tagNonHumanTwo Worlds Ch. 09

Two Worlds Ch. 09


Author's note:

Hi everyone! Just wanted to say a few things real quick.

First off I know a few of you were confused by the fact that in the second chapter of this story Jess's ankle healed so quickly and I just wanted to tell you that I kind of explain it in this chapter.

Second, I am working on another story and hope to have it out soon so you aren't all in suspense. Also I'm looking for an editor since the one I tried before hasn't gotten back to me yet. If you have any suggestions for good editors, that would be great because I would really like to have one.

Third and final thing: Please don't kill me!!!


~Charles's POV

Nothing was going right. I was stuck in a village of nekos with no technology what so ever, all of my friends were getting "mated" to members of the "tribe", Jess was already mated and had two kids and was completely unobtainable, none of the women here would respond to my advances with anything except to run away or ask me why I wasn't with the "princess", and to top it all off I was starting to have feelings for a 13 year old girl! The exact 13 year old girl I was trying to avoid at all costs and who wouldn't stop pursuing me!

"Why must she be so tempting?" I mumbled in annoyance. "I mean I am literally over two times her age!" I punched the tree branch I was sitting on and sighed before looking around. I was several feet off the ground, having gotten good at climbing trees since I got here. It was actually rather peaceful here on the outskirts of the village and some of the trees had wide enough branches for me to lounge around on so I had been spending a lot of my time out here.

If I returned home she would no longer be around to tempt me. I thought for about the millionth time before gripping the tree branch as my heart constricted in pain as it always did when I thought of leaving the Princess. I growled slightly in annoyance before jumping down from the tree and grabbing the nearest rock and chucking it as far as I could in frustration.

I can't stay but I can't leave. What am I supposed to do?! I thought before leaning against the tree and then sinking down to sit. I knew in my head that the Princess was way too young for me. It was wrong for someone to be with someone 17 years younger than them. It's what I had always been taught; it's what society frowned upon. Yet here... Here they were all encouraging me and her to be together! Even my friends! Didn't they understand that it was wrong?! Why didn't they understand? Why did they keep trying to convince me to be with her?! Why did it have to be so tempting?!!

"WHY?!?!?!!" I screamed out to the forest before turning and punching the tree behind me, blooding it up. I laid my forehead on the tree and breathed through the pain before jumping slightly as something touched my arm. I turned to see a hand on my arm and then looked to see the Princess's smiling, beautiful gorgeous face. I quickly pulled my arm away as I realized what I just thought.

"You bleeding Charles." She said in her tribe accent as she reached out for me, looking worried.

"You think I don't know that?" I snapped before seeing the slightly hurt expression on her face and having my gut twist knowing that I caused this. I kept my face away so I wouldn't just turn around and apologize to her.

"Let me help?" she asked, touching my shoulder gently. I tense, considering pulling away before sighing.

"Okay." I said, turning around and seeing a brilliant smile on her face. I started to smile back before realizing what I was doing and pushing it away. We sat down and she took a look at my hand before pouring a bit of water on it from a pouch she had. She then pulled out some sort of paste and rubbed it over my cuts. The wounds started to stitch together right before my eyes.

"Wow!" I said in surprise.

"Leaves heal fast." She explained before continuing to spread the paste over the cuts.

"Um. Thanks." I mumbled when she was done. We sat there in uncomfortable silence for a moment before she reached out for my hand. I quickly pulled away and looked away.

"I... I not beautiful?" she suddenly asked, her voice breaking a bit. My head snapped around and I saw tears in her eyes and was hit with the urge to pull her close and promise her the world if only she would never look so hurt ever again.

"W-what?" I asked in shock, both at the sudden urge and her sudden question.

"I not beautiful. Y-you no like me!" she said before tears started to run down her cheek and I stared at her in shock. I had never seen this girl cry before! She always seemed so tough! Even when she was pushed around in the ball games some of the kids her age played she never once shed a tear. Now here she was crying! She cried weakly before trying to get up to run away. I quickly reached up and grabbed her hand to stop her, making her fall into my lap.

