tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTxQ - Helpless Hannah

TxQ - Helpless Hannah

byTx Tall Tales©


Tied, helpless, discovered, used hard

TX Shorties are short (2 pages of less) standalone stories, with abbreviated plots (if any). I have no intention of continuing any of them.


"ALEX!" I screamed, "THIS IS NOT FUNNY!"

I had no idea how long I'd been tied down like this. It felt like hours. My arms and legs were tired of being stretched out to the corners of the bed. The cuffs on my ankles and wrists had seemed comfortable at first, but now were chaffing, slick with sweat.

I was going to kill the stupid SOB.

It was our six month anniversary. I figured he'd earned a little fantasy fulfillment, and I let him strap me down to the bed. I thought a little toy play, feathers, tickling, and some righteous fucking would be in order. Then he started with the jealousy shit again.

Ok, I hadn't been 100% joking when I had mentioned getting one of his friends to join us, for a little R&R. He'd already told me about his threesomes and foursomes, and more-somes, and I'll admit, it got me thinking. Two dicks at once, being the plaything to two big strong guys, used for their pleasure, helpless for them. Yeah, it got me going a bit. So maybe I had slipped up, bringing it up in this position.

"You're not thinking of inviting one of your buddies over, are you?" I teased, while he pounded the hell out of my tied down and helpless body.

"Right. Who are you thinking about Hannah? Brad? Alex? Jesus, it's our anniversary and you're fantasizing about another guy?"

I'll say this much, an angry fuck is a hell of a thing. He had a couple of pillows under my butt, and was hammering my poor cooch. It hurt a little, each thrust stretching my legs, the ropes tugging on my ankle cuffs.

"Fuck, Hannah. You're like a swamp down here. All worked up over one of your fantasy boys again?"

"No baby. It's you. All you. You feel so good," I told him, hoping he'd drop the subject.

"Right. You're never this wet or horny," he growled at me.

"I'm tied down, Alex. Helpless. You can do anything you want to me. It's driving me crazy," I gasped, as he leaned over and punished my pussy.

"But I'm not enough am I? You want your dream boy to stick his big cock in your mouth, don't you? Maybe in that ass of yours you keep promising me, then change your mind at the last minute. Is that what you want, Hannah? Brad's cock tickling your tonsils? He's not that big you know. Or is it Miguel? You're always fucking flirting with him."

"Whatever you want, baby. I only want what you want. If you wanted to share me, how could I say no, like this?"

"God, you're such a slut. Megan was right. She told me you dream of being airtight. You'd happily let some stranger have your ass, as long as you had all three holes filled. That's it, isn't it?"

Megan. That stupid bitch. Some best friend she was. "No, baby. That's just a little fantasy. I wouldn't really do it."

He pulled off of me, slapping my thigh hard.

"Ow! Damn it, Alex. No hurting me. I told you."

"Fuck you, Hannah. You and your fantasy fuck squad. Maybe one of them will come over and untie you. I'm gonna go get a beer."

"Alex! Don't you dare leave me like this!" I screamed at him.

I felt him sit on the edge of the bed, getting dressed. Maybe I went a little overboard, cursing him and his various body parts, accusing him of some vile and even physically impossible sexual practices. Pleading might have worked better. Perhaps an apology.

"If you leave me like this, I'm going to fucking tear your nuts off!" I screamed as he walked out of our 1st floor apartment.

He returned, a minute later. "Thank God, Alex. I would have died if you left me like this. I'm sorry. Please untie me."

He laughed, and I felt him tape some paper to my stomach. The tape was irritating, sticky. "Happy Anniversary, Hannah-slut."

He left me. I heard the door open, the sound of traffic on the street. I waited for the slam. I waited, and waited. I could still hear all the traffic outside, the sound of the Wilson kids across the street.

The lousy bastard had left the door open. Wide open from the sound of it.

I'd tried. I had. I pulled and jerked and kicked. No luck. I was good and truly screwed. My shoulders hurt from being extended so long, and my lower back was aching. The fucker could at least have removed those damn pillows.

I had been rubbing my head against the pillow for a while, trying to loosen the damned mask, so I could at least see something.


I heard a voice from the front of the apartment.

"Hello? Pizza delivery."

The guy sounded Hispanic. Shit. He wouldn't have done that would he? Order pizza to be delivered here? Leaving me like this? He wouldn't.

Would he?"

"Pizza delivery." The voice was getting closer. Shit. Shit, shit, shit.

I heard his footsteps on our wooden floor. Getting closer.

"Pizza del..."

God. He was here. I could hear his breathing. I could smell the damn pizza. He was in our room.

"You order pizza, lady?"

Jesus, he was standing right over me. "Umm, yeah. You can leave it on the chest, please."

