tagIncest/TabooTwo are Better than One Ch. 09

Two are Better than One Ch. 09


Our fling with Miranda lasted for several months until she had to spend the summer with her grandparents which left me and Sophia with the problem of needing a third person again. The problem was easily solved, however. I decided to bring in a good friend of mine, Kevin, to have some fun. He's twenty-three and has had an eye on my sister for quite some time.

So like the good friend that I am, I had him come over and wait for my sister to come over. We had a couple beers and are pretty loosened up by the time Sophia walks through the door. Sophia's face lights up with delight upon seeing Kevin.

"Tell me Kevin is here to help you fuck me," she nearly squeals.

"He is," I say. "Go get changed, I bought something for us to play with."

Her eyes light up and she asks, "What is it?"

"Go get changed and you'll see," I tell her.

Sophia drops her bag and rushes to the room. Moments later she comes out dressed in a red latex outfit. The skirt is entirely too short, which is the point and the top shows off her perky breasts just right. The outfit even comes complete with a pair of matching latex gloves.

She slides over to us and I smile and pat her lightly on the ass, prompting her forward. "You look great in that."

"You think so?"

"Oh yeah," Kevin says. "Fucking hot."

Sophia moves closer, her face displays an enthusiastic smile. As her legs come to rest against the edge of the couch she leans over, placing her hands on either side of Kevin's head as she stares into his eyes. Kevin swallows hard and inhales deeply as she crawls onto his lap. Her red latex skirt slides up her thighs as she straddles his legs. Hooking her hands behind his head, she gives me a glance before leaning in and pressing her lips to his.

He places his hands on her lower back, feeling her sleek muscles with one hand as the other slides down to tentatively grope at her firm, latex clad ass. Sophia's soft, slender hands move up to run through Kevin's hair as their kissing grows more passionate. She pulls her mouth from his and kisses his neck, nibbling her way up to his ear as she grinds her hips into his.

"Mmmm," she coos in his ear. "I bet you've wanted me for a long time."

Her soft lips work their way back to Kevin's and she continues kissing him as his hands explore her body, moving down to feel her smooth thighs through the latex material of her stockings. Sophia suddenly pulls away and Kevin kisses her neck as his hand continues to roam her tight, slender body. Sophia slides down to her knees and Kevin removes his shirt.

As she kneels before him, Sophia flashes me another sexy glance as she begins to undo his pants. His jeans fall to the floor around his ankles and as my sister is pulling his underwear down around his hips I move up beside her.

"Take off your pants," she tells me as her glove covered hand strokes his half hard cock.

As I removed the rest of my clothing, she turns her face back to Kevin. Her pink tongue shoots out to lick his cockhead. I hold my hard cock in my hand as I watch her wrap her lips around Kevin's shaft, gently sucking as it slowly grows to full length in her mouth. She reaches out to take my cock in her hand and I feel the smooth, cool sensation of her gloved fingers wrapping around my warm, throbbing shaft. With Kevin's cock half buried in her mouth, her eyes shift to look at mine while her left hand strokes me with slow pumps. She then pulls her wet mouth away from Kevin and sucks my swollen cockhead past her soft lips.

I moan softly as I feel her writhing tongue swirl around my cock, sliding deeper into her mouth. After coating my shaft with warm saliva, Sophia pulls back smiling as she holds a hard cock in each hand. For the next few minutes she alternates back and forth, swapping one hard, wet cock for the other as her face grows increasingly flushed with arousal.

Finding the gloves a bit awkward, Sophia pauses for a brief moment as she removes them. In the meantime, Kevin drop to the sofa. Tossing the gloves aside, Sophia crawls toward Kevin on her hands and knees as he guides her face back into his lap. As her enticing lips once again slip over his cockhead and down his shaft, I find my eyes drawn to her perfectly round ass beneath her tight fitting skirt.

I move up behind Sophia, stroking my hands over the smooth, shiny material. Feeling my touch, she reaches back and grabs at the zipper on the side of her skirt as her head continues bobbing on Kevin's cock. I brush her hand away and finish the unzipping. The latex skirt falls from her pert little ass. I then find myself staring at her wonderfully round ass, covered only by a tiny pair of red panties, nestled snugly between her firm ass cheeks.

As I slip my hand up the inside of her thigh, she shifts around, spreading her legs a little wider. With two fingers, I gently stroke the lacy material, pressing hard enough to feel the moistness from her pussy that dampens the red fabric. Sophia lets out a soft, muffled moan and uses her hand to press my hand firmly into her crotch before pushing eagerly at the waistband of her panties. I assist and pull the underwear down over her firm little ass, allowing the string to snap out from between her ass cheeks. With her ass now unclothed, I press my fingers into her pussy, wiggling them between her damp, swollen lips.

