tagBDSMTwo Slaves For Mistress Jessica

Two Slaves For Mistress Jessica


I had met Jessica on the Internet. She had been reading my stories and sent some feedback. We loved or mail exchanges and became somehow friends, exchanged pictures. She also told me that she had another friend too. It was a married woman of 52. They exchanged some dirty mails, had phone sex and had even met once so far for a hot night. For her 25th birthday Jessica and Elisabeth (the 52year old woman) had agreed to meet again in a hotel in Stockholm. Out of fun Jessica asked me in one of the e-mails if I wouldn’t love to join in – and I said that I would love it.

We started talking more about that idea and the thought of it made me more and more hot. Jessica loved to dominate other women and so we acted out a game where Elisabeth and I would be her willing sex slaves for a weekend. It all ended that I was booking a flight to Stockholm.--

I was nervous a bit, when I finally reached the hotel. I was late by half an hour. I looked into the mirror, as the elevator started moving to the third floor, where her room was. At least I was satisfied with what I saw. I loved my age of 27 and my body was still slim and quite well trained from some sports. The body that wrapped tight around my figure showed of the well formed and perfect sized 85B-cupped breasts very good. My little over shoulder-length slightly curled brownish hair played around my face.

“Come in,” a firm female voice shouted as I knocked on the door.

I was highly excited when I entered the room.

There she was. Jessica stood quite in the middle of the room. She looked quite exactly as her picture.

She had long blonde hair that reached past her shoulders. She was quite my size of about 1,7m. She had a very nice, slender body. Her breasts were a bit smaller than mine, but still curvy enough to go for a B-cup. They looked very firm, well shaped and perky under the see-through bra she wore. Her nipples were hard and poked through the bra. My eyes went down her flat, firm belly to her crotch area. She was dressed only in high-heeled leather boots, going past her knees and a black see-through fish-net-pantyhose that looked terrible hot. I could clearly see her well-trimmed, shorthaired bush of pubes. She was looking the perfect picture of a young, self-conscious, strict sex-goddess. Her hands held a leather-crop.

In front of her stood a mature, quite a bit overweight woman (Jessica had told me that she weighed almost 85kg at a size of about 1,7m). She wore brown hair with some blonde stripes in it and it reached down to her shoulders. She was fully naked, her legs were spread. Her medium-sized B-cup breasts were already sagging quite a bit, but to me that looked quite sexy. Her crotch area was completely shaven, so that her cunt could clearly be seen. She shimmered in a very moist way.

I was immediately aroused by that scene, by that two so differently sexy woman. I wanted to greet, but Jessica cut my words.

“So there you are, slut! You are late! So you have already volunteered for being the dirty slut of today! The lowest slave in ranking!”

“But….” I wanted to explain.

“Shut up, Slut Carmen!”, she shouted. She stepped to me and circled me. Her face was near my ear.

“At least you are extremely hot and beautiful, slave!”, she whispered into my ear and then her tongue played wet around my ear. My nipples were standing hard immediately and I knew for sure that it could be clearly be seen as they were pressing hard against the fabric of my body.

I felt the soft touch of her leather crop through the fabric of my skirt and then she was in front of me again. Her soft finger outlined my red lips for a moment. Then the tip of her leather crop touched my boobs and played with my hard nipples. I had to moan of sexual arousal.

“You two are real slave-sluts”, the 25year old Swedish girl said with a sexy smile. “Slave Carmen, you have just entered the room to your mistress and you already have the hardest nipples and my mature slave Elisabeth is soaking wet between her legs.” With those words my mistress left me and stepped to the mature woman. I witnessed as her hand reached directly to her slit and she inserted one finger deep into her cunt. One could see the pleasure in the old woman’s face. But it was only for a moment. Jessica quickly withdrew her hand and came back to me. She moved her pussy juice covered finger to my face. I took in the arousing scent of the big woman’s pussy before Jessica moved her finger to my lips and I immediately opened my mouth for her. Eagerly I licked the cunt-cream covered finger clean. God, how I loved the taste of pussy.

“Do you agree, Slut Carmen, that Slave Elisabeth is a naughty woman and already dirty wet?”

