tagFetishUltimate Female Massage!

Ultimate Female Massage!


A sexual massage should only be given between two consenting adults willing to have their entire body caressed with their orifices sensuously violated. The lucky lady during the massage relaxes losing all her inhibitions as her partner opens her up to every avenue of pleasure. This is the time to allow yourself to give in to you and your partner's lustful desires dropping your guard and emotional taboos. Behind closed doors with no one judging, you and your partner together can openly explore your erogenous zones fulfilling all of your dark secret sexual desires and fantasies. The object of receiving a sexual massage from your lover is a allowing him to explore the possibilities of orgasmic pleasure in ways you have never imagined.

As a suggestion 2 to 3 days prior to your massage give your lover a preview of how you are going to reward him for giving you a sexual massage. Suck his cock almost to orgasm then ordered him to finish himself off as you watch. Promise him if he gives you an orgasmic massage the next time he comes for you will be in your mouth. Push him on his back straddle his face forcing him to lick you to orgasm. Also promise him that if he does not satisfy you with his own mouth several times his cock will never feel the insides of your mouth. Note; it is important to keep your promises!

Depending upon your partner's age and virility the woman must do her part seductively teasing your partner keeping him very interested but denying him any form of orgasmic relief. Pushing his sexual buttons, keeping him constantly erect thinking only of pleasuring you. Whether it is wearing sexy clothing, exposing your breasts, walking around naked, touching yourself in front of him, or even sharing a long sensual kiss, he needs to know that you desire him to pleasure you. He also needs to know that you are going to allow him to pleasure you as long as he retains his semen and treat you like a lady before you invite him into the bedroom. Grab him by the balls, look into his eyes, promise him if he is a good boy refraining from masturbation, constantly worshiping you as his goddess, you will allow him to touch your entire body for your pleasure. Give him a specific time and date to look forward to.

Continue to tease your lover giving him subliminal messages in which you are looking forward to your time in the bedroom. Remind him with kisses and subtle rubs to his crotch to continue his temporary celibacy as promised. By cock teasing will definitely build the crescendo of expected excitement for the special evening. All women practice some form of dominance. This is the time to take charge of your lover using his weakness for sexual relief to control your own pleasure. His balls must be full and his libido should be at a fever pitch prior to the massage.

Couples that are unafraid of light bondage and discipline can surely incorporate it during the massage. If a woman wishes to be spanked or bound she can intimately share her thoughts during the seductive wait being as specific as possible letting your lover specifically know what you desire. There is nothing bad or sinful to ask your lover to fulfill your fantasies or desires. Communication is important to the eroticism for the evening. This is a perfect time to describe all of your sexual details in how you wish to be turned on or even disciplined.

If you enjoy playing with toys let your lover know which ones you want to be used on your orifices making sure they are clean and ready for the massage. Women that enjoy toys should have already familiarized their lover of how to use them for her pleasure. This is not the time for him to be experimenting because the flow of the massage will be detrimental. I suggest that your orifices should be gently massaged digitally first before the use of any toys. There's nothing like having an orgasm getting fingered by your lover.

Sometimes more dominant women prefer to reward their lover afterwards with a whipping or even strapon play. This can be quite exciting but warn your lover ahead of time of an impending whipping and role reversal. This will give him time to think about it to prepare himself mentally for the whipping and physically giving himself a enema so that he will be clean for the dildo screwing. The 21st century woman should never be afraid to subject her male partner to any form of kink as long as he is willing to stay behind her locked door and endured your wrath. Your lover needs to know that he belongs to you existing only to give you deserving pleasure. When you decide that it would be pleasurable watching him suffer by your own hand he is not a real man unless he submits.

On the date of your massage collect enough money from your lover for a shopping trip as well as a manicure and pedicure. Telling him you want to look your sexiest. Buy some lingerie to wear into the room before the massage. Invite your lover will stay home and clean the house and bedroom. The music, scented candles, the massage oils, and especially the toys all have to be ready and in place. While you are pampering yourself your lovers mind is busy fantasizing all about the evening as he sets of the room.

