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Twin Sister Love


DAMN! I hated lying to daddy but I had to tell him Katie had the flu, I couldn’t tell him the truth. I couldn’t tell him that Katie, my twin sister and his daughter, cheated on her boy friend who then found out and went to stay with some friends, leaving Katie alone and scared that there relationship is over.

So now Katie is staying with me, Victoria her identical twin sister, who for one thing would never be as stupid to get caught if ever cheated. I know it’s hard to stay faith full especially when guy’s surround you and everyone of them wants to fuck you. That’s the problem with Katie, she gave into one of those “ASS HOLES”

Who would have given there soul to be with her just for one second but what she didn’t do was “FUCK” a guy who her boy friend would have no chance in meeting. Instead she fucked his best friend, “STUPID BITCH” I know I don’t mean it. I love my sister. I’ll help her through this “MESS, after all what are twin sisters for.

Well I’m getting really “FED UP” now, It’s almost been a week since Katie has been staying with me. Everyday this week, I’ve had to lie to daddy which isn’t fear and Katie just showers, has some cereal and even then she cries.

I hate seeing her like this and her “SHIT HEAD” boy friend hasn’t phoned her or even visited. What a spineless, “JACK ASS”, You would think he would tell her if it’s over, by now.

Well I think it’s about time I had a talk with Katie. She was in the kitchen sitting at the breakfast table as usual with a box of tissue’s, guess doing what. “Yeah crying again”

I pulled out a chair and sat beside her, “Come on Katie, don‘t do this to yourself! “You need to get over this, I hate seeing you in so much pain, I cooed as I stroked her soft blonde hair. She meekly raised her head, I looked into her beautiful blue green eye’s, they were sad and filled with tear’s.

“It’s going to be fine, I continued, If Jason decides to be a total “DUMB ASS” and break up with you then that’s his lost! She looked at me “But Victoria, it’s my fault, I shouldn’t have “FUCKED” (Josh) Jason’s best friend.

“Yeah you should have, I mean (Josh is such a loser) what were you thinking? I teasingly said. “I wasn’t thinking! It was a mistake and now Jason hates me! Tears ran down her cheeks as the words passed her lush lips.

I felt so sorry for her, I had to do something, then I had an idea that should definitely “cheer her up” came to me. When we were 14 we were at a party with some friends, we had a few drinks and were dared to have full on sex with each other.

Which we did and it was great, the height of intimacy was intense. I new if we were intimate again it would surely cheer her up and it would be even more intense because we‘ve gained move experience, being 18 now.

I thought about what I was about to do, then I planted in my mind that I would be helping her and if I love her, which I do, then I have no choice but to act now. I didn’t hesitate in making the first move, I gently held her chin as if to look into her eye’s then I moved my face closer to hers, our lips met, and as flawless as a kiss can be, her mouth opened and welcomed my tongue in, an initial reaction.

She then pulled back and broke our kiss, “Victoria, What the “FUCK” she looked confused. “Katie I want to make you feel better! I want us to have sex like, we did that one time, when we were 14! I explained. “I don’t know, wouldn’t that be wrong! You’re my sister for “GOD SAKE”. she was scared but I could see she was interested.

I quickly kissed her again, this time she didn’t pull a way. Our mouths danced around each other and our tongues swirled, sending our saliva back and forth. The sensation was sending tremors through my body, My pussy was getting wetter by the second. That’s when I broke our kiss “Katie, your so beautiful! You don’t need Jason, if he can’t deal with the fact that you fucked another guy then tough!

She smiled, her face a little flustered “I love you Victoria! I want us to have sex. Then she leaned and kiss my soft lips, her lips felt marvelous against mine as she explored my mouth with her tongue. She moaned softly, her emotions taking over as my sex tingled with anticipation.

She then took my hand and guided me up the stairs to my room, as we entered, we started kissing again. I paused as I gently pulled the short blue dress she was wearing over her head, simultaneously she pulled my short black dress over my head and through it to the floor.

I then kissed the nape of her neck, breathing in the scent of her channel perfume as she breathed in the scent of mine. I loved the softness of her skin on my lips, her mood changed from unhappiness to passionate lust.

