tagInterracial LoveUltimate Black Fantasy Three

Ultimate Black Fantasy Three


Joseph spotted her immediately.

Sitting in the upscale lounge having a drink and conversation with a female friend, his pulse started racing immediately as his gaze focused on the extraordinary black woman who had just walked in. Joseph knew instinctively that she was one of those incredible black beauties that had fueled his fantasies since adolescence.

She was tall and thick and she moved gracefully and cat-like, wickedly, in that beautiful manner that great black women walk. Her presence immediately filled the room, or at least it did in Joseph's eyes. She had walked in with a man and the two proceeded to walk directly behind him. He had to turn and look. She had on business attire that was unable to hide her immense sexuality. Her skirt ended just above her knees and her low cut top was draped by a jacket. Her face was extraordinary, with those full, luscious lips and dark creamy skin. His heart was pounding.

When she walked by Joseph followed her with his eyes, admiring her massive ass in motion as she made her way to her seat.

Turning back to his beer, Joseph thought about his attraction to beautiful black women. He had spent a lifetime lusting after and fantasizing about them and his desire was so intense that he became almost unnerved when in their presence.

He thought about the day that his ultimate black fantasy had come true and he still had to pinch himself to believe his greatest dream had become reality. He was 36-years-old when it happened and the day he fucked Yolanda for the first time was an electric, intense, sex-filled afternoon, full of unbridled lust and sensuality.

Joseph had always sensed that black women possessed an unmatched spirit and sexuality and Yolanda validated that opinion 100 times over. He thought about the sheer power of her physical presence and her amazing beauty.

A short woman with short brown hair, Yolanda has silky brown skin, huge tits, great thighs and legs. Her hips are wide, giving her a thickness that seems to invite sex. She has big, doe-like and soft brown eyes that can penetrate straight through you when you look at her. But despite all these great features, Yolanda's greatest attribute is her big, beautiful, spectacular ass, an ass that Joseph has fucked on many occasions since their first encounter.

A lower body man by nature, Joseph craves a woman's ass, hips, thighs and pussy and Yolanda would rate a 10-plus in all those areas. He thought about Yolanda straddling on top of him and bouncing that big ass repeatedly off his face. He thought about licking, sucking and eating her hot, wet pussy. It was his ultimate dream, yes, but a dream that remarkably had become reality.

But Yolanda brought so much more to the table than just a sexy body. Joseph enjoyed her very much on a personal level. She is a very intelligent woman, very witty with a great personality. More than anything else Joseph loved the fact that Yolanda is a very strong woman who is not intimidated by anyone or anything. Sexy, sassy and smart are adjectives that best describe Yolanda.

Joseph then thought about his second black conquest, Johnetta, another sensational, thrilling woman. His fuck sessions with Yolanda had been ongoing for some time when out of the blue she asked him to meet her friend Johnetta. He had been hesitant to meet her at first but that hesitation ended as soon as they met. And his subsequent fuck sessions with Johnetta had turned out to be spectacular.

Fucking Yolanda and Johnetta opened up the world of black women to Joseph and put him in a constant state of lusting after them and trying to seduce them whenever possible. His ultimate fantasy had been realized but it only made him hunger for more. Joseph had tasted black pussy and the urge to taste it again and again had become an obsession.

Joseph ordered another beer and tried to keep the conversation going with his friend. But his mind was still on the woman who had walked in the bar. He loved all women, he thought, but there is no doubt that black women are the most sensual, the sexiest and the sweetest women on this earth. Most black women are very aware of their own sexuality and they take great pride in it. But Joseph understood completely that black women (more than any other women) want to be treated with respect. Black women have a great dignity about them and he always made it a point to not only respect their dignity as black women but to celebrate it.

Since his encounters with Yolanda and Johnetta, Joseph found himself going to places that would put him around more black women. Before going out to a mall, department store or grocery store, he consciously would think about which place might have more black women shopping. It had become a real thrill for him to be buying groceries or shopping at Wal Mart and to spot a raving black beauty. Just the sight of one of these black goddesses made his day.

