tagIncest/TabooTwo Plus One

Two Plus One


Mike had rushed home from work so that he could have some time alone in the house before his mother and brother got home. His older brother, Jim, and he still lived at home while they worked. They enjoyed living with their mother, Linda, and knew that they needed to for awhile, until she got back on her feet after the divorce. It wasn't easy for her because she had never had to work until her husband divorced her.

Mike went into his bedroom, stripped down to his briefs and shuffled through the clothes in the bottom drawer of his dresser. Ah, there it was, right below the sheer, lace panties he had taken from her bedroom a few weeks ago, and the magazines he kept private. A picture of his mother he had taken without her knowledge. She had been sunning herself, by the pool, and since the backyard was very private, and she had thought no one else was home, had removed her bikini top. The photo showed her lying on her back, her skin glistening from the oil she had applied.

Mike felt his cock stir in his briefs as he stared at the photo. Mike had always liked looking at his mother and fantasizing what it would be like to take her to bed. She was only in her late forties and had the body of a woman much younger. Her breasts appeared firm and had not begun to sag, as age tends to do.

Sliding his hand into his briefs, feeling his cock swelling, he took the photo into the bathroom and placed it on the sink. Wrapping a towel around the corner of the sink, which was at crotch level, he laid his hand, still grasping his now hard cock. Holding his hand still, he pumped his cock in and out of his hand while staring at the picture of his mother. He felt his balls slapping against the towel, while feeling the hardness of the sink corner against him. The more he pumped his cock in and out of his hand, the harder he got. Pressing his hips hard against the corner of the sink, he felt the pressure on his balls, and below. He couldn't take anymore and shot his load into the sink, groaning from the pleasure as he did.

Suddenly, he heard the back door open and there was noise coming from the kitchen. His mother! She must have left work early today. In a panic, he cleaned off his cock, as best he could, and pulling up his briefs, made it back to his room.

His mother heard him and called to him. "Is that you Mike?"

"Yeah, mom. I was just hoping to grab a shower."

"Ok, your brother should be home in just a little bit, and we'll be able to eat dinner early tonight." Linda said.

"OK, mom."

Mike stepped into the shower and enjoyed the warmth of the water hitting his body. Mike took a quick shower, though he would have preferred a long one to imagine his mother in there with him, but she did come home earlier than he expected.

After his shower, he dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, and went downstairs to see his mother.

He walked over to his mother, gave her a kiss on the cheek and asked if he could help get dinner.

"Sure, son. Why don't you set the table?"

"Sure thing, mom."

Mike gather three plates from the cupboard, turned, walked to the kitchen table and almost dropped the dishes, as he saw the photo of his mother lying on the table where his plate would normally be. Linda didn't give him a chance to make an excuse.

"So, what are you doing with a picture like this, and who took it? I found it in the bathroom." she said sternly.

"Well, I ... ah." Mike stammered.

"I think I know who took it. It was you wasn't it Mike? Well, wasn't it?" she demanded.

"Yes mom, I'm so sorry, really." Mike apologized.

"So, you like looking at others when they don't know it, do you?" Linda said.

Not giving him a chance to respond, she said "And I'll bet I know what you were doing with it. You were masturbating, weren't you?"

"Well, were you jerking off, or not?"

"Yes mother, I'm sorry." Mike stammered.

"Does it make you hard seeing your mother like that?"

"Yes." he said sheepishly.

"Where were you hiding this? It must have been taken almost a year ago. That was the last time I was sunbathing like that."

"In my dresser, mom." Mike confessed.

"Show me." Linda said sternly. "Well, come on, show me."

Linda followed him as he slowly went up the stairs to his bedroom. Linda was following him and couldn't help but notice the tight ass Mike had, not too well hidden by his tight jeans. She wondered if they were as firm as they appeared to be.

Back to reality, Linda followed him into his bedroom and over to his dresser. Mike leaned over and opened the bottom drawer.

"Show me where you were hiding it. I want to see if you have more pictures of me."

Mike lifted a couple of sweaters and said, "Here, mom. I hid it here, and I don't have any others.

"Let me see for myself, Linda said, leaning over and lifting the sweaters herself. That's when she saw them. A pair of her panties and some porn mags.

"Well, what do we have here?" she said, pulling her panties from the drawer. "These are my panties, aren't they?" she asked.

"Yes, mom. I'm sorry, I ..." Mike tried to say.

"You like wearing these, fantasizing about fucking me don't you?" After a deafening pause, she repeated, "Don't you?"

"Yes, mother. They feel good on me and I sometimes wear them, but not all that much." Mke tried to explain.

Linda could see just how sad Mike was and she couldn't stay mad too long, because to tell the truth, she's had less than pure thoughts about both her boys.

"It's OK, Mike. Well, it's not OK that you were sneaking around stealing panties and taking photos, but I do understand that a young man of twenty does think of sex an awful lot."

"What are the magazines about, Mike?"

Taking them out of the drawer, Mike handed them to her without responding.

