tagIncest/TabooTwo Moms, Two Laps: Movie Night

Two Moms, Two Laps: Movie Night

byTx Tall Tales©

Lap Moms 5: Two Moms, Two Laps: Movie Night
by Tx Tall Tales ©

Movie night at home will never be the same




Such a sweet sound.

"Je..remy," Mom whispered into my ear.

"Mmm," I sighed, turning toward her.

"Je..remy," she whispered teasingly, nibbling on my ear.

I reached my arm out and pulled her close. "Love you, Mom," I sighed.

"Good morning, baby boy. I had the most wonderful dream last night."

I grinned, eyes still closed, enjoying the sound of her voice. "Me too."

"I dreamt my naughty son wore me out, making me come like crazy, while his Daddy taught him how."

"Mmm. Nice dream. I had one just like it."

She giggled, kissing my neck. "In my dream, my boy held me forever, protecting me, taking care of me, while he and his Daddy fed me."

"Sounds like a great dream to me."

"Did my naughty boy feed me last night?"

"I'm sure he did, Mom. You looked awfully hungry."

"Did his Daddy feed me too? While my boy was holding me?"

"Oh yeah. Dad fed you a lot. You should still be full."

"Is my baby going to feed me again?" Mom asked softly. I felt her tongue lick my cheek. Naughty Mommy.

"Every day. Perfect Mommy's should never go hungry."

"Now? Will he feed me now?"

"Your baby would love to feed you now."

Mom slid under the covers, and half asleep, I let her take care of me. It was beyond description, laying back lazily, knowing Mom was between my legs. Her soft hands caressed my legs and stomach. Tiny kisses, nuzzles and licks, teasing, pleasing, before her hot mouth encased me. She was amazingly gentle and tender, coaxing my cum out only after a delightfully long time of reminding me she was the best cocksucker in town.

"Open up, Alice. Now!" I teased.

She giggled, accepting my gift, letting me fill her mouth, sucking me clean.

"Good girl," I whispered.

"Thank you, baby. Mommy's happy."

I pulled her up the bed, cuddling her. "I love you, Mom."

She purred sweetly. "Mommy knows." She kissed my chest. "Your father says there are new rules. He won't tell me," she pouted.

"You thought I would, if he wouldn't?" I said, patting her naked bottom.

"He said that if you wanted to, you would. It was up to you." Mom had her leg over mine, rubbing against me, squirming cutely. I felt the warmth of her crotch, wet against my hip. "Please baby? I need to know. Did you win me yet?"

I lifted her face to mine, tasted her oh-so-kissable lips. "Not completely. Not yet. I'm working on it."

"Rules?" she pleaded. "Where do we have to stop?"

"No fucking, front or back. That's the main one you need to know."

She pouted. "Are there more?"

"Yes, but that's between Dad and me. As far as you're concerned, I'm not going to fuck you anymore. No mistakes, or bending rules. Not until Dad decides otherwise."

"You think he will?" she asked softly.

"I'm certain he will. Once you do your part."

"My part? What's that?"

"It's still a secret. You'll find out soon. In the meantime, my mouth and the sweet little Mommy pussy are going to become very good friends."

"There will be lots of feeding too, right baby?"

"Lots. Don't be surprised if I walk into your room in the middle of the night, and give you a midnight snack in Dad's bed."

Mom moaned softly, her hands rubbing my chest. She nibbled along my jawline. "That would be terribly naughty, Jeremy."

"As naughty as when I give you a late night snack, when his cock is buried in your incredible, bodacious ass, Mom?"

"You wouldn't dare," she said nervously.

"I most definitely will. Often, unless Dad tells me to stop."


"We'll see. If you're a very good Mommy."

I took Mom into her shower, and we cleaned up together. It was so decadent, being allowed to wash her and feel her, playing with her body, all with Dad's approval.

"You're sure this alright with your father?" she asked once again.

"Yes, Mom. It's fine," I told her, washing her tits for the third time.

We got out of the shower and dried off. "I'm going to finish getting ready in my bathroom," I told her. "I expect you naked in your bed, when I get back."

"In your father's bed?" she whined.

"Naked and ready."

I brushed my teeth, shaved close, did the usual clean-up. I ran downstairs and got two bottles of water, then returned to her room.

She was in her bed, the covers turned down next to her.

"You're sure this is alright," she asked nervously.

"Stop asking. I'm not going to break his rules, and I'm not going to allow you to, not anymore."

She nodded.

