tagIncest/TabooTwo Fantasies Become 1 Reality

Two Fantasies Become 1 Reality


I always came home from clubbing horny wanting to wank but this time was different. Tonight I had been showing my sister around the new town I'd moved too after buying my first flat and taken her clubbing with me. It was 3:30 am and we were in my lounge both pissed and just about ready for bed. I looked at my sister Lisa as she spoke to me. She was 23 with fake blonde hair and a size 12. She was wearing a sexy plain black strappy top which showed off her 34b tits without being too tarty, a short white skirt with one of those big silver belts that's the fashion at the moment topped off with knee eye black leather boots. It was then that I realised she would be the subject off my wanking tonight and not the whores from the club.

"So are you getting me water of what?" Lisa asked bringing me out of my trance. "Sure" I replied and when to the kitchen.

"Your computer is still on, I'll turn it off for you. I know how noisy these can be and as your sleeping in here tonight I don't want to being kept awake." I didn't that any notice as I was busy recalling how long it had been since I had wanked off to here. Must have been 4 years I finally decided. I picked up the water and moved back into the lounge to be met my Lisa watching one of my porn downloads on real player.

"I thought I'd see what music you had on here but when I opened it this started" Lisa reached out and took the water off me" "It looks much more interesting, What's CFNM mean?" She turned to look at me again. On the screen was indeed a CFNM video- it was called "caught in the sunroof".

"Erm... It means Clothed Female nude male, it's mostly around women taking advantage of naked men."

"Sounds like fun" she said with a giggle. We drank the water and watched the four parts to the video as the man testing the car with his wife is caught ogling the sales ladies cleavage and ends up caught in the sun roof and being wanked and humiliated by his wife and the saleslady and finally a passer by. It rains on him and he's called a pervert and eventually cums over the steering wheel.

"That was awesome. It looks so much fun and such a turn on." Lisa said with a big smile. "You got more?" I managed to nod. "Show me your favourite". I gulped as I realised my favourites all involved sisters and mums wanking their brother or son off often together.

"MY favourite isn't in video form. Only pictures I'm afraid."

"Well show me then bro" she insisted. I opened the PowerPoint document I kept it in and clicked start slideshow.

She laughed when the first slide came up and read the title out loud.

"Caught sniffing panties, ha, men are such perverts. The one on the left looks a bit like me don't you think?" She did indeed, the next slide was the scenario about how the two girl flat mates returned home to catch their landlord sniffing one of their pair of knickers (the one who looked like Lisa as it happened), and threaten to tell the police until they realise they can have their wicked way with him. Lisa laughed as she read out select phrases ""Yeah you fucking pervert, what are those? Are those my fucking panties?" You can start by stripping off you sick fuck, The landlord was our bitch!" "This stuffs great" Lisa exclaimed. She watched as one of the girls wanked him off into her knickers before they made him wear them and wrote the website name on his chest in lipstick.

"So you're really into this stuff hey, any thing like this ever happen to you?" she asked.

"Only in my head"

"My landlord's a women so can't see it happening to me soon." She laughed.

Before I had the chance to stop myself I was already speaking the dangerous words.

"It's probably the beer talking but I was planning on wanking off once you'd gone to bed." I paused for breath and Lisa turned to look at me eyebrows raised.

"Go on, I'm listening."

"Well, obviously you wouldn't have to.... You know.... Cos that would be wrong... but I was...."

"Get on with it Gary" Lisa said her arms and legs were folded as she looked at me.

"We could role-play a CFNM scenario... me and you.... You said yourself your landlords a woman so you'd be unlikely to have a go and that it looked fun." She gave nothing a way with her face and she looked at me for what felt an age. She turned and glanced at the screen at the guy wearing the spunky knickers and girls laughing at him. She returned to look at me.

"The knickers I wore on the long sweaty train ride here are in my black bag in the end pocket. Perhaps you want to go check my room is ok and I'll be up in a minute." She looked my hard in the eyes. I couldn't say anything and walked up stairs. In her bag I found the knickers. My heart was racing. They were black satin affect bikini style and indeed they were hot and sweaty. I picked them up and brought them to my nose and inhaled deeply. He smell was heavenly and my cock instantly started straining against my trousers. The door flew open

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?! Are those my knickers? Have I just caught my big brother sniffing my dirty knickers?" Lisa finished her tirade with her hands on her hips looking very cross. I just blinked at her, her knickers still at my nose.

"Well start explaining then bro". That confirmed it, we weren't role-playing landlord and tenant this was brother and sister.

I lowered the knickers and looked at the floor as I bashfully tried to explain myself.

"I was just doing some washing and was seeing what I could wash for you."

"Bollocks, its 4 in the morning, you thought you'd sneak in here and get your jollies with my knickers whilst I was in the bathroom didn't you. You were probably going to sneak them to your room and sniff them whilst you mastibated weren't you? Well there is no chance of that now" she stormed across the room and snatched the knickers off me. "I'm calling our parents to tell them what a pervert you are."

I looked up at her.

"You can't do that, they'll disown me, please don't. I'm sorry I'll make it up to you."

"Really and how do you propose to do that you sicko?"

My mind was racing, I really couldn't tell if this was role-play or if she'd been testing me and was actually shocked that I'd taken the trick bait.

"I'll do anything you want, lend you money, my car whatever."

"You'd lend me your car? Hmmm" Lisa knew how much my car meant to me, "You must be desperate to keep this between ourselves mustn't you, you little pervert. Lets see how desperate shall we. Take off you clothes."

