tagInterracial LoveTwo Brothers & Me

Two Brothers & Me


Yesterday morning as I was just waking up from a wonderful sleep I heard the buzzer on my driveway gate sound. Getting up out of bed and checking the monitor I saw Tyson and Bart in their truck waiting for me to let them in. I buzzed the gate and as it opened they drove through.

Knowing it was them I went downstairs to the door and opened it up for them. As they exited the truck they both approached the door and wished me a good morning and apologizing for being so early I stepped from the door and stopped them in their tracks.

Tyson says, 'it IS a damn good morning' as he gave me a hug and a kiss. Bart also gave me a hug and a kiss as he held me just bit longer than Tyson did. Bart released me and told me it had been a long time since he had seen me but was glad he decided to go with Tyson this morning after all.

Knowing it was them coming into my driveway I didn't bother to put on a robe and greeted them at the door butt naked. As they walked in I asked them where they were heading and they said something about going fishing and but wanted to swing by and say hello and check up on me.

Offering them some coffee, I grabbed 3 mugs from the cupboard and set them on the table and stood in front of them as we talked about Monica and the girls. As we talked I glanced down at Tyson and saw a slight bulge growing to an enormous size. I then looked over at Bart and he too was quite erect thru his shorts.

Knowing I was doing this to them I thought I'd enjoy it a bit longer before either going upstairs to put on my robe or mount them both. So I decided to play out the tease a little more just to see if either one of them would put a move on me knowing how Michael and I are with friends or lovers. I mean it wouldn't be the first time and certainly the last time that I will play when Michael wasn't here. I'm sure he's fucking his brains out in California as well.

I turned to go get the coffee pot and made sure to bend way over to dig out the sugar as I parted my legs a bit so that they had an ample view of my pussy from behind. I heard Tyson behind me say 'Oh lordy' as I was still bent over. I kind of smiled to myself knowing I was torturing these hung studs. I stood up and came back to the table and poured the coffee. I put the dish down with the sugar and turned to go get the creamer out of the fridge then brought that back to the table.

I pulled out a chair and took a seat kneeling down on the cushioned seat with one knee up and the other hanging over the side. As I leaned to grab the sugar I had to part my thighs to do so and caught Bart out of the corner of my eye eyeing my boobs and thighs.

I asked Tyson what time did they need to be at the dock and he looked at the clock on the wall and said about 10 minutes ago. We all laughed and I said 'well, seeing that you're already late are you still wanting to go fishing?'

Tyson looked at Bart and asked him if he had his mind set on fishing this morning and Bart said, 'who would think of leaving this house after visiting with her' as he pointed at me. I smiled and asked them if they needed to call Monica to let her know they weren't going fishing and Tyson said, 'nah, let her think we're out there'.

Tyson asked if there was anything I needed them to do since Michael was out in California and I said, yeah I can think of several things you both can do. Follow me I told them. I walked in front of them and brought them upstairs. I took them into the guest bedroom and told them to have seat on edge of the bed. As they sat down, I went into my bedroom and slipped into a pair of candy apple red 5 inch pumps.

I walked back into the second bedroom and walked in front of them. Bart commented on how sexy my legs looked. I kneeled down in front of them, Tyson being in front me first I pulled down his shorts and snaked his 9 plus inches out into the open. I ran my fist over his length before kissing the head then taking the first inch or so in my mouth and sucking him.

I could feel Tyson looking down on me as well as Bart. I reached over with my right hand and pulled Bart's cock from his shorts and began stroking him. I then pulled my mouth off Tyson's thickly veined shaft and covered his brother's cock. I sucked him in deeper as his cock is not as thick, but is longer than Tyson's.

I alternated both cocks in and out of my mouth making sure to spend as much time on them both. As I moved from each I began playing with myself rubbing my clit and making myself as wet as I could as I knew they would be stretching my tight hole. I then lifted off Bart's cock and moved between both and laid myself out on the bed. Tyson came around the side of the bed and guided his cock back into my mouth.

