tagNon-EroticTxQ - A Quiet Discussion

TxQ - A Quiet Discussion

byTx Tall Tales©


After the party discussion back home.

Just a little literary play. Something different. Not the act so much, as the presentation. I hope you enjoy it.

Tx Quickies (TxQ) are short little one shot tales. Quick reads which I have no intent to continue.


"How could you humiliate me like that, Paul?"

"I should ask the same, dear"

"All I did was dance with him!"

"If you can't keep your tone down, this conversation is over."


"You dry humped him and kissed him, openly, on the floor where everyone could see. Not just any kiss, either."

"It's not like you've never kissed anyone at a party, Paul. How about Janice? Or Angela at the Christmas party?"

"I've never kissed anyone like that and you know it. I've never touched another woman in all the years we've been married, not like he was touching you."

"Is it my fault he was all hands tonight?"

"Yes. You could have stopped him. You should have. Besides, no woman has ever touched me like you were touching him, Allison. Not once in the last 8 years. I suppose that was his fault as well?"

"I was drunk, Paul. Jesus, I still am. What are you now, the perfect drunk? You've never done anything you regretted after having a few too many? I made a mistake."

"And had to keep on making it didn't you? Yelling at me when I tried to intervene. Calling me names just because I wanted my wife out of the arms of that slimy horn-dog. You had your hand on his cock, in the middle of the dance floor, and wouldn't even let go when I tried to get you to go with me!"

"I didn't even realize I was doing it. I said I was sorry."

"No you didn't. Not once. What you did say, as I recall, was something along the line of 'If I had one half as nice, you wouldn't have to find yours elsewhere'."

"Ok, it was stupid, and I was angry that you were humiliating me on the dance floor in front of all our friends. Did you have to drag his wife into it?"

"Shh. Keep it down, Allison. You don't want to wake the kids."

"I'm sorry. But that was completely uncalled for. She's supposed to be my best friend."

"You embarrassed me with your behavior, and then tried to humiliate me by insulting my manhood. That was unconscionable. I can't believe you said that! What was I supposed to do? Walk away like a wimp?"

"Anything would have been better than what you did. You fucking pulled your damn dick out in the middle of the party. No, I take that back. You made her pull it out. I never touched his, only through his pants. She had your bare cock in her hands."

"You certainly made it sound like you'd touched it before. More than once, and with a lot more than your hand. Was that true? Are you really having sex with that blowhard?"

"No. Never. I was drunk, angry and embarrassed. I said it to get even with you. I wasn't really thinking straight. I've never cheated on you, Paul. Not once. More than you can say now, I guess. You didn't have to fuck her. All I did was dance with the guy."

"How am I supposed to believe you've never cheated after your behavior and comments tonight? Everyone we know now believes you're running around on me, and I'm a stupid cuckold. How could you do that to me, to her, your best friend?"

"We can set them straight. They'll understand that I was angry and drunk, and that bastard was pushing things. What we can't get them to forget is you taking his wife to their guest bedroom, her hand on your hard dick the whole way. Listening to you fuck the shit out of her, you lousy asshole."

"I didn't fuck her, as you so elegantly put it. If you had stuck around instead of running outside, you might have realized that."

"Bullshit! I know what I heard. She was screaming at you to fuck her harder, while your friends held the bastard back, and everyone was laughing at me. You humiliated me!"

"Damn it, Allison! Don't raise your voice. If you wake the kids, you can deal with them."

"That's all you care about isn't it? The kids. Not about me, your wife, or our marriage, what's left of it."

"If I didn't care, I'd be gone. Hell, that's what everyone told me I should do, after finding out you were a cheat."

"I didn't cheat! You did!"

"If you had stuck around, you lying little cheat, you'd know better. You would have seen your boyfriend bust into the room after the guys hung onto him for a few minutes. We were fully dressed. Yes, she was screaming, but it was to get even with her asshole husband. Everyone knew it. They laughed him out of the house."

"All those cries of 'fuck me', 'harder', 'I'm coming', that was all an act?"

"Of course. I'm not a cheater. You should know that. Why would I want any other woman when I have you? Had you, I guess I should say. It was meant for you to feel a little of what I was feeling. Pay you back for embarrassing and humiliating me. Both of you. For cheating on me."