“Yes,” I nodded.

“Yes, what, Slut?”, the Swedish beauty shouted and she slapped me lightly on my hips with her crop. I knew what she wanted to hear.

“Yes, Mistress Jessica, I agree, that Slave Elisabeth is already dirty wet.”

“Well done, slave. How does she taste, do you like her taste?”

“She tastes very sexy, Mistress Jessica. I love her taste.”

“Then you should show your higher slave colleague. Down on your knees, slut Carmen and creep to her.”

Her crop hit my bum this time. Still dressed I knelt down and crept to the mature, overweight woman, I had never met before, till I knelt directly in front of her. I was completely aroused by now, my nipples aching for a touch and my pussyjuices were flowing. I loved the look of the slightly spread, completely shaven, mature cunt. She was really wet. I had always been aroused by mature ladies and I loved the smell of pussy; so my arousal was immediately rising.

“Your hands on your back, Slave Elisabeth,” Mistress Jessica commanded. “And you slutty Carmen will worship her with your lips and tongue and do not dare touch her.” I brought my face directly to her open, wet cunt. With my nose I moved up and down her slit. I heard her moan, but did not dare to look up. My lips now started kissing her wetness. I normally was used to hairy pussies, but really loved that new experience of her shaven one. I felt Jessica’s hands on my head. She pressed me deeper into the mature woman’s crotch. I licked her now, up and down her slit, circling her erect clit and trying to insert my tongue as deep as possible into her. Mistress Jessica played with my curls and then I felt as her crop moved under the shoulder straps of my body and moved them. Thus she brought down the body, displaying my breasts. Slowly and tender in a special way the leather of the crop moved around my breasts and nipples. I would have cried of pleasure, if my face wouldn’t have been buried deep into the stranger’s crotch. I was licking eagerly.

Now I felt two hands grab my breasts firmly. My boobs were massaged hard, my nipples were rubbed. My whole face caressed the shaved cunt now, nose, mouth, lips, tongue, and teeth. I heard load moans of the woman. She must have been on the edge of Cumming, as Mistress Jessica grabbed my hair and tore my face out of the woman’s crotch.

I raised my pussy juice covered face and looked up to the woman. Her face was deep red and showed a mixture of total sexual arousing and frustration. Her hips moved, as if they were searching for my mouth, to finish what I had started.

I saw as Mistress Jessica hit her almost 30years older female, lesbian slave with her crop directly onto her wet cunt. It was not a hard hit, but enough to cause a mixture of slight pain and sexual arousing. She then moved the leather crotch up and down her slit and through her slit over the whole length of the crop. Elisabeth immediately moaned with high pleasure again. But again the 25year old Swedish dominatrix stopped to early.

“See that dirty crop, you slut,” she shook her had. “You have made it that dirty. Now lick it clean.” She raised the crop to her face and Elisabeth eagerly opened her mouth and licked all over the leather crop.

“You undress now, quickly, slave Carmen. A slut like you should not wear anything, but her naked skin!”, meanwhile Mistress Jessica commanded to me.

Without any hesitation I undressed quickly. Both women’s eyes feasted on my naked body and I enjoyed their looks. It especially made me proud that my mistress obviously liked what she saw.

Her hand found my pussy; and she found me very wet. She caressed me for a short while, but not at all long enough for anything. I then could watch her taste my juices from her own fingers. She smiled at me. Her hands grabbed my breasts, massaging them and she kissed my lips. For the first time, she kissed me. Her tongue invaded my mouth. It was a hard, firm, dominating but passionate kiss. She played her mistress-role so perfectly. My hands wanted to touch her, but I did not dare. Mistress Jessica finally broke the kiss. She went to her other slave, to mature Elisabeth and started kissing the overweight, but feminine woman. She moved her chest against hers, rubbing their breasts together and her hands played with the flesh of her big, soft arse. Evening watching made me extremely horny.

“You are two good and tasty slaves,” our Mistress finally complimented. “But Carmen seems not to respect me, her Mistress, fully. So we will have to teach her obedience!”

