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Two Girls Having Fun


This is my very first story ever that I guess is supposed to be erotic or nasty or whatever. Funny but the second story I ever wrote got posted and my first story got rejected, not once but twice!

I almost gave up and deleted this but then I got mad and by golly I will get it posted if it takes me the rest of my life!

I don't know how I let my friend Lee talk me into trying to write this in the first place, but I promised her I would try so I will.

This story is more about her than me, because it was the first time I ever did anything really naughty in my entire life.

I don't have any idea at all how to describe sex and things like that so I will just say what happened, at least that is what Lee told me to do.

The letting guys look part was what struck me about what happened, the sex part was just sex and not anything special, so I guess this catagory fits best.

My name is Sally, I am in charge of a local Health Clinic. Lee was one of the two Doctors on staff. The other Doctor is Dan and he is a bit of a jerk. A cute jerk but yes a jerk. I know that Lee and Dan used to fiddle around at the clinic, Dan always left me alone though.

Lee and I got to be fast friends. In fact I sit here in her house, I rent it from her.

Lee took off with a new man after her hubby died, that didn't go too well. Now she is back East someplace getting ready to ship out as a medical volunteer overseas for god's sakes. (Actually she got there but something happened with one of the other teams so she is back in Germany, I got an phone call, then an email from her.)

I tried to talk her out of going off to some crazy foreign Country but no luck, Lee is stubborn on top of everything else. Funny, I noticed one thing. She was happy the last week she was here, all week. So maybe, who knows? I guess if it makes her settle down, it's worth it. Meanwhile, I promised her I would write this so here goes.

And this is my third attempt, my first one got rejected, I guess it wasn't good enough. Then my second try got rejected. Goddam it, I told her I didn't know how to write this shit. So I rewrite it and take out some mispelled words and some references that are maybe too private and here I try again. I swear, it's worse than when I was in college with that butthead Samuels I had for an English teacher. hehe.

I am conservative and a little bit on the big side where Lee is always skinny, too skinny in fact. That was part of what started this night I am telling about. I just wanted to get some food in her.

I already knew that Lee took streaks of being naughty, she wore clothes with little or nothing underneath and it is obvious. Sure enough, out she comes with her mipples poking out the front of one of those filmy blouses she wears.

The main trouble with Lee is her moods, she goes from one mood to the other sometimes so fast that all any of us can do is look at her in shock. I finally sat her down one day and told her flat out what I was seeing, prescribed some medication and got her to seeing one of the staff therapists. When she is down she will cry at anything and she even looks different, small and dumpy somehow. Then by the next day she is hot looking and nasty, I have even had to tell her to cool it a little when some of her male patients come out grinning a bit too much. But I like her, she is daffy and fun and I guess I missed out on a lot of fun in my own life.

Then there is me. I have been married twice, the first time I was 18 and I thought everything was wonderful. I remember I knew I had to take my clothes off with him and it wasn't easy. I barely got my panties off that night and he had it stuck in me, that hurt then felt good. I wanted it to last a lot longer but it didn't. It never did. I tried to cuddle up hoping he would do it some more but he just fell asleep. That became normal to me.

Then after we broke up from him spending every dime on booze and old motorcycles my folks put me through College. I learned a lot doing that. As soon as I graduated I got space in a clinic, my own practice. What I got out of that was several hundred thousand dollars into debt and every day another pile of bills and forms came in to deal with so I went to work for a local medical outfit. That was better since now there was staff to do all those damned forms.

During that whole time, I guess over 10 years, I only dated 3 or 4 times. None of them lasted more than a few weeks. I let one man do me at my house and he was just like Dave, my first husband. I knew by then there was more but I wasn't finding it so I mostly worked like a damn dog. That moved me up pretty fast, doctors change jobs a lot so there was lots of opportunity.

Then I got married again but that lasted just weeks. He was John, and he went from a nice guy who cared to a guy who thought he owned me outright. I found the needles he was using to stick our money in his arm and that was it, he was outa there.

Then I met Lee and we clicked and spent a lot of time together, she is everything I am not. Lee is pretty blunt about sex, one day I was over at her house and Lee was sipping that Bailey's. Her husband was there his name was Ted, he was this hunky looking guy that you couldn't miss in a room. Big and rugged looking, but like a fuzzy kitten inside though. First time I saw him I got all warm feeling inside, he shook my hand, those hands wrapped around mine like I was a tiny doll and I am kinda big. I think I stood there looking stupid as he looked at me.

I remember Lee was rambling on later, she described him perfectly. "He makes you feel like you are stark naked in a crowded room and everybody loves it!"