We were both naked, neither of us had on under wear underneath the dresses which now lay on the floor. Suddenly my passion for her as a sexual creature drove my desire to make her happy. I sat down on my bed gracefully naked, I gesturing for Katie to join me, which she did.

Immediately her mouth was on my right breast before I could even give a second thought to what we were doing. She first kissed around it, then finally took my hard nipple between her lips. My body quivered and we both moaned loudly. Mmmmmmmmmm yes Katie! suck my nipple sis! I was loving the feeling of my sisters mouth on my nipple.

She then did the same to my left nipple, biting and sucking on it! My whole body shivered and I couldn’t help but place my hand in my totally exposed pussy and rubbing fast. She stroked me, caressed me, and I felt a heat building inside me, a liquid heat filling my insides.

My pussy was on fire but I had to control myself if I was to make this a memorable experience for both of us. So I removed my hand from my now soaking pussy. Katie then motioned for us to get on the bed. She laid on the bed with her legs spread wide and I went over and straddled her face. We we’re then in the classic 69 position.

I could see she was as turned on as I was, her scent slapped me gently in the face and I guessed she could smell my sweet scent also. Katie shuddered as my tongue touched her smoothly shaven pussy lips, “Ohhhhhhh that feels good! She moaned the words out.

God she tasted so good almost like honey, I figured she tasted just like me but still it was different. Katie touched my pussy for the first time by kissing my now swollen pussy lips, she placed soft kisses on each one, that left my heart pounding.

I stuck my tongue into her sweet center, then placed little kisses on her pussy lips just as she did mine. Then I licked her pussy in slow strokes, slowly I wanted to push her to the brink, relentlessly forcing her over the edge, her body vibrating but I too was going over the edge.

Katie’s magical tongue was driving me insane, she licked my pussy with such grace and intense passion. She inserted one then two fingers into my wanting pussy, relentlessly finger fucking me, the pressure increasing for both of us.

I slowly, lovingly licked away her flowing juices, sending ripples through her body with each pass of my tongue while her tongue was also sending ripples through my body but too make her feelings more intense I inserted at first one, then two, then three fingers into her pussy as I nibbled and suck on her sensitive clit.

"OOHhhhh Goddddd......Victoria that feels great....suck it....Mmmmmmmmmm...suck it hard. I took Katie’s pussy lips between my lips and pulled on them, stretching them and then releasing them, lapping at them with my tongue..... I spread Katie’s exposed pussy with my fingers and probed my tongue into her wet pussy hole as far as I could.

Her hips gyrated and so did mine as Katie fucked me with her fingers and tongue, I was in a new place where I could do anything and feel anything. I was being controlled by my sexual pleasure, that’s when I began smacking Katie’s firm ass. Smack, smack, smack “You love this, Katie! Katie screamed , “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh of course I love you, you’re my sweet sister, you’re a sex goddess she cooed.

My ass smacking gave Katie even more energy and she started fucking me harder and faster with her wonderful fingers, I felt my orgasm burning inside me. “Mmmmmmmmmm Katie! I going to cum, Cum with me Katie, I licked and sucked and finger fucked, my sister like my life depended on it.

Then Katie started screaming "Oh My God Victoria!," muttered Katie, trying to catch her breath…… “Your amazing! I’m cummmmmmmmmmmming! Hearing Katie say that she was cumin, made me start to orgasm also.

We both shook and screamed as our orgasm came over us. Katie held my head deep in her sweet pussy and I pushed her head deeper into mine. We both licked and sucked every drop of each others love juice until our orgasm subsided and our pussy we stopped cumin.

After our orgasm subsided we took our heads out of each others gapping cunts and gave one another a big hug. We kissed tenderly and caressed each other. We were now closer than ever, united through our passion and love. That’s when I saw Katie had a big smile on her face, I knew I had succeeded in making my sister happy.

She held me then kissed me gently on the lips, “Thank you Victoria, you’re the best sister ever and you were right! “If Jason can’t deal with the fact that I cheated, then “FUCK” him! We then fell a sleep holding each other’s naked body as if we were sharing our mother's womb for a second time.

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