tagIncest/TabooTwins & Their Brother

Twins & Their Brother


This is a true story, believe it or not, that is purely up to you…

I have never been a very outgoing person in my young life, but I have done just fine with women. I am 20 and have been with about 7 girls thus far. I always strive for the “school slut” of the week, not for relationship, but for just a good healthy fuck. This was all fine and dandy for the most part, I had developed a bit of a reputation as a “ladies man” and that was fine with me. I would go out with these girls once or twice and then take them back to their place or mine, fuck the hell out of them, and not really bother with them after that, think of me what you will, I got laid as often as I wanted to.

Things were going along just fine until the fall of my sophmore year of college, Tegan and Cori, started at my school. They were identical twins. Both stood about 5’6”, blond hair, blue eyes, a very nicely built body which just came from being active girls, always playing on the softball teams, soccer teams, and swimming teams etc… They usually didn’t dress the same but they decided they wanted to be well known at their new school (they had begun at the same college as I)and they knew being younger they would have to try hard.

The night before class was to start I was laying on the coach trying to stay awake when Tegan came down the stairs.

“Scotty”? Tegan said, “would you be able to us to school in the morning, we will probably take the bus after that, but we just don’t want to be late!”

“Well, I guess you can ride with all year if you want, as we do go to the same school”, I replied.

“Thanks Monkey, you’re the superset”! She screamed, using the nickname and style of speech that I hate the most.

So, the next morning I heard the girls up at about 6:00am to get ready, I am the type to roll out of bed about 7:45, grab a bite to eat and I am at school by 8:00am, so I ignored the girls and went back to sleep.

I got up at my usual time and grabbed a quick shower and bite to eat and went out the car to wait for the girls. After honking the horn a few times to let the girls know we were getting late, the door finally opened. “Holy Shit!” I exclaimed as the door opened, both of my young sisters were dressed to kill. Short denim skirts that may have been 8 inches in length, both were wearing tight little white t-shirts that showed off their curves well, and their beautiful blond hair was long and flowing.

“Do you girls really want to dress like that today? Don’t you think you will give the wrong impression to people at your new school? I asked.

“Who ever said it was the wrong impression”? Cori asked coyly, giving me a wink of her deep blue eyes.

I decided it wasn’t worth my time and certainly wasn’t worth my effort, so I left it. As Tegan was getting in the back seat, Cori was getting in the front with me, as she sat down I noticed her panties were showing slightly from underneath her skirt. I must have been staring because Cori caught me and asked what I was looking at.

“Nothing” I replied “I was just thinking, that’s all”.

“Sure you were pigface, lets go, and I don’t want to be late”! Cori said.

As we drove I snuck two more looks at her purple panties, which I figured must be a thong as that’s all those two wore these days. I even attempted to sneak a look at Tegan’s underwear but had no luck as she had her backpack on her lap.

When we finally got to school, the girls jumped out of the car and Cori whispered something to Tegan and the both giggled, so she must have told her of my voyeurism. Oh well I figured, who cares. While we were walking in to school, I could not take my eyes off of their beautiful legs, they were so long and smooth looking. This was the first time I had ever thought of my sisters in any sexual way, I was not sure what to think but they were hot and I wanted them, badly.

We got into school and I went my way and the girls went theirs. Just as I was going to my new locker I saw one of my classmates Jeff standing down the hall.

“Did you see those two girls walking in front of you, shit, were they ever smoking hot. I would love to fuck them, and they must be twins too”! Jeff yelled.

I ignored him and walked on as I could not take Cori’s panties off my mind. The bell rang to go to class and I was lost in a daze so I went for a quick walk of the halls. Before I went to class I realized that I had the worlds biggest hard on, so I thought I should go take care of it. I quickly ran into on of the stalls in the little used basement bathroom and locked it. I quickly pulled out my decent sized cock and started stroking. I came hard and all over the stall within seconds, thinking of what my hot as hell sisters would look like totally nude.

