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Tutoring Tutor Girl


Author's note:

This is a story based on One Tree Hill and takes place during Season 4 at which point both the actresses and the characters are over 18.


The door to Peyton Sawyer's house was rarely if ever locked so as usual Haley James Scott had no problem entering her friend's home, briefly and rather pointlessly checking the downstairs before ultimately heading upstairs. Despite the fact that Peyton lived alone in a quite spacious house while her father spent his days on a boat the blonde preferred the sanctuary of her own room surrounded by her vast collection of music.

As she reached the top of the stairs Haley frowned as she heard a noise. It happened again, continuously, Haley blinking a few times before going pale as a ghost as she realises those noises were moans. Haley knew she should leave immediately but while those moans definitely sounded female and familiar the voice didn't sound like it belonged to Peyton.

With her curiosity piqued Haley crept slowly and silently to Peyton's open door and peered inside, at which point her mouth fell open. There, laying in Peyton's bed, was Brooke Davis, the bed sheets covering herself and whoever was clearly going down on her.

Not too long ago Brooke, Peyton and Haley had been the best of friends but there was no denying Haley had been sort of the third wheel in the sense that Brooke and Peyton had been best friends nearly their entire lives while they had only grown close to Haley in recent years. However a few months ago all hell broke loose and the two best friends parted ways leaving it very difficult for Haley to remain friends with both of them. Honestly she felt the situation had been mostly Peyton's fault so she hadn't talked to her recently, but had been convinced by her husband Nathan to try and mend fences with the blonde. Now it was Brooke that Haley felt appalled at. She knew Brooke had a reputation of being sexually adventurous, but to break into a former friend's house and get some guy to go down on her in that former friend's bed was crude and appalling behaviour, easily worse than what Peyton did.

Haley was just about to storm inside the bedroom and give Brooke a piece of her mind when she heard something which rooted her to the spot.

"Mmmmmm, oh Peyton, oh yes, just like that baby." Brooke moaned in that sultry voice of hers.

No. It wasn't possible. It... it just couldn't be possible. However Brooke's continuous moaning made it very clear that either there was a new boy with a name Peyton Sawyer who had just moved to Tree Hill, or Haley's two girlfriends... friends that were girls, were having sex.

Considering how much Brooke and Peyton had been at each others throats lately Haley had to believe it was the former instead of the latter, but there was still a chance that it was the latter and even though she should have left a long time ago Haley's need to find out exactly what was going on kept her rooted to the spot as her friend writhed in pleasure before her, possibly as a result of her other friend having her way with her.

Even as a happily married 100% heterosexual woman Haley had to admit that Brooke Davis was gorgeous with a body which was the envy of just about every girl at school while seemingly every single guy in existence understandably lusted after her. And that voice. That husky voice was pure seduction, threatening to entice anyone who heard it. Even Haley, the 100% heterosexual happily married woman thought that voice was hot, and that was when she was just talking normally. To actually hear Brooke Davis moaning was like a siren, practically irresistible, Haley, the 100% heterosexual happily married woman, even thinking about marching in there and offering to worship that goddess.

Wait, where the hell did that come from? Haley needed to leave and she needed to do it now!

Just as Haley was going to leave for real this time Brooke let out a scream, her body shaking ever so slightly as she obviously came, her breathing slowing in such a seductive manner, and then... Peyton crawled out from under the sheets and kissed Brooke softly, the two best friends quickly beginning to make out like they had been passionate lovers for years. This conformation of her two female friends lust for each other had Haley once again rooted to the spot, as did the brief conversation that followed.

"Mmmmmm, you're getting pretty good at that P Sawyer." Brooke grinned mischievously.

"Getting?" Peyton queried.

"Well, you were... ok before, but you're definitely getting better." Brooke said, mischievous grin only growing in size.

"Well, if I'm only ok but getting better maybe I should stop doing it and leave the pussy eating to the experts like yourself." Peyton shot back with an equally mischievous grin.

"Oh no baby, I was only teasing. You know you're the best." Brooke pouted as she played along for a moment before smiling, "Besides, we both know you can't get enough of my pussy."

"True." Peyton agreed, "But it's not the only part of you I can't get enough of."

"Really, what's the other part P Sawyer?" Brooke grinned.