"No! I-it's not that. You are beautiful Princess. You are a very beautiful ch-child." I told her, trying not to think about the fact that she was sprawled out on my lap.

"I-I no child. I old..." she struggled to translate for a moment. "I old enough to mate."

"No you aren't! You are too young! You are still only a child!" I said pushing her off of my lap and setting her down in front of me. She struggled to pull me close again but I pulled away from her.

"Mother says I no child." She said stubbornly.

"Please understand Princess. In my world you are still only a child. You would still live with your parents and go to school..." I stopped at the confused look she gave me and I figured she was having trouble keeping up with how fast I was speaking.

"What school?" she asked. I frowned and was about to explain it to her before I stopped myself and stood up.

"It doesn't matter. I have to go." I said before turning around and running off into the forest.

"Charles!" I heard her call out as she tried to follow me. I ran as fast as I could away from her and after awhile I knew I lost her so I climbed another tree and sat there, trying to get the image of her pain and her smile and the emotions each caused out of my head.

I sat there for awhile before my stomach started growling and I sighed as I realized I hadn't eaten lunch yet. I jumped down from the tree branch and started to walk back to the village. When I got closer to the village I realized that something was going on. I heard a bunch of cheering and hoped that with everyone distracted I could just grab some food and go back to the peace of the forest.

I slipped past the crowd and into the main hut, almost running into one of the younger boys of the village. I mumbled an apology before trying to move around him. However the boy blocked my path and practically glared at me. I noticed then that he had the same eyes as the Princess and wondered if this was one of her other brothers.

"You hurt Unari." The boy said before glaring at me for a second more and then walking out of the hut. I stood there in shock for a moment before walking in and heading into where the food was kept. I froze when I saw that the Princess was in there looking through the supplies. I tried to slowly turn around and walk out but suddenly saw Jess and Kael entering and quickly backed up. Unfortunately I backed into something that caused me to slip and fall and inevitably catch the Princess's attention.

"Charles!" she called out as she rushed over to me. She looked me over and I gripped at the floor as she bent over me and her small breast were practically in my face.

"You okay?" She asked, finally moving to look at my face. I released a breath and then relaxed my grip before sitting up.

"Yeah. Just tripped." I mumbled. She nodded before hardening her expression and turning away to go back to what she was doing. I sighed, knowing she was back to being her colder self that she was around everyone else. It was usually only around me that she showed some warmth. She was a strong, tough girl, which I liked, but she was still just a child.

"Hungry?" she asked after a moment.

"Um. Yeah. I just came in here to grab something quick." I told her. I briefly wished I had my pots and pans and could make a good cooked meal like I would normally at home but I had to make do with what was here.

"I make something for you?" She asked as she finished going through the supplies.

"You can cook?" I asked. Surprisingly she blushed at that and then looked away.

"No..." She answered honestly. "But I make... mixed fruit and leaves?"

"You mean like a salad?" she looked at me in confusion and I couldn't help laughing a bit.

"Okay. How about you make that and I'll make something using some of the meat?" I told her as I turned to look through the supplies for what I needed.

"Okay." She smiled and ran off to get some more fruit and such. I grabbed some of the fresh meat and some spices I found and then headed outside to one of the fires. I spread the spices onto the meat before wrapping it in large leaves and then stabbing a stick into it and putting it over the fire. I slowly turned it, hoping this meat would taste good smoked. A few minutes later the Princess came back with a large bowl of salad and her eyes went wide when she smelt the meat.

"Smell good!" she smiled and sat down next to me.

"I considered being a chef for a living." I admitted before seeing her confused expression and realized she didn't know what that meant.

"Um. In my world some people cook at places where other people pay to eat." I explained. She looked thoughtful for a moment before nodding.

"Your village must be happy have someone cook for them." She said as I pulled the meat out of the fire. I sighed at that and shook my head, trying to figure out how to explain things.

"I don't really cook for other people actually. I wanted to but my parents didn't and instead made me go to school to become a lawyer." She looked confused and I tried to figure out a way to explain lawyers but couldn't really come up with a good way. Instead I just gave her some of the meat and helped myself to the salad.

"Your parents make you do what you no want to do, too?" She asked.