Sophia gasps as she feels my finger slip easily into her tight entrance. I immediately ass another, twisting both in t the knuckles as she coos around Kevin's cock. I wiggle my thumb between her ass cheeks, massaging her asshole with firm, circular movements. My thumb presses harder against her hole. I lean down and plant a wet kiss on her soft, ass cheek allowing my lips to linger long enough to elicit a moan from Sophia's cock filled mouth. I then lift my thumb and let a thin droplet of saliva trickle down over her clenched hole before replacing it, coating her asshole with the warm fluid. Eventually I feel the muscular ring give way as my thumb begins sinking into her twitching hole.

I slip my finger from Sophia's dripping wet pussy and slide them up and down my shaft, coating it with the slick fluids. Then moving into place, I press my cockhead against her parting lips and spread her with a single, penetrating thrust.

"Mmmm," Sophia moans as she feels the entire length of my cock sliding deep into her accepting pussy.

As my hips come to rest against her tight ass, I feel her nimble little fingers reaching back to caress my balls. I withdraw and carefully push forward as she pushes her ass back against me. It becomes increasingly obvious that Sophia is not interested in gentle fucking, so I start pumping back and for the, thrusting into her with quick, short thrusts.

I suddenly pull my wet cock from my sister's pussy and say, "Sophia needs a new cock, why don't you get over her and fuck this little pussy?"

Kevin nods and pulls her close and kisses her deeply before lifting her and laying her down on the sofa. Sophia's legs, adorned with the red latex boots, wraps around his waist as she plunges forcefully into her, driving her into the cushions. Sophia glances over at me and smiles as she motions for me to come closer.

I close the distance and place a knee on the couch beside her head and lower my cock, wet with her juices, down to her open mouth. Her body shakes from Kevin's thrusts as she accepts my cock. My cock passes her lips and drops onto her waiting tongue. As her pink lips close around my shaft, I brace myself against the back of the couch, sinking my cock deep into her hungry mouth. Kevin begins pounding my sister's pussy, sending her slender body writhing as she moans around my plunging cock. As my hips rise and fall in rhythmic, gentle strokes, her hand clutches my ass.

"Roll over," Kevin demands and steps back to a kneeling position with his wet cock in hand.

My cock slips from Sophia's mouth, leaving a long trail of saliva down her cheek as she flips over onto her hands and knees. I move around to stand at the end of the sofa as Kevin moves into place behind her. His hand grasps his cock firmly around the base and he impales her with one, long, hard stroke.

As her lips part in a silent gasp I slide my shaft back over her outstretched tongue, resting a hand behind her head as I once again slide into the back of her throat. Kevin's face contorts into a devilish grin as he fucks her from behind, relishing in the sensation of her juicy pussy wrapped around his cock. He pulls her ass cheeks apart and lets a thick droplet of saliva fall between her ass cheeks to trickle down to her tiny asshole.

"Oh yes," Sophia moans before taking my cock back into her mouth as Kevin begins working her finger into her asshole.

With slow, casual movements, I begin sliding my cock in and out of her mouth as Kevin matches my strokes. We continue in this fashion for the next few minutes, spearing Sophia from both ends as she moans.

Kevin suddenly pulls out and slumps onto the sofa before lying on his back. "Make me cum Sophia," he says as he spreads his legs open.

Sophia spins around and I quickly climb onto the sofa behind her. As her wet pussy lips part and I slide back inside, she pushes back against me, engulfing my length with her hot pussy. Then she lowers her head and sucks gently at Kevin's balls. She slips a finger into her mouth then slips her hand between his legs and strokes her slippery finger over his asshole. Kevin moans and lifts his knees higher in an attempt at granting her easy access.

Sophia flicks her tongue out and licks his cockhead. My hands grasp her firm little ass cheeks as I guide my pulsing cock back into her. I probe her ass with my finger and she moans. "Stick your finger in there."

As her twitching asshole begins to swallow my finger, she increases the pace of her hand, stroking Kevin's cock faster with her lips wrapped around his swollen cockhead. Her other hand is still busy at work between his legs. She smiles and removes hr finger from between his legs and sucks it back onto her mouth. As Kevin watches her, his mouth forms a smile and his hand begins stroking his cock faster. Sophia then places her hand back under his balls and proceeds to push her finger right into his ass. As she slips in up to her knuckle, Kevin closes his eyes and strokes his cock with a series of violent pumps. I quicken the pace of my thrusting as Sophia begins to wiggle her finger as deep as possible in his ass.

Kevin groans as his body tenses while his stroking turns to a mesmerizing blur. His cock pulses in his hand as a thick rope of white cum surges forth, flowing down over his clenched fist. Sophia immediately laps up the oozing stream of cum, running her tongue up over his knuckles before locking her lips around his swollen cockhead and sucking the rest into her eager mouth.

As Sophia's lips envelop his erupting cockhead, I feel my own orgasm approaching. I pull my tingling cock from her dripping pussy and send a long, hot stream of cum arching over her back. The fluid splashes against her naked skin to pool in small droplets on her lower back. As Sophia is consuming the last remnants of Kevin's juices, my own cum drizzles out, flowing in long streams down her little round ass cheeks, coating her asshole.

Taking a deep breath, I release my cock and allow it to fall against her cum covered ass. I look over at Kevin with his head thrown back as Sophia continues to lick at his cock feverishly.

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