tagIncest/TabooTwo Weeks of Love Ch. 01

Two Weeks of Love Ch. 01


Jake was 18 years old. For all intensive purposes he was normal. Except for one itty bitty thing. He wanted to sleep with his mom. This disturbed Jake to no end. It certainly wasn't normal and made him feel awkward around her. His mom was none the wiser. Being a very open and liberal mother didn't help his appetite at all, especially since she would often walk around their house in nothing but a shirt and her panties. Every time Jake would see this he'd have to control himself. Every now and then she'd give him an innocent hug, but to him it wasn't so innocent. He'd steal a chance to brush her butt, or her boobs. He'd pat her back to see if she was wearing a bra. She rarely did in the mornings.

Jakes mom's name was Amanda, she was 34 years old. She had Jake when she was perhaps, a bit too young. Many friends in her high school had suggested she get an abortion, but she could never do that. She knew that Jake was going to be special. So she kept him. Amanda wasn't the normal every day girl. She was special and many guys in her classes had known that. She was 5'10 and 110 pounds at her age of 34. A full figured, but not chubby woman. Her legs were long, and they lead up to quite the curvaceous ass. Her skin was very pale, but very fare. Her hair was down to her shoulders and was a rich brown color. She was beautiful, and Jake had no choice but to take notice the moment his hormones kicked in.

Jake would desperately find ways to sneak peeks at her any chance he could get. He would crack the door when she was taking a shower, or peek outside from her window in their big house. It was often very Hard to Jake got a smart-phone with an HD camera built in. The phone was small enough to conceal. So he did just that. He would leave it in strategic places in her room, or her bathroom. This is when his attraction to her came to a peak.

The footage he found was often times to hard to see or provided little view of her. That was until one day she came out in her long silk night gown. Jake moved quickly to give her a hug. He switched his phones recorder on and moved in. As they hugged, he put the camera under the front of her nighty. He held it as long as he could until it almost seemed too long. She went to the coffee pot to fix herself a cup and Jake retreated to his bedroom with his phone. Going to the recording he was finally rewarded. The camera started off with a bunch of motion blurred visions of the kitchen, then it focused right under her nighty.

What Jake saw pushed him over the edge. There, perfectly lit was her crotch. And not just her crotch, but her pussy. At the sight of the footage Jakes head spun. Her hair was trimmed in a perfect heart shape. This was a surprise to him, he had always figured his mom to be too mild mannered to care about something that broke the idea of what a mom is and how she should be. But right below her heart shaped patch was her clearly visible hood that hid her pink button. The HD on the camera made the image crystal clear. Her clitoris was pink, and perfectly rounded. And beneath that were her lips. Perfectly pink and symmetrical. Her pussy, was in his mind, perfect. Puffy, pink, shaven. This was truly a great find, and finally.

Jake had masturbated any chance he could get to that image. He had finally seen her forbidden place. The place that he was born from, and the place he so eagerly wanted to return to. But he had to find out how. How would anyone plan something like this out. There wasn't a guide, and there wasn't someone he could just talk to. So he had to be meticulous. Jakes dad was out of town very often as he was an agent for an insurance claims agency that investigated for fraud, and as such he had to fly everywhere and was gone for weeks on end. This situation was already perfect. But seduction wasn't jakes strong suit; in fact he had trouble seducing girls at his high school. He was still a virgin, and though he had had a few girlfriends, none had gone all the way with him. Even the girlfriend he was dating now wanted to wait. Her name was Karen. She was a regular high school girl who had also turned 18 the same month he had. Despite them both being of age, she still had a high school student's mentality. She was more than likely afraid. This saddened Jake because Karen was pretty. She had long, long black hair and was the spitting image of Emma Watson, except that her breasts were both 36 CC's. He assumed that once the time came his instincts would take over. He hoped.

Finally one day came; he decided he was going to make a move, to test the waters. His dad was away to Michigan to investigate some claim, and he'd be away for a whole 2 weeks. The night finally came. He saw his dad off at the door, and his mom, fully dressed in her day clothes, a pair of leggings and a shirt, gave him a kiss on the cheek and saw him on his way.

"So, got plans with your friends today?" She asked him.