Joseph looked over at the black woman seated at the table. He had gotten lucky as the couple had sat down at a table that was in direct line with his sight. She was sitting with her legs crossed. They were long and thick and gorgeous. Her tight skirt rode up to the tops of her big thighs and Joseph had a full view of one of the most beautiful black creatures he had ever seen in his life.

All the time this was happening Joseph kept trying to keep the conversation going with his friend at the bar. He was hoping that she didn't notice him looking at that woman but at that point he didn't really care. His thought processes were now totally focused on this stunning black beauty. His mind was racing. He had to figure out a way to talk to her. He had to somehow take a shot at getting to know this woman. After his encounters with Yolanda and Johnetta, he was no longer shy about approaching a beautiful black woman. He knew with this one that he had to at least try.

A few minutes later Joseph's friend had finished her second drink and was ready to leave.

"You go ahead," he said. "I think I'll stay and have one more."

Of course, his only intention in staying was the faint hope of having an opportunity to make contact with this awesome black goddess sitting about 20 feet away.

After his friend left, Joseph began trying to make eye contact with her. He watched her every move. Yes, this was definitely something different. Black women in general are incredible beauties but this one was above the norm, a rare gem of epic proportions.

She returned his gaze a few times, never lingering too long. As for the person she was with, he seemed to have little interaction with her. They were just looking around, speaking to each other only occasionally. Got be her husband, Joseph concluded.

It took a while but the woman finally stood up and started walking toward the restroom area. Joseph realized immediately that this would be his only shot. He had to catch her alone and his only opportunity would be outside of the restroom when she walked out. It was a long, long shot, he realized, and a perfect set up for rejection. He had no idea what he would say but he knew he had to at least take that shot. He would always regret it if he didn't.

Joseph rose from his seat and walked briskly to the restroom area. Luckily there was a line of three pay phones outside the restroom doors. He grabbed a phone as a pretense while waiting on her. His mind was racing. He had no idea how to approach her or what to say. He had no time to plan a script or strategy and decided on the spot to just be as direct and nice as possible.

The door swung open and this vision appeared. Joseph immediately put the phone down and stepped toward her. As she walked past him he lightly touched her arm and stopped her.

"Excuse me," he said. "I know you don't know me and I apologize for bothering you. But I just had to try to meet you. I know this is awkward but I didn't know what else to do."

Reaching out his hand he said, "My name is Joseph."

She had a puzzled look on her face, drew her head back and then said, "Oh, ok. Nice to meet you. I'm Charisse."

She started to walk away and Joseph decided to throw caution to the wind. "Wait a minute Charisse. Do you think we could have a drink together sometime? I would really like to talk to you and get to know you. I know this seems crazy but I am as sincere as I can be. No harm in talking and having a drink, is there?"

"I'm not interested," she said. "But thanks for the offer."

"Ok, I understand. But here's my card. Just call me on that work number if you change your mind. Just a drink. To be honest, I've never seen anything like you. You are very, very beautiful. I mean that as a sincere compliment."

She held her hand up, refusing to take the card.

"Like I said, I'm not interested."

Charisse turned and walked away.

Joseph watched her walk and the site was remarkable. She definitely had that black woman way of walking, so sexy, with that big, hard ass shaking like jello. Every muscle in her body was moving and he enjoyed every second of it.

But Joseph wanted more than to just look. He was disappointed at the outright rejection but at the same time it was such a thrill just to talk to this woman for a few seconds. He could live with that if he had to.

Joseph went back to the bar and began nursing his beer. He wasn't going to give up on this one and still held out hope that something would happen. He began focusing his entire attention to her, looking at her intently, trying to catch her eye. What was her name? Oh yeah, Charisse she had said, a beautiful name.