Since he and Michael are so much alike in the sense that they love having their cocks sucked I knew that the little bit I sucked on Tyson wasn't enough for his taste. Bart moved between my thighs and began licking my pussy in long tongue laps. He'd work his long fingers into my hole and pump me while licking and teasing my clit. He drove his tongue into my entrance then back out and would swirl his tongue around my clit. I could feel his teeth sawing across my clit as the sensations from that alone were making me squirm.

As he sucked my clit he'd slide a finger against my backside as well. My tongue was working on Tyson's length as he held his shaft and would thrust his hips against my tongue.

I felt Bart move up onto the bed and take my ankles in his hands. He lifted my legs up and parted them wide. Moving closer into me I felt his cock head part my lips and with one solid thrust felt his cock slide inside my walls. The sensation of his long cock filling my empty pussy made me moan. He fucked me in slow rhythmic movements. Giving me time to adjust to his size as he worked his cock in and out.

I could look down and see his shaft emerge from my swollen pussy and saw only half his cock wet from my juices. He pushed more and more into me until I felt his balls resting against my ass. He put my ankles onto his shoulders and held onto my knees and began a steady rhythm. He had me moaning around Tyson's cock as I felt the first of several dozen orgasms that day to wash over me. He lay down on top of me and began sucking my nipples.

Tyson held onto the heels of my pumps as his brother romped me good and deep. I felt my juices wash over his shaft as he kept the steady pace going. Tyson's cock was so hard in my mouth that I kept sucking him and took him into my throat a bit more than half way. He was moaning saying he was about to cum and I kept sucking and tonguing him until he pulled from my mouth and jerked his cock while coming on my face and tongue.

I took him back into my mouth and sucked the head feeling his balls empty in my mouth as I swallowed his hot cum. He moaned out repeatedly as I coaxed his balls to give me all his cum. I continued sucking his head and running my tongue over the slit. He pulled his cock from my mouth and sucked each nut and running my tongue across his sac before taking his still hard cock back into my throat once more.

Bart kept fucking away at my pussy as Tyson moved away and took a seat on the chair near the bed. I wrapped my legs around Bart and took everything he was giving me. He began pounding faster and harder, going fully deep inside my walls as I told him to slam me harder. His moans were echoing thru the room by now and I felt his balls slapping my ass with each thrust. His cock was so hard and slick from my juices that I would contract my muscles to give him a tighter grip.

He started to grown and before I knew it, he had pulled himself from my pussy and in one quick move was straddling my chest and shooting his thick white cum onto my tongue, face and boobs. I licked at his cock head as he jerked his cock onto my tongue and into my mouth. Savoring his taste I closed my lips around his cock head and moved my hand along his shaft feeding myself his sticky cum.

I opened my mouth and he pulled his cock from inside. He moved down onto my chest a bit and slipped his cock between my boobs as I pushed them together with my arms. He pumped my boobs as his head oozed between the cleavage. He slid off me as I remained on the bed spread eagled, my fingers dancing on my clit with the coolness of cum on my face, neck and boobs. I laid there as Bart took a seat on the bottom edge of the bed and fingered myself. I teased and pinched my clit until I felt another slow orgasm pass thru me.

The sensation was awesome as I moaned out as I dipped 3 fingers into my used pussy and ran my nails over my clit. My hands collapsed onto my tummy as I savored the orgasm.

I asked the guys if they were having fun so far or would they rather be fishing. Tyson said he'd been hoping that I would follow thru with my tease of earlier and had hoped that I would have made their day. I told him I wouldn't tease them like that then send them on their way. That would be cruel to do plus the fact that I'm craving a man or men in my body since Michael wasn't around. Tyson said he was a fool for leaving me unattended like this and that this was his loss. But I know he's getting the same if not much more out there.

As I lay on the bed Tyson came back over and lay down on the bed next to me. He began teasing my nipples by running his fingertips over them, pinching them in his fingers and tracing around them. I reached down and felt his cock which was already quite hard. I stroked him in my hand as Bart approached from the other side of the bed. Bart began teasing my other nipple and rubbing his cock across my hip. I sat up on the bed and asked them to take a shower with me.