He thought quickly, his friends had invited him to see a movie, but the prospects of finally bedding his own mother and laying into her for a few hours was much more appealing than another Will Ferrel movie.

"The guys were going to see a movie, but since I haven't seen you that much this week, thought I'd stay in. Maybe watch a movie?"

She smiled, "Sure that sounds nice, we haven't spent real time together in ages!"

"What do you mean?" Jake asked, hoping for an answer he knew he wouldn't receive.

"Like when you used to watch TV and lay your head

in my lap!"

"I'm a little old to be doing that." He joked.

"Hm, maybe you're right. But I bet come time you'll warm up to it. After all you're a teenage boy." She replied, spanking him playfully as she walked upstairs. He watched the way the cheeks of her ass rubbed and moved up and down as she walked upstairs.

Jake spent the day pacing his room nervously. Was he really going to go through with his plans? He knew he wanted to, but there was no going back. He checked the clock. It was till just 10 in the morning, plenty of time. He decided to spend the day, normally instead. But then an idea struck his mind. He'd spend the day being a charming son to his mother. Helping her with chores, going with her on errands. Stuff that made her realize that he was there to help while her husband was off working.

His mother came downstairs wearing the same clothes except she was primped up and ready to go. She looked like the regular soccer mom if the regular soccer mom was a part time model. He was amazed at how good she actually looked. Her calves and her hips were perfectly proportioned and hugged snuggly by her leggings. Her white tanktop perfectly contoured her breasts and revealed a good amount of cleavage. She was matronly, with a touch of naughtiness about her.

"So you'll be joining me after all? I have a lot of places to go! Are you sure?"

"Yeah, sure, why not? Nothing on today's agenda."

"Aw, how sweet, you'd rather carry mom's bags than see a funny movie!" She teased.

"I'm not doing this for free!" He teased back

"Let me guess, another video game?" She chuckled,

"Get a job!"

They both laughed on their way into the car. Jake attached his 3 month old sister's car seat and strapped her in. Their suburban area was a bit far from any big malls, so they drove about twenty minutes to the closest one. Amanda was there to look for a new dress for an upcoming party, among other things.

They wandered through the mall until his mother found a family owned specialty dress store. Jake was a bit embarrassed being seen in a store as feminine as that with his mother. And their resemblance suggested nothing other than that they were mother and son. His mother browsed a few and after looking for what seemed like hours finally had four dresses picked out.

"Is there a place I can try these on?" She asked the clerk, a young girl seemingly around Jake's age.

"We've got a small dressing room there in the back."

She led them to the back and gestured to the dressing room.

"I'll be just a second; you have to tell me what you think!"

"Fine." Jake agreed, and while on the surface he seemed reluctant, inside he was eager to view his mother in a sexy new dress.

The cute clerk girl let out a small polite chuckle and Amanda went inside as her son waited outside. He imagined her inside, slowly removing her clothes. He hadn't seen her naked with his own eyes yet. Recording her with his cell phone would be way too obvious. He had no choice but to leave it to his imagination. He looked to the ground where his little sister sat in her carriage making baby noises and smiling. He couldn't help but be jealous of her getting to be breast fed by their mother.

He looked up and the cute clerk gave him a smile. Just then his phone buzzed. It was his girlfriend Karen asking what he was up to. For a split second he thought he was going to mistakenly write that he was using his mother son time to seduce his own mom. A pang of guilt rang through him. He was trying to cheat on his perfectly fine girlfriend with his own mother. The guilt was enough to make him start regretting his plan. Until he saw his mothers cute feet walk up to the dressing room door.

"You ready?"

"Yeah, come on out."

His mother emerged, wearing the first dress. It was a tan and goldish dress that rose to a few inches above her knees. It was strapless and cut off right above her breasts. Her boobs spilled over the hemline a bit. She did a little twirl. Her butt area looked like it was stretching the fabric a bit, but not too much. He knew her butt would do that. That's when he knew that he was going to go through with his plan. He entered 'Not much babe, how about you?' into his phone and sent it.

She tried on the other dresses, and bought two. His mother had quite a lot of her own money saved up. She worked as one of a few editors for a mid-range style magazine, so she almost literally was raking in the bucks.