For the more dominant women imagine his thoughts after you told him that even though he was going to give you an orgasmic sexual massage he was still going to have to earn your mouth by enduring punishment and a possible humiliating strapon screwing. While you are enjoying having your nails done up he is cleaning the very same dildo that will be sliding in and out of his ass tonight. I'm thinking after reading this some of you dominant curious women will want to go out and purchase your own whips, paddles, harness, and dildo.

It's probably not a good idea to get your hair done other than possibly a trim. If you have long hair pin it up in a bun so that it will not get full of oil from the massage. Afterwards your hair will also not get in the way if you wish to suck your lovers cock. You should require your lover to look his best and if you are going to finger or lick his ass as well as screwing him with a strapon, it is a must that he takes an enema. This goes for the woman as well if she enjoys anal intercourse, fingers, and her lover's tongue. I also suggest it is easier for both lovers to shower separately for overpowering sexual emotions to avoid premature sexual contact and ejaculation.

More advanced lovers where the woman can control her lover's libido can shower together using this time to start off the massage rubbing your soapy bodies together exchanging sexual energy. For those that are open to water sports the shower is a perfect place for water play. Giving your lover a golden shower should not be done disrespectfully without their consent unless they are being dominated. Washing each other's sexual organs is very erotic and can be quite playful. Allowing your lovers fingers in your most intimate places shows them that you are uninhibited and ready for the massage. Together you can participate in giving each other intimate enemas. Rubbing your lover's pussy or stroking his cock during the enema can be quite erotic taking their mind off the cramps.

With both lovers squeaky clean they finally meet together at the end of the bed. The candles are lit, romantic music fills the warm heated room, cellphones are on lock, and the bedroom door is locked. Wine or champagne can be poured as the toast and to be enjoyed during the massage. The bedroom should be an absolute haven for sexual freedom. What happens behind the bedroom door is between the couple only. Both of you have promised each other to dedicate your time and bodies to giving your lady lover the ultimate orgasmic sexual massage.

If it was already discussed that your lover will be disciplined and screwed like a woman he needs to be verbally told that there is no backing off. You still expect of him to administer ultimate pleasure to you and in return he will receive ultimate pain. He must also know that before you allow him to leave the bedroom you are going to pleasure him with your mouth for being obedient. Even by giving your lover a beating and violating his ass with a strapon he will respect you for keeping your word knowing that whatever you say he will definitely suffer the consequences of your words.

Stand facing each other at the end of the bed you both hold hands dedicating your love for each other. Promising respect and that you will carry out the massage dedicated to your lover's pleasure using all of your sexual energies. Both of you have agreed that behind the closed doors of the bedroom you have submitted to each other's wants, needs, and desires for orgasmic pleasure. No orifice is sacred enough not to be violated and pleasured. Each other's entire bodies are sexual organs to pleasure each other including your fingers, mouths, and sexual organs. No sexual act will be taboo and when called upon you will perform for your lover without reservation. Accepting each other as one flesh licking orifices or swallowing bodily fluids increases the magic between you both.

Warmly embracing each other, rubbing as much skin contact together as possible, kiss your lover passionately exchanging tongues in a French kiss starting the sexual massage. The way both of you kiss each other back we'll give you a good sexual temperature reading of your anticipation of the excitement. I suggest you keep kissing until both of you want to screw each other's brains out right there on the floor. Once you reach that desired sexual tempo it is time to start the massage. Pick up your glasses and gave each other a toast.

Depending upon what was discussed ahead of time determines how everything starts. The sexual massage must first start with your lady lover on her belly bottoms up. If a woman wishes to be bound then her lover must comply in every possible way. I recommend binding the wrists to the headboard so they are out of the way for any type of requested discipline. Both ankles should be bound pulling the legs wide apart making her ass and vagina very vulnerable. Several pillows should be placed under her belly forcing her to arch her back placing her buttocks in a perfect position for spanking. If your lover does not wish to be tied it still is best to place several pillows under her belly making it easier to access her vagina.

