tagIncest/TabooTwo Guys, A Girl And A Pizza.

Two Guys, A Girl And A Pizza.


Liz is on her last pizza run for the night. She's trying to be a good delivery girl cause she's helping her dad out at his pizzeria. His regular driver called in sick and being a good daughter, she took his place.

Her ambition is to be a model, if she was taller, or an actress, if she had talent, but basically she just works on her tan. She rings the doorbell and looks up from her pizza cozy as it opens. A tall, dark and handsome Latin guy in his early twenties stands there. He knows he's good looking but never flaunts it. She stammers, coughs, then clears her throat, and starts over.

"Pineapple and Ham extra cheese."

"That's me."

He smiles giving her the perfect opportunity to say something smart-ass. It crosses her mind but instead pulls the pizza out of the warming cozy and hands him the pizza box. She plays with her bleached blond ponytail that sticks out of her baseball cap.

She sees someone walk out from the kitchen to the door. She does a double take and thinks she's seeing double. A mirror image of the athletic tan Adonis walks up to his twin.

"You got extra cheese, right."


Liz searches her mind for an icebreaker. She sees the basketball hoop in the driveway.

"How much do we owe you?"

"Double or nothing." She says with a smirk.

They guys look at each other with question marks on their faces.

"What?" they both say in unison.

"I'll shoot you hoops for the pizza. If I win you pay double for it, if you win, you get it for free." Liz explains.

"You got deal there, girly."

"I'm Liz, the girly who's going to beat you."

"I'm Connor and this is my brother Scott. Which one of us do you want to take on?"

"Both of you. We'll play a game of cat."

"But won't you get fired for not delivering?"

"This I was my last stop. I'm off now."

"Cool. So any trick shots go?" asks Scott.

"Sure, but no dunking."

Connor sets the pizza on the counter then grabs the basketball. He tosses it to the spunky spitfire. She dribbles through her legs with ease then calls the shot.

"Left handed hook from three-point land."

She does her version of the left-handed sky-hook and makes the shot with a swish.

The boys look at each other and laugh. She hands Scott the ball. He hits the rim and ball bounces off and out. Connor tries and it's an air ball.

"You guys got C's," she boasts.

She takes the ball calls her shot, "Right handed hook for three."

She stands on the three-point line and makes her shot. The boys aren't used to hook shots from that distance.

"An A for you and an A for you. Reverse left handed lay-up." She calls.

She takes the ball and drives to the net. Liz dribbles between her legs and spins at the backboard underneath the basket. She trades hands and does the reverse left-handed lay-up. She puts her finger to her butt cheek and makes a sizzle sound.

Connor tells his brother, "Just pay her the money."

"You're ambidextrous aren't you?" asks Scott.

"I can do anything with both hands."

"I find that hard to believe." Says Scott.

"I smell a bet here." She smirks.

"Double or nothing." Inquires Scott.

"Name it."

"I'll bet you can't..." Scott stops.

"Can't what?" She asks.

"No, I better not say." He blushes.

"Come on you nasty boy, what were you thinking."

"Nothing." He says.

"I'll bet you think I can't jerk you two off at the same time. I'll I bet can get the two of you to cum at the same time." She proudly states.

"What are we betting for?" asks Connor.


"What?" Both together.

"If I win, you two have to be my slaves tonight. If you win I'll do anything you ask." She tells them.

"You have a bet."

The three of them go inside and she sits in the middle of the couch.

"Okay boys, take off your clothes."

In a Flash she watches the Statues of David pull off their tees in one motion and pull down their jeans. They toss off their Nikes and MJ socks and stand there in their boxers, albeit Connor has on a pair of "Sponge Bob Square Pants smoking a joint" briefs to his slight embarrassment and to his brothers taunting. She waits to see the main attraction.

The tanned brothers look at each other to see who pulls down first. They nod and they pull them down together. Two gorgeous half-stiff cocks appear to her dreams delight. She loves to masturbate while thinking of fat pricks and big balls and she's going to memorize these two for later reference. Her pussy floods her panties with cunt juice and the thought of having both pricks in her hands sends the second flood.

"Where's your turbo jar of Vaseline?" She asks.

"In the bathroom, I'll get it," says Scott.

"No, you boys sit down and save room for me in the middle. I'll get the lube."

