tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTutoring Surprise

Tutoring Surprise


It was early in the afternoon on what was a glorious summer afternoon with clear blue skies, a cool and gentle breeze blowing and the sun seeming to bath the area in a warm yellow glow. While it was hot in the sun, Dave didn't feel at all uncomfortable as he walked along the shaded path and up to the front of Mary's house. The house itself was a large double story brick building with a huge front veranda set down a slight hill and much lower than the neighbouring houses. The tropical looking garden afforded sufficient privacy by preventing anyone on either side of the house to see into the yard and most windows. It was really quite a nice house and the sight of the pool in the backyard was quite appealing on such a pleasant, warm afternoon.

As Dave strode down the short driveway and around to the side door, he worried that he was arriving too early. Mary had asked Dave to help her with maths while she was at university and Dave had been tutoring her for almost a year. While the extra cash was good, Dave simply enjoyed helping Mary and felt great satisfaction at seeing Mary achieve at the level he knew she could. But Dave had run a few errands that took less time than expected and found himself arriving forty minutes early. But as Dave had walked to Mary's house, and it was a twenty minute walk home, he decided that he might as well knock and see if Mary was ok to start early.

"Oh, hi Dave, I wasn't expecting you so early." Mary said cheerfully as she opened the door for Dave.

"Sorry about being so early, I ended up getting through a few errands quicker than I thought I would and decided I'd head across a bit early. Were you able to start a bit earlier today or should I come back in a while?"

"I can't start the tut just now as I need to go down to the post office before it shuts. I was actually just about to go now sorry." Mary replied.

"All good," Dave said. "I'll burn off some time and come back in forty minutes or so." "Oh no, you don't have to go and come back. You can stay here and have a drink or something until I get back. It's too far for you to go home just to turn around and come back."

Dave thought for a second or two about what to do. The idea of walking twenty minutes to then turn around and walk another twenty minutes back was not appealing. So Dave accepted Mary's offer to wait until she got back.

"Head through to the study. There is a TV or some magazines if you want something to entertain yourself." Mary already had her car keys in hand so Dave went in while Mary closed up behind him, got into her car and left.

Dave went through into the study. It was a small living room in the downstairs section of the house which had large glass doors which opened out into the pool area. The staircase from upstairs was at one end of the room where the study desk was situated in a small hollow of the wall near the glass doors. At the opposite end of the room, a large TV was mounted on a small wooden cabinet with large bookcases on either side. Directly in front of the TV was a chocolate-brown suede lounge chair which would sit two people and to the side of the lounge at an angle to the TV was a single-seater leather recliner.

There would be very little worth watching on TV at this time of the afternoon so Dave decided to sit on the computer chair at the study desk near the windows and write a few notes for the tutorial.

"It's about time you left!" Dave heard someone state in a muttered tone as they began jogging quickly down the internal stair case.

Dave wasn't sure whether the statement was being directed at him nor who it was that was saying it. He spun around in the seat and was about to say something when he stopped dead in his tracks and his jaw dropped open in surprise. He couldn't speak, even if he had wanted to, the shock of what had suddenly occurred stopped him. Alison, Mary's younger sister, had walked rapidly into the room, marched straight to the TV, put a DVD in the machine and quickly sat back on the leather chair without turning around or shifting her focus from the TV. She also carried a small pouch which she placed on the chair next to her.

Now, it wasn't the fact that she had completely ignored Dave that surprised him, nor that she seemed almost desperate as she murmured encouragement to the TV to turn on faster. It was the fact that she was completely naked and completely oblivious to Dave's presence!

As the DVD began to load, Alison slouched back in the chair and spread her legs wide apart, running a hand down from one of her small but perky breasts to her stomach and onto her smoothly shaved vagina where her slender fingers began making slow circular movements over her now spread pussy.

Dave was still in shock. He still hadn't moved or made a sound; he simply sat and stared in awe at the stunning brunette that lay before him. Alison was only a year or two younger than Mary and had just started studying business at uni. Dave always thought she looked like the business sort with her dark brown hair cut short, her short but slightly shapely figure seemed made for the wonderful curves that a business suit affords and the large black rimed glasses she wore added a sense of nerdy innocence which Dave thought quite cute. Now fully naked and exposed before him, Dave could see just how wonderfully proportioned her petite body was. The wonderful contrast of her fair skin against the dark leather chair seemed to make her glow.