They kept wandering through the mall and his mother tried on a few dress shoes, and by the end of their trip, Jake was struggling to carry all the bags. When his arms started to sore thought he'd try to get her into a "giving" mood.

"You know, my arms are pretty sore from all these bags, not to mention carrying Lily around..."

"And mine would be if you weren't carrying them! Thanks sweetie" She jested.

"I don't mind, really I don't. I was kidding. We haven't spent time together in a while so even this is fun."

She gave him a loving look and gave him a kiss on the cheek. His cheeks were flush and she giggled once she noticed.

"I'll make it up to you, I swear."

They were at the mall for four hours, naturally, they were both a bit tired. Once they got home they both decided they'd take a nap. She headed up the stairs and he laid down on the living room couch. She stopped at the top of the stairs and looked down to him.

"Want to watch some TV while we try to fall asleep?"

"Sure, that doesn't sound so bad."

His heart started quickening in pace. He'd be in the same bed as his mom, asleep. He shuddered at the possibilities. He met her at the top of her stairs and into her room. She hopped playfully onto the bed and be crawled on from the opposite side. His little sister was in the crib adjacent to the bed, no doubt taking a nap. Amanda grabbed her remote and turned the channel to something they both enjoyed, Pawn Stars. They loved guessing at how much each item was to be


"I love this show, Chumlee's such a dork." She laughed.

"Yeah, no kidding."

They sat there for around 30 minutes until both of their eyes started to get heavy. He noticed his mom turn and face the other way and lay on her side. She had fallen asleep. Jake was close to passing out too and crawled next to her. He matched his posture perfectly to hers. He was officially spooning her. He fought sleep for as long as he could until he got confirmation she was asleep. What gave it away for Amanda is that she would always open her mouth slightly when she was completely under. And she was a deep sleeper. The perfect match for Jake's dad who was an obnoxious snorer. During his youth Jake would often have to wake her up for work.

He had finally worked over his nerves. His mother lay in front of him, her back expanding and collapsing with each breath. He stared at her bare back. He loved the way tank tops were cut and how they looked on women. He put a hand on her arm. So soft he thought to himself. He caressed her arm for a short period of time. There was no response from his mother. This made him get bolder. He moved his hand to the front of his mother. His mothers breasts were the perfect visions of motherhood. Round, and large, but not saggy at all. After all, she was only 36. He moved is hand from her stomach, higher and higher, for what seemed like ages, until the top side of his thumb softly hit the bottom of her left breast. He paused there for a moment. Would he continue? He was stuck, if she were to awake, it could spell disaster. Risk versus reward popped into his mind. He was going to go for it. He ran his hand higher until it rest perfectly on the center of her breast. The lack of visual confirmation made the breasts seem gigantic compared to his hand. He rested there for a while. His heart was racing, trying to break free from his chest. Her breasts were ever so soft, he was able to tell, and his mother was probably only wearing a bikini top because she planned on getting into their backyard pool later. He began to knead the flesh of her soft breast. He grabbed a handful of her boob and just reveled in the softness. He kneaded the breast, pushing it against his mother and pulling at it, gentle, as to not wake his mother. He wanted to feel her bare flesh. Since the tank top cut half of her boob from site, he simply pulled it down and under her breast. There was his holy grail, but he could not see it. If he left the bed, she'd surely wake. He re-gripped her boob, this time his palm made contact with a small but firm and pointy protrusion. Her nipple, the one he had suckled on long ago. She was filled with milk, that her newborn, Jakes new baby sister had been weaned off a month ago. He squeezed her breast again, but did it in the fashion the maternity doctor had taught her. Warm wetness had trickled down to his fingers. He had to stop; if his mother awoke with more dried milk on her breast than when lactating she would get suspicious. Sadly, he pulled up her shirt and covered her breast.

