U Turn on the Glory Road

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My Wife Goes To An Adult Video Arcade Alone.
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U Turn on the Glory Road

I was headed back from a morning of sales appointments in the city one Wednesday. It was almost 11:30 AM and I was going home to work the rest of the day from there on my laptop. Just as I took the exit towards home, I had the idea of calling Sue and taking her to lunch. The opportunity didn't arise all that often during the week. Her private therapy office was only ten minutes away. I called her cell phone while I was in the car from the touch screen. It rang five or six times, then went to her voicemail. Damn, I thought, she may be in a session with a patient or a partner meeting about the business. They often worked them into the lunch schedule. I was about to say the hell with it when it occurred to me to call her office direct. I called and her assistant Tasha answered. She was relatively new on the job, but a pleasant young woman in her mid-twenties. I asked if Sue was in session. She replied;

"No sir, she's not in the office at present. Said she had some errands to run and some research to do. I'm expecting her back at 2:30 for her next appointment."

I thanked her and hung up the phone. Oh well, so much for that idea. I continued down the road towards home, pulling up to an intersection at a red light to make the left towards home. Just then, coming through the intersection the opposite way was Sue, driving her SUV. She was headed away from the direction of home and her office. I quickly changed my lane and made a right turn to follow her. I figured I'd catch up to her and ask her to lunch. There were two cars between her and me on the road, so there was no way she could see I was following her. I called her cell again, but it went straight to voicemail. Odd, I thought. She was always answering the phone in the car. I continued to follow her and a couple minutes down the road she signaled a right turn. She pulled into a small strip shopping center parking lot. I saw her pull into a spot. There were none directly next to her, so I parked in the row behind her a few spots down. This shopping center was familiar, and I saw the adult video store just in front of us.

We had visited that on a whim about six months before. We'd gone into one of the couples' booths and had a bunch of fun. It was the first and only time she'd seen and used a glory hole. I'd always meant to ask if she wanted to go back there but we never got around to it. Too many other sex opportunities. So, what was she doing here? There were no restaurants. There was a laundry mat, a phone store, a small market, and the video store. I watched as she finally got out of the SUV. I got out too, careful not to let her see me. I wanted to see where she was going. She was wearing a dress she normally wore to work and was carrying an oversized cloth bag she slung over her shoulder. Sure enough, she headed for the adult video store. I stayed a few steps behind her. She was too intent or nervous to really look around her. I'd have never thought she was daring enough to go into this place alone.

Sue Headed into the Adult Video Store

As she entered the store, I let the door close and waited a few seconds before I went in. When I entered, I dodged down the first aisle. She didn't turn but headed straight for the video booth area. I was close on her heels and as she rounded a corner, I slowed but peeked around. There was an alley of sorts of booths and several guys loitering about, surprised to see her. Remarkably no one said anything to her, and she entered a booth at the end of the alley. The door shut and she flipped the latch to lock it. The one next to her was already occupied, so I went into the one that backed up to hers. I locked myself in and noticed no glory hole hatch into her booth. It was on the other wall. The booths were designed with small hatches that had to be opened on each side. This way no one could intrude on the privacy of someone that didn't want to play. Each had a monitor to watch the videos with a bill counter and credit card reader to buy time. I thought I would have to go find another booth or try to get into the one adjacent to her. The construction of these booths was never meant to be grand. The walls were thin and went down to about three inches off the floor. The ceiling was made of thin pegboard to allow for ventilation. The only furniture in there was a long heavy plastic bench. Originally designed as cheap patio furniture. Long enough that two people could sit next to each other. We had used one similar on our previous visit.

I was at a dead end since I didn't have a glory hatch on this side. I couldn't look under the three-inch space to the floor. I was about to go scout another booth or simply go knock on Sue's booth door, but I didn't want to confront her. At least not yet. I wanted to see what she was doing. I looked the booth over again with the light from my phone. With the screen not showing videos the light was subdued in there. As the light panned the wall, I saw it. I nearly shouted with joy. Some industrious customer, in addition to the graffiti on the walls, had bored a mostly round peephole all the way through into Sue's booth. It was at an odd height, but if you moved the bench up and sat on it, you had a straight line of sight sideways into Sue's booth. I could see the video screen, the bench, and most importantly, my wife. She had put time on the video machine already. I did the same on mine. Sometimes the attendants came in the back to roust the loiterers. The rule was you had to be in a booth that was playing videos.

I resumed my surveillance of Sue through the peephole. She was unzipping the back of her dress and stepping out of it. She hung it up on a coat hook that was on the door. She was only wearing her bra, panties, and shoes. She then unclasped her bra and stepped out of her panties. She placed both in the cloth bag and aside from her shoes she was completely naked. In the video screens light, I saw her nice tits and hairy pussy, which was already showing the pronounced slit it got when she was getting aroused. She took a band off her wrist and tied her hair back. She then removed two old towels from the bag. One she spread on the bench to sit on and the other she put next to her. She angled the bench a little, watching the rough sex orgy video that was playing as well as gazing at the open glory hole hatch on the next wall over. She started slowly licking her fingers and rubbing her pussy. I couldn't stay in my pants any longer either. I was out of them in seconds with my eye pressed against that peephole, sitting on the bench stroking my hard cock. I didn't know whether to be mad or happy, but at that moment was excited to watch her.

