tagGroup SexTwo Couples, One Hot Tub

Two Couples, One Hot Tub


My boyfriend Charles and I have both always had a bit of a wild side. We love to be the ones to close the bar down, I love dancing on tables, and he often ends up brawling just for the heck of it. He's 6'1", has short dark curly hair, piercing blue eyes, fair skin, a few freckles, and a water polo player's build. Yum. My name is Dani, short for Danielle. I'm 5'6", with the build of Marilyn Monroe but with more of a surfer girl spin on it - honey golden long straight hair, blue eyes, and a perpetual tan (and tan lines). I was blessed with amazing tits, 34D, a slim waist and a curvaceous ass. What more could a guy ask for?

Our antics extend to the bedroom too, although there's much we'd talked about but have yet to explore. I have never had a threesome with another girl, and he's never had a threesome of any kind, but we were both keen to try.

One night a group of our friends gets together to go out on the town. Charles and his best buds Jon, Nate and Josh form the core of our crew, and Josh's girlfriend Sarah and Nate's girlfriend Jen come along as well. The night begins as usual with pre-drinking, since we all like to drink a lot, and times are tough! Our group has a great camaraderie, and everyone is laughing and carousing in no time. Every so often I see one of the guys check me out, appreciating my figure, which starts to get me riled up. Charles, being observant and knowing my predilections, catches my eye and gives me a mischievous grin.

We head out to the bar, and have a great time drinking, dancing, singing, and generally making merry. Charles grabs me for some grinding on the dance floor which gets me seriously hot. He knows he's teasing me and just laughs and shakes his head when I try to pull him off the dance floor, thinking we might find a quiet place to get busy.

"All in good time, dearest." Argh, frustrating man!

Eventually things die down, the club empties out and the lights come on as the staff shoo us out. I am happily tipsy as we head home, the boys reveling in the street. We stop for Mexican food, which is universally agreed upon as the best post-drinking food ever. The group breaks up, with people going their separate ways and it takes awhile to say all the goodbyes peppered with more jokes. Charles and I head over to Josh and Sarah's, where we are crashing for the night since we live a ways farther than everyone else and don't want to worry about driving inebriated or an expensive cab ride. When we get to their house, Charles suggests a dip in the hottub, which after a long night of drinking and dancing sounds divine.

"I don't have a bathing suit though", I say.

"That's okay, I can lend -", Sarah begins to say when I catch Charles and Josh exchanging looks out of the corner of my eye.

"Charles doesn't have one either", interrupts Josh, "Why don't we all just go au natural? I mean, we're all adults, right?"

Sarah agrees to this, and we all head out to the hottub. The boys start peeling off their clothes in the dim light, and I start taking mine off before I think about what will likely happen too much, feeling a little thrill pass down my spine. I look over and check out the outline of Sarah's breasts. Not bad, I think. Smaller than mine but perky, with pert little nipples. She has nice thick auburn hair, warm brown eyes and a decent slim figure from running. She sort of reminds me of Jessica Biel. I look up to find Josh doing the same to me, and I stare blatantly at his crotch right back. From what I can see, he is half aroused, and when fully hard promises to be bigger than average. Josh has sandy blond hair, green eyes and a warm, sometimes lascivious smile.

Charles grabs me and hauls me into the hottub, already grabbing my breasts and kissing me deeply. Immediately I am wet, so powerful is our chemistry. My pussy starts to throb and I wrap my legs around him as he sits down in the water. I can feel him harden against my stomach.

I pull my head back and look around to see what Josh and Sarah are up to. Sarah's a bit of a prude from what I can tell, but Josh has her sitting sideways on his lap, kissing her neck. She watches me and Charles curiously. I decide to play it cool for a bit in the hopes that if we make her more comfortable this will end up a really fun night. I sit on the bench beside Charles, staving off his advances under the water. I direct the conversation to normal topics, and soon we are all laughing as usual. Charles and Josh leave to get some sangria from the fridge, and we watch their retreating naked wet asses in the dim light. With the guys gone, I decide to probe Sarah's level of inhibition. It's hard to tell if it's the both of us making her clam up with our presence, or Charles in particular.

I ask Sarah if she's ever gotten off in a hottub before.

"Um, no, what are you talking about?" Sarah asks.

"You haven't ever put your pussy in front of the jet? It feels amazing!" I tell her. "C'mon, try it out before the guys get back!"