For the first few minutes she avoided looking at him, on purpose Joseph surmised. But soon she looked his way. She was expressionless but Joseph made it a point to smile and to give her a slight nod. He was thrilled that she was looking his way. Maybe that means something? He could only hope.

Joseph decided to have one more beer before departing. He absolutely did not want to leave the presence of this extraordinary black beauty but he knew he would soon be forced to.

Just a few minutes later, Charisse's male friend got up and headed toward the restroom area. Joseph instinctively wanted to use the opportunity to engage her again. But he knew that would be overdoing it.

While he was still contemplating this, Charisse got up from her seat and came up to the bar. She was standing right next to him.

Can I get two more white wines?" she asked the bartender. "And we need to pay our tab."

Her voice was low and sultry and had a sexiness that matched her body perfectly.

While the bartender was getting the drinks and printing the ticket, Charisse began rummaging through her purse. She never looked toward Joseph and Joseph was frozen, just watching her out the corner of his eye. After she paid her tab, she took something out of her purse and wrote something on it.

She reached down with her left hand and tapped Joseph's arm lightly. When he looked up, straight into those luscious eyes, she handed him a business card. He looked at it and right there in nice, neat letters were her name and phone number. Joseph immediately looked up but Charisse had already scooped up the two glasses of wine and was heading back to her seat.

Joseph was stunned and his heart was pounding with excitement. He had never expected this. He had no idea why she had changed her mind but he didn't care.

Joseph decided not to push it any further and got up to leave. As he was leaving he looked over at her and she gave him a quick glance, again without expression.

Around the time Joseph arrived home, Charisse Clark was sitting next to her husband in their car and completely lost in thought. She couldn't believe what had just happened. She had never given a strange man her telephone number, a white man at that, and she was still trying to figure out why she did it. Her husband kept trying to engage her in conversation but her mind was on that good looking white man who had approached her in the bar.

A mathematics professor at the local black college, Charisse was a very intelligent woman and one of the most respected members of the faculty. In the academic community she had to project a professional demeanor – which she did. But in private Charisse reveled in her sexuality. She was not promiscuous by any means but she was a highly sexual woman who thought about fucking all the time. It was part of her and had been a part of her since she was a teenager.

Charisse was nervous and conflicted about giving this stranger her phone number but she wasn't scared at all. If there was one thing she was comfortable about in this world it was sex. There was just something about this man that had compelled her to act. When she had left the restroom she ran right into those big, beautiful brown eyes of his. She was startled when he stopped her to talk to her but at the same time his stunning good looks quickly got her attention.

She was used to being approached by strangers and quickly dismissed him. But after returning to her seat she began to think about it. Those eyes of his haunted her.

Charisse wasn't an egotistical person at all but she knew how beautiful she was and attention from men was a constant in her life. She had been approached by men on so many occasions over the years and it grew tiresome. She was so sick of those academic highbrows that she worked with on a daily basis. They tried to use their supposed intelligence to try to get to her into bed. They were weak, childish men for the most part and not one of them had ever interested her. Yet her husband was one of those same members of her academic world. She had been young when she met him and impressed by his good looks and impressive credentials. The academic world was the one she had chosen and he was part of that world.

In a college atmosphere she also received the occasional propositions from students. Their clumsy attempts at impressing her touched her but again she never considered actually having sex with any of them. They just weren't what she wanted and she always wondered about middle-aged women who sought out young boys. They must really be desperate, she thought.

No, Charisse was very particular about sex and she was not casual about who she wanted to pick as a sex partner. She wanted someone who loved sex as much as she did, someone who would have total respect for her and her body. She wanted someone who would fuck her silly, someone who loved sex as much as she did. But what she wanted more than anything was to find someone who treated her first with respect and someone who was great looking who she genuinely liked as a person.

So where do you find such a person? Does one even exist?