She laid there, oblivious to what had just happened. Jake was lying behind her, but was too excited to fall asleep. He was even too excited to notice the erection he had formed. He was wearing his around-the-house clothes, which consisted of basketball shorts and a t-shirt. His erection was pressed, quite hardly in fact, between the cheeks of her ass. She was obviously wearing a thong, her cheeks too well defined for her to be wearing panties. Her cheeks were firm. He pressed into her, without thinking. A surge of pleasure shot up his dick and crawled up his body into his head. His eyes rolled slightly. It felt amazing. And he became curious. She had always had an amazing ass. Perfectly round, and proportioned. It was hands down his favorite part of her. And since he had an obsession with women's asses, this only furthered his incestuous thoughts. He looked down to his hard dick, laying flat against her cheeks, aimed up at them. He moved his boner into a down position and grabbed the elastic of her leggings. he pulled down, down until he reached where the curves of her hips met the curves of her ass. He looked down. What he saw almost made him cum. She was in fact, not wearing any underwear of any kind. There were her two round cheeks, uninterrupted by cloth. He lost all nervousness and grabbed a handful of her ass cheek. Amazing. Soft, yet firm, and oh so warm. He kneaded her ass meat like he had her breast. He couldn't stand it any longer.

He dove his hand into his pants and started stroking his dick while fondling her flesh. He tried to control the shaking of the bed, stroking slowly and shallowly. When he was about to cum, a dangerous idea popped into his head. He pulled his shorts and boxers down. There stood his erect cock. All 8 inches pointed to the center of her ass. This was risky, but all logic had left his mind, he was now acting on instinct. He shifted the head of his dick upwards, towards their heads, and rubbed against her crack. The sensation was phenomenal. Her soft ass flesh was being caressed by the veiny , rock solid cock of her own son. He moved slowly, up and down. Soon, he was about halfway down into her asses' depths when his mother let out a small sleep-grunt. He immediately freaked out and put his dick back in his shorts and pulled up her leggings. He waited for a second, looking at her. She was definitely still asleep. But that was too close. He was able to let himself fall asleep, spooning his mother, her ass and his cock separated by two layers of fabric. But the feeling of her ass was still there.

He awoke about an hour later, his eyes and head groggy from the midday nap. He lay in his parent's bed, alone, with the television off. She had awoken earlier than him and did not want to wake him. He sat up in the bed and looked around her room. She wasn't in the master bathroom, or in the closet. Going downstairs he could hear her splashing around in their backyard pool. There she was, floating on their inflatable pool futon type thing with his sister set a safe distance from the pool, but within sight. She was wearing the same bikini she had on all day. It was a lime green bikini, with no padding in her breast area. She needed none. It left nothing to the imagination, but it was just a regular bikini.

"Thanks for waking me up haha." He said sarcastically.

"You looked so peaceful; I didn't want to bother you. Are you going to come in?"

"Maybe." He thought out loud. "Yeah sure."

His took off his shirt, but kept on the same basketball shorts. Then a thought popped into his head. He'd allow his shorts to get wet enough so he could accentuate his bulge, maybe he'd catch her staring. He needed to remove his underwear.

"Shoot, I'll be right back, I'm going to change shorts, don't want to ruin these."

"Okay." she said, none the wiser.

He ran upstairs into his room, and found his old cross country shorts, they went halfway up his thigh, but he was trying to seduce his mom, and these happened to be tighter near the package region. He removed his shorts and underwear in one pull and pulled up the blue cross country shorts. He ran back out and surprised his mom with a canon ball into the pool. A decent amount of water flew up and she screamed playfully.

"I was trying not to get my hair wet!" She yelled.

"Oops." He said coyly as he approached her floating mattress.

"Oh well, might as well get in now." She said as she rolled of the inflatable pool futon.

She resurfaced from the water. How stunning, Jake thought. Her hair was now slicked down, and her shoulders and amazing breasts were glistening. He could feel blood rush to his erection as she waded nearer to him. He had flashes of him simply grabbing her by the waist, turning her around and bending her over. He fought to control himself. He looked down for a split second and saw he was rocking a very obvious hardon. Luckily the waves in the water blurred the image, she wouldn't be able to get a clear picture unless she popped goggles on and went underwater.

"How about Marco-polo?" His mom asked, breaking the silence. "I'm so bored."

"Sure, why not." Jake replied, he too was pretty bored.

"Alright, but I'm going to go first!"

It was obvious the game had sprung life back into her. She moved to one end of the pool and closed her eyes.

"You ready?" She called out to Jake.

"Yup." He wasn't too enthusiastic, the game itself seemed pretty tacky, and for a kid his age to be playing made it even worse.

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