I cleaned the stall and myself up and quickly scuffled my way up to class. I knew I was really late but realized that I really didn’t care, I was in senior year, and had an average in the high 90’s, so I figured I could miss a class.

- - - - -

I waited for the girls to get to the car after school was out as I promised I would drive them this year. As I noticed them coming out, I almost got hard again. Tegan and Cori both had huge smiles on their face and looked like they were on top of the world.

“Hey brother o’ ours”! Tegan exclaimed

“Let’s go home Jeeves”! Cori ordered jokingly

“What are you going to make for dinner Scott”? Tegan asked. Monday was our day at home until about 9:30 when Mom and Dad got home from work, they are both very busy and had to pick one day to stay late. So Monday’s the 3 of us rotated making dinner, and on the 4th Monday we all chipped in.

“I figured I would just order some pizza or something easy”. I replied, being lazy after my first day back at school.

“That sounds good I guess, just so long as I get to make dessert”! Cori stated with an evil grin on her face.

“Of course you can make dessert Core, why couldn’t you? I asked

“Well fine then, I will, would you like to eat my pussy or Teg’s, or both”? Cori said. I nearly slammed into a pole and then a parked car and then another pole not too sure what the hell was just said.

“What did you just say”? I stammered

“Oh please, you heard her, we all know you were staring at her pussy and trying to see mine earlier, you probably had to go beat off so you could get through the day today”. Tegan said. I was so busted it wasn’t even funny, my face was red, my cock was hard and I wasn’t sure what to think.

As we were pulling into the driveway Cori broke the silence again, “So what do you say big brother, wanna eat out your little sisters”?

“I don’t think this is a good idea you guys, a lot of bad things could happen” I replied using a little common sense.

“Please I am horny and want my pussy sucked”! Tegan exclaimed as we got out of the car. Both girls were giggling and trying to grope me as we went into the house and put our stuff down. I wasn’t sure if I was ready for this yet or not so I went to sit down on a chair and evaluate the situation. The girls sat across from me together on the couch. I was looking at them and for the first time noticed that neither girl was wearing a bra, and Cori and gotten rid of her panties. I saw this and almost choked on my own breath. I then noticed that I could see both of the girl’s tiny brown nipples on their beautiful breasts. I was so fucking horny, I was ready for anything.

“Well, if you aren’t interested, we are, so you just sit there and be a big loser”. Tegan said as she stood up. She grabbed Cori’s hand to help her up also. Both girls then began to kiss each other. I could see their tongues darting in and out of each other’s mouths. They then took each other’s tops off revealing their small but beautiful tits. Watching them fondle each other had me about to blow my load. I decided this was happening no matter what so I pulled out my cock and started to stroke.

“Looks like someone wants to play with us” Tegan stated as Cori sucked on her left nipple. I hadn’t noticed until then but Tegan had gotten of her own skirt and Cori’s and she was fingering her sister. So there I was, cock in hand watching my sister Tegan standing wearing only a red g-string fingering my sister Cori’s cunt and getting her tits sucked on by a naked Cori.

“Let’s get down to business, I want that cock inside my pussy so bad it aches” Cori exclaimed.

“Me too, my pussy has been aching for so long for something in it” Tegan added.

I was in 7th heaven, I quickly ran upstairs to my bedroom where I had a big bed that we could all be comfortable in, I motioned for the girls to follow and got naked quickly.

I lay down on the bed and my throbbing member was met by to willing and very capable mouths. Tegan was working on my shaft while Cori was sucking my balls, I could feel I was getting close already. I figured then that I needed to take control.

“Alright girls, no one can ever know about this, NO ONE”. I stated, both girls nodded in agreement. “Cori, get on the bed, I what to fuck you, and Tegan, sit on her face and let her eat your cunt out”. I ordered. Both girls obeyed and got into position, and Cori went to work really quickly lapping up her twin sisters juices. I positioned myself above Cori’s pussy and stopped, “Have you ever done this before, or are you a virgin”? I asked

“Well we never done this with a guy before, but we have fucked each other, and eaten each other out a bunch” Tegan responded while Cori never missed a beat. I almost came just hearing that statement. So I went on and stuck my cock inside of Cori’s cunt, it was so warm and tight that I thought I was dreaming. Both girls were in ecstasy as I began pumping in and out.