"Guess." Peyton challenged.

"Mm... let's see... is it... my mouth? Can you not get enough of my hot mouth worshipping your beautiful body? Kissing you? Sucking your nipples? Feasting on that juicy pussy of yours? Oh, how about my tits. Can't you get enough of sucking them? Of licking them? Of squeezing them? Of biting them?" Brooke said, pretending to guess, "No, I know what you can't get enough of P Sawyer. It's my ass. You love my ass don't you baby? Oh yeah, I know you do. I know you love my ass. I know you love it because I never let anyone near it but you. It's yours. You own my ass, and you want to fuck it again don't you? You want to bend me over, strap on that big fat cock of yours and shove it straight up my ass don't you? You want to butt fuck me baby? Go ahead. My ass is all yours."

Peyton smiled, "Actually it's all of the above because I can't get enough of any part of you, but since I do love fucking your ass, sure, I'm up for a little Brooke Davis butt fucking."

The two grinning lovers kissed before they were interrupted by a slight stumbling sound, at which point they turned their heads simultaneously to the side and spotted their friend Haley who looked absolutely horrified to be discovered.

"I'm... I'm sorry, I'm so, so sorry..." Haley stammered as she began stumbling away.

"Hailey wait!" Peyton and Brooke called out simultaneously as they leaped out of bed and dashed after their retreating friend.

Initially Haley was dead set on running straight out the door and never looking back but as she fled down the stairs she had a few moments to think about it and realised she was being silly. These were her friends and if they wanted to... do stuff together they were free too. She was the one who had been spying on them and no matter how embarrassed she felt at being caught watching she needed to apologise for invading their privacy.

So stopping by the door Haley turned around, fully intending to give her friends the apology they deserved. She still did it, only with her eyes carefully studying the ground as her two friends were completely naked in front of her, "I'm... I'm... I'm... I'm... I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to snoop I swear. I... I just came over to talk... and, the door wasn't locked so..."

"You didn't lock it!" Peyton exclaimed at her lover.

"I thought I did." Brooke protested.

"Oh, you thought? That's great Brooke, just great." Peyton said sarcastically.

"Hey, remember how last time we locked it and you had to give Lucas some half assed excuse while I had to sneak out the back door!" Brooke grumbled.

"Yes, because people walking in on us is so much better." Peyton grumbled back.

"Erm... I... I think I should be going now..." Haley stammered.

"NO!" Brooke and Peyton exclaimed in unison, instantly regretting it as they made their friend look like a scared rabbit. Adopting a comforting tone Peyton said, "Listen Hales, I know this all must be kind of a shock, but can you please just give us a few minutes to get dressed so we can talk about this?"

Haley lifted her head and opened her mouth to try and talk her friends into letting her go, but the expressions on their faces convinced her to instead softly agree, "Ok."

"Great, wait for us in the living room. We'll be down in a minute." Peyton promised, taking her lover by the hand and guiding her upstairs.

The second their backs were turned Haley's eyes went into business for themselves, gluing themselves to the other two girls retreating backsides, especially Brooke's as Haley's mind raced with the memory of the conversation her two friends had in front of her when they had no idea she was there. Just the memory had her blushing, but she almost went literally red when Brooke turned her head at the top of the stairs and caught her staring, the other brunette looking surprised for a moment before a grin crossed her face as she allowed Peyton to drag her away.

Feeling so embarrassed and ashamed at her wandering eyes it was all Haley could do not to run screaming for the door, but she had promised she would stay and in doing so she could apologise again for her inappropriate behaviour.

What the hell was wrong with her lately? It wasn't pregnancy hormones because after a brief scare it turned out she wasn't going to become an 18 year old mother, but she seemed to be hornyer than usual to the point where she was noticing every guy she passed, and now she was even noticing girls too! And not just girls but two of the best friends she'd ever had! God, she needed help.

Collapsing down onto the Sawyer's livingroom couch Haley sighed and waited for her friends, her heart pounding in her chest first a mile a minute and then seemingly a mile a second as she heard two sets of footsteps on the stairs followed by the reappearance of Brooke and Peyton.

"Hey tutor girl, miss us?" Brooke grinned.

"Leave her alone Brooke." Peyton warned her girl, before turning to her friend, "I'm sorry Hales. We would have told you... it's just, this is still kind of new and we're not really ready to tell anyone yet."