She finds the bathroom and checks the drawers for any sign of girlfriend pussy products. She finds an assortment of fresh toothbrushes and a few boxes of flavored douches. She gets the jar of Vaseline and heads back to the living room. The boys sit there watching sports center.

"If you boys think you can watch sports scores and that will keep you from squirting, you have another thing coming."

She turns off the TV and turns on the stereo. She finds her favorite station. Rock music thunders from the speakers. She tosses the jar to Connor then begins to dance for the naked boys. All those years at the Bob Fosse academy of dance pay off in spades, or shall we say, pricks. Her moves are as smooth as silk and she adds stripper steps to her jazz dance. The boys see part cheerleader, part stripper, part showgirl and their growing cocks show their appreciation.

She looks at their erect cocks standing proud for her and more marinate drench her silkies. She lifts off her tee a bit showing off her flat sexy stomach. She lifts some more and shows the tanned bottom of her rather big for her size tits. The boys know that something heavenly awaits as soon as the curtain rises some more. She caresses her stomach as she rocks her hips. The music gets a little wilder and she throws her head back. Her hands go under her breasts and she and cups them.

The boys watch intensely wishing their hands were under her breasts. She dances and her hands go under the tee and hiding from view. The boys know she's squeezing her boobs under that tee. She pouts her lips and coos and the boys can see that her fingers went to her nipples. She looks at their cocks making sure they know what she's looking at.

She licks her lips then slowly raises the tee. The boys watch as more breasts appear. The tee shirt barely covers her nipples. She shows her pink as a kittens tongue areola then lifts the tee to show the boys her nipples. Her beautiful brown tits say hello to the boys. She tosses off her tee shirt and throws it at the boys. It lands on Connor's face and he sniffs the perfume from her tee then sets it aside to watch more of her show.

She cups her tits and rolls her shoulders to the music. She squeezes them together and pinches her nipples. She pushes her tit up and lowers her head with tongue stretched. She manages a feat men love to see. She licks her nipple like she's done in the privacy of her bedroom. She lifts her head and smiles at the entranced handsome young men.

"Do you like my tits, boys?"

A question that needs no answer and she keeps dancing. She unbuttons her cutoffs and unzips them. She shows off her black panties. She spins around to the guitar lead then stands in front of the boys. Her hand goes into her panty and the expression of her face is pure orgasmic.

She twiddles her clit and huffs out air. Her hand disappears deeper and her eyes close and mouth opens in a silent ooh. Her eyes bat as she catches her breath and pulls out a wet finger. She leans over the boys and puts her finger in Scott's mouth. He sucks her pussy juice off her finger. Not to forget Connor, her hand goes for more juicy treasure. She pulls out her wet finger and feeds him her nectar. He sucks with great pleasure.

She pulls down her jean cutoffs and kicks them to the couch. The boys scramble to grab the cutoffs to sniff them and Scott wins. Just in her wet lacy back Trashy Lingerie panties, her sneakers, and socks, she dances like a go-go dancer in a cage at the club. Liz turns her back to the boys then pulls her panties up to hide the crotch between her buttocks. She pulls some more and bends over to show the boys her panties are now up her cunt.

She plays a game of slip and slide the panty in her crotch. She teases like a porn star and the boys love the peep show. She turns back around and faces the boys. She gives them a sexy smile then pulls her panties to her knees. There it is, the main attraction, with a faint wisp of dark pussy hair. Well, it's no secret who bleaches their blond locks. Her pussy is shaved around her cunt with her labia hidden like a shy girl. The cutest slit with baby camel toe mounds on each side glistens with moisture. She knows her pussy is gorgeous and looks delicious.

Her fingers go to her stomach and caress her abs in a rotating motion. Her other hand squeezes her boob as she pouts her sexy full lips. Her hand goes down her abs to the wispy little square of trimmed pussy hair. Her fingers play in the short curls as she stares at the boys who stare at her twat.

She walks her fingers to the top of her slit. Scotts cock throbs waiting to see penetration. Liz taps her slit to the music. Her finger pushes in-between the camel toe hiding the tip of her finger. She makes a sexy face Penthouse would love then slides the finger deep in her cunt. Both boys cocks throb to her delight. She bangs herself to the music then brings her pussy lips out of hiding. They're wet and pink as pink could be.

She pulls her panties all the way off her and tosses them to Connor. Connor puts the wet crotch in his mouth and sucks her fragrance from them. She sits on each side of the boys. She takes the jar of vas and slicks up both hands. When she feels she has a good coating of the slick stuff, she looks at the boys.