Linda took the three of them and flipped through them. There were pictures of younger men having sex with older, well-built women, the motherly types. There was also one magazine which contained pictures of threesomes. In some of the photos, the men were helping each other get off, while the woman watched.

"Interesting, Mike. So, you do like older women, do you? And what about the pictures of the men masturbating each other, or giving blow-jobs? Do you fantasize about that too, or have you already done it with someone?"

"Yes, I am attracted to older women, mom, and I am curious about being with a guy, but I haven't."

"Aren't you the horny one? We'll just have to see you don't get frustrated and enjoy yourself more. Coming out of the closet, as it were." Linda said.

"I'm not really angry with you, baby. It's just a shock to find out so suddenly that your son wants to go to bed with you. I must admit, I'm probably more aroused than angry. I hope that doesn't make you think less of me, but since we sort of have all the cards on the table right now, I thought you should know."

"Thanks mom, that makes me feel better. I never wanted to have you angry with me. Just the opposite. Are you going to tell Jim?"

"Actually, I think it's best if we all understand where we stand since we are sharing a home together, and of course we are family and family should be close." Linda said, smiling at him.

"Since we're being honest with each other Mike, you should know that Jim and I had had discussions similar to this. It seems that your mother is not all that lily white." Linda admitted.

"What do you mean mom?"

"Well, I did something similar. I've watched Jim when he didn't know it. I couldn't take my eyes off his cock. It's so big, and when he wears jeans or shorts around the house, I find myself sneaking glances of the bulge in them. You, too for all that matters. You both must be hung like your dad. His was rather large." Linda confessed.

"I guess I'm considered well endowed, mom. It feels so weird talking with you like this, but I do like it. So you sneaked looks at Jim and me?" Mike said.

"Yes, I guess it does feel a little strange, but it's so much better to have it all out front, instead of hiding it. Like I said, Jim and I have had this discussion before and now are freer with our feelings than we used to be. Now we can all feel freer to be ourselves around the house." Linda said.

"Why don't you slip into these, and come on downstairs when you have. I like thinking of you in my panties, baby."

"Ok, mom."

Linda handed the panties to Mike and turned and walked out of his room slowly, feeling his eyes on her. She decided to change before going down, herself.

She went to her bedroom and sliding out of her clothes, stood before the mirror, looking at her body, and thinking that it wasn't too bad for an old broad of 48.

She chose a short skirt and sheer blouse to wear over her lace bra and panties. Yes, she thought, this should get their juices flowing. She was surprised at how excited she was getting at the prospect of living with her two sons, with none of them being shy about their feelings, or desires.

Linda went downstairs just as Jim got home. He cam over to her and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "You look terrific, mom!" Jim said, admiring how his mom looked.

"Well, thank you son. Come here. I want to talk with you for a moment before you take your shower." Mike always took a shower as soon as he got home from work so he'd feel more comfortable.

"Sure mom, what's up?"

Sitting together on the sofa, Linda said "Well, apparently your brother has been getting it up, staring at a picture of me."

"What? What are you talking about, mom?" Jim asked with a quizzical look on his face. Linda explained that Mike had been masturbating, using a picture of her that he took to get off. Linda filled him in on the rest, as well, the panties and the porn mags.

Linda could see that this was arousing to Jim, because she could see the swelling in his jeans.

"Kind of exciting, isn't it Jim?" Linda asked, patting the growing bulge.

"Yeah, it sure is!" Jim responded.

"Why don't you go take your shower and come on down so we can all discuss it. Mike should be down in a little while. He got rather excited when we were talking earlier and he's probably taking care of that excitement right now."

Jim got up and went upstairs, and wasted no time in stripping out of his work clothes and taking a nice hot shower. The combination of the talk he just had with his mother and the hot water, brought his cock to life. Soaping it up, he stroked himself, imagining what it would be like to have Mike and him fucking his mother. It didn't take long before Jim sprayed the shower wall with his cum.

Finishing his shower, Jim wrapped a towel around himself and went down the hall to his bedroom, and saw that the door to Mike's room was ajar. He stopped, peeked in and saw his brother sitting on the edge of the bed, running his hand up and down his hard dick, looking at the magazines spread out on the bed. It was a magazine of threesomes and Jim was getting aroused again, himself. Jim was impressed. Mike's cock must have been as big as his, and that's no small matter, as it were, because Jim had a solid, thick 9" hanging between his legs.

Not wanting to get caught spying on Mike, he went to his room and got dressed. He decided to stay comfortable and slipped on a tank top and a pair of baggy sweats.

Going downstairs, he saw his mother sitting on the sofa where he had left her. Her skirt had slid up higher on her thighs and she looked so damn hot.

Jim went into the living room and chose to sit in a chair across from his mother, because he wanted to see as much of her as possible, and the view was better from here. Jim told her what he had seen Mike doing just now.

"He's pretty well endowed, isn't he?" she asked.

"Yeah he is, mom." Jim said with a slight smile on his face.

"Did you like watching him, baby? I was just wondering." Linda queried.

"Actually, I did mom. Sounds weird, doesn't it? I mean I like women, not guys." Jim said.