I pulled her into my arms. "How are you feeling down there?" I asked.

"Sore. I'm always sore lately. I wonder why that is?" she teased.

"I'm going to do down on you now, and I want you to tell me what you like, and what I can do to make you feel good. Be honest and open with me."

"Of course, Jeremy."

I took my time with her, practicing what I'd learned with Aunt Marie and Penny, focused on her pleasure. She was easy to get off, and after less than 10 minutes I wrangled my first big orgasm out of her. I tried to be gentle, considerate, after what we'd subjected to her to the night before, but I wasn't always successful. Five minutes later I had her creaming on my tongue. By the time I finished with Mom's pussy, 20 minutes later, my jaw and tongue both aching, she'd come for me three more times.

Mom went down on me, playfully, toying with me. She could take all of it without any trouble, virtually no gag reflex. She did evil things to me with her tongue, crazy things. She'd bring me close, so very close, where I thought I had no chance to stop, then ease me back down. Over and over she did that, until I couldn't take it. I grabbed her head and forced my cock down her throat, groaning, as I erupted, her nose pressed against my belly.

She laid in my arms, smiling sleepily. "Jeremy?" she said softly.


"I don't mind you being aggressive like that at the end, but don't force your cock down my throat when you come, Ok?"

I sat up a little. "I'm sorry. You don't like that? Is it uncomfortable?"

She shook her head. "It's alright, sometimes, but I can't taste it that way. I can't hold it in my mouth. I always want to taste my baby boy's sweet cum. Fuck Mommy's throat all you want, but finish in my mouth, or outside, please."

"I love you, Mom. I'm sorry. I'll always let you taste it for now on. I didn't know."

She grinned. "I'm not mad, baby. That was fun. We're both learning about each other. I teased you so much, of course you had to take control. I wanted you to know, that's all. How to make it better." She gave me a squeeze, "Speaking of, you know that little phrase you use, to make me take your cock in my mouth?"

"Of course," I teased. "Sexiest thing ever."

She ran her finger across my chest. "That's your father's. It's only for him." She kissed my chest. "Don't be mad, Ok, but that's special for your father."

I gave her a hug. "I understand. That's for you two only. But last night, you wouldn't open for me, unless I said it."

She looked confused. "You said it last night? When you fed me?"

"Yeah. I tried, but you wouldn't open up for anything else."

She sighed. "I guess you're going to have to train me with your own special phrase. Something just for my Jeremy. Why don't you think about what you'd like that to be, and we can work on that."

"It'll be for me only, not for Dad?"

"Of course, baby. There are things about my relationship with my husband, that you'll never be able to be part of, just like there are elements of a relationship between a mother and her son, that your father can't ever have. This should reflect ours."

She kissed me on the lips, gently. "Don't you have some video editing to do, and a girlfriend to take care of? She's probably feeling nervous and vulnerable. You have to call her, see her, let her know everything's wonderful. It still is, right?"

"Fantastic. I swear, every day my life is getting better."

"Are you going to tell me your secret plan? How you're going to get your father to give me to you?"

"Not yet Mom. Soon, I promise. Just a couple of more things to take care of."

She gave me another kiss. "Bacon and egg sandwich?" she asked.

"That would be great. As wonderful as this is, I probably should wash the smell of my mother off, before seeing my newly deflowered girlfriend."

She giggled. "And vice, versa, right?"

"Yes, Mom."

* * *

I felt odd, standing at my girlfriend's door. I thought about how the father's in the neighborhood were off earning a dollar, while their women were home. Mom, Colleen, many others, I'm sure. I felt like a lone man in a sea of women, until 5:00 pm. I don't know why I thought of that, but it hit me, standing on the steps. I looked up and down the street. All those doors, many with lonely women behind them.

I had called ahead, and Penny's mother met me at the door.

"Jeremy! Don't you look handsome today?" she grinned, giving me a hug.

I had dressed up a little, button up shirt, khaki pants, shoes instead of sneakers. I wasn't even sure why. I had my hands full with my backpack, and a small bouquet of flowers. I held out the flowers to her.

"You're so sweet to have brought Penny flowers," she said, taking them and walking into the house.

"Those aren't for Penny, they're for you," I told her.

She stopped in mid-step, turning. "For me?"

"What you did for her yesterday, for us, to make it easy and special. I couldn't stop thinking about that. The way she shouted your name. That was when I knew how important it was. I had no idea. Thank you so much."

She grinned and walked back to me, sliding into my arms. "It's not for the little indiscretion between us, is it?"