I shivered of excitement, listening to her words. She sat down on the bed. “Come onto my lap, Slave!”, she ordered. I knew what she meant. I lay down across her lap. Gently her hands stroke my arse cheeks, her fingers found the gap between my cheeks and caressed it, played with my sensitive anus for a short time and even touched my wet pussy. My legs were spread, so that my cunt could be seen clearly.

“So, you will get your punishment now, for letting your mistress and your slave colleague wait. Come here, Slave Elisabeth, you may use the crop on her. She will receive ten strokes. Ten strokes of her mistress hand and ten strokes of your crop.”

I bit my lips. I felt her flat hand slap my arse for the first time. It was not really hard, but hard enough to be felt as punishment. There was only this one slap and then I felt soft lips kiss the place, she had just hit. The next was a strike with the leather crop. It too was not to hard, but I felt a slight pain. Again I was kissed and licked along. This time I knew it was the mature woman that caressed my arse, after hitting it. Thus I slowly was punished. Each slap was followed by soft caressing. All in all it was more pleasure than pain. The real punishment was that thus Mistress Jessica was still raising my sexual lust, without satisfying it. It was almost unbearable now for me not to touch myself and masturbate wildly. There was a mirror on the wall. I could see my back in it and see that my arse was a bit red. I still lay on the Swedish girl’s lap, when the punishment was already over and two hands played with my sexual body parts. I felt fingers play around my anus and fingers at my pussy.

After a while Jessica finally said. “You can tease each other now, my two slaves. I want to watch you play with each other, but none of you must dare to cum. That’s my privilege. She kicked me off her lap and I rolled onto the bed. I saw as she sat down on a chair, watching us. The overweight mature woman immediately was over me. She kissed me a hot kiss. I just closed my eyes and took the kiss, my hands found her ass. I loved the feeling of the round, soft, voluptuous flesh and started massaging her cheeks and playing with her anus too. She felt great. I also loved that full feeling of her whole weight on my body and her breasts against mine and the feeling of her wet, shaved crotch against my hairy crotch. I had opened my legs for her and she humped her hips hard against mine, our pussies rubbed each other. We both moaned. It was a wild game of lesbian sex. It was also arousing for me, playing around with this big, mature woman, a complete strange to me and being watched by that dominating beautiful Swedish girl, that I had not seen in real life before. We rolled around on the bed, we kissed and licked our bodies, we sucked each other’s hard nipples, feasted on our breasts and fingerfucked and licked our wet pussies. Her sagging tits were wonderful to me and I could not get enough. We both were moaning loud and we both were near to cum. We had almost forgot about our mistress, when I suddenly felt the slap of her crop on my arse. We both were hit by her.

“Enough, you two sluts!” she shouted. We both looked bewildered to Mistress Jessica, cowering on the bed; our pussies dripping of excitement. It was really hard to control our urges for sexual relief.

“Undress me!” She sat down on the bed again. We both knelt in front of her on the floor. Her legs were spread and we could see her trimmed bush and her wet cunt through her fish net pantyhose. I wanted nothing more than to press my mouth on this crotch and I’m sure Elisabeth just felt the same.

But Mistress Jessica had other plans; she still loved to tease us. “Lick my boots and then undress them,” she ordered. Eagerly we followed her commands. Kissing and licking up her new leather boots and taking in the special scent of leather. We then undressed her boots and kissed and licked down her leg, now dressed in the pantyhose only. The next thing, we were allowed to take off was her bra. Elisabeth unhooked it and we were allowed to suck her nipples. It was the first real sexual thing we were allowed to do to her and it was high-pleasure for both of us. Very gently we kissed and licked her nipples, fondled her breasts and eagerly sucked her teats. I loved it. Finally we were ordered to kiss our way down and slowly remove her panty hose. We kissed every inch of flesh that was removed beneath. Mistress Jessica stood in front of the bed now.