"Get ready boys, or should I say, slaves."

She grabs a thick cock in each hand. The boys loose their breath the moment they feel her hand wrap around their "hungry for touch" cocks. She strokes up their shafts and she does a half twist under their heads. Her thumbs do circles on their pee holes driving shivers through their bodies.

She strokes under their heads just a bit and adds a twist. Her thumbs go back to the top of their pricks and shows off her ambidextrous talent. Her thumbs make figure eight's in opposite directions.

She makes a circle with her thumb and forefinger like she's making the okay symbol. She places her hand on top of their pricks then squeezes her fingers down their heads. She knows that's the closes thing to breaching a pussy you can get. Their eyes roll to the back of their heads from the sensation. Their breathing becomes hard as their chest heave. She does it over and over while squeezing their cocks tight at the base just above their balls. She feels the need for fingers on her genitals.

"Play with my pussy."

The boys reach their hands down and now she has fingers galore caressing her cunt lips. They play with her clit and some fingers find her pussyhole.

"Oh fuck, that feels so fucking good." She says.

She strokes their cocks all the way to their balls and then back up their shafts. She gets into long cock strokes with caressing of the balls. The boys go to town with two fingers on her clit and two fingers in her cunt.

"Oh fuck, don’t you boys just love my cunt?"

The boys start breathing hard and she knows she has them. She strokes faster and making sure she touches the tip of their cocks and under their heads. She closes her eyes and starts breathing hard bringing herself to climax.

"I'm going to come." She tells them.

All three of them feel the tingling of impending climaxes. Sperm stirs in the boy's balls. Liz trembles and the boys feel it in her hands on their pricks. Liz arches her back and puffs air from her lungs. She squeezes their pricks and she ejaculates pussy G-juice high in air. The twins see this and they squirt sperm onto their chests. She squirts again seeing the boys come. Air explodes from all of their lungs at the same time and the three of them squirt together. White streams of sweet sperm and clear cunt ejaculate geyser high in the air. The twins finish their last squirts and Liz gives the boys of show of multiple orgasms.

Both her hands are dripping with hot cum and she puts her fingers in her mouth. She leans over to Connor and licks the sperm off his six-pack and chest. She purrs then moves to lick the sperm off of Scott. Her tongue plays in the ripples of his stomach abs. She slurps up his cum and the Adonis shivers. She sucks on his nipple then licks his chest. She sits back between them and rests.

"Well boys, or should I say, slaves. Looks like I won and you two have to do my bidding."

"Anything you want, gorgeous." Connor says.

"Soon as you boys catch your breath, I think it's going to be pussy eating time. You boys like to lick pussy, don’t you?"

"It's all I live for." Scott states.

"I love pussy and yours looks delicious." His brother says with a big smile on his handsome face.

"Good. Wait here."

She struts her totally tanned body into the bathroom. A few minutes later she comes out carrying two washcloths and a towel. One washcloth is saturated with soapy suds and the other one is wet with clean water. She tosses the soapy one to Connor and the wet one to Scott.

"Handsome, you wash my twat then my butt. You, Gorgeous, wipe the soap off me. Then both of you pat my rump and pussy dry."

She bends over with her tail in the air. She spreads her legs. Connor gets on his knees and scrubs her cunt with loving care.

He attends to every crevice and babies her pussy lips. She glistens with suds. He washes her butt and in-between her cheeks then drags his soapy fingers and cleans her popper. The tip of his finger touches her pursed hole and she coos with pleasure. He takes the washcloth and gives her brownie a scrub.

He backs away and Scott takes over gently wiping the soap off her cunt. Her foot stomps as he touches her clit with his finger. Like an archeologist on a precious dig, he cleans her pussy lips with extreme care. He wipes away imaginary suds off her perineum and she's clean enough to eat off of, or just plain eat. The twins pat her dry as to her instructions.

"Okay boys, pick a hole, but don’t worry, I'll be rotating you so you'll both get a shot with my hiney."

She gets on her hands and knees, arches her back, and sticks her butt high in the air. From this angle the boys can see that the sun has tanned every minute fraction of her skin. Connor goes to the right of her and kisses the inside of her thigh. Scott positions himself on the other side and kisses her butt cheek.