"No, it's not weird, baby. It's natural for you to be curious about another man, just as it would be acceptable for me to be curious about being with another woman. Haven't you ever wondered what another man's hard cock would feel like?" Linda tried to explain.

"Mom, I never heard you talk this frankly before. To answer your question, yes I guess I have thought about it in passing, on occasion." Jim explained.

"Well, it's even more natural between brothers, since you're so close already." Linda said.

They heard footsteps and turned to see Mike coming down the stairs. He was wearing sweats, also, and a t-shirt.

Linda gave him a stern look, indicating that she wasn't pleased. "I thought we agreed about what you would wear, son." Linda said.

"Yes mom, we did, and I am doing as you wished." Mike said, not wanting to be more explicit since he didn't think that Jim knew.

"Well, let's see, Mike. I'm curious to see how they fit." Linda instructed.

Mike looked at Jim, them back at his mother. Hooking his thumbs in the waistband of the sweats he slowly lowered them, letting them fall to his ankles.

Linda and Jim both stared at the lace panties encasing Mike's swelling cock and smiled. The panties were white and very sheer. They could see every bit of Mike's cock through them.

Seeing both his mother and Jim smile, he felt more comfortable. He looked over in Jim's direction and saw a bulge in his brother's sweats. Then he smiled, too.

"They fit better than I thought they would, baby." His mother said. "You're slighter than your father or Jim but it looks as if I was right about your cock. It is large, isn't it Jim?" Linda asked.

"Yeah, it sure is, mom." Jim responded.

"Come on over here, baby. Come closer." Linda said.

Mike stepped out of his sweats and walked over to his mom. His crotch was at eye-level with his mother and she was admiring his cock up close. She reached out and placed the palm of her hand on his swollen cock, feeling the heat it was generating. Smiling even more, she placed her hands on Mike's hips and twisted him around so that he was facing Jim.

"It's nice, isn't it Jim? And he looks so sweet in my panties, doesn't he?" Linda asked.

"He sure does, mom." Jim said as he felt his own cock continue to swell as he looked at his brother, standing there wearing his mother's panties. "Come here, bro." Jim instructed.

Mike slowly walked over to Jim, feeling his mother's hands on his ass, as she got up and followed behind him. She had been right, she thought. He does have a firm ass, and it felt great, encased in lace.

When Mike and his mom stood in front of him, Jim cupped Mike's bulge in his hand as he had seen his mother do. Mike was hard and warm and Jim was excited at the sight of his brother, and his mother, who was cupping one of her tits as she felt up her son with the other and stared at the bulge in Jim's sweats.

"Take it out for him, Jim. Let Mike see your cock, too. I know he'll like it. It's so big, honey." Linda said.

Jim lifted his ass slightly off the chair and slid his sweats down to his knees. He was wearing a jockstrap because he had intended to go downstairs in the basement to work off some of his frustration after seeing his brother jerking off.

Linda smiled widely, seeing Jim in his jock. Mike also smiled approvingly.

"Take these off, baby." Linda said, sliding her fingers into the waistband of her son's panties. Jim didn't wait for Mike. He grasped the panties above Mike's crotch and pulled them down as his mother did the same in the back. They pulled them down just enough to free Mike's rigid member. Jim then slid the elastic in the waistband up, under Mike's balls, pulling them forward. Linda saw what Jim was doing, and pulled the panties up at the sides and in the back so that they were tight and lifting Mike's balls and cock.

Jim reached forward and grasped Mike's prick, pulling the skin down the shaft stretching it as far as it would go. Mike groaned as he felt Jim's hand and from the tightness he felt in his cock.

"Go ahead, Jim. Take Mike's cock." Linda said, pushing Mike's hips forward so that his cock was only inches from Jim's mouth. Jim stared up, into Mike's eyes, opened his mouth, and not taking his eyes off Mike, let Mike's cock slide into his warm mouth. He saw Mike looking back at him, the look of pure pleasure on his face.

"Feels good, doesn't it Mike? You like your brother sucking on that rod of yours, don't you? I like watching you two get close. I like it a lot." Linda said as she slid a hand up under her short skirt to her own panties. She was soaking wet. And why shouldn't she be wet. Watching one son in panties getting sucked off by his brother.

Jim worked his mouth up and down Mike's shaft, trying to take a little more in each time his head went down. He could feel Mike's cock bottoming out at the back of his throat, almost making him choke. Faster and faster Jim bobbed up and down on his brother's cock, while digging his fingers into Mike's ass, pulling him closer each time.

Jim felt Mike start to spasm as he shot his load into Jim's mouth. Moaning, he could feel Jim not removing his mouth, trying to swallow all his brother's cum before letting him go. Linda reached up, pulled Mike's head down to hers and kissed him hard, invading his mouth with her tongue. She felt him respond and kiss her back, his one hand on his mother's ass, sliding up her skirt.

Finally, Jim backed off his brother's prick, letting it fall from his mouth. He sat there exhausted, but horny, massaging his own cock though his jock. He needed some relief himself.

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