“You will be my arse-slave, now Carmen and Elisabeth will take care of my pussy. Pleasure me with your lips and tongues, my slaves!” She was horny. I knelt at her backside and Elisabeth in front. I kissed all over her wonderful, firm, young arse cheeks – very different to Elisabeth also sexy arse. I have always loved a nice, clean arse but this was even special. Really being ordered to worship this ass made me so very hot. I planted kiss on kiss and used my tongue to lick all around her arse. She enjoyed my licks at the undersides of her cheeks and even more my licks between her cheeks, where my mouth finally found her anus. I spread her cheeks with my hands and tenderly kissed her anus. She smelled good, had maybe even used some perfume. I love it. My tongue started circling her anus, slowly, very slowly. I heard her moans but did not know if it was my playing tongue or Elisabeth who was licking her pussy. My licks became harder and my tongue even tried to enter her anus a bit. She must have been very close to Cumming, when she pressed both our heads away.

“You are so good. I want the total pleasure now. And I have something special in mind. You will be my dirty slave now, Carmen. Follow me, both!”, she commanded and we followed her to the bathroom. I think all three of us were completely out of control now. All the counted now was purest sexual lust. All three were so close to an orgasm.

Mistress Jessica stepped into the tube and stood there her legs spread. She ordered me now in front of her to worship her pussy. I was eager to do that, knelt and immediately buried my face into her wetness. Elisabeth was ordered to stand behind her, so that she could lean against the big, mature woman. Elisabeth took her much younger, beautiful mistress in her arms and massaged her tits, with the hard nipples with one hand, while Mistress Jessica ordered her to insert one finger into her anus and pleasure her anally. I could feel the elder woman to cover her finger with pussy juice before she inserted her finger. Loud moans came from our mistress mouth. Eagerly my tongue went up and down her slit and around her clit. Her crotch moved back and forth; maybe in the rhythm of her older female slave’s anal fingerfuck. I wanted to please her fully, to make her cum, as she never had cum. I wanted to be a good slave to my first time mistress.

Suddenly I felt even more wetness and a different taste on my mouth. She started peeing. At first I wanted to remove my head. But she quickly grabbed me and pressed me back deep into her crotch. More fluid was coming. It was a strange feeling, but in a special way that situation made me even hornier. I started licking again. I tried not to swallow too much of her piss, but I licked and kiss, focused on her clit. I heard her cry out a huge and loud orgasm. Her piss splashed against my face and my chest and ran down in streams my naked body. I did not stop licking her. Mistress Jessica came, she came so hard, so long, so wild and loud as I have never seen anybody cum and that was incredible satisfying, experiencing the effect of the kinky sexual pleasure we were giving her. Her peeing hat stopped but she still held my face to her crotch and I still did not stop licking her. I licked all over her pussy wet and smelling of that special mixture of urine and pussy juice. I licked her clean but could not lick her dry…Elisabeth held her firmly in her hands and caressed our fully satisfied, exhausted mistress.

After Mistress Jessica had calmed down again. She kissed us both and then we stepped into the shower and took a long shower. We washed her and caressed her body. We made ourselves clean and fresh again. Elisabeth and I were still incredible horny.

“You have been great slaves,” our Mistress complimented. “You have earned some pleasure now. Kneel on the bed, spread your legs, face down!”

We followed her orders and knelt side by side, our arses high up. We felt her caressing our cheeks and then her experienced hands found our cunt´s. Elisabeth and I kissed deeply, while Mistress Jessica started fingerfucking our pussies, rubbing our clits the same time and it did not take us long to cum.

When we lay cuddled together later, Elisabeth and I whispered into our Mistress’s ears:“ Happy birthday, Mistress Jessica!”

This first night of our Mistress/Slave weekend was not over. For hours we were ordered to please the 25year olds Swedish blonde beauty body. We sucked, fondled and licked her nice breasts and nipples, her firm arse and her tasty, young pussy. We were both eager and willing slaves to our Mistress. The last I can remember before we finally fell asleep completely exhausted, was watching Mistress Jessica feast on the sagging breasts of the overweight, but sexy elder submissive Elisabeth, while I was pleasuring her pussy again with mouth and fingers.

It was a good start into a hot weekend……a very happy 25th birthday for Mistress Jessica.

Comments, Feedback and Votings very welcome!!!!!!!

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