I looked at her and she raised her knickers again so I could see them. I nodded and slowly stripped to my boxer shorts and Lisa twirled her knickers on the end of finger.

"I can't believe my big brother's been sniffing my knickers, if you'd have been 14 or something I might have thought it cute but at your age it's sick. And the boxers I want you naked."

I took my boxers off and my erection pointed at my sister. She walked around me slowly and deliberately looking at my body.

"Oh dear, I think this makes it worse. IF you had a weedy body with a small dick I might have felt sorry for you but you should be able to have real girl fun looking like that instead of incestuous panty fun. Oh dear. Get down on the floor and start kissing my feet and begging and don't you dare look up my little skirt." I did as I was told and could hear Lisa chuckling to herself.

"I don't see why I should forgive a little pervert like you." She pushed me over and I fell back. "Lie flat on your back arms by your side. Now a test for you bro. I will walk slowly over you and stop legs apart over your head for a little bit. I know doubt that if you looked up you'd have an amazing view of my clubbing knickers, which are a damn sight sexier, then those you found so interesting in my bag. Trouble is you're going to have your eyes closed and aren't allowed to open them or touch your cock. Understood?"

I nodded and closed my eyes. She walked slowly and I felt each foot deliberately touch the side of my body so I knew how close she was to my head. She put each foot to my ear and then separated each foot slowly. It then when quiet. The temptation was amazing. My cock throbbed. I held on for as long as I could and opened my eyes. I could see right up her skirt at some beautiful bright yellow lacy thong knickers. The gusset looked damp and hot it and her legs long and sexy. God it what hot. Then the front of the skirt moved and Lisa was leaning forward and waving a finger at me.

"You're peeking, naughty naughty." She bend at the knees and slowly lowered herself so that her gusset stayed in view until it sat bare on my chest. She smiled at me and before suddenly slapping me hard around the face with one hand and digging her nails into my cock with the other hand. I yelped.

"I told you not to look." She stood up and dragged me up my ear and bent me over so my arse was up in the air. She took her big silver belt off and began to spank me slowly with it.

"Was it worth the peek big brother?"


"I thought so, my you are a pervert. Admitting that to me, what else will you admit? Would you have wanked off with those knickers if I hadn't have caught you?" smack.


"Would you have sniffed the crotch and licked at my juices?" smack


"Have you sniffed any of my knickers before?" smack

"Yes, I've stolen a few and wank with them sometimes." Damn, I shouldn't have admitted that!

"Really, describe the ones you now own." Smack.

"A pale blue lacy pair like what you're wearing now, a light purple bikini silky pair and a pink sheer thong." What was I doing?!!

"I have owned and wondered where knickers like that have gone, now I know." Smack smack smack.

"You really are the sickest pervert I now. I bet you'd love to bed me over this bed and fuck me wouldn't you?"

"God yeah" I muttered under my breath. Smack

"Tell me properly so I can here you."

"Lisa my gorgeous little sister, I would really love to bend you over this bed right now and fuck you hard up your arse and cum all over your pretty face." I said it in my horniest voice and looked her straight in the eyes. She looked at me for a while then shook her head in disgust."

"You are unbelievable, what a pervert. That's just wrong and sick." Smack smack smack smack. My eyes watered. The she roughly pulled me back onto the floor. She put the pillow under my head and layed the black knickers on my tummy gusset folded upwards. She knelt knees either side of my thighs, skirt riding up to expose her lacy yellow knickers, I noticed the absence of any sign of pubic hair. She grabbed by dick with her right hand and held it firmly.

"Can you see ok loser? Can you seem your cock in my little hand and my panties on show for you?" I nodded. I couldn't believe she was holding my cock; this also wasn't in the plan.

"This is all your getting and you better be bloody grateful."

With that she started wanking me off. I was hypnotised by this awesome sight I had fantasised about so much. Me completely naked, my little sister fully clothed in sexy skirt and top, sexy knickers on show wanking me, She put a lot of effort in, she twisted both ands around my cock really working it and slowly spat on my cock to make it shiny a few times. I knew I wouldn't last long and as my orgasm started to build Lisa looked up from my cock with a smirk on her face.

"Pathetic, I knew you wouldn't last long, start begging me to make you cum or I'll stop"

"You can't stop! I need this so much, this is my best sexual experience ever!" She laughed.

"Is that because of the actual hand job or who's giving then?"


"Good." With that is increased her efforts using only her right hand, her left brought the knickers to the end of my cock. She was going to make me cum into them. That was it for me, the orgasm hit and it was huge. I don't think I've produced more cum in one go. She milked my cock until I'd completely finished and wiped her hand on the knickers. She stood up leaving them on my tummy. I watched her pull her skirt back into position.

"You know what to do with them, put them on!"

I stood up and looked at the spunky knickers. Hardly any had sunk into the fabric. I looked at.

"Do it" She had her arms folded and looked cross again. I slowly put them on and felt the spunk held tightly between the fabric and my semi hard cock.

"Do a little turn" I did and saw Lisa smile at the sight of me in her spunky panties. She reached into her bag and pulled out her lipstick and walked towards me. She wrote "sicko loser pervert" then drew and arrow towards my groin and wrote "my sister's knickers".

She stood to admire her work.

"I'm bored of you, go to bed." With that she showed me the door and I went to my bed still wearing the knickers and my head spinning.

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