I move in front of one of the jets, letting the warm water hit my pussy. It feels so good, the pressure on my clit, that I automatically close my eyes and tilt my head back, arching my back so that my pussy pushes closer to the stream of water. My breasts are out of the water at this point, thrusting out proudly, the cold night air causing my nipples to harden. I focus on the building feeling of pleasure, and after a few minutes I come hard, and have to pull back from the jet, my clit is so sensitive. I check on Sarah, and she is actually trying. I stay quiet, not wanting to disturb this self-exploration of hers. After a minute or two I see her body start to shake and know she's come too. She opens her eyes and looks at me heavy-lidded. I move slowly over to her, and lean in. We kiss, gently and hesitantly at first, but then it deepens. I've never kissed a girl before, and it's a strange sensation, so soft, with neither of us leading the dance. Soon our breasts are mashed together and I can feel her hard nipples against me. I reach up to fill one hand with her breast, my hand stroking and kneading her torso along the way. My other hand grabs a handful of asscheek and she moans.

I pull her towards me as we kiss, and then back her into the corner. I guess I'm leading.

"Sit up on the edge of the hottub," I say.

Sarah stands up enough to rest her bum on the edge of the hottub at the corner. I move closer to kiss her, and her thighs come around me. I then place each of her feet on the edge of the hottub on either side, and her back is supported by a wall so she won't fall over. At this point her pussy is fully exposed to me, and I've never been so close to another woman's exposed vagina before. I kneel down, noticing the differences and similarities between us. I start off by licking along the trough between her outer pussy lips and thigh, my tongue traveling along smooth skin. Then I move inwards a bit, nibbling her outer labia much as I would a bottom lip. I know how good this can feel as Charles often does it when he goes down on me. I can see Sarah's juices glistening, and smell the faint tang of her musk over the chlorine of the hottub. I lick along her slit up to her clit, and she closes her eyes, leaning back against the wall. I start to flick my tongue faster over her already swollen clit, then ease one finger in to stroke her G spot as I keep on licking. She comes hard, convulsing and I can feel her quiver against my mouth as her thighs start to clamp together. I pull her back into the hottub and she kisses me deeply. As I begin to open my eyes, I see the boys just standing there, watching.

Judging by their raging hardons they must have been standing there for awhile. I give them a wave and they come over to the tub, with sangrias for us thirsty ladies.

"Seems like you were enjoying yourself hon," says Josh, looking at Sarah with what appears to be newfound appreciation.

Sarah looks at me and says, "Yeah, I guess I did," blushes a bit and focuses on the water in front of her.

"That was so hot!" Charles whispers into my ear.

We have our sangrias and then decide to get out. As we're toweling off, I go over to Sarah, and put my arm around her waist. I guide her so we end up strolling lackadaisically into the house. Inside I grab her hand and lead her to the master bedroom. Once we're there we just kiss her gently, and we stay like that for a bit, with our towels eventually dropping to the floor.

"I never did return the favor," she says. She takes control, giving me a little push towards the bed, so I lay down and spread my thighs. She checks me out curiously then bends her head down to begin licking my slit. It feels amazing. I see Josh come in and settle in behind Sarah, lightly rubbing her ass with his hands. "Hey hon," he says, and starts rubbing the head of his penis up and down her exposed pussy. Sarah doesn't stop to say anything, just moaning against me as she continues to flick up and down with her tongue, and backing up into Josh, which Josh takes as affirmation of her desire to be fucked. Josh enters with one hard thrust, shoving Sarah's face into my pussy, and looking me directly in the eyes. Charles has come in the room and lays next to me on the bed, fondling my breasts, taking in the action. I grab his cock in my hand and start to give him a handjob. Soon he moves to straddle my chest, and places his penis on my lips. I eagerly open my mouth, and look up at him doe-eyed in that way guys find so hot.

It isn't long until I come for a second time, moaning around Charles' cock. I can't see what's going on with Josh and Sarah so I tell Charles to move to lay on his back on the bed, and now it's my turn to straddle, riding him backwards cowgirl style so I can watch Josh pound Sarah doggy style. I can just reach Sarah so I lean over and pull her face in for a kiss, grabbing her breasts and kneading them. She does the same to me, massaging hard, just like I like it. Josh comes then, emptying his load into Sarah. As they stand up I see it dripping out of her pussy, spilling down one leg. Sarah leans further across the bed to give Charles' balls and my pussy some licks, which sends Charles over the edge and I can feel him empty his hot cum in my pussy.

Once we have all come, we lay in a tangled heap on the bed, in and out of consciousness, some gentle stroking and cuddling going on through the night. In the morning we all shower, get dressed and have breakfast, with no real mention of the night before. The harsh light of sober day brings with it a slight sense of awkwardness. But our friendships seem intact and the goodbyes are genuinely friendly. I would have liked for us to have a true threesome, but that'll have to wait I guess...

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