It was no more than a minute when I noticed her full attention go to the hole. There was movement on the other side. A few seconds later, the thickest, darkest cock I'd ever seen was sticking out of the hole. Sue eyed it for a few seconds, hesitant to move, but then did. She reached out and touched it lightly at first. I heard muffled words from the other side but two of those words were definitely "suck it." She grasped the black cock in her right hand and slowly took it to her mouth.


Those were the sounds she made as she sucked the now hard cock. It stretched her mouth wide, the sounds getting more pronounced on both sides of the hole. I was stroking my cock hard watching, barely able to stay quiet enough not to turn her head toward me.

"It stretched her mouth wide."

I had to get some of this on video. I placed my phone on video record and held it up to the peephole for about two minutes. I paused it, then looked through again. She was still sucking cock, occasionally taking it out of her mouth, and hand jerking it slowly with one hand. She was in a squat position at the hole. Her other hand was busy between her legs rubbing and fingering her wet pussy. The guttural sounds she was making while sucking that cock was phenomenal. I had to lean back on the bench to rest my craning neck and stroke my cock too. I then heard some muffled talk from the other side of Sue's booth. I looked through again. She had stopped sucking on the cock. It had disappeared back into the other booth. Sue was now standing, moving the bench a little closer to the hole. She then bent over, her ass towards the hole, as she grasped the bench for balance. Her booth partner had his face right at the hole opening. He said;

"Oh, baby that's some fine ass and pussy you got."

He then stuck his arm through the hole and started fingering Sue's pussy.

"Oh FUCK," she said. "Yea, oh yea. That feels good!"

"Yea, oh Yea. That feels good!

He continued to finger her for another minute, then withdrew his arm. His face again appeared saying;

"I wish I could fuck you, but you sucked me so good I won't last."

"Then stick your big cock back through and let me suck it off."

I couldn't believe I just heard my wife of thirty-five years say that. It was hot and surreal at the same time. I knew there was no time to ponder it now. There would be time for that later. I was continuing to alternate my phone and my eye in front of the peephole so I could capture on video as much as I could. As I looked on her booth partner's cock once again appeared through the hole. She immediately sucked on it hard, the sucking sounds much louder than before. The guys moaning got louder as well, and a few seconds later Sue mad a loud "AHHHGG" sound and cum spurted from between her lips and ran down her chin and on to her tits.

"Cum spurted from between her lips and ran down her chin and on to her tits."

As the cum blast and moaning subsided the cock withdrew through the hole again. There were sounds of zipping and a belt jingling, then a quick "thank you baby" was said through the hole. The sound of a latch and door opening was heard, followed immediately by the same door closing and latching again. A new booth partner had entered. Sue had turned around towards me, her chin and tits covered with cum. I beat my cock so fast and hard I almost blew my load. I relaxed and took in the sight, making sure to hold my phone in position to record.

"Sue turned towards me, her chin and tits covered with cum. "I beat my cock so hard."

Sue took one of the towels and wiped the cum from her chin, and some from her tits. She got no rest as the next dark cock presented itself through the hole. She took her position in front of the hole and began sucking yet again. I wished I could get another angle on the action. It was difficult alternating the phone with my wanting to watch everything. I had thought yet again to see about another booth, but by now every guy in this place knew a woman was in that booth. I looked to see if there were any other peepholes, but there weren't. Then, I just happened to look up. The ceiling. The pegboard ceiling. I wondered if it was attached or just sitting on top of the booths. I guessed the height of the booth was a little over seven feet. I stood on the bench, reached up, and pressed against the pegboard. Sure, enough, it lifted, a section covering this booth only. I was able to slide it over onto the boot on the other side of me. It made a grating sound I had hoped didn't attract any attention. There was a five-foot square space opened. The real ceiling of the building had to be another four foot above. I quickly moved the bench into the corner, stood backwards on it, and was able to lift myself up through the open space. I was able to sit on a joint where four booth walls came together. I could look directly down through Sue's booth pegboard ceiling. I reached to see if I could move that just a little as well and was able to about two feet. Sue was too busy sucking cock to notice, and the volume of the place was amped up from assorted booths playing videos.

From my new vantage I could look down into Sue's booth, as well as see into the alleys of the theater. There were guys milling around the door of the booth next to Sue's, although I knew someone was in there already. From my corner angle I still couldn't see into the buddy booth, or who Sue was entertaining. Guys were walking up and down the alleys. Hopefully, no one would look up to see a naked guy with a hard cock sitting up there. I positioned my phone again and saw Sue stand. Again, an arm came through from the other side, this time she moved closer to the wall. The hand reached between her legs grabbing her hairy pussy, rubbing, and fingering it. She moaned with pleasure as the hand quickly moved stimulating her clit. A deep voice that was connected to that arm said;

"Turn around and back up to me. I'm gonna to fuck you."