"It's $14.95."

Oh shit, he was at the end of the bed. I bet he was looking right up between my legs. I tried to close them, but there was no fucking way. Not tied down like I was. "My purse. It's on the dresser. Please take a $20. You can keep the change."

"There's no purse here," he said.

"It must be in the living room," I told him.

I was such an idiot. Maybe he could help me. "Hey! Pizza guy, could you untie me? This is kind of embarrassing. My boyfriend will be right back, but I don't want to wait."

I felt his hand on my ankle. Thank God. I was almost in tears out of relief.

"You guys have a fight?" he asked.

Oh, God. His hand was on my calf, sliding up my leg.

"No, we're good. He just went around the corner to get some beer."

"What does this paper mean?" he said, his hand running up my thigh.

"What...what paper?" I asked, squirming from his touch. His hand was rough, slowly creeping up my leg. The fucker skimmed his hand across my pussy, running his fingers through my close cropped pubes. "Don't. Please."

"It says, 'Your Tip. Enjoy.' You think this message is for me?" he laughed. He grabbed my tit and squeezed it.

"No. Don't. I'll scream."

"I don't think so. I bet that's why he left this gag here. You think I should gag you?"

"Please," I begged. "Please untie me."

"After," he whispered, and I felt the round ball pressed against my lips.

"Don't," I pleaded through gritted teeth.

"You gonna scream?" he teased, tugging my nipple.

"Please don't. Don't do this. Help me."

"Let me get my 'tip' and I'll untie you."

"He'll be back soon. Don't do this."

He laughed, ripping the paper off my stomach, the tape stinging as it came off. "I don't think so. I think you're my tip, pretty lady. Best tip I ever got. You people are crazy."

His hand was moving between my legs. Shit. "HELP!" I screamed.

His hand slammed down over my mouth, his other hand squeezing my nipple hard. Really hard. Jesus, that hurt.

"Scream again, and I'll invite the whole store down here. You hear me?"

I nodded.

"You be good. I'll take my tip, and I'll untie you. Otherwise, I gag you, and everyone I know gets a turn. Is that what you want?"

"No. Please. What's your name?"

"Pablo. What's yours."


"Your pretty Amanda. Kind of kinky. I like that."

"Pablo. Untie me please."

"After. I told you. Stop asking. You're making me mad."

He was on the bed. Between my legs.

"Pretty pussy, Amanda. You smell real good."

"Please, Pablo," I begged.

"Ok. Since you ask so nice."

The fucker licked me. Licked me from ass to clit. Fuck. "No, no," I pleaded, while he licked me like a fucking lap dog. He knew nothing about eating pussy. Lick, lick, lick.

"You like this. You're so wet. Wet nasty girl."

"Untie me," I begged.

I screeched when he pinched my poor clit like a vice. "Shut up. Don't talk. One more word, and I not only gag you, I'll hurt you. Hurt you bad. Nod if you understand."

I nodded.

Bastard. Lick, lick, lick. Didn't he ever get tired of that? I tried to pull away, but that was hopeless. He was licking inside me, deep. The illegal fucker must have had a six inch tongue. Lick, lick, lick.

God. No. Please, no. No, no, no. It was feeling good. Too damned good. I bit my lip, tried to hold still. I mustn't.

I moaned.

"Nice, pussy," he whispered.

"Ohhh," I gasped. The dirty little cunt-licker sucked half my pussy in his mouth, nibbling on my clit.

He release me with a loud pop. Licked me again. "You can come, pretty lady. I don't mind. I kind of like that."

Holy shit. His fingers were in me, and he was sucking again. That six inch tongue was torturing my clit. I struggled to move away, but that damn mouth stayed glued to me. I couldn't. Couldn't let him. Couldn't let him make me...

The spasm rocked through my body. I had no way to stop it. I gasped, and came for him. Came hard. So fucking hard.

He got up, rubbing my pussy like it was his pet chihuahua. "God, lady. You and me, we gonna have some fun." He climbed off the bed. I heard him undressing. This was bad.


"No talking."

"Some water, please. That's all."

"You sure? I have to gag you, if I leave this room."

"You'll ungag me after, Ok?"

"Yeah." He leaned on the bed next to my head, and I felt that damn ball gag against my lips. I told Alex not to buy that. Now some damn pizza boy was putting it in my mouth.

I heard him walk away. I wanted him to let me talk. Only a little. That was my plan. He was coming back, but he stopped outside the door. He was speaking softly, but I could still hear him.

"Dwayne, yeah, it's me. You know that money I owe you. I'm gonna pay you back. Yeah."

Fuck. I heard him tell some bastard our address. Not good. Seriously not good.