Yea. That gets pretty close. Later that evening Lee piped up and told me I should let Ted fuck me, "He will show you something." But all that did was embarass the hell out of me while her guy just grinned at me. I am pissed at myself for not going for it, but I didn't and I should have. A couple years later he was dead and I missed out I know that sounds stupid but it's true. I would do it in a minute knowing what I know now. That guy was a hunk! Lee turned into a piece of shit for awhile after that, we all had to watch her constantly.

One day about 3 months ago after we were done at work I asked Lee to go out with me for dinner. So we went to a place she knew of. They had a band in the back where there was a bar, the bar was funny because it was one of those standup bars, there were no stools. Well, I am 36 and Lee is 51 and no way were we going to stand there and drink so we found a table over by the wall. Lee ordered her usual Bailey's and Coffee and I had a screwdriver, we were on about number 3 and we were laughing and giggling and having a good time.

There were a bunch of men standing up at the bar, dressed in what we called "Car salesmen pretending to be executives" outfits. God we laughed at that one, men can be such jerks. Like we can't see right through their crap.

I saw Lee reach up and absentmindedly flip a button on her blouse. I don't know where she gets those things but she must have a hundred different colored ones that are so thin you can see right through them. Opening that button put the gap all the way to below her boobs. Lee has small tits but they have big dark nipples and I could see them from where I was right at the table. So I knew all the men standing up across the room could too.

It didn't take very long and we had guys standing by our table buying drinks. Lee always complained that she isn't pretty but she has an exotic look about her that just reeks sex. I think she has no idea even though I have told her and so have a bunch of others, it just doesn't sink in. So she tops off that natural bait with being naughty. And oh, can she be naughty!

So these guys are standing there trying to worm their way around to get in position to look down Lee's shirt. Lee is squirming around acting like nothing is going on with her boobs popping in and out of view. She sure is good at that. How she twitches her shoulder and makes her blouse move I don't know but it sure drives guys crazy.

Of course I got nice sized boobs but with that going on and me wearing a top with a bra I was getting ignored. I leaned over and whispered to her, "What the fuck are you up to?"

She just snickered at me, "Driving these guys nuts, go lose your bra!"

I looked, she was drunk as a skunk, elbow on the table, one boob hanging out in space. I had one guy damn near on my shoulder trying to get a better look. I was actually leaning forward from him damn near on my back.

I thought about it, took a big pull off my Vodka and got up. In the lady's room I took a good look at me, there is only about 10 pounds extra on me and it is nice and spread out, plus my 36C chest is nice and firm although I wish I had big black nipples like Lee instead of my soft pink ones.

I stuck my bra in my purse, looked in the mirror, I could just barely see my nipples through my pullover top. I made a mental note to wear a buttonup blouse next time, and I started to head for the door.

"Oh, what the hell." I thought, I stepped in one of the stalls and dropped my panties and nylons. It did dawn on me that I was drunk too but by now I didn't give a fuck. Besides, deep down I wanted those guys to pay attention to me too!

I rolled the top of the skirt a couple of times, got it about 2" above my knee.

"Let's see Lee top this one" I thought, since she had on slacks.

I headed back to our table, as I passed the bar I was sure several sets of eyes followed me. That made me a little fuzzy feeling and my breath jerked a bit knowing they could see my boobs in the light. I was glad it was dark as I resisted the urge to bring my arms up to cover my tits. I know I flushed but I just stuck them out and walked like I owned the goddam place.

At the table there were two different guys now trying everything they could to pick Lee up. Lee was having none of that but she was having a ball driving them nuts.

Then I was getting attention too and it was fun. Not like me at all, besides these guys were kids to us.

I spotted one man sitting alone by himself about 20 feet away. He was older, maybe 45-50 or so and one of those types that get a woman's attention. He was looking at me and his eyes knew everything, I think I blushed. I was pretty sure he could see most of the way up my skirt, and I started to get wet at the idea.

I was just trying to get up enough nerve to open my legs a little when here he came. He walked right by the guys standing there, smiled at me "Would you honor me with a dance?"

I almost refused. Unexpected, men don't ask me to dance a lot.

Lee was pushing, "Go on, go on!" damn her. Bitch! Hell, no one else was out on the dance floor, I would be out there in plain sight with my boobs sticking out and no way to hide. Lee knew that, too.

I got up with a struggle, the guy takes me in his arms gently and we slide around the floor. I am no great shakes dancing but he wasn't either, no matter. I was close enough to feel his heat without actually touching him, his hand was sideways on my back. A damn gentleman.

He took me back to my seat, thanked me and went and sat back down. Every time I looked up he was looking at me I thought but it was just dark enough it was tough to tell. Then it hit me he could probably see shadows up my dress that were darker than they should be hehehe.

I tried to open my legs some to let him look without being obvious about it but other guys kept getting between us trying to peek at Lee who now had one boobie hanging out plain as day.