Sue moved to obey but first reached into the cloth bag sitting on the bench and took out a condom that was in there. She handed it through the hole. The voice laughingly said;

"Yea, okay."

A few seconds later Sue backed her sweet wide ass up to the hole, bent over and waiting. I saw her facial expression change and her mouth opened wide as his cock found her pussy.


Sue remained bent over, legs spread as the guy was moving back and forth across the glory hole. Sue helped as well, moving back and forth in a rhythm, holding on to both her ass cheeks to keep spread. Both of them were moaning. Then he moaned louder and faster. The walls of the booth shook as he pounded her.

As he was about to blow his load he pulled back through the hole. Sue, momentarily surprised, knelt to look through the hole. Suddenly the cock, condom removed came through the hole, almost poking Sue in the eye. The guy was shouting he was coming. Sue grabbed his cock, raised it up a little, and looked straight up, eyes closed, cock above her now open mouth. His cock gushed fresh spew all over Sue's open mouth and chin. She caught most of it, swallowing gleefully. She continued to hold on to it, licking the remaining cum off.

"Fresh spew gushed all over her mouth and chin."

Finally, she let go. Again, the sounds of rapid dressing and exiting from the booth, as the next guy entered. How many would there be, I thought? Was she going back to work today at all? Again, another cock, this one white and large poked through. Sucking and jerking. Me videoing everything, moments from cumming all over myself watching my HOTWIFE perform. Like before, condom handed through, she backed up to the hole and bent over. The facial expression was more intense this time as was the moan or moan/grimace Sue did saying;

"Oh God, that's my ASS!!! OHHHHH, OHHHH!!!!"

Her eyes were bulging and tearing as this guy ravaged her ass. He plowed her, the booth walls shaking, her moans becoming a syncopated sound in unison with the booth walls vibrating. He finally pulled back and said something to Sue through the hole. Sue grabbed the bench and got it as close to the hole as she could and sat down. She leaned back, raised, and spread her legs, bracing them against the booth wall. The guy shoved his cock through. He raised and smacked it against her pussy, Sue moaning in surprise. He said something else I couldn't hear. She reached down and spread her pussy open. His cock then entered her pussy. Sue threw her head back in rapture, moaning as he plowed her hard through the glory hole. Both of them moaned. I was moaning to myself trying to jerk off and keep my phone steady to record.


Sue came, moaning and gyrating on that cock. Her booth buddy then pulled his cock out and for an instant it retreated through the hole. It reappeared a couple seconds later sans condom. He jerked it and moaned as he came all over her hairy pussy.

"He came all over her hairy pussy."

He withdrew immediately on finishing. Sue sat for another moment, rubbing her cunt, enjoying the fading orgasmic rush. She reached over, grabbed the towel, and began wiping the spew off her used cunt. The sound of dressing could be heard from her adjoining booth. Sue then started moving around, stood up and started gathering up her things. She was going to leave. I climbed down from my overhead perch and got dressed myself. Then a thought occurred to me. I buttoned myself together as best I could, and hastily exited the booth. I walked around the booth Sue was in, banking on her taking more time to dress. The alley was crowded with about four guys. Word had spread there was a female in the booth. I hadn't heard the door unlock yet, and one of these other guys was going to head in. Suddenly it opened and an older Black guy walked out and turned down the alley headed for the front. I pushed past the other guys and caught up to him.

"Hey, ah, excuse me." I said.

He turned with a surprised look on his face, a hint of anger or irritation.


"Uh, look, the booth you were just in. The woman. She is my wife, and...."

"Sure, she is."

"No, I swear, she is. Sweet hairy pussy? Brown and grey hair, right?"

He was both surprised and confused but I could tell he knew I was telling the truth.


"Look, I've got a favor to ask. If you took any pictures, like with your phone..."

I quickly reached in my pocket and pulled out one of my business cards and a pen. I scratched through everything on the card except my phone number. I handed it to him.

"Please, text them to me. I'll pay you for them if you'd like."

He smirked but took the card and walked on. I walked back around the corner just in time to see the booth door that Sue was behind start to open. I dodged into the nearest booth and shut the door fast. I heard the rapid click of her shoes go by and fade away down the alley. She was leaving. That was close. I sat on the bench to catch my breath and my phone text alert started going off multiple times. First, a message from Sue;

"Sorry I missed your call. Was in a meeting. See you this evening. Love you."

Yea, okay. Hell of a meeting. The rest of the tests were messages with attachments. The guy I spoke to came through. On the first one there was a message;

"She's fuckin' HOT! Give her more DICK!! Enjoy these."

He sent four photos. I sat in the booth looking at them. A couple of him looking through the glory hole at her, and two of his cock up her ass as it was pressed against the glory hole.

"Her ass pressed against the glory hole."