He walked in the room, and took off my gag. He lifted my head and held a straw to my lips. I drank deeply. I really had been thirsty.

"Thank you Pablo. You didn't invite someone over did you?" I asked nervously.

"One friend. You'll like him. He's a good guy."

"Please don't. Untie me and I'll treat you so good. I'll make you very, very happy, I promise. Just untie me."

I was shocked when he jammed the gag in my mouth, before I had a chance to resist. "I told you not to ask," he snapped. I moaned when he grabbed my nipples, squeezing and twisting hard. "Stop!" I tried to scream, but nothing but a whine escaped around my gag.

He slapped my left tit, making me squirm. Then he was back between my legs. I felt his rough skin pressing against my soft inner thigh. God, he was going to do it. I tried to scream when he rammed his dirty prick into me. All the way in. No warm up. Nothing. He was leaning over me, his putrid dick pounding into me. I could smell his breath, panting, a garlic stench enveloping my face.

"Don't worry, pretty Amanda. I'm using a rubber. I don't get your filthy disease, and last longer this way. I got plenty. Get more if I need to."

He was grunting, mauling my tits. His fat prick was driving into me like he'd spent the last 20 years in prison. Shit. For all I know he had. I thought of him as a kid, but who knows?

I groaned when his rough fingers started grinding down on my clit. "You like that? All the putas like that."

He had stamina. Damn him.

"Pablo!" I heard a deep voice call out from the entrance.

He pulled out of me. "Now the party starts, Amanda."

I was trembling when he crawled off the bed. I couldn't hear him talking, just a low rumble. I heard the door close. The quiet. I couldn't hear the street noise. Only footsteps. Whispering.

"Why is he here?" Pablo asked.

"My ride," the deep voice spoke from just outside the door. "No talking. No names when we go in there. This is some serious shit."

"I been talking to her, she knows my name. She have to know. They ordered pizza."

"You talk then. You want to take your chances, I don't give a fuck. No names though. Got it."

"We're even after this."

"This slut as hot as you say, we even. I go first."

A new voice. "You gotta go last Dwayne. Else we ain't gonna feel nothin' once you stretch her out."

"No names," he hissed. "Fine. Once each. Then the bitch is mine."

Please, God. Let Alex come back. Let this all be a dream.

I heard their footsteps. The bedroom door closing. The rustle of clothing. Someone moving between my legs. Dear lord, let this stop.

Hands on my tits. Rough hands. Cruel. Pressure on my thighs. No. No, no, no. Pressing on my pussy. I prepared myself for the brutal intrusion.

I almost laughed. Almost. Little tiny fucking dick. No wonder he wanted to go first. Poking me. Not much more that a finger. Poke, poke, poke. If only the hands on my tits were as harmless. I moaned, when I thought they were going to tear my nipple off. A stupid chuckle from between my legs. Like that little weenie would make me moan. Six months with Alex had shown me what a real cock was like. Hard seven inches, ready for me whenever I needed it.

Alex. I was going to kill him. Literally kill him. Fucking stab him in the chest with a butcher knife when he went to sleep. Leaving me here to be gang-raped.

PeeWee was grunting, hips going a mile a minute. He pushed inside of me, groaning, and then he was gone. The hands were gone. Thank God.

Only to be replaced a moment later by that fucking pizza guy. "Pretty Amanda. I'm going to make you come for me. You come nice and sweet, and maybe I take the gag off. You gonna come for me?"

I nodded. Anything to get that gag off.

Stamina boy. He pounded me. Good sized cock. Thick. Gentler hands on my chest, caressing. PeeWee had the touch. I hated my body. Hated it for responding. Getting wet. Creaming for him. Someone rubbing my clitty, nice rub. Hands brushing back my hair. Long deep strokes of that grubby cock. Fuck. I could feel it. Feel it growing. I moaned, squirming under the hands on my tits. That damn cock driving me crazy.

I fought it as long as I could. I shouldn't have, it only made it worse, bigger, stronger. He seemed to know. "Don't fight it Amanda. All the girls love Pablito. Don't be embarrassed. Come for me."

I whimpered, trying to hold back, and that damn soft hand slapped my clit. He got what he wanted. I came for him. Fucking exploded. Huge.

"Sweet pussy. Sweet, sweet pussy," Pablo groaned, his face over mine. That rancid garlic breath.

"Finish," I heard that deep voice from somewhere to my side.

Pablo, the steel driving man. Pummeling my pussy. Taking it. Owning it. No longer Alex's.

"Fuck," Pablo gasped. He groaned and I could feel that fat dick pulsing inside me.

He pulled out and the hands all left. I was alone for a moment, then movement between my legs. "Say goodbye to your pussy," I heard that deep cruel voice, and then someone was shoving a baseball bat up my cunt.