The massage starts the same way bound or not. Standing at the bottom of the bed you start by massaging all away from her ankles, up her calves, thighs, and buttocks. This helps her circulation start flowing towards her heart and her genital region. Blood flow is very important for orgasms. Even though she innocently thinks you are massaging her legs you are preparing her for multiple orgasms. Make sure all the knots in her muscles are completely melted away because how she responds sexually has a lot to do with how well her legs have relaxed. Spending much time on her legs you should already be able to tell if she is getting turned on. Having a full view of her vagina it should already be getting wet and slowly opening. Even her asshole may already be twitching wondering if you're going to pleasure her with your tongue or even your cock.

Get up on the bed and perhaps give her a few sharp swats on the ass testing her receptiveness to pain. If there is no pleadings to stop give her a light five minutes spanking constantly listening to her responses. I believe that many women subconsciously desire their lovers to dominate and spank them. This does not mean to be abusive but having her bare bottom spanked until it is pink is definitely a turn on for her. If she does not objecting during the spanking and is actually meeting the swats pushing upwards she is subliminally messaging you heard real inward desires to be spanked. If In my own experience I found that even dominant women behind closed doors wanted to be spanked.

After your lover's bottom is tingling it is time for the next phase of the massage. Start massaging her tingling cheeks because the spanking actually got the blood flowing into her sexy ass so that she will enjoy having them massaged. Push the palm of your hand deeply into her flesh pushing towards her hip bone in a circular manner massaging the entire muscle. Concentrate on her lower back, buttocks, and thighs making sure she is completely relaxed. This will also help her to forgive for the spanking. Once she is completely relaxed it is time to get a little more intimate.

Start by massaging all around her labia lips using your fingertips to press into the sensitive flesh behind her labia where her leg connects. You are massaging her entire sex not leaving any part out. You'll be surprised how much she enjoys having the outside of her labia massaged. You will immediately be able to see are responding with her hips rotating and even pushing back on your hand desiring more.

To turn the massage up a notch, start lightly massaging the outside of her labia lips. Your middle finger should be slowly separating her labia while the fingers on each side are massaging the outside of her labia lips called her "labia majora" working your finger between her lit concentrating on separating her lips and slowly sliding your finger inside her vagina and at the same time your other fingers are busy squeezing her labia together around your middle finger. Once she is open and wet, you can take the middle finger of your other hand pushing it into her vagina slowly finding her G-spot. Rubbing the pad of your middle finger in circular motions you have now discovered the place on her body to trigger the sexual massage.

By continuing massaging and squeezing her labia and massaging her G-spot depending upon her excitement level use your thumb on the hand that you are massaging her G-spot and begin to slowly to massage her clitoral region. Knowing her body you may even want to give her direct clitoral stimulation when she is close to orgasm. Keep the massaging her all the way through her orgasm. Most women want me to stop touching their clit afterwards but enjoy having their pussies deeply fingered making them psychologically think they are still being taken. Giving your lover this first orgasm will pave the way for all of your lovemaking following. She has allowed you to meet her vulnerable giving her sexual relief. This increases her love and trust for you during the rest of the massage. I like to show my love by a licking my fingers afterwards tasting her precious juices.

Moving from the side of the bed, climb up on top of your lover slowly straddling her body. She needs to know she can feel safe with you being on top of her. Reassure her by loving thoughts telling her how much you enjoyed touching her body and making her come. Let your erect cock lay in the crack of her ass. Your erection will be close to both of her orifices perhaps even touching them reminding her that it will eventually be inside her. She needs to know that this is your time having already verbally submitted knowing that you're going to violate her with your fingers, tongue, and cock. Start oiling your entire body including your legs. Keep reassure her with loving comments about her body and especially how much you're going to pleasure her.

