tagIncest/TabooTwo Sides Ch. 02

Two Sides Ch. 02


I couldn't believe it, after all these years of secretly having a crush on him; I was finally going to get my opportunity.

Let me explain a little bit about me. My name is Chelsea and I just turned 18 years old. I live in a small town, and don't really date much because I'm not really into many of the guys my own age, and it's hard to find someone older when you are only 18. I have had my share of flings though, usually just with one of the boys from my school. I use them for what I need and then I am usually done with them.

I think I am attractive. I'm 5'8" so taller than a lot of the other girls and weigh about 120 pounds. I like to lay out in the sun by the pool so I am very tan I really like that we have a lot of land I can tan nude, no tan lines. I run track and am a cheerleader so I stay in shape. I have long blonde hair and blue eyes. My body is my favorite thing about me. I have nice C cup breasts and I catch a lot of people staring at them, so I tend to show them off a little more than my parents would like. Well enough about me, let's get to the real reason you are here.

My reluctantly called my uncle and set everything up. I was going to be visiting the university in the town where he lived and figured it would be better to stay with him than to get a hotel, and cost my parents money. I haven't seen him in almost a year, and was excited when I heard that he agreed to let me stay with him. If my parents knew how big of a crush I had on him they would never have agreed to it. I was even more excited to hear that he was able to get time off from his work while I am there. He is some big shot executive chef at a restaurant there in town.

Friday finally arrived and I was on my way. I had never been on a plane before and it made me extremely nervous to fly. They guy next to me sensed that I was nervous and made some small talk with me, and helped ease my mind.

That was until we hit some pretty bad turbulence. I reached out and instinctively grabbed his hand he just smiled and gave it a reassuring squeeze. He was very nice, and no bad looking. I noticed a few times that he had been checking me out. When my parents dropped me off I changed into an outfit I knew would grab more attention. I wore short white shorts that barely covered my ass, and a pearl snap plaid shirt that I tied off above my stomach, and the top two buttons undone so you could just start to make out my breasts. It was doing the trick he kept staring down my shirt. I wanted to see how far he was willing to go, so I reached up and paged the flight attendant for a blanket. She brought it to me and gave me a look that screamed "wear more clothing next time. I let go of his hand and took the blanket and put it over me.

"I'm sorry, I'm just really cold." I explained. He smiled back at me, and at just the right time we hit another batch of turbulence. I quickly wrapped my arm around his and squeezed my body tightly against his arm. My right breast was now resting on his arm, and he was turning a little red. I just looked up at him and smiled.

He was really strong, much more so than I would have guess just sitting next to him. I relaxed my grip on him and went to lay my head on his shoulder. Pushing just a little more to see how far I could go. He just let me lay there.

A little more time passed, and I acting like I was asleep I grabbed the covers and pulled them across both of us. I could feel him shifting in his seat, trying not to let my hand brush anything he thought it shouldn't. I just needed one more bit of turbulence, and within a few minutes I got my wish.

The plane bounced really hard and my hand "fell" into his lap. He jumped a little but I kept my hand there and just held him tighter with my other arm still wrapped around his.

I felt what I wanted. His cock wasn't completely hard, but it would be shortly if I had anything to do with it. I slowly starting rubbing him through his pants, and I could feel he was enjoying it, despite his squirming.

I grabbed hold of his cock through his pants and leaned my head up towards his ear. "Stop squirming," I whispered "it will draw attention to us."

He looked surprised at the revelation that I was not sleep and that I was doing this willingly. Here I am a complete stranger with my hand on his cock. He stopped moving at once. I smiled at him and continued to rub him.

After a few moments I figured that was enough and made my way to his zipper, I wanted to feel this thing in my hand. I slowly undid it and slid my hand in the whole. He gasped when my hand wrapped around his cock. I smiled and whispered for him to be quiet in his ear.

His cock was probably 6 inches or so, but it was really thick, probably 2 inches. It felt warm in my hand. I pulled it out of his boxers and through the hole in his pants, and slowly began working my hand up and down his shaft. He was enjoying it I could see it on his face. I continued to work him, moving my hand up and down and turning it, I played with his head a little bit and lubed my hand with his pre-cum.

I leaned up in his ear and asked if he was enjoying it, and he just nodded his head. Then I dropped the bombshell.

"I want you to cum on my hands. I want to taste your cum." I told him.

That just about did it. I saw the look in his eyes that told me he was about to cum. I could feel his cock stiffen up even more as his juice began so shoot out of the tip of his cock. I felt it coat my hand. I looked at him as I brought my hand up to my mouth and started licking his juices off my hand.

"Nice to meet you, and thank you for letting me lay on your shoulder." I said giving a sexy smile. The rest of the flight was uneventful. We landed and my new friend hand a connecting flight he had to catch so we went his way and I went mine. I stopped off in the bath room to make sure I looked presentable to my uncle. I noticed a couple of girls in the bathroom a little older than me checking me out. It reassured me that I looked fine. I walked out and texted my uncle to let him know I was on the way.

When first saw him those feelings came flying back. There he was, the tall dark and handsome type, the perfect body, toned without being ripped. Handsome face, and very well groomed. I had to hand it to him, for growing up in the same house as my mom their two styles were very different. He looked like he could have been on the cover of GQ. I couldn't help but look him over one time, and imagine what he looked like without those fancy clothes on.

I got off the escalator and ran and wrapped my arms around him, as I did I couldn't help but wonder if I saw him check me out.

"Hey!! Thank you so much for letting me stay with you." I said wrapping my arms around him and holding him probably a little longer than I actually should have. His body felt amazing pressed against mine.