"Um. Yeah. I guess. What do you mean?"

"I don't want to be princess. Too much work, too much to do. Too much..." She tried to think of a word.

"Responsibility?" I asked. She looked confused and I sighed, knowing that that's what she meant.

"I understand." I told her as I started to eat. She followed my lead and smiled when she bit into the meat.

"This good." She said. I smiled slightly and then sighed, trying to figure out the emotions running through my head. I couldn't deny anymore that I cared about Unari but everything I've ever been taught screamed at me that I couldn't get involved with her how she wanted. I could maybe treat her like a little sister...

Could I really? I thought before sighing. What I really needed was to get away from here for awhile. A bit of time to breathe and think.

Maybe I should go back... Just for a little while... I thought to myself before someone came out and started to tell all the children to come inside.

"What's going on?" I asked as I noticed most of the village had gathered to the square.

"Kael and Masu's mating." Unari told me before standing up. "I suppose to be there. You coming?"

She offered me her hand and I thought about it for a moment. I had seen Isaac and Opy's mating and didn't think I needed that again, especially after the nightmare that followed when I tried to relieve my painful arousal the first night we were here. That's when I found out how monogamous these people were, saving their virginities for their one and only mate.

Of course in Medieval times woman did the same... They also got married around 13... I thought before looking up at Unari and shaking my head.

"I don't think so." I told her before standing up. "I think I'm just going to head to bed."

She nodded before turning and going to watch the ceremony. I sighed and then headed for the hut I slept in sometimes when I wasn't trying to hide from everyone. I lay down and covered myself up as the chanting of the ceremony began.

I'll talk to everyone tomorrow about leaving. They said they wouldn't force me to stay. They might try really hard to convince me otherwise but they will take me home if I ask. I thought before passing out to the sounds of the village chanting.


Sometime in the middle of the night I woke up from what I was pretty sure a really good dream, although I forgot it very quickly. I tried to figure out what woke me up when I felt fur brush against me. I opened my eyes to see Unari snuggling close and my eyes went wide. I froze up and started to panic slightly before she looked up at me and bit her lip. I could just barely make out her features and she looked so adorable at that moment but also slightly nervous and vulnerable. I almost let out a groan, hating seeing her so unsure when she usually acted so strong and sure of herself.

"I sorry... I... I was cold and... alone..." She told me with wide eyes full of emotion and I swear I saw tears start to form.

"And... I... Had a bad dream..." She admitted, looking down. Everything in me broke at that moment and I pulled her close and stroked her back.

"Want to tell me about it?" I asked her quietly. She shook her head and clung to me tighter, burying her face in my chest. I comforted her the best I could as she cried silently. It was breaking my heart to see this tough girl cry and I realized with a start that her bad dream probably had something to do with losing me.

Damn it... that would explain why she came to me instead of her mother or father... I thought before tilting her head up.

"It will be okay Unari." I told her while brushing a tear away. She smiled up at me slightly and I smiled slightly back.

"First time you call me that..." she said as she snuggled up to me again. I blinked as I realized she was right. She had stopped being "Princess" in my mind and had started to be Unari.

When did that happen? I wondered before pushing it out of my mind and looking down at her.

"You should probably return to your place before your parents worry." I whispered as I tried to move her. She clung on tighter however and wouldn't let me go.

"Please let stay. No want to be alone..." she whimpered. I sighed but then nodded and let her stay. She cuddled up to me happily before suddenly leaning up and giving me a quick peck on the lips. I blinked in surprise and looked down at her until she was asleep. I stayed up for quite awhile after that, thinking about this situation.

Is it possible that I could actually not be her mate? They find it by scent, but maybe my scent just smells good to her. Maybe her mate is still out there... I thought to myself. I thought about how young she is and how I wasn't that compatible with her.

She deserves someone better... I have to leave... For both our sake's... I thought before kissing the top of her head and letting myself enjoy this one night with her.


Warm. It was so warm. I snuggled into that warmth in the half conscious state I was in and heard a soft sigh. After a moment I realized that that sigh had not come from me and suddenly everything came rushing back to me. My eyes snapped open and I looked down to see Unari smiling sleepily up at me.