Told you she is naughty. I never have known why guys go nuts over a nipple but they do.

Lee leaned over to me, "I think someone likes you!" with a giggle.

Then here the guy came again. "I am Sally." I told him as he took me in his arms.

"I am Len." he replied. As we danced we bumped together a couple of times, finally I just let myself slip in and press against him. I have danced with men a few times like that, not many, but my boobs were bare under my top this time, that is a new sensation let me tell you. I was glad it was dark because I actually felt a drop of moisture slip down my leg, I could feel this guys dick plain as day and it was pretty much up and ready to go. I was getting all messed up and I was sorry the dance ended even though he stepped on my feet a couple of times.

We got back to the table, Lee was talking to one of the men, the others had drifted away defeated. She introduced him as Hugo while I just hung onto Len's hand and he just stood there. I figured something was going to happen, I just wasn't sure what.

Hugo had a bit of an Hispanic look to him but no accent. And he was cute.

We all chatted for awhile then Lee wanted to go. As we were getting up, Len took my hand and said, "May I join you?"

So nice and polite, but I got the drift. I glanced at Lee, she was waiting. "OK" I said, impulse.

Lee turned to Hugo, said, "Coming?", he smiled and off we went.

Lee's house is way out in the hills east, mine is way out past town the other way. We all piled in my Van, "Where to?" I asked.

Len said, "I have a home that is close."

Off we went. Len's place was nice, but conservative, he put on some music, mixed some drinks that none of us needed or even really touched. There was some kind of electricity in the air, I was wondering what was going to happen or how?

Then Lee, she got up, and started dancing to the music. Lee moves well, she is thin and sexy and she seemed to be in some kind of other world. I got up and joined her. Lee turned to me, her blouse was undone all the way. Then she slid that off, smiled at me. My hands came up all by themselves and I lifted my top over my head. We danced like that for a long time, then Lee reached for her belt. I knew and just gave in, I slid my skirt down my hips, now dancing naked, just like Lee was. I was almost startled, Lee has a wad of flesh between her legs sticking out, even standing up she has no place to hide that. I just have a big bush that I don't bother to trim since I wouldn't be caught dead in a bikini.

It was almost like Len and Hugo weren't there, they just sat on the couch and watched us. That was fun, being naked and dancing naughty in front of strange men, I was beginning to understand the kick Lee got out of it.

I felt hands on me, turned, it was Len, his lips came to meet mine. I reached and felt him, eager. I reached out and got my purse, pulled a handful of condoms out, handed one to Lee. I watched as Lee rolled the condom onto Hugo with her lips, she had done that before I realized, as I fumbled trying to roll the thing on Len. I managed to tear the first one so he finally reached down and helped me. His thing had a big knob on the end I had seen them like that but never had one in my hands it was kinda neat to grab it and play with it.

Then for the first time in my entire life, I felt a man go in me, a stranger, the first time a total stranger. Always before it was date date date, pet, then finally. It didn't last long but a lot longer than I ever remember, and I orgasmed nicely as Len pumped away at me on the couch. He was big enough to fill me without hurting, it was nice.

We rested for awhile, I had left the packet of condoms on the table. I saw Hugo, his thing sticking straight up again, rolling one on himself. It hit me that he was going to be able to do it again. Then Len reached for one too.

I waited, wanting to watch, I had been so busy I hadn't really seen them. I had never watched people have sex before. But Hugo came over to me!

I thought of resisting since I maybe had said 20 words to him. But he stuck his face between my legs and I let them fall open, leaning back with a gasp. My first time with some guy's mouth on my puss, I had heard and read about it but nobody had ever really tried that before except my husband Dave and he kept nipping me.

Damn that felt good, my little knob felt like it was huge, Hugo actually grabbed it with his lips and worked them back and forth sideways somehow. Then he was in me and pumping away just like that.

I heard the sounds as Lee and Len went at it. It lasted a long time longer than with Len then darned if I didn't have another nice orgasm way better than I can do to myself.

But I still didn't get to watch, so while Hugo was slowing down I cocked my head at Len and Lee. His bare butt was hairy and it was going up in the air and then down. I managed to stifle a laugh, that looked so funny with Lee's skinny legs spread out wide, her knees pulled up halfway to her chin. Her face was all screwed up, you would think she was in agony.

It was hours later, Lee and I were headed back to get her car. "What do you think?" she asked me.

"I think my life just got changed." I told her.

Oh Lee called this morning, she is back in Germany. I told her I wrote a story, but got one rejected and one posted. She says she will go find a Cafe or library because the people she is with are all part of a stuckup group and would get pissed if she went to a porn site.

That is funny, I wonder if they have any idea at all what they have with them? hehehe

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