As the DVD began playing, Dave found himself staring in disbelief again. The image that appeared was not some random porn video that he was expecting Alison to play; instead the image was that of Mary wearing only a bikini top but naked otherwise and her legs folded to hide her pussy from view. Next to her was another young woman with long blond hair in a pony tail draped over one shoulder and who was also completely naked. The woman, whom Dave had never seen before, got up from the bed they were sitting on and picked up the camera and moved back over to Mary.

"Come on Mary, let's see you use those toys babe." The blonde behind the camera said seductively to Mary.

Mary smiled and without hesitation, spread her legs wide apart exposing her beautiful pussy which had a small patch of neatly trimmed pubic hair above it. She picked up a small blue buttplug from a towel next to her and carefully covered it in lubricant from a bottle next to the bed. As the camera moved closer to Mary's now visibly wet pussy, Mary laid back on the bed and slowly ran the tip of the toy around the opening of her anus, moaning with pleasure as she did so. She inserted the plug deep into her ass while running her fingers quickly over her clit.

"Oh my god, it is a sex-vid! Oh wow, Mary you are such a slut!" Alison said aloud to herself with a cheeky chuckle.

Dave had almost forgotten about the fact that Alison was completely naked on the chair in front of him and now saw that she was lubricating the same blue buttplug as Mary was using on the video. It then clicked in Dave's brain that Alison had obviously found a sex-tape that Mary had made along with Mary's toy collection (which was in the small bag Alison had walked in with). Alison now mimicked her sister as she rubbed the plug around her ass before slowly easing it in.

"Mmm, wow that feels amazing. No wonder she loves this so much." Alison groaned.

Looking back at the screen, Dave now saw the blonde woman was using a rather large, thick glass dildo on Mary's pussy while Mary fucked her asshole with the buttplug. Dave was quite surprised at how easily she seemed to accommodate such a good size toy. Mary was much like her sister; short, curvy but with larger tits and long dark brown hair. She was obviously enjoying the attention the blonde was giving her as she was moaning and crying out with pleasure.

Alison had taken the same toy out of the pouch and was trying to slip it into her lubricated pussy. After a few moments where she was obviously letting herself get used to the glass invader, the dildo slipped in and she pushed it as far in as she could. A gasp escaped her mouth as she slipped it in and she now simply moaned "Oh my God, that feels so good" over and over again as she made very small thrusting movements with the toy. After a few moments though she carefully withdrew the toy from her now gaping pussy and set it down next to her. She seemed almost exhausted and gingerly rubbed her clit with just her index finger while she turned her attention back to the TV.

Dave also looked back to the TV and suddenly became aware of just how aroused he was as he could feel his cock throbbing for attention beneath his shorts. He quietly undid the zipper of his pants and allowed his fully erect cock to spring out. With his cock now in hand, he alternated his view between the TV and Alison who was now gently fucking her ass with the plug with one hand while rubbing her smooth pussy with the other.

Mary was now on her hands and knees with her stunning pussy and ass pointing straight at the camera. The blonde chick now sitting on the edge of the bed with Mary's face buried in her blonde snatch. With one hand she had reached behind and was now shoving a large flesh-coloured dildo into her own dripping pussy.

Alison had the same toy inside of her pussy and was slowly using it to fuck herself. She was moaning with delight and, using her other hand, she alternated between rubbing her firm tits and trusting the plug in and out of her ass.

Dave couldn't stand it anymore. What was happening in front of him was more than his brain could process. Two gorgeous sisters were naked and pleasuring themselves while he watched and stroked his cock.

"I can't watch anymore, I hope she doesn't freak out but I need to join in" Dave thought to himself. So he slowly and quietly took off his shirt, slipped his pants and underwear off and now stood just behind Alison, both of them in an equal state of nakedness and arousal.

In as calm and reassuring way as he could, Dave now said out loud for Alison to hear, "I think you need the real thing Alison."

