quarks and their role in quantum theory. Toward the end of class the professor asked that I stay after for a minute to talk with him.

As class ended I made my way up to the front, I noticed too that Laura was still finishing up her notes and not making for the door either. I'd definitely say hello if she was still there when I left.

Professor Sanson told me about Laura situation, I really wasn't sure why. Then he asked me if I could help her catch up. My grades to this point showed I had a good handle on the topic and other students had told him how good of a teacher I was. I didn't think too long, I knew I had to meet her and this would be a good way to get the ball rolling.

"Laura, this is David, and while he isn't a teacher's assistant he has got a great understanding of what we've covered so far. He's agreed to help catch you up." Sanson's introduction was simple to the point, perfect. I smiled her way when he finished.

"That would be great, I really didn't catch most of what you were talking about today."

We worked out the details of when I would tutor her, juggling her evening art classes and my part time job, Thursday nights worked the best for both of us.

The week past in a blur, at 7 p.m. on Thursday I rang her door bell, feeling nervous and more like I was going out on a date than teaching physics, although physics was pretty exciting to me too.

She opened the door dressed in a loose faux vintage t-shirt and worn jeans, her feet were bare and she had a towel wrapped around her head.

"Uh, hi, I'm a little bit early, I hope that's okay. Nice shirt." -- Damn I thought to myself, very lame.

"No problem, I've got to get my hair dry, come on in did you eat before you came by? There's ramen noodle on the stove if you're hungry."

I headed to the kitchen, while she walked back to the bathroom.

The noodles were great and the tutoring went like clockwork. She was smart, and her memory was incredible. Two hours later we called it quits for tutoring. I had noticed she had an extensive collection of DVDs by her TV and amazingly enough she owned an Xbox 360. Turns out she was a gamer too. For the next hour she beat my ass at Halo 2.

Two more weeks and two more similar sessions, tutor for two hours game for two. It was obvious we were going to be great friends. She loved physics and gaming and had one of the most complete sets of classic sci-fi movies I had ever seen -- for a girl.

She always stayed on topic and never showed the slightest signs of interest beyond school or games. So I was completely caught by surprise the third week.

I'm usually very tuned into details. I should have known something was up when she answered the door. Her shirt was a loose halter top with a faded surfing image on it. Instead of her typical torn jeans she had on a pair of yoga pants. She told me she was into yoga the second time we got together. The pants we loose and baggy but tied tightly about her waist.

As I walked into her kitchen I smelled something very good, not ramen noodles.

" I cooked up some lasagna tonight, it's my mom's recipe." She smiled and motioned me to the table.

"Great! I am so hungry, I haven't had a thing since breakfast, we had a lab assignment for us today which lasted a lot longer than it should have."

She had thought of everything, lasagna, cheese bread and a delicious red wine. We ate as I tutored her at a slow leisurely pace. I waited to long to eat and soon I noticed a warm fuzzy feeling as the wine hit me. No way! One glass and I'm buzzing?

"Since we're done eating, how about we move to the couch to finish up?" She refilled my glass again and then hers. She took my hand and led me into the living room.

It was at that moment that I noticed her hand lingering on my arm as we talked. With my reflexes off a bit I dropped the text book I had been going over with her. She leaned forward towards me to pick it up. When she did her top dipped down and I got a clear view of her breasts sans bra. Yes, it was at this moment I discovered that beneath that lovely red halter top her breasts were hanging free. It was a clear view and one I savored. When she leaned up she looked me in the eyes and smiled.

"So do you like them?" here eyes sparkled as she looked at me.

"Um, like...uh what?" It was the best I could come up with caught red handed and foggy headed.

"My breasts David, duh." She grinned bigger, she could tell I was on the spot.

"Yes, I do"

She reached down and grasp the bottom of her top and pulled it off in one fluid motion. Her breasts lay bare before my eyes, her skin was pale smooth and blemish free. They were each about a handful, not to little and not too big. To top it off her nipples had begun to stiffen, their rose redness puffy and erect. I didn't have enough time to process what was going on. She leaned forward and opened her mouth to meet mine.

Her lips brushed mine feather soft and her tongue slipped past my lips to enter my mouth. Again it took me a moment to realize what was happened and to respond.

I opened my mouth wider and pressed my own tongue against hers, then I took her bottom lip in my mouth and gently nibbled on it. I heard a soft moan and felt her breath on my face.

Instinctively I reach around behind her and pulled her forward, her nipples brushed my chest. Mmmm..that would feel nice on my skin. I slipped off my own shirt and dropped it to the floor. With my shirt off the sensation of Laura's nipples brushing against my chest was heightened. I used one hand to stroke her neck brushing against her ear softly and pulling her head closer. My mouth travelled along her jaw line and I sucked softly on her ear lobe, meanwhile she faintly panted in my ear. I could feel my cock swelling in my jeans.

Laura slowly slipped forward so that her thighs rest against mine, her legs around my waist. Her ass now rested on my lap and my cock was pressed against her.

"I see you're enjoying this David" she whispered in my ear

She reached down in front of herself between our bare stomachs and pulled the knot loose on her pants then she leaned upward so the knot was in front of my face. My hands dropped to her waist and tugged the fabric around her waist loose. I could feel her smooth warm skin against my fingertips. I slid her pants downward and discovered that beside no bra on she also had no panties either.

Her pussy, now exposed lay inches from my face. She kept herself shaved with just a small thin runway of red hair leading to her cunt. One more tug and her pants lay about her ankles on the couch. She kicked them to the side and pushed me back then straddled my chest, naked. I looked up into her eyes and I saw lust and passion hidden behind a beautiful smile. Reaching behind herself she unzipped my jeans. I scooted forward and slipped out of them quickly. My cock sprang up erect and brushed against her bare smooth ass.

Looking down at me she raised herself upward and leaned back guiding my cock into her pussy with one hand. I moaned as she enveloped me. She felt warm, wet and tight, all that I had imagined. The edge of her pussy brushed the shaft of my cock as I slid deep inside her. She moved with a slow steady rhythm rising up a few inches and then dropping back down on me. Her timing and movements were perfect as she would lean far enough forward that my cock head rested at the edge of her pussy, then plunge down on it before repeating the motion.

My hands came to rest on her hips, smooth and pale, like ivory yet warm and alive.

She stepped up the pace moving faster and I met her downward thrusts with my own upward ones. Her hair flew loosely around her shoulders and her breasts shook with each impact. I rubbed her hips and ass with my hands then pulled her down doing my best to drive myself in her deeper.

As she slowed some I found I could lean forward enough to press my lips against her nipples and softly lick circles around them. I reach forward between us and began to rub her pussy as she thrust herself on me. Her moans were no longer soft whispers but were louder, more animal like and urgent. Sensing she was close I increased the speed and hardness of my thrusts and in moments was rewarded with a loud moan as her pussy tightened around my cock. That final sensation pushed me over the edge and I felt my shaft pulse two times before I exploded inside her. She moaned again, grabbed my arms on either side and rocked back and forth on my cock as her legs quivered with the orgasm sweeping over her. She slowed to a stop and leaned forward against my chest, her arms wrapped around me. I could feel my warm cum oozing out of her pussy dripping off my balls. Her face, no longer pale but warm and pink, glistened with a faint sheen of sweat that dripped from her chin on to my stomach.

"Mmmm....so there's more to you than tutoring huh?" she smiled softly.

I chuckled "Quite a bit more, yes."

We cooled off a while, naked beside each other on the couch with a few quick games of Halo. I was tired and sleepy and lost a lot more than usual. The fun lasted until she leaned against my shoulder and whispered in my ear..."Want to go again?"

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