"No problem," he said returning the smile I probably hand plastered on my face "anything for you guys. How was your flight."

"So long, but I'm glad I'm here now. What do you have planned for me this weekend?" I said with excitement, hoping it would include a lot of quality time together.

"Well you have a college to tour later on, but other than that I really had no plans. Thought you wouldn't really want to spend your free time with your old uncle." He said leading me towards the baggage area

"Of course I want to spend time with my favorite uncle." I said with a little bit of surprise in my voice.

"That's cute, considering I'm you only uncle." I just smiled at him and wrapped my arm in his as we walked.

He grabbed my bags, and we started making our way to the car, not really saying much.

"So who is the new girl in your life?" I said breaking the silence. Somewhat hoping I wouldn't have to share my time with him this weekend.

"Nobody really, have been too busy at work to really see anyone." he responded pulling my bag behind him as 1 continued to have my arm wrapped in his and laying my head on his shoulder. If anyone were to look at us they would probably be wondering what this young bombshell was doing with such an older guy. Heaven forbid they know I was his niece.

We continued a little small talk until we arrived at his car and I almost fell over. There I was standing in front of what I had only seen in movies and magazines. It was a Ferrari 430, the car I have dreamed about, and my uncle owns one! "This is what you drive?" I exclaimed. "Did you have a midlife crisis early?" I teased.

"No," he said laughing, "now come on and get in." We both climbed in and made our way back to his place. I was super excited I wanted to see what kind of home my apparently very well to do uncle lived in. We made small talk along the way not really talking about anything of huge importance. We talked about the few "boyfriends" that I had, that made him look a little uneasy. We talked about my brothers, and I informed him that my older brother Jacob was getting ready to deploy overseas with the Marine Corp. About that time we made a turn into one of the glass buildings in downtown.

"Jeez, you are really making me second guess what I want to do as a major in college. Maybe I should go into culinary arts."I said as we pulled into the parking garage. He pressed the garage door opener and pulled in alongside a what looked to be brand new lifted F-350 King Ranch. "Now see that is what I am talking about. You should get you one of these." I said admiring the truck.

"If you are nice maybe I will let you drive it." He returned.

I just stood there in shock. The look on my face must have been priceless.

Once we got to his place the doors opened and all I saw was the panoramic view of downtown in front of me. I dropped my bags and just stared. "Now I know I am changing my major." I said in complete shock.

"This came with a lot of hard work, and a lot of money spent. I didn't wake up over night and this was handed to me." He said moving into the living room and setting my bags on the floor. "Your room will be right through those doors, and there is a shower across the hall if you want to get freshened up for your campus tour."

I came out of my daze long enough for that info to register and then grabbed my bags thanked him again and headed to my room.

I couldn't believe this place it was amazing. We had come to visit my uncle once about 4 years ago and he lived in a dingy looking one bedroom apartment, in 4 short years he and traded up significantly. I began to undress and get ready to jump in the shower. The little excitement on the plane had gotten me very wet and needed to change. I took my shower, but forgot half the stuff I needed in my bag so I had to make a few trips back and forth. I was headed to my room again when I opened the door and ran square into his chest.

I was naked except for a towel on and I was so close to him. I almost dropped my towel right then but held on to it. I looked at him and thought to myself he was checking me out again. But that couldn't be. He is my uncle.

"Oh my God!"I said startled a little bit " I didn't see you there, I'm so sorry."

"It's ok," he smiled. "Sorry I startled you." He went into his room and I went to mine to change and get ready for the tour. Our little meeting had gotten me excited again. I was considering if I should quickly try and make myself cum or not when I remember that I had to go in a few short minutes. I threw on some cloths and made my way to his bedroom door, to tell him I was leaving.

I knocked on his door, and thought I heard someone say "shit" but wasn't to certain. He opened it up and my eyes subconsciously were drawn to his cock. "Hey," I said as he opened the door and my eyes made their way up his body. "My ride will be here shortly to take me to tour the campus. Is there anything that you need while I am out."

He told me that he was good so I smiled and said I would be back later on. As I turned all I could think was "Oh My God." I thought I saw an erection. Could he have been thinking about me? I brushed it off and went downstairs to wait for my ride.

The rest of the day was fun but exhausting. I met up with my old friend Ginny from high school, who goes to the school and she showed me around and introduced me to all her friends. I like sex as much as the next girl but Ginny. Well lets just say she likes it more than most. A lot more! I'm surprised she didn't whip out a couple of the guys cocks on the tour and start fucking them right there. She was probably going to after she dropped me off.

I went back to the condo and was met by the most awesome smell I had ever experienced. It really does pay to have an executive chef as an uncle I believe.

"That smells amazing." I commented falling face first onto the couch. "What is it?"

"Dinner for tonight how was the tour?"

"Long, but I really like the school. It is up there on the list that's for sure." I said from the couch. I didn't mention some of the things Ginny told me about the school and why I should go there.

The rest of the night was spent eating dinner and me telling him about the tour, and all the new people that I met. He cleaned up the dishes and we planned some activities for the rest of her weekend with together. Around 10:00 we both decided that it was time to call it a night and we retired to our bedrooms for the evening.

While in bed I couldn't help but think about our little incident in the hall earlier, and then me opening the door and catching a view of his erection. I couldn't help myself my hand made its way to my pussy. I slid my panties to the side and slowly started rubbing. I had to hatch a plan to see his cock without the pants, and I knew what I would do. The next morning was going to be awesome, but for now I needed to cum in the worst way. It's going to be a fun weekend.

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