Her mind remained totally on this stranger. He said his name was Joseph. He was a white man and that made things a little different. She had never fucked a white man. In fact, only a few had ever approached her and none had interested her even remotely. She had nothing against a black woman and a white man fucking. It was just something she never thought about much because she didn't come in contact with them all that much. She had lived in a world of black men all her life and that world never consisted of her interacting with many white men – or white women either for that matter.

She kept thinking about Joseph's eyes and that look on his face. It was a sweet, nice look and instinctively she liked him. How could she like him without even knowing him? And how could she even consider getting together with someone who would come up to her in a bar like that?

Still, sitting in that bar with her husband but thinking about this good-looking stranger, she made an impulse decision to try to find a way to give him her phone number. When her husband got up to go to the restroom, it hit her that this would be her only chance and she acted quickly and without hesitation. She was shaking inside when she did it but totally calm on the outside.

Arriving home that night, Charisse had become completely comfortable with the decision she had made to give Joseph her phone number. After all, if he called, she could always say no. But she knew he would call and she knew she would agree to meet him. That was assured. Now would she fuck him? That was another story entirely. That would depend on their meeting and a lot of other factors to be determined. But deep down Charisse believed that this man might be something special. And deep down she hoped he would be. She had been hoping for a long time to find someone who could fuck her the way she needed to be fucked. Maybe this man would be the one.

In bed that night Charisse was restless. She kept thinking about sex and about the man who had approached her. Would it be out of bounds to fuck a white man? There are no bounds when it comes to sex, she thought. She had several friends who would never even consider getting together with a white man. But he was so good looking and had such beautiful eyes. She was anxious to see where this would lead and found herself hoping he would call soon.

Joseph awoke the next morning thinking about the incredible black goddess he had met the day before. For whatever reason this incredible woman had been bold enough to give him her phone number.

"It has to be today", he thought. "I'll call her today."

Joseph tried to remember every detail of her appearance. He kept remembering the way she walked in that bar, so tall and proud and full of sex. She completely took over the room when she walked in. Her legs were long but they weren't those "sticks" that you see on these super models. These were the legs of a real woman, thick and muscular.

He wanted to make it happen as quickly as possible so he called her that afternoon.

"Hello Chairsse," I said. "This is Joseph. We met at the bar yesterday."

"Oh, hello."

"Charisee, listen, I just wanted to tell you that I enjoyed meeting you and I really appreciate you allowing me to call you. I am looking forward to formally meeting you and getting to know you."

"I'm looking forward to it too," she said.

"So when you would like to meet me for a drink? How about tomorrow after work."

She hesitated and then said, "No tomorrow would not be good. Next week would be better for me."

"Well how about next Thursday?"

"Thursday? Let's see. Ok. I think that would work."

"Do you want to just meet at the same place, say about 5:30?"

"Sure. I don't work too far from there so that would be best for me."

"Then we're set. Great. Do I need to call you next week to remind you?

"Oh no. I'll remember."

"I will see you there. And, hey, I meant what I said yesterday. I've honestly never, ever seen anything like you. You are a very, very beautiful woman."

Charisse giggled slightly. "You are so kind. Thanks for the compliment."

It was a long wait until Thursday but Joseph had learned to be patient. He had waited all his life to make love to a beautiful black woman and his lifelong patience had paid off. Now the opportunity might come his way again and Joseph was more than ready to do everything in his power to seal the deal.

He arrived at the bar early, partly out of anxiousness and partly because he wanted to get a full view of Charisse when she walked in the room. He found a table, ordered a beer and waited.

His second beer had just arrived when she walked in. She stood inside the doorway, looking around. Joseph waived and she started walking his way.

Watching her walk toward him, Joseph was in awe. She had on a short red skirt, much shorter than the one she wore when he saw her previously. Her top was white and low cut, revealing an incredible amount of cleavage. She had on high heel shoes and her black hair was up, giving her a very sexy and very classy look.

He stood up and pulled out her chair, inviting her to sit right next to him. He didn't want her sitting across from him – he wanted her body as close to his as possible. He wanted to feel intimate with her immediately.

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