"Technically it's you who's not ready, and this isn't that new." Brooke huffed.

"Well excuse me for not wanting to go through petty high school ridicule for being gay, for real this time. And we only just got together as girlfriends instead of friends with benefits so it is still kind of new." Peyton shot back.

"Mm well, lesbianism is way more fashionable in college." Brooke agreed with the first part, "But I told you, the way I see it, it was always you and me. Everything else was just a distraction or an excuse for not going after what we really wanted."

"Erm... guys." Haley interrupted.

"Oh, right, Hales." Peyton muttered, a little embarrassed before taking a deep breath and focusing, "The thing between me and Brooke, yes Brooke." Peyton stopped her girlfriend from interrupting, "From my perspective, all started with Anna. She kissed me, and it... kind of confused me. I told her I wasn't into girls, but I couldn't stop thinking about it, and, well... it got me thinking about that time Brooke kissed me in front of everyone on that treasure hunting thing, so I went to talk to her, and, erm... one thing just kind of lead to another..."

"You were so easy." Brooke giggled, which earned her a light punched to her arm, "What, you were. There were boys who I've had a harder time seducing, and they were... well, boys!" Brooke laughed, turning to Haley, "I'd kissed girls before, but it had never really meant anything. I wanted it too though, and I wanted it with Peyton. I figured if I'd ever be with a girl it would be her, and when she came to me yakking on about kissing Anna she might as well have just said 'fuck me Brooke' right then and there. Well, I had her saying it soon enough. Saying it, moaning it, and screaming it."

"Seriously Brooke, cut it out! Can't you see your making Haley uncomfortable?" Peyton pointed out.

"Really, are you sure?" Brooke questioned, practically gliding down until she was sitting beside the other brunette, "Am I Hales? Am I making you feel uncomfortable?"

"No... I... erm... I..." Haley stammered.

"Good, because Peyton was just going to tell you all about how we tried being friends with benefits, but it didn't work out, and that somehow we fooled ourselves into thinking it was because we felt guilty about cheating on the men in our lives when really we just hated the fact that we weren't really together. That's what our big fight was really all about, we were just afraid to admit it out loud, even to ourselves. When we were apart it was like a huge piece of each of us were missing. We were broken, incomplete. Now we're together and we've never been happier. But that's not what you want to hear about is it tutor girl?" Brooke said, her voice somehow becoming even more husky and sexy, "You want to know what we do together don't you? You want to know what it's like being with another girl? What it would be like to be with us?"

"Brooke! Stop!" Peyton snapped.

"I don't think Haley wants me to stop, do you Hales?" Brooke questioned.

"I... erm... I... erm... I..." Haley stammered.

"Haley?" Peyton questioned softly, noticing how her friend seemed more confused than uncomfortable.

The sudden silence was deafening.

Grinning in triumph Brooke began gently using one finger to trace up and down Haley's thigh, "You wanna know something tutor girl? Me and Peyton decided to still pretend to be interested in boys until the end of the school year but we wouldn't sleep with them. We didn't say anything about not sleeping with other girls though..."

"That's because it never came up." Peyton pointed out softly.

"True, but I think it's safe to say it's come up now." Brooke said, looking over at her girlfriend while continuing to gently slide her finger over Haley's thigh, "I know you didn't like the idea of threesomes with boys, but how about with another girl?"

"I... I don't know Brooke..." Peyton said.

"Oh come on P Sawyer, doesn't Haley deserve to know just how good it is with another girl? Wouldn't we be bad friends if we didn't tutor tutor girl in the joys of lesbian sex?" Brooke grinned.

There was a pause as Peyton bit her lip. Haley was cute... fuck-able even, but this could complicate things more than they already were, plus she didn't want to join Brooke in her little scheme only to lose Haley as a friend and give the other girl good reason to expose the fact that two of Tree Hill's most popular cheerleaders were now in a lesbian relationship. Of course Peyton didn't actually think Haley would do that even if Brooke started dry humping her on the couch, but still before the blonde even half seriously thought about going along with her girlfriend's plan she should make sure Haley actually wanted it.

