tagLesbian SexTwo Girls Having Fun Ch. 1

Two Girls Having Fun Ch. 1


I get out of my car, straighten my short black dress and smooth down my hair. I start walking to her door, the cool night air making my nipples hard. It also makes my pussy wet, because I am wearing no panties and the cool air feels refreshing, breezing up my dress.

I reach Ashley's door and ring the doorbell. In a few seconds she opens the door with a huge smile on her face. My mouth drops as I see her standing there so beautiful and sexy.

We walk inside and I sit on the couch as she spins around slowly for me to check out every inch of her nakedness. My eyes start at her perfect little toes and continuing up her long, firm, slender, tan legs, then to her round firm ass. I run my eyes up her smooth back, and then I ask her to turn around.

Ashley turns around and I look into her beautiful green cat eyes, then my eyes stroll down her face to her red, pouty lips. My eyes continue exploring her luscious body...moving down to her breasts. They are small, but that's just the way I like them. The nipples are so big and they are hard. I think about how good it will feel to have them in my mouth.

I walk over to her and let my eyes roam down her flat stomach. Her legs are together so I can't see her pussy lips very well, but I see that she has shaved bare for me tonight.

When I get to her, I touch her cheek lightly, and we begin to kiss. It's a soft, gentle kiss. Ashley takes me by the hand and leads me into her bedroom. She begins unzipping my dress and she lets it fall to the floor.

I step out of the dress and climb onto the bed. I notice that she has a strap-on laying on the table beside the bed. I look back at her and she winks.

I tell her to lay on the bed, so she does. I kiss her forehead. Then I kiss her nose and cheeks. I move my lips over hers and we begin to kiss.

One of my hands begins caressing her breasts. Pulling and twisting the hard nipple. We slowly begin to grind our pussies against each other. I started to think that this was going to be one amazing night.

I remove my lips from hers and kiss slowly and gently down her neck till I reach her breasts. She is breathing deeply, causing her little breasts to move up and down. I lick all around the hard little nipple. Then I finally take it into my mouth. A little gasp escapes from her.

I suck hard on her nipple, occasionally nibbling it. My other hand runs between her legs. I can feel the heat off her pussy. When I reach her pussy lips, I feel the wetness of her. She is so wet. I can't wait to taste her so I lightly trace over her body with my tongue until I reach the wet pussy.

I put her legs over my shoulders and I begin kissing her thighs, getting as close as I can without touching her pussy. She starts whimpering.

Finally, I lick quickly over her hard little clit. She moans loudly and tells me that she wants more. That's all the invitation that I need.

I use my fingers and pull her wet pussy lips apart. I slip one finger inside her and pull it out. I reach up to her mouth and she sucks on my finger, tasting her own juices.

I slide my tongue deep into pussy. I lick up and down the wet slit. It tastes so good. She is so sweet. I lick her hard little clit. I suck and nibble on it gently. Then I insert 3 fingers into her pussy. I move them in and out hard and fast.

She is screaming, telling me to fuck her faster. Telling me that she is about to cum. I know what she wants, so I keep fucking her pussy with my fingers, and I start to suck on her asshole.

Then she screams out, her pussy clinches my fingers, and she cums. Her juices keep flowing and flowing. After a few more spasms of her pussy. I remove my fingers, and clean them off.

I climb up to her and ask her if she is alright. She replies that she is. Then gets a wicked smile across her face and says, "The night is young, and it's your turn for pleasure now."

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