"She was holding your hard-on. We all saw it."

"After telling everyone he was so much bigger than me, I had to set things straight. How could you even say that? That asshole has the smallest dick in the room."

"No fucking kidding. How could you even believe I'd cheat with someone like him?"

"Uhh...because you told us you did? You told everyone."

"I...I guess that was kind of stupid, huh? Fuck, I was so drunk. You should have taken care of me, Paul. You should have stopped me, you know how I get."

"That's what I was trying to do, when you went off on me."

"I'm sorry about that. It's still no reason to fuck that cow."

"Are we back to that? I told you, I didn't fuck her. Ask her, hell, ask anyone. We didn't have sex. Yes, she touched my hard cock for a few seconds, and I kissed her. I didn't even touch her, if you'll recall."

"It sure seemed like you were fucking her. Noisy bitch. God, I'm so humiliated. How can I ever look those people in the eye again?"

"Are you unhappy with our marriage, Allie? Do you want a divorce?"

"Oh, God, no. Please don't talk about divorce. We both made some stupid mistakes tonight. Can you at least admit that? It wasn't all me."

"You're right. I let my temper get the better of me. I overreacted. I probably shouldn't have gotten her involved, but I was just as angry at him as I was at you. Did you see the way he was looking at me, smirking, squeezing your tit, while you hung onto his God-damn prick?"

"He's an asshole. We both know it."

"And that's who you chose to cuckold me with?"

"Please, Paul. I didn't. You believe that don't you? I was an idiot, letting him manipulate me like that, and I did hold him down there, to my eternal regret. If I was going to cheat on you, I'd at least do it with someone like Steve or Alex. Not with bozo. Please! You...you have to b-b-believe...me. I d-d-didn't..."

"Shhh, baby. Don't cry. C'mere. Let me hold you."

"I...I swear, Paul. You have to believe me. That was the worst thing I've ever done. I would never cheat on you."

"I want to believe you. It's difficult, the way you acted. If I hadn't interrupted you two, you'd have been screwing right there on the dance floor. It was bad. Very bad. Damn it, Allie! You should have done it with Steve or Alex. We'd be able to laugh it off. No way it would ever go beyond a grope with them. You had to choose him!"

"No! Don't let me go. Please. I'm afraid, Paul. Are we going to be Ok?"

"I don't know. It's hard to trust you now. Even if I believe you never fucked him, what you did, out in the open, in front of everybody, would be considered cheating in almost anyone's book. Am I not enough for you? Why were you so angry?"

"Shit, I don't know. A lot of little things. Making us late for the party, for one. You knew how badly I wanted to go, and you had to be late again. Putting work before us. You didn't even comment on my new outfit. We got there, and you disappeared immediately, leaving me on my own. All those comments you kept making about my drinking too much..."

"You were drinking too much."

"I know that now. You were ignoring me except to ask me if I hadn't had enough already."

"I wasn't ignoring you. I was trying to avoid a fight. You had it in for me from the moment I got home. There's been way too much of that lately. Our house is more of a battlefield, than a home."

"Is it that bad?"

"For me it is. I don't know where it came from, but for the last couple of months, I've dreaded coming home. Is it any wonder I stay at work as long as I can? Our sex life has become almost non-existent. You're staying out late with your friends, instead of staying home with your family. Are you surprised that I believed you when you said you were cheating on me?"

"I guess I was mad at you, too. You never wanted to talk. You were obviously avoiding me. You had nothing but bad things to say about my friends. You stopped calling me just to chat. You never try to romance me. In bed, all you wanted to do was grab me, and if I didn't roll-over for you, you got all pissed. I'm not just a fuck toy."

"You're certainly not my fuck toy."

"Can we stop this, Paul? Please. No fighting. I want it back like it was. Like we were. You used to love me."

"You used to love me. My Allison would never have said the things you said tonight."

"If I say I'm sorry, will you forgive me? Give us another chance? I want you back."

"I want things back the way they were, too. I'm not sure how we get there. I know there's more to this than what you're saying. You've been nothing but a bitch to me, and I feel like I've lost all your respect. I can do nothing right anymore. What happened?"

"I swear, Paul. I don't know. It just seemed to build and build. I didn't even realize it."