"Morning." She mumbled as she snuggled closer to me. I sighed and then sat up before looking around and seeing that almost everyone else was up to. Some of the men smirked slightly at me and I had to force myself to not groan out loud as I knew exactly what they were thinking. I caught Eric's eye and he raised an eyebrow before giving me a slight smile and I sighed before looking down at the very adorable looking Unari.

"Unari. Get up." I told her quietly before she yawned and stretched out. She sat up and looked around at all the other males in the room before wrapping her arms around me in what seemed like a very possessive way. I sighed before gently unwrapping her arms from around me and standing up.

"Hey. Can we talk after breakfast?" I asked Eric, knowing that he and Shelly were really the only other two that wouldn't be so opposed to going back since they didn't have mates or anything holding them back.

"Um. Sure." He said before glancing behind me and looking a bit confused. I sighed and then walked out of the hut. I suddenly felt an arm around mine and looked over to see Unari right beside me.

"What you talk about?" she asked, looking a little worried. I sighed, knowing she was probably going to fight tooth and nail about this.

Maybe I shouldn't tell her then... I thought.

"We'll talk about it later." I told her before heading to the supplies to get something to eat. Suddenly Unari started to pull me towards the main hut.

"Come. Eat with Mother and Father." She told me and I skidded to a stop.


"Jess, Natu, Isaac, Opy, Kael and Masu be there too..." she said, looking at me with pleading eyes. I groaned slightly and ran a hand over my face.

"Fine." I mumble, knowing I should probably talk to Jess about this too. Unari smiled and then led me into the hut and sat me down next to Jess and herself. Jess's eyes went wide at first before she smiled at me. I tried to smile back but I'm sure it came out as a grimace. The Queen suddenly started to talk excitedly to Unari who mostly gave short and annoyed answers, as if she didn't like her mother prying. I almost laughed at that but instead just eat the food that was offered to me. When I was done I bowed my head slightly in respect at the Queen and King before I stood up. Unari looked up at me and I smiled weakly.

"Just need a breath." I told her before walking out of the hut. I took a deep breath and then let it all out in a sigh before going to look around for Eric. I finally found him with Shelly on his lap and blinked in surprise.

When did that happen? I wondered before shaking my head to clear it and going over to him.

"Hey. Can we talk now?" I asked. He nodded before gently moving Shelly off his lap and following me out towards the forest. I led him to a slightly more secluded part before I started pacing slightly.

"Is this about the Princess?" Eric asked after a few minutes of silence.

"Yes. No. I don't know. I... I have to leave." I finally just burst out. Eric looked a bit surprised before frowning.

"Okay. May I ask why?"

"Because I want to go home. I want to see my family again. I miss cars and cell phones and, and music and... Pizza!" I started to ramble.

"But what about Unari?"

"She's 13 years old!!!" I practically screamed. "Why do none of you get that?! You grew up the same way I did, didn't you? You learned that someone my age dating someone under 18 is wrong, didn't you? Well didn't you?!"

Eric stared at me in shock as I kicked a tree nearby and then rest against it, sliding down to sit on the floor. I held my head in my hands and took deep breaths, trying to calm down. After a moment I felt someone sit beside me and looked up to see Eric looking a bit apologetic.

"Well when you put it that way..." He started before sighing. "Honestly man, I thought she was 16 or 17. I didn't know that she was only 13... She doesn't look only 13."

"I know... I only know because I asked her... It's wrong, Eric. I can't be with someone that young... She's 17 years younger than me! Everything in me screams that it's wrong..."

"But it also says that you can't live without her, doesn't it?" Eric asked quietly. I looked up at him in slight surprise before groaning and looking away.

"I hate it so much! Why does it hurt just thinking about leaving her? Why does every part of me scream to be with her when I know it's wrong? Why when I'm so wrong for her? She's the next queen for god's sake! Do you really think I would be a good king? Do you really think I could rule a whole village without it going to my head or something? I'm not right for her Eric! I mean what if she chose wrong? What if I just smell better because I'm human and she just wants to find her mate so badly? What if I'm not really her mate?" Eric put his hand up suddenly to stop me.

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