tagIncest/TabooTwo Cousins find Each Other

Two Cousins find Each Other


For twenty-nine years, I had not seen my family from Australia but in one fateful day, I met them all, one in particular, in more ways then one. Her name was Jessica, from the moment I stepped foot on that Australian soil and my eyes fell on her for the first time, I was hypnotized my god she was stunning. I couldn't believe it how amazing she looked, her pictures did not do her justice, I had to restrain my self from the instant I saw her; although we had spoken on the internet and on the phone for close to two years,: even traded photos of family and friends, we had become very close, well as close as possible over the internet and phone at least. All I could do was hug her, tight refusing my hands to move down her body, as we held close. All I could do was look at her and laugh a laugh that was mutual between the both of us.

Softly I kissed her on her left cheek and smiled at her as I was greeted by her friends and family... and her boyfriend. I do not know why, but my heart sank. She was my cousin, what was I thinking? No I knew what I was thinking... how good she would look naked. I swallowed down my pride as I greeted her family.

For two weeks, I spent time with her, and for every second I was imagining what she would look like naked, until one night. We had gotten drunk at the bar in the hotel. Swapping stories and telling jokes as friends do, but we where both too drunk to barely make it too my hotel room. We fell in the door laughing at some guy who looked like Kermit the frog, slowly and laughing, we picked each other up as we walked, swaying slightly we both fell onto the bed laughing, from the look in her eyes, or if it was just that we where both drunk, I leaned in and kissed her, full on the mouth. I was surprised when she returned the kiss, I could feel my heart pounding in chest as we shared the most intimate moment at least until clarity hit us both. What was happening? She pulled away quickly, pulled herself off the bed, and made her way staggering towards the door.

"Wait... what just happened?"

"Nothing!" she replied quickly... "Just... nothing."

I pulled myself up and looked at her, my god she was gorgeous, perfectly curved, in every way, the way her breasts curve, her perfectly toned boy, her long legs... I could feel my self-being aroused by her, but I had to try to hold it in, I could not scare her away, after all, she was family.

Quickly I replied.

"I'm sorry; I didn't mean to do..."

"No! It's my fault...aww hell, what is wrong with me?"

I stood up off the bed as well as I could and walked to her, quickly I wrapped my arms around and tried to apologise for what happened, you can imagine my surprise when I felt her kissing my neck. I heard her whisper something into my ear, something that made me even more aroused.

"I can't hold myself, lets not tell anyone about this, ever."


Quickly she pulled off her dress and revealed her perfectly tanned body in brilliant white underwear; I felt her hands running up my body pulling up my thin dress. She most have known from the hot sun that I do not wear underwear, even panties. Quickly she threw my dress to the floor and began to kiss my neck as I worked her bra, it took only a matter of seconds before I released her amazing breasts, for a moment I was amazed at how she had no tan lines, even when she pulled down her panties, no a single sign of a tan line. My god she was perfect, her dark red hair perfectly highlighted her amazing tan; I pulled her down on the bed on top of me as we kissed passionately while my hands ran down her amazing body to grab her ass. She felt as tight and firm as she looked, I felt her hands move up my inner thigh and push my legs open as her hand slowly moved over my soaking pussy, her long fingers pushed deep inside me, as she looked deep into my eyes with a very sensual smile. Slowly she pushed her fingers in and out of me as her lips moved down my body to my tits, her tongue rolled over my painfully erect nipples as she pushed her hand in and out of my bringing me to an orgasm quickly. Almost immediately, she moved down to my pussy and began to lick up my juices cleaning me inside and out, I jumped for a moment at the first feel of her wet tongue inside me.

Quickly she moved around and pressed her shaven pussy into my lips as she began to work on my pussy, I could smell her wetness as I pushed my tongue deep inside her.

WE spent the night together, and managed to spend all the time together we could until I left for home. However, it was not the last we have seen of each other, we... play on web cams, sent photos to each other from time to time. In addition, she's planning to over to England in a few months, but the mean time, she sent me some very... personal pictures...

Wanna see?

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wow, unexpected you were a female. just wow

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