Taking a deep breath Peyton slowly sat down on the other side of Haley and said, "You know Hales, you've been kind of quiet. Are you shocked at Brooke's offer? Disgusted?"

"No... no, it's not that... I'm, I'm flattered... I'm just... just..." Haley stammered.

"Nervous?" Brooke offered with a grin.

"Married." Peyton said, she along with everyone else in the room suddenly remembering that little fact which had escaped all their minds in all the excitement, "She's married. To Nathan. Our friend, remember Brooke? We can't just fuck his wife behind his back."

"Mm... what about in front of him?" Brooke said after a beat, "I mean old Nathan would have totally gone for that. Not sure about the new and improved version, but hey, he's a guy so we could probably talk him into it." Brooke then turned to Haley, "Would you like that tutor girl? Would you like your hubby watching two girls having their way with you? Or would you prefer for us to fuck you so you can run home and tell him all about it in detail so he gets all hot and horny and fucks you hard thinking about the naughty things we did to you?"

"I..." Haley whispered, totally at a loss for anything to say.

"Maybe we should give her a chance to think about it." Peyton said, throwing Haley a rope.

Brooke looked thoughtful for a moment and then said, "Good idea, you should totally think about this Hales. Think about it long and hard. It's totally cool if it's not your thing or you think you just wouldn't be able to handle it, but if you let us we'll fuck you so good and hard that you'll be cumming like you've never cum before. If you wanna know you're welcome to come watch me and Peyton finish what we started, if not make sure the doors locked on your way out." With that Brooke got up, grabbed hold of Peyton's hand and practically dragged the other girl upstairs, "Come on P Sawyer, I feel like returning the little favour you did for me earlier. Once you've cum in my mouth you can give me that ass fucking you promised."

Peyton looked back apologetically at Haley who watched them leave, her eyes glued to the door they exited for several minutes as her mind raced. Things like 'they can't be serious' and 'this has to be some sort of joke' echoed in Haley's mind for what felt like a million times a minute, with 'I should go' and 'I need to go' echoing almost just as often, but one thing that also echoed just as often was 'it couldn't hurt to just take a peek to check if they had been serious'. There were dozens of other thoughts rattling in her head but most of them scared Haley and she didn't even want to acknowledge them.

After what felt like an eternity Haley got up, fully intending to leave, but it was like her body had a mind of its own, her legs returning to the outside of Peyton's room against her will, Haley once again finding herself blushing as she was greeted by the sight of her friends completely naked on Peyton's bed making out passionately.

For awhile they didn't even notice her, Haley trying to convince herself to leave in that time she was given, but again her body wouldn't cooperate.

"Mmmmmm, you decided to stay." Brooke grinned happily when she finally broke the kiss with her girlfriend and looked up, "Good choice... the chair's for you. Should give you a great view, but please feel free to get a closer look. You can get as close as you want."

Not giving Peyton the chance to add anything Brooke captured her girlfriend's lips with her own in a kiss which seemed even more rough and passionate than before, the blonde obviously a little taken aback by it but quickly going with the flow. The sight and Brooke's words had Haley blushing again but she still couldn't convince herself to move.

When Brooke finally broke the kiss again, this time to attack Peyton's neck, Haley's eyes briefly flickered to the chair placed only a few feet away from the bed. If she sat there she'd have a much better view, but the question was did she want a better view?

As Haley asked herself the same question over and over Brooke descended her mouth downwards to Peyton's tits, roughly licking and sucking on her girlfriend's nipples with a ferocity normally saved for whenever they had been previously forced to make their naked fun sessions quickies. Brooke had no intention of making this a quickie, but the situation had her hot, horny and aching to fuck her girlfriend, and from the way she was moaning it didn't seem like Peyton minded the quickness much.

While Peyton didn't feel every time had to be slow and gentle she did think Brooke was pushing forward with the quick and roughness a little too fast, but as her brunette girlfriend kissed her way down her stomach the blonde's heartbeat rapidly increased and she ceased to care that Brooke hadn't spent that much time on her tits.

Once she had reached her destination Brooke took one deliberately long sniff of her girlfriend's pussy, her eyes fluttering to Haley briefly and then smirking, before she leant forward and gave Peyton's wet entrance one long, slow lick before she began moving her tongue at a much faster pace, really getting down to some serious cunt lapping right from the get go.

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