I gave her a hug. "Sorry, beautiful, I'm just a teenager. I can't afford that kind of thank you."

She grinned and gave me a warm kiss. "Then I accept. Thank you. For the flowers and for allowing me to be there. I know that couldn't be comfortable for you."

I chuckled, sliding my arm around her waist as we walked to the kitchen. "No shit. Especially after the couch scene. I thought you hated me, and then to have you there, staring at me, when I was about to, uh, be with your daughter, I almost changed my mind."

"I think everyone is glad you didn't, including yours truly." She put the flower in a vase, and set them on the kitchen table. "She's still in bed. She's not feeling very good this morning."

"Can I see her?"

"I know she'd love that. She's kind of proud of how sore she is. Milking it for all it's worth. She has me waiting on her hand-and-foot, saying it's my fault it got so big." Colleen grinned at me, and I could see she was more than a little proud herself.

"She's right, you know. I've never been bigger. Naughty Colleen, with the magical mouth."

She laughed, bumping me with her shoulder. "If you only knew, hot stuff."

"Eleven, in one night?"

She blushed a bright red. "I can't believe I told you that. I never told anybody, not even my husband."

"I'm not going to hold that against you. If anything, you earn a gold star from me. I know how to keep a secret, it ends between us."

She walked me back to her daughter's room, and didn't object to my hand on her bottom as we walked side by side. She stopped at the door, turning toward me, and I pulled her close, grabbing her ass with both hands. "I thought you were such a nice sweet boy," she said, pressing her body against mine.

"I am. You said so yourself last night, when you got a taste."

She blushed again. "Stop. You're embarrassing me," she whispered.

"I don't want that. You were incredible last night, that's all. I'm kind of a dolt, waiting a year to start anything with Penny, and never realizing what an amazing and beautiful woman you are."

She gave me a squeeze. "Enough. We have to behave. I promised."

"Me too. I'm not trying to get in your pants, I swear. I never appreciated you before, that's all. I need you to know that I think you're incredible. I won't try anything other than a hug and a kiss, unless Penny's with us." I squeezed her buns again. "Maybe a little innocent touching."

She shivered in my arms. "If Penny is Ok with it...?"

"Anything and everything, your MILFness. I don't think I could ever get enough of you."

She stood on her toes and kissed me, gently. "If Penny Ok's with it, you'll get a chance to find out."

She opened her daughter's door, knocking softly. "Penny, Jeremy's here."

Collen left me there, and I sat on the edge of the bed, where my girlfriend was lying, wearing a t-shirt under the covers. "I love you," I told her.

She beamed at me and opened her arms for a hug. "Get out of those clothes and get in here with me," she laughed.

As I undressed, she shucked her own shirt, scooting over in the bed. "No bang-bang," she teased. "You pretty much ruined the kitty for a while."

I slid into the bed, and took her in my arms. "I'm sorry. I guess I got a little carried away."

She kissed me hard. "I'm not. It was incredible. I've been on the phone all morning with Emma and Kayla, sparing no details. They are sooo jealous!"

I was surprised. I would never even think of calling my friends and talking about that. Then again, Dad did get a pretty good update. I chuckled, "I couldn't tell anyone. Nobody would ever believe how incredible you were." I hugged her, cupping one of her tits, gently. "I didn't hurt you, did I?"

She giggled, settling into my arms. "It's not that bad, really. Some Tylenol and a little rest. I'll be good as gold in a couple of days, and we can get a little more 'practice' in." She glanced at the door, and lowered her voice. "I can walk around, but it's fun being spoiled and teasing Mom."

"You didn't tell your friends about..."

"Of course not! As far as anyone other than our two families is concerned, it was just you and me."

"You up to reviewing our video? I've done some editing, but I want you to help too."

"Sure. You've got it here?"

I leaned out of the bed and grabbed my knapsack, pulling out my laptop.

We spent a long time in that bed, looking at the footage, trimming here and there, muting some of the sound. We added a title, and some transitions, playing together. I was getting worked up, and I know Penny was too.

"Fuck, we are hot together, aren't we?" she said, during playback of the final product.

"You're amazing," I told her. "Anyone would be incredible with you, I'm just glad it was me."

She put her arm around my waist, leaning into me. "Me too, Jeremy. You were wonderful." She gave me a long soft kiss. "Go get Mom, let's see if she approves of the final. You'll have to make sure Alice gives it the Ok, too."

I climbed out of the bed, and put on my boxers. I found Colleen in the living room. "Penny wants you to see the final video," I told her.