"Almost three months. Ever since the end of May. Can you even tell me how it started? What happened at the end of May? Did I do something horrible? Why did you stop loving me?"

"I never stopped loving you, Paul. Never. I...I was bored. Tired of what our life was becoming. I needed a little excitement in my life. That's all I was looking for."

"Damn it, who would be calling at this hour? Hello?...I know, I'm sorry too... He did? How bad?... No kidding, since then?... There's more?... Jesus, that explains a lot... That changes everything, doesn't it?... No, I agree. Totally... I understand. Of course the offer still stands... Sure, that would be fine... Yes, I will. Thanks for letting me know. See you soon."

"Who was that?"

"Your ex-best friend. The slime-ball confessed everything. Pretty disturbing actually. Would you like to change your story now, Allie dear?"

"I...I'm sorry. It never meant anything. Just a distraction, a little excitement. Where are you going?"

"I think I need a drink. Can I offer you one?"

"Just coffee please. I've already had far too much to drink tonight."


"Here you are dear. Coffee, amaretto creamer, one sweet-n-low."

"Thank you. I really am sorry. It was only a few times."

"Three months. A bit of a coincidence?"

"No. No coincidence. That's when it started. Only playing around at first. Necking, a little grab ass. Second base. Nothing, really, until the last few weeks."

"That matches up pretty well with what I was told. You've decided to finally be honest then? No more lies?"

"No more lies. I promise. I...I blew him. Twice. He went down on me several times. I never had sex with him, Paul. You have to believe me."

"I guess blow-jobs and cunnilingus are no longer considered sex. That's good to know."

"No, I don't mean that. What I did was wrong, but I never let him...he never fucked me."

"Understood. What you're telling me is you didn't really cheat, right? No fucking, so it's not cheating?"

"Please don't make this worse than it is. I was wrong. I was foolish and looking for a little fun, and he was there. The thrill of what we were doing was exciting. The act itself, not so much. I cheated on you, I'm ashamed to say, more than once. It doesn't change the way I feel for you, and I never went all the way with him."

"I believe you honey. I do. It's still very disturbing. Quite a contrast to what you were telling me earlier. It's going to be very difficult to get past this."

"No Paul! Don't think that way. I made a mistake, but I swear it will never happen again. You have to give me another chance."

"I have to?"

"I'm begging you to. I'll make it up to you, I promise. You set the rules, and I'll follow them. This wasn't an affair, I'm still in love with you."

"Three months without sex might argue otherwise."

"It was a stupid game between me and him. Who could hold out longest. I know it was wrong, but I didn't think of it that way at the time. I...Is that someone knocking on the door? At this hour?"

"I'm sure it is. Your 'friend' has nowhere to stay tonight. She says she can't stand to be in the same house as that cheater. I assured her it would be fine for her to stay here. You were her best-friend after all."

"But we need to talk!"

"We do. Let me get the door first, before she rings the bell. Wouldn't want to wake up the kids."


"Hello Allison."

"I'm sorry. I guess you probably don't consider me much of a friend at the moment."

"I am more than a little upset. My best friend. With him? When you have Paul? What were you thinking?"

"I...I wasn't. It was only a diversion. A little excitement. I never meant it to go as far as it went, or end up the way it did tonight."

"Great. That's all the destruction of my marriage was to you. A little excitement. Very little, if you did it with him."

"I know I screwed up. I really am sorry."

"Allison, I'm going to take your friend upstairs and we're going to discuss what to do about our situation. I'll be honest, it looks bleak. I suggest you use the guest room tonight."

"The guest room? You...you're going to our bedroom?"

"Yes. We have lots to 'discuss'. Three months worth to my reckoning. We'll try to keep it down. If he calls, I'd prefer you didn't speak to him or tell him his wife is here."

"Please, Paul, don't do this! It was a silly mistake. You don't have to rub my face in it."

"Goodnight dear. See you in the morning."

"At least tell me you're not going to fuck her. You can do what I did, that's all. No fucking."

"Goodnight Allison."


"Shh...Don't want to wake the kids."


Just another after party discussion, when people choose to misbehave. A little diversion for your entertainment. Forgive me, but sometimes I have the urge to write something a little different, a little weird. I've had my fix, now back to the real stuff...

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