Too big. Too fucking big. I groaned, fighting it, struggling, desperate to free my hands and legs. It didn't stop, stretching me, tearing at me, filling me. Fucking Christ. It was pushing so damn deep, all the way to my friggin' lungs. Then it started. Vicious, cruel pile-driver, destroying my poor pussy.

I could feel the tears streaming from my eyes. Hands squeezing my tits again. Different, playing with them. That huge fucking cock turning me inside out. I was crying, begging, whimpering, and it was relentless.

My body was on fire, every nerve jangling, I couldn't get enough air. My hips were betraying me, pressing back against the thrusting. My nipples were achingly hard. Clit throbbing. Every touch of their hands had me trembling.

I couldn't hear anything. Couldn't feel anything. Nothing but that monster cock. Filling me, opening me, stretching me impossibly wide.

Legs trembling, stomach clenching. Fight it. Fight it. Don't give in. Not to this. Please God, not to this.

"Come," he growled.

I lost it. Totally. Body shaking and leaping off the bed, like that friggin' girl in the Exorcist. Laughter. They were laughing at me, as I came like I never had before.

Someone was tearing off my gag. A sticky cock pressed into my mouth. "Suck it." Pablo, that fucking bastard. "Suck, slut."

I sucked. I sucked that filthy cock, and let the beast between my legs get me off again. And again. My legs were released, and brought together, my feet in the air. Fucking telephone pole in my stretched out cunt hammering me. I ripped my face off the dick in my mouth, screaming, coming and coming. "Fuck me!" I gasped, horrified at my own words.


Big juicy cock. Thick, long, forced down my throat. I sucked. I hoovered. I demanded its cum. One hand untied, I brought it to my mouth, stroking my oral invader, sucking the head. The other hand freed. I grabbed his ass, pulling him forward, taking his whole cock, nose to the pubes.

He was on the phone again, calling his friends. Three, four phone calls. My address given out. "Crazy, hot fucking slut," he told the last one. "Sure. Bring them all. Some beer and bud. It's a party."

I started shaking again. God, not another one. The bastard between my legs. Didn't he ever come? The dick in my mouth was at my lips, while I stroked it fast. I could feel it swelling, hardening. My turn to make him come.

I got a mouthful of hot juice, slimy, nasty, coating my mouth. "Swallow, slut," he gasped. I swallowed, quickly. I needed my mouth to scream again.

They were going to destroy me. An army of them. Endless cocks, and I couldn't do anything but take it. Helpless.

My mask was removed. Bright. So bright. Blinding. I squinted looked at the thick cock in front of my eyes. Hairy belly. I looked up. I needed to know.

Shock. My whole world shattered. I knew him. That evil bastard. I looked down between my legs, my pussy finally empty, sore, aching. Long hair. Blonde. Big fucking tits.

"Happy Anniversary, Hannah," Alex said, in his lousy fucking Spanish accent, rubbing his cock against my face.

Megan held up a recorder. "Happy Anniversary, Hannah," that deep, rich voice said from the recorder. She was crawling up my tortured body, the biggest fucking strap-on I'd ever seen, attached to her waist. "Meet Dwayne, Hannah." She pressed the recorder button again.

"My ride. No names, no talking..."

My brain was shutting down. No Pablo? No Dwayne? No PeeWee? It didn't make sense. Nothing made sense.

Alex was holding me. "Hannah, relax. Relax baby."

Megan, naked? She was sitting on the other side, caressing my sore titties. She leaned down and kissed one. "We weren't too rough, were we?"


She grinned. I looked up at Alex, who was smiling gently. "You didn't leave? You're not mad?"

"I love you, Hannah banana. Did we have you fooled?"

"Jesus, Alex! I was just gang-raped!"

Megan giggled. She leaned down and kissed me. Weird. She'd never kissed me. "Your dirty secret fantasy. Nobody but me should ever know, right?"

I was trembling. I didn't know if I should be angry, relieved, or excited. "You bastards. That was so real. So fucking real. I just new their friends would arrive any minute, and fuck me to death."

Megan laughed, holding up a four inch dildo. "Did you like Junior?" she teased.

I giggled. "PeeWee. That was PeeWee."

I glared at Alex. "Pablo was the worse damn pussy licker I ever met."

He laughed. "Got you to come, didn't he."

"Jesus," I sighed, leaning back into his arms. "Did I ever. I'm exhausted. I didn't think a body could come that much."

Megan was lying next to me, cuddling me, her hand between my legs, gentle. PeeWee's gentle hands. "I didn't know you were a squirter," she said. "God, I came when you splashed me."

"I don't squirt."

She kissed my shoulder. "Yes you do, honey. Big time."

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