She was up like a shot, taking my hand and almost running to the back of the house. I laughed, as I tried to keep up. In Penny's room, I took off my boxers and climbed into her bed. Colleen went over to Penny's side, and her daughter stopped her. "No way Momma. Other side."

Penny passed me the laptop, and her mother scurried around the bed, lifting the covers.

"Nope." Penny laughed. "This is the love bed. No clothing allowed."

"Penny..." her mother whined.

"Do you want to see the video, Mom? It's fucking amazing."

Colleen stripped down and climbed into the bed beside me. "God, you are so rotten today," Colleen mumbled.

I moved the laptop down toward my knees, so everyone could get a decent view. Then I hit play.

I put my arms around both girls, leaning back, listening in pleasure as they talked about the movie. It was at least as hot as Penny had said. When we got to the scene where I came on Penny's face, they moaned in tandem. Penny reached over and pulled the covers off my lap, my erection standing tall. It was getting to me, no denying.

Penny wrapped her hand around my cock, stroking me slowly, while we watched the two Mom's lick her face clean. "Go ahead, Mom. I know you want to," she said softly.

Colleen's hand joined her daughter's and I groaned. They both giggled.

"In or out, Mom? This scene?" Penny asked.

"In. In. It would be a mortal sin to take that out," Colleen said.

They got to the point where we were preparing her for the big moment, and Penny hit pause, as her mother took me in her mouth on the screen. "Can we leave that in? Or should we take it out. What's Dad going to think?"

Colleen seemed conflicted. "Can we do both? One of each?" she asked nervously.

I started to answer sure, but Penny cut me off. "Both? That's a lot of work you're asking my boyfriend to do," she said.

"Really? It's not that much extra work is it?"

"It is. I think you'll have to earn the second one," Penny said.

"Earn it?"

"Show me how good that mouth of yours is Mom. I heard you telling him you were better. Prove it."

Colleen blushed, but she leaned over and started licking my cock. Penny grabbed the laptop and pulled it to the side, pulling the covers off of us, so she could watch her naked mother suck me.

I leaned back and enjoyed it. If Mom hadn't already gotten me off a few times that morning, I'm sure I would have come right away. She was good, looking up at me, moaning, licking and kissing my cock like it was the most important thing in the world. Stroking it lazily, rubbing it against her face and lips. She was quite the tease.

"Geez Mom, aren't you going to suck it?"

"Hush, Penny," I told her. "It's good. Very good."

"Really?" she asked.


When Colleen finally took me in her mouth, it was all I could do to hang on. She sensed it, and took it easy on me, until I relaxed a bit and she went back to work.

"All the way, Mom. I know you can do it," Penny urged.

Colleen, sat up. "No baby. Not this time."

"Not this time?"

Colleen turned to me. "Jeremy, love, can you give us a few minutes, please? Get yourself something to drink if you like. When you come back, I'll finish you good, I promise."

I gave her a quick kiss, and climbed over her. "Listen to your Mom, Penny. Think what last night would have been like if our moms weren't there. They know a lot more about this stuff than we do."

I left them for a while. Long enough to have a Coke and relax. Down there, too. Colleen was going to have to work for it.

Back in the bed, they were cuddling and talking softly. They made room for me, and Colleen went straight to work. Slowly and teasingly, she got me hard, making me ache before she took me in her mouth. I knew she adored my cock, couldn't live without it, by the time her mouth was bobbing up and down.

Penny leaned against me, and I saw she had her phone out, recording her Mom's masterwork. "Is it good?" she asked me softly.

"Oh, yeah," I groaned.

"Really good? Better than me?"

Colleen pulled up. "If you answer that, I'll never do this again," she snapped. She glared at her daughter. "This isn't some competition."

Penny blushed. "Sorry, but he looked like he really liked it."

"I do. Your Mom's a cock-sucking genius. A lot better than Aunt Marie. That's all I'm going to say. No way I'm going to risk not getting more of this."

Colleen chuckled. "Good answer, Jeremy. If my rotten daughter will stop interrupting and causing trouble, it's going to get better."

She was right. It did get better, and better. She had me curling my toes, aching for release. I'd still give the edge to Mom, but it wasn't fair. She was my Mom after all. She got huge bonus points for that.

She brought me to the edge several times before finally letting me finish. She pulled her mouth off and stroked me hard, letting me come on her face. She was very pretty like that.

"You didn't even let him come in your mouth," Penny pouted.

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