Twas a Dark and Stormy Night


I took his hand, and lead it down to the hem of my nightdress and let it go. Silence fell once again, silence, apart from heavy breathing from two warming souls and the creaking of the bed. His hand on my thigh was a welcome treat, I was so pleased that he had warmed his hand on my bosom before I had introduced him to my nether regions.

Slowly his hand crept upward beneath my gown, he didn't at this stage achieve his initial goal, no, his first contact was my diminishing fur coat. It stopped his progress as he, and I enjoyed his exploration of cock alley.

"Urmmm, that's nice." I murmured

Damien didn't respond in words, but shuffled himself so that his cock nestled into its place between my, covered I might add, buttocks. Parting my curls, he discovered my furrow, tracing that he found little need to create lubrication, I was quite moist before he even touched.

I savoured his touch and eagerly awaited his progress, by way of encouragement I wriggled back against his rigidity. I was, becoming more and more aroused, I needed to feel cock so eased the back of my gown up, we achieved cock on skin. His cock lodged between my arse cheeks. In the same moment, amid the wriggling and fidgeting, his nimble fingers encountered my clit. A shiver rippled through me, that frisson that comes with first touch.

"Ooooh Damien, that is so so naughty, and you promised that you would be a gentleman."

"You are being naughty too, how can I not be, it's you that's making me... oh my god, you are so wet down here."

His fingers delved deeper into my furrow, it took but moments for him to reach the ultimate goal and sink to his very knuckles in my, now aching chasm.

I eased my thighs apart, not only giving him better access but also offering greater temptation.

"Pop it in dear boy, pop it in!" I needed to feel that purple plum in me.

There was pressure on my sphincter, then penetration. I groaned, not necessarily with pleasure, more, disappointment.

"You are very tight, has it been a long time? My knob is a bit bigger than my finger, do you think it will go in? It is a bit dry too."

"If you get your finger out of my arse, that will be a start."

"Ooooh, sorry...I thought..."

I felt the sort of plop as his finger left me and my sphincter snapped closed behind it. Don't get me wrong, under the right circumstances, and with appropriate and adequate lubrication...

"Now, do I have to lead you through everything, you implied that you weren't a virgin..."

"I didn't say I actually..."

"Just find the wet bit...Yes, that's it, down there."

His knob slid along the wet furrow, from the rear.

"Now, just aim it upwards a bit...That's it, you've got it."

At that point, disaster! With a ruddy gush , the beans were spilt, the throb of his first pulse jerked the knob out of its resting place, a jet of hot cum hit my clit, I orgasmed, violently, complete with involuntary thrusts of my pelvis.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry."

"Oh shut up, just hold me tight, we will just have to ride this one out and put it down as experience."

Girls, you must have had one of these yourselves, these young cocks seem to produce gallons of the stuff, and if it was a good as they say for the skin then , my thighs were going to be the most wrinkle free in England.

I moaned, and clamped my legs together, gripping Damien's cock firmly, as he continued his apologies. Fortunately, my night dress caught the overspill of his loins or the bed would have been soaked.

Releasing Him, I rolled over onto my back, rolling my night dress up and taking it off as I did so. The gobbits of semen on my thighs, and in my curls sparkled in the guttering light of the lamp.

Damien looked upon my nakedness and reached to fondle my breasts.

"I don't think so young man, there is a price to pay for this little mess."

"A price?" his cock which had not diminished until then, started to wilt.

"This mess needs to be cleaned up, so, between my thighs and start licking."

He made a face which indicated that he didn't really fancy the idea...

"You may have guessed that I am a witch. I just hoped my face didn't give away the jest, I could always make it so you would never have to do it again."

"Could you? How."

"Oh, quite simple, I will just get this cup of water, pour it over your cock, and with a suitable incantation, hey presto, no more erections, no more cums, no more mess, forever, simple and straight forward. A copybook beginners incantation which we all learn when we take up the calling."

I giggled inwardly, would he actually be gullible enough to believe this old guff.

"I think I will just give it a try." He crawled between my spread thighs and started the task. "Its actually not as bad as I thought it would be. I think I will enjoy this little job."

He lifted his head to look then with his thumbs parted my furrow, I just hoped that some of his cream had flowed there. Whether it had or not, Damien started licking, long, strong, positive licks. On each stroke, licked from just in front of my anus right to the front I lifted my hips to meet him. I was becoming more and more excited, more and more aroused.

Until, with a shriek which coincided with a flash of lightening and crash of thunder I hit my climax. There was another noise, as I brought my legs together about Damien's ears, I sincerely hoped that it was a fart, because if not, there would have been another mess to clear up. I hoped he had not actually shit himself. Poor old Herman down in the kitchen had been disturbed and was barking fit to bust. I was too busy thrusting my pelvis into Damien's face and writhing in ecstasy to be concerned with either worrying about soothing the dog, or for that matter whether I was breaking Damien's neck, gripped as it was between my knees.