They said ok and off the clothes came, I kicked off my heels and went to the master bathroom. I opened up the glass doors and started the water. I was the first into the shower followed by Tyson. Bart decided not to cum in just yet but instead waited. I proceeded to wash down Tyson and he in turn soaped me up. We were rubbing each others bodies and as I rinsed him off knelt down in front of him once more and took his stiff cock into my mouth. I sucked him for several minutes as he held my head on his shaft.

I then stood up as he positioned me against the wall and pulled my hips out a bit. He pushed the head of his cock against my pussy lips from behind and entered me. He drove deep inside my walls and had me stuffed on no time. He held onto my hips and began a slow paced thrusting as he pumped my pussy. He reached around and palmed my boobs and pinched my nipples. I thrust back onto his cock meeting his strokes. I reached under myself and caressed his heavy balls.

He increased the tempo and had our bodies slapping under the water. With each thrust into me I felt his shaft contract inside my walls. He placed his hands on my lower back and pulled my hips out further and slipped his thick cock from my pussy. He pushed the head against my backside and slid into my ass with ease.

The fullness of having him inside my wanting ass made it all the much more beautiful. He slid his cock deeper with each second that clicked by. He had as before engulfed my tight ass in no time at all. He began a slower than usual pace as my sphincter stretched tightly around his thick shaft, the rim of my ass stretched to the max as he began to fuck me harder and faster. I had my nipples between my fingers pinching them as I enjoyed the thrusts of his huge cock.

The sensation of his shaft pounding me was exciting. The water was cascading over my back and down to his cock, little splashes from when our bodies met became louder with each thrust. I was moaning loudly now as I felt his cock grow thicker. He whispered to me that he was about to cum and I clamped my sphincter down harder gripping him tightly.

He moaned then grunted and I felt his hot cum coating my anal walls as he kept on thrusting into me. I felt his cock spasm as he pumped faster. I felt him slide out from me and I was left empty once again. I washed him up and kissed the head of his cock. He opened the door of the shower and stepped out, Bart walked in right after.

I finished washing myself as Bart stood behind me. He was rubbing my ass and back and moved closer against me. I felt his cock pushing against my ass as I ground myself into him. He reached under my arms and cupped my boobs. Lifting them and squeezing them together trapping the cascading water. I reached back myself and took hold of his cock. I massaged it in my hand as it began to grow firmer. I then turned around to face him and planted a long deep kiss on his lips. I slid down his body and took his cock head into my mouth.

Squatting down I licked his shaft from head to balls before engulfing him back into my mouth. I sucked his cock for several minutes before standing back up. He was facing me as he reached around me and placed his hands under my ass hoisting me up onto his hips. I reached down and guided his cock into my aching pussy. I wrapped my legs around his waist and placed my arms around his thick muscular neck. I used him as leverage as he bounced me up and down on his cock.

Feeling this sensation was as exciting as when he was between my thighs earlier. He bounced me like a small toy in his lap. I couldn't squeeze my muscles tight like I wanted but he still enjoyed the tightness that I could muster up. I kissed him while he slammed me up and down on his cock, my boobs pressed tightly against his wide chest sliding against him as the water rained down on us.

He repositioned his hands which were holding my cheeks so that he could push a finger into my ass. He slowed the bouncing just so he could slide that very finger deeper into my ass. I whispered to him to fuck my ass and fuck me hard. He released his grip on my ass and set me down so that I was standing in front of him. He turned me around and I placed my feet on the shower wall below the shower head while wrapping my arms around his neck.

He lifted me up so that moved in closer. I was able to arch my lower body and feel the head of his cock press down into my anus. As I arched a little more, more of his cock pushed inside me. He placed his hands under my thighs and supported my weight with ease. He then began to thrust into my ass from under me. He held onto me like this for a few minutes before changing positions.

I had him lay down in the tub and I mounted him, lowering my ass over his cock and feeling him impale me. Once I had lowered myself entirely onto his shaft did I then start riding. I lifted myself up until I felt the crown of his cock at my rim then settled back down on him. I rode him as slow as I wanted. Only after a few minutes did I start riding him faster.