Alison jumped up with a scream of surprise, still with both toys inserted as she used her arms to cover her tits and pussy but with little success.

"Oh my god Dave, what the fuck are you doing here?!" Alison exclaimed.

"I'm sorry to scare you like that but I had turned up early for my tutorial with Mary but she had to go out so she said I should just wait here until she got back." Dave stammered in response, trying to stay calm himself but still unable to keep his eyes from wondering to Alison's pussy and tits. Dave continued, "When you came in, I was speechless to see such an amazingly gorgeous girl walk past me naked and proceed to get herself off in such a stunningly beautiful way."

At this point Alison had stopped freaking out and her attention was focused entirely on Dave's hard, fully erect cock. She remembered the toys still shoved deep into both her holes and rather than feel embarrassed, an overwhelming sense of arousal suddenly hit her upon the thought of what Dave had seen her doing. She barely heard what Dave said as her mind flooded with a thousand thoughts especially considering that Dave had interrupted her right as an orgasm was beginning to surge through her body. She realised that being caught in the act had only served to intensify the pleasure.

"I thought she was talking on her phone to someone before she left, I didn't even hear you come in." Alison replied after a moment in a shaky and uncertain voice, her eyes not shifting their focus from Dave's cock.

"After what I've just seen, I'm very glad you didn't." Dave said with a massive smile on his face. He could see Alison was clearly staring at his cock and whether she realised it or not, the hand she was using to cover her pussy was now making tiny rubbing motions over her clit.

"I love your choice of stimulus also." Dave added in a cheeky tone.

"What?" Alison asked puzzled as she shook her head and looked back to Dave's face. Dave nodded in the direction of the TV which now showed Mary moaning with pleasure while being fucked hard in her asshole by the blonde who was now wearing a strap-on dildo.

"I never thought she would be such a hardcore chick like that." Dave added as he began to slowly jerk his cock while watching the video.

Alison composed herself and took a second to take stock of the situation. The TV showed her sister being fucked in her ass by another chick, she had a thick dildo pushed deep into her pussy and a buttplug inserted into her ass while a rather good looking guy stood completely naked in front of her, jerking his cock. She always liked Dave who had sandy blonde hair, fair skin, a great smile and an athletic but not overly muscular build. The sight of him stroking his thick cock convinced her that what she wanted more than anything right now was for him to be the one giving her pleasure rather than the toys she had been using.

"I can be a lot of fun also." She smiled in reply to his last comment.

Dave looked at Alison with a look of warmth and lust merged into one before moved closer to her, gently taking her into his arms as he kissed her tenderly. She broke off the kiss and slowly laid back on the chair, spreading her legs wide apart before slowly withdrawing the dildo from her pussy with her eyes closed and letting out a low, quiet moan of pleasure. Her pussy was left gaping open with the copious moisture causing it to glisten in the light. Dave thought it was the most beautiful and erotic thing he had ever seen, he didn't have to think twice as she beckoned him closer with a come-hither motion of her finger. Dave knelt between Alison's legs and paused to stare at the stunning pussy that was before him. He couldn't help but let out the word, "Wow."

Alison's heart was racing with the anticipation of feeling him touch her pussy, to feel the touch of another rather than just the lifeless pleasure of the toys she had been using. Her breathing was shallow and fast as he slowly began to kiss down the inside of her thigh before plunging his tongue deep into her open hole, causing a gasp of intense pleasure to escape her mouth. He probed the depths of her pussy with his tongue for a few moments before moving up to her clit, gently stimulating her with his mouth. With one hand he reached up to fondle one of her firm, small breasts while the other he used to slowly fuck Alison's ass with the buttplug which was still inserted.

Alison was writhing in pleasure, her hands rubbing over her own body and through Dave's hair while she gasped in pleasure at the feeling of both her pussy and ass being stimulated simultaneously. The feeling was too incredible and she cried out loudly as the waves of pleasure from her orgasm rolled over her. Dave's face and mouth were almost dripping wet when he finally stopped eating Alison's wet pussy. He moved up and kissed her, letting her taste her own juices on his mouth.