I did eventually calm down, Herman went back to sleep, and when I released him, Damien fell sideways on the bed.

He just kept muttering.

"Fucking hell, fucking hell, fucking hell, what was that?"

"That young man was one heck of a wicked woman's magic orgasm!"

"Come again?"

"I'd love to, is your broom stick ready?"


"Yes, I can see it is, now I can ride off on it, my pussy will be pleased."

Pushing him down onto the rickety bed, I straddled his throbbing cock, hoping against hope that he wasn't a one shot guy, though at his age I had every faith that I would achieve the desired result.

His cock at about seven inches, no I didn't measure it, I am guessing, was not the longest I had enjoyed, but the purple head which topped it was without doubt the largest I had ever had between either set of lips.

This time the lower lips were being stretched, and that in itself was stimulation enough to get me creaming yet again.

Damien groaned as I engulfed his knob and sank down upon it.

I had on numerous occasions ridden to hounds, and the English seat, the rise and fall of the pelvis as one rode was akin to the thrusting motion of satisfying sex. I started, I started, rising and falling upon the phallus of my young stead, I rode, and rode, enjoying the sensation of this knob coursing through my inner being.

I savoured every moment, every movement, rising so far as to have the knob half out of my cunny to then descend again to get the sensation of it splitting my lips apart again before it made glorious contact with my cervix to restart the whole cycle again...and again... and again Oh my god It was such a sensation I wanted it to go on forever, forever forever.

I knew of course that it could not and this time the eruption of Damien's life giving elixir drenched my inner cavity as it should have originally. I bore down on him as he started to cum, the gobbits blasting against my cervix as I ground my clitoris into the hairy course covering of his pubic bone.

My hair hung in sweaty ringlets about my face, I leaned forward and dangled my sagging titties, nipples as stiff as corks, just out of his initial reach.

He flicked his tongue, which although he missed my nipples, was as stimulating as if he had suckled. He raised his head, and after a further attempt caught the nipple, first between his lips, then more firmly between his teeth. That nip... quite tender really was sufficient to do for my restraint, and my juices joined his as I crashed into a gratifying orgasm of unexpected strength.

I gripped his thighs, sought out his lips and locked them with mine, first lip on lip then I raped his mouth with my tongue he responded as we fenced, tongue with tongue exchanging saliva as well as the other bodily fluids in my cunny.

As my orgasm ebbed away I resumed the pelvic thrusts, gently, almost imperceptibly at first, his body, saturated with our combined juices well lubricated to ease the friction of my thrusting.

Damien remained firm, embedded in cock alley. As my thrusts stimulated him he regained the solidity of youth. With, at first occasional, throbs , increasing in vigor as the momentum built. Suddenly, although it was after some period of time we found ourselves racing once again for the finish.

We paused.

I turned, leaned forward and grasped his ankles exposing myself as lewdly as possible to his youthful , lustful gaze. I lowered my shoulders and eased forward. I could feel his knob about half out of my well creamed cunny, knowing full well that it presented a image so stimulating that grown men had been known to blow their wad at the critical point.

After several more presentations I heard a groan, and felt a somewhat deeper throb between my lips. I thrust back, the timing was everything and the first of his now diminishing wads cannoned into my cervix, I sat back onto Damien's pelvis to get his cock as far up me as I could.

The cockerel crowed, and I noticed that the room was lit by the dawn, where had the night gone? I had no sleep, and neither had Damien. The storm had passed, pleasantly for me I must say, the birds were singing, I was exhausted. All was right with the world.

The garage came out to the car, it was nothing too serious, but would take a day or so to repair.

Damien stayed just one more night, and minor, less athletic copulations were enjoyed by both of us. Unfortunately we were both too tired from the encounters of the first night for more.

We parted, Damien to return home, he had missed his opportunity with this particular band, and me to my novel. I planned to use the experience to provide a saleable book, it wasn't to be. I decided that if the sex was taken out of the equation that there was no real relationship, no great conflict, just a cock and a cunny and a whole lot of fun.

Damien did promise to call when he was next passing, I told him there was a bed here any time, at a modest rent of course.

It happened about a year later, and a jolly time was had, things were a little different, he had phoned ahead so I was dressed albeit sans knickers, and ready for him.

We passed a number of hours in athletic pursuits, Al Fresco, under the apple tree in the garden, caught bending over the kitchen table, he was clearly more experienced. Bedtime was far more sedate, although he did ask me to do his favourite position, you can guess which it was, which of course I did, and which he told me he had periodically masturbated over the enduring image of.

There was a second visit, a further year on...things were different, there were three of us, I didn't get to sample again his generous juicy knob. Jane was a rather sweet young blonde, they looked good together.

We hugged as we parted.

"You aren't really a witch are you?" she asked

I winked.

I do still get a Christmas card from them, they had three boys and a girl, they named her Jessica Clarissa, she is the image of her mother.

I hope the three boys are blessed with their father's attribute , if they are, there will be some very happy ladies about.


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