Taking the full length deep inside my tight ass, I felt him tighten up as I rode. I was rubbing my clit as the same time. I felt an orgasm approaching but stopped touching myself as I wanted to focus on Bart's cock exploding in me. I bounced on his shaft and with each thrust he moaned a bit louder.

Tyson was urging him to fuck me but he couldn't do much in the position he was in. I teased his balls and raked my nails across his chest. I pinched his nipples and as I was about to run my nails over his nipples he began to cum.

I rode his cock like I was riding a horse. Taking him in deep and gripping his shaft with my sphincter muscle, I wasn't about to lose his cock from my ass just yet. I rode him harder and teased my clit, I again felt my orgasm coming and let it flow. It felt so wonderful to cum on his cock. I was moaning louder with each spasm that flew through my body. I collapsed on top of him and rested for a few minutes as he caressed my back with his strong hands.

Tyson reached in thru the glass doors and shut off the water then helped me to stand up. He lifted me out of the shower and took me to the bed. He said this was the best session he's ever had with me and one that he said would stay on his mind for a long time. Bart stood up and turned on the water and finished his shower. He emerged from the bathroom a few minutes later telling me that there wasn't anymore hot water but that the shower felt great just the same.

They both sat on the bed next to me and we began talking about things and how we seem to work things out for the best for all of us. I was laying my side with my right hand propping up my head. Tyson was sitting on the edge of the bed nearest to me as Bart was towards the footboard. We talked about Monica and her sister, Katrina as well as Simone, Lourdes and Rachel and how it was working out that they are living together in Lahaina.

Bart then moved over across the bottom of the bed and worked his way between my legs. He started kissing my legs and knees. He turned me onto my back and moved up and slipped his tongue into my pussy. He began lapping at my flower and tonguing my clit. I laid back and tried to hold the conversation with Tyson but to no avail.

I relaxed and let Bart love on my pussy with his tongue and lips. He sucked each lip into his mouth and I could feel his tongue swirling over it, then repeating the same with the other lip. He then began sucking my clit. Stabbing at the nerve with his tongue which sent chills up my spine.

Tyson not to be left out, climb over me to the other side of the bed, he began caressing my boobs and rolled my nipples between his fingers. I reached down and began squeezing his cock. Feeling it grow longer and thicker in my small hand.

I told him to feed me and he positioned himself onto his knees. He pushed his cock towards me as I opened my mouth to suck him once more. He worked his hips this time and ran his length over my tongue. He pumped my face as all I had to do was remain there still.

I wanted to feel both of them in me so I had Tyson lay down on the bed and I straddled him shoving his cock into my aching pussy. I rode him for a short bit until Bart slid his cock into my mouth. I sucked him a short bit before he pulled from my jaw and moved behind me. He pushed his cock against my backdoor and in he went. He remained still as I adjusted to the thickness of both these men.

I know I was stretched beyond my limits but it felt great even more so. Both men began alternating their strokes as I remained in one place. Feeling Bart's hands on my hips pulling me back onto his cock while Tyson pumped me from below. It felt so good that it was absolute bliss to be able to pleasure both these men at the same time.

Tyson began to cum first; he pushed his cock deep into my pussy while Bart drove his length deep into my ass, and he had to have been bouncing off my tailbone it was that deep. I felt his body tense and began pumping faster while grinding inside me. I kept telling Bart to fuck me faster as he emptied his cum into my bowels. Bart pulled away from me and dislodged his spent cock from my backside.

I moved off Tyson and slid down his body. I took his wet sticky cock into my mouth and sucked our juices off it before getting up. Tyson remained on the bed, exhausted and panting heavy.

He said he was worn out as Bart chimed in that he was too. I figured this would be it for the afternoon as this session lasted 4 hours already. I thanked them for looking out for me and for the visit. I made them lunch before they left for home. I could only imagine them walking into the door and one of the girls jumping them.

After they left, I went upstairs and took a nice long warm bath. Thinking of the day's events I began to masturbate myself. This orgasm took some work but when it burst, it was like a complete release. My lips were swollen as I rubbed them but it felt just as good then as it did when the brothers were pounding into me I thought it was a great way to awaken from a sweet sleep, wonder how they're feeling now as well.

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