Lower your body on her pressing your lubricated chest, belly, and legs pushing her into the bed. She will feel completely dominated yet lying under you she knows she has no choice but to submit to pleasure. By rubbing your cock up and down between her crack your thighs at the same time are massaging her cheeks. Your hands are also massaging her shoulders and back at the same time. She feels lots of pressure as your entire body is massaging her into the sheets. She completely feels dominated but not abused. She knows that being in this vulnerable position she is being taken by her lover leaving her innocent of any of his wantonness leaving her sinlessly off the hook. Getting the spanking makes her think you are going to go all the way violating all of her orifices. Feeling his cock rubbing against her anus secretly she is actually begging to be penetrated by lewdly undulating her hips, as if she has already having anal intercourse?

Slowly tease her pussy with the head of your cock. Finding her receptive, push all the way inside her pussy balls deep slowly grinding your pubic bone against the back of her ass and tail bone. Using your trained ability to keep from coming, go back to massaging her back, shoulders, and neck. The massage will help relieve the tension she now has with a cock in her pussy. Slowly grinding your cock inside her in a circular manner she needs to know that she is now sexually possessed. By now she should be so excited her hips are rotating with yours. Once her upper body is relaxed slowly pull out of her vagina. This act of "coitus interruptus" tells her that you're not interested in using her for your own sexual relief.

If you sense that she wants more finish her orgasm by massaging her G-spot and labia lips especially on the outsides tickling and teasing them. When she gets close pay attention to her clitoral region making sure she gets lots of stimulation until she comes. Fingering her to another orgasm definitely leaves a message that you are only interested in her pleasure.

Now that her vaginal region is sensitive start fingering her asshole with the same finger that you wipe your ass with, getting her nice and hot. Once she can accommodate three fingers, and is not objecting to the intrusion, slide a condom over your cock. Remember you have talked about this beforehand and she has not objecting to anal penetration. Forcibly taking any woman's ass is definitely offensive and is not part of the sexual massage. Having her consent, slowly push the head of your cock into her ass past her sphincter muscle. When she stops grimacing, skewer her with your cock balls deep. Even a mature dominant woman sometimes enjoys anal penetration when done correctly. Remember that your lady may be screwing you after the massage so show respect and sensuality even with her asshole.

Staying completely inside go back to massaging her body slowly grinding away. A woman does not have a prostate so are the pleasure that she gets from anal sex can be the feeling of being completely dominated or the fact that she is giving her lover the ultimate gift of her ass. By concentrating pushing and pulling your cock against the outer ring of her anus which has all the pleasurable nerve endings will stimulate her towards orgasm. Being inward push can cause discomfort but most people enjoy the feeling of a cock slowly pulling out. Screwing your partner slow enough she can add to the pleasure by pushing with her anal muscles every time you're pulling out. She then relaxes them as you push forward. The anal muscles are actually stronger then pussy muscles which are only used for childbirth unless a woman has trained them. The anal muscles are used every day so they can literally make a cock feel like it has being cut off when she squeezes down. By keeping a man balls deep inside her ass she has the power to milk him dry squeezing down with her anal muscles.

Once she begins to relax give her a nice slow screw. She may protest at first but you know that ahead of time she has already given her OK. Knowing how to read her body will tell you how fast or slow you can fuck. If you're cock is less than 8 inches long deep there will be no problem for her to accommodate all of it. Smacking your thighs against her cheeks will definitely turn her on if she wants to be dominated. Depending upon your virility the male lover can ejaculate as long as he can screw his lover again when he massages the most important side. When tells you to pull free be obedient there should already be consequences decided beforehand.

Otherwise instead of using your cock she may enjoy your middle finger slowly massaging her anus. I never met a woman who didn't like having her anus licked. Go down on her starting at the top of her crack licking downward into her anus. Lap her anus with the flat of your tongue and slowly make a "U" with your tongue sinking it in as deep as you can, use it like a cock fucking her ass. She'll be clawing the sheets begging for more coming all over. A woman needs to know that you to are willing to make love to her entire body even if it means licking her ass. Placing your tongue in her most taboo area definitely tells her he will submit to pleasuring her in every way.

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