“Eat my pussy, lick good, taste my juices” Tegan Screamed

“You fucking lick having your pussy eaten, you taste so good. Ummmm, Scoot fuck my tight twat, fuck it hard, harder.” Cori moaned.

“Stick your tongue in my hot twat, fuck me with that tongue, like my asshole too, you know I like that, oh fuck yes…”

“Fuck me hard Scott, I need that cock deep inside me, fuck me, fuck me…” Cori yelled as both girls went screaming into their first orgasm. As Cori was cumming she began to tighten her pussy muscles causing me to go into an orgasm also. I quickly thought the wiser, and began to stop, “I can’t cum in you, I don’t to get you pregnant.” I told her.

“Don’t you ever stop fucking me again, don’t worry about in and fuck me hard and cum deep in me” Cori yelled demandingly as I went back to work. I resumed pumping in and out, and while Tegan had cum hard she since dismounted Cori and laid down beside her and began sucking her tits. I was getting close and was fucking her real hard and deep.

“Fuck me baby, fuck me” Cori encouraged

“I’m cumming, I am going to cum in you” I moaned as my first stream of cum hit the inside of her pussy.

“Oh fuck yes, fuck yes, come inside my twat baby, fuck me”. She yelled as she orgasmed for the second time. I was exhausted and this point and need a few minutes to recover but Tegan had other ideas.

“Oh no you don’t, she got fucked, now I get fucked” Tegan said, almost in a whimper as she and Cori both began to lick and suck on my tired cock. Cori began to take it to a new level when she began fingering my ass, this got my cock rock hard again, and Tegan took notice and began to mount me. I was lost in lust, laying her watching my beautiful sister go up and down on my prick, and my other sister, her twin sister lick on her tiny nipples while she bounced. I had these two beautiful babes at my fingertips.

Watching this hot scene, I was getting close again, my cock was being treated to the royal treatment, and I did not want it to end, but like all good things, it had to. My balls began to tighten and the cum came spurting deep inside my other sister.

“Cum inside me brother, cum inside my hot pussy” Tegan moaned as we shared an orgasm “Cum in me now, cum in me now”

I finished cumming in her and as she rolled of you could notice small amounts of cum leaking out of her twat, Cori took notice an quickly began lapping it up for her. Both girls must have been real horny as they quickly got into a 69. This had to be the hottest thing a teenaged guy could ever see. Not only two of the hottest girls naked in bed, but the two hottest girls being twins, and your sisters, and they are eating each other out. As both girls came again, we all finally came back down to earth.

“Where the hell did all this come form girls”? I asked

“Well, ever since you brought home that girl last month and fucked her hard, which we both heard and fingered each other while you did it, by the way, we figured we had to have you, and this was the perfect way. I know we came across as total skanks today at school, but I managed to get a finger job and Cori managed to find a cock to suck because we were dressed like that today.” Tegan reported as both girls giggled.

“Yikes, what a day, what a day, well girls, we might want to go make dinner so the parents think we did something after school”. I indicated as we all got up and got dressed to head downstairs and make supper.

- - -

“Umm Scott, can we talk to you” Tegan asked, it had been about 3 weeks since we first fucked and have done some sort of sexual act everyday since, whether it be a blow job, me eating them out, or a good fuck, we have been at it like animals.

“Sure my angels, anything for you” I replied

“We have some news for you” Cori said, do you want the bad news first or the bad news”?

“Umm, I guess the bad news” I said, slightly confused

“Well, I am pregnant…” Cori said

“…and so am I Scott”. Tegan said, I did not know what to say, I had managed to make both of my beautiful sisters pregnant. What would we do? What would my parents say? Would I still be alive after they found out?


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