Their hands caress her legs and their mouths adore her bronzed flesh. Scott moves his lips closer to he third input while Connor kisses closer to her freshly cleaned cunt. Her breathing becomes deep waiting for two tongues in two holes. Scott takes the first dive and the tip of his tongue tickles her hiney hole. She squeals as a schoolgirl having her pigtails pulled. That was Connor's que to run his tongue across her labia.

"Oh fuck, babies." She hushes in a sexy tone.

Scott swishes his tongue in and around her pursed hole while Connor savors the taste of her pussy lips.

"I want two tongues in my cunt."

Connor crawls between her legs like a car mechanic on his back. She lowers her pussy onto his face. Scott attacks from around the top of her ass. Connor will make love to her clit and Scott will take pussyhole duties. The twins take their work very seriously. Scott's first taste of her pussy drives hot blood to his cock and it grows hard. He's in love with her flavor as he sucks her lips in his mouth.

Connor slides his tongue under her clit hood and the tip of his tongue touches her button and shivers run through her body. The twins bump heads and it's obvious they need her in a new position. She knows it too and tells her slaves what to do.

"Let me flip over, then you boys can resume."

She flips onto her back with her tits pointing up with nipples erect.

"Suck my nipples first, boys."

Each twin take a nipple in their mouth and sucks, licks, and kisses with lustful passion. She combs their hair with her hands while looking at two adoring Adonis' loving her nipples. The boys suckle like newborn wolf pups. She reaches underneath them and grabs their cocks. Both boys are hard and throbbing. She strokes them under their heads. The boys respond by caressing her breasts.

"Handsome, fuck my pussy with your big cock. Gorgeous, come over here and put your cock on my face."

She kicks her legs up and holds them behind her knee. Connor kisses the back of her silky thigh. She releases her hold on her legs and he takes them and spreads them. He dips his mouth to her lovely pussy and licks with a full broad tongue. Her labium gets bathed by his hot wet tongue. Her head rocks back with her eyes closed. He kisses her pussy then mounts her.

He guides his prick to her cunt. Their genitals say hello and he breaches her. She feels his head penetrate her twat and she gasps in delight. He pushes in some more then flexes his Kegel muscle. She lights up and opens her eyes.

"Oh you fucking nasty boy." She coos.

He pushes his cock all the way in her then moves to suck her tit. He engulfs a nipple while giving her his first hump. She feels his cock fill up her little pussy and a tremble shocks her system.

Scott moves to the side of her face. He strokes her hair out of the way so he doesn’t kneel on it.

He bends over her face and puts the tip of his cock on her lips. She hums with her lips vibrating his shaft. He swallows hard from the sensation. She grabs his prick and rubs her cheek with it. She turns her head and kisses his pee hole.

Clear sperm pools at his tip and she smears it on her lips then purrs like a kitten. She slips her tongue out and licks his head.

His fat dick throbs as she opens her mouth and sucks the tip in her mouth. Scott is in dreamland feeling her wet tongue dance under the head of his prick. His brother rides her twat with faster thrusts. Her legs thrash as she sucks with ravishing passion. Both boys tense up and she decides to slow it down.

"Stand up boys, I'm going to suck both your cocks."

The brothers stand up and Liz kneels in front of them. She grabs both their cocks and pulls the boys closer together. She presses her lips and kisses both tips. She opens her mouth and sucks on one then sucks on the other. Her tongue flicks across their pee holes. The boys shudder as a rush of ecstasy streaks through their bodies. She sucks on their tips with just her lips.

Liz pulls back and strokes the boys. She goes to one and licks his balls then moves to the sibling. Her tongue plays up and down their shafts bringing clear sperm to their tips. Her eyes grow big seeing the delicious pre-sperm. She paints her lips with the cum then sucks the juice of life in her mouth. Her pussy dips from her own womanly lube and she needs a double dip.

She gets up and grabs the Vaseline. She lubes up both boys giving them a thick film of slick. She lies down on the carpet on her side. She lifts one leg in the air.

"Okay boys, pick a hole."

Scott jumps to the front to get some fucking sweet pussy. Connor takes the backdoor with a smile on his face. Scott breaches her cunt with the tip of his cock. She smiles feeling his prick throb. He pulls out then pushes all the way in her. He fills her up to her delight. Connor guides his boy to her popper shoot. He wipes some of the lube off his cock and covers her pursed canvas. He does a little finger painting on her winkie. She turns her head back to him and blows him a kiss. He pushes his little finger in her and she gives up a little yelp.

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