"Mmm, that was unbelievable Dave. I haven't had an orgasm like that ever." Alison moaned while kissing him.

"How about I get to have some fun now?" Dave replied.

Alison happened to look over at the TV while Dave said that. Mary was in the processes of slipping the buttplug she had been using into the blonde girl's asshole. That gave Alison an idea. It reminded her of something she had always wanted to try and she was still so horny after her last orgasm that she decided to see if Dave would be interested.

"I think you should definitely have some fun now Dave. But would you be willing to do something for me?"

Dave was standing there with his cock oozing drops of pre-cum while Alison was still laying spread-leg in front of him on the couch, her saturated pussy still glistening. He didn't have to think twice.

"Anything Alison, you name it!" He said eagerly.

"Well, I've always wanted to use a buttplug on a guy and have him fuck me while it is still buried in his ass. Would you please do that for me?" Alison asked, almost begged.

"Hmm, well I'm not sure. I haven't really done much with that particular part of the body." Dave replied.

"You'll love it, it feels amazing. I've still got it in and I love it! Please will you do this for me?"

In truth, Dave was so turned on that he would have let her do anything she wanted to him and the idea of a bit of extra stimulation while getting to fuck Alison's gorgeous pussy seemed like a pretty good deal so he agreed.

Alison pulled the buttplug from her ass in one smooth motion, almost coming again with the feeling it shot through her body in the process. She then had Dave sit down on the chair in the same position she had just been in, his legs spread and his hard cock resting against his stomach. She applied a bit of extra lube to his ass before slowly rubbing the plug against the opening.

"Just relax and breath. Once it is in, it will feel great." Alison said as she now gently and slowly slipped the plug deeper into Dave's ass until after a minute or two, the plug slipped into place and Dave gave a slight groan of pleasure at the sensation of the toy going in. He moaned again as she turned the vibrator in the plug on.

"Wow that does actually feel quite good." Dave said with genuine surprise. "But the break in the action has sort of deflated me sorry." He added with slight disappointment.

Dave's cock had softened from the penetration and was now almost fully flaccid but still drops of pre-cum were visible on the tip. Alison smiled at him and simply replied, "I know how to fix that" before taking his soft cock into her mouth and sucking on it greedily. She stroked his rapidly hardening shaft with one hand and used her other to gently fuck his ass using the plug, moving it in small fast thrusts.

"Oh yes, that is so good." Dave called out as he watched Alison's lips slide smoothly up and down his once again fully erect cock. "But I would love to feel my cock slide into your other lips Alison." Dave said with a smile.

Alison wanted to have Dave tenderly make love to her, to take their time and enjoy every moment. But her pussy was almost dripping with excitement now and she couldn't wait to feel Dave's cock pound her pussy. She needed to feel him deep inside her, to replace the sensation the dildo she had been using earlier had been giving her. So with a final quick suck on his cock, she quickly turned around and got on her hands and knees, offering her gorgeous round ass and saturated pussy for Dave to enjoy. She wanted to take him doggystyle, to feel him take control and thrust deep into her. She also wanted to watch the TV as she was fucked, to watch Mary and feel just as sexy and adventurous as she must have felt when making the sex film.

Dave quickly knelt down behind Alison pausing briefly to admire once more the amazing sight he was enjoying. He moved his face in close and ran his tongue around her moist lips, savouring the wonderfully erotic taste of her juices. He then positioned his cock at the entrance of her waiting cunt and pressed slowly into her, moaning loudly at the wonderful sensation her pussy gave his cock. He had only inserted half his cock before pulling out almost all the way and then thrusting in a bit deeper but just as slow. Alison couldn't stand the teasing, she craved his cock all the way inside of her so she pushed back to meet is next thrust, taking his cock completely in one quick motion. Alison gasped aloud and breathed deeply as Dave now began to fuck her with long, slow, deep thrusts each time he stayed buried in her pussy as deep as he could for a second or two before withdrawing. She reached underneath herself and began rubbing her clit as fast as she could, using the juices flowing from her soaked pussy to lubricate her fingers.

"Oh god, Dave I want you to fuck me hard. I want to feel you pound my pussy." Alison begged Dave as she continued to push back against him.

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