tagFetishUltimate Humiliation Ch. 02

Ultimate Humiliation Ch. 02


Cara is a changed woman; no long does she want the normal standard boring life.

She has had a taste of sexual excitement to the extreme and now longs for more.

Days of thinking about her work and friends have gone, and instead she finds herself constantly fantasizing about all the different scenarios and play rooms at "The Dungeon Room".

Cara never before had sexual fantasies, nor did she have any fetish ideas. But that has changed.

Now she dreams up all sorts of fantasy ideas and wants to enact them all.

Saturday morning arrives after a long hard week at work. Cara has had no interest in her legal work since her first visit and encounter at The Dungeon Room. All she can think of now, is her next visit.

She picks up the phone and calls in to see if there is anything happening tonight. Julie answers the phone and tells Cara there are several groups in tonight. They are having a few drinks and a get together, and that Cara is most welcome to come along. How about we see you around 8 then.

Ok, Cara says, hangs up and sits down with her coffee dreaming about what might happen tonight.

What to wear, she gets up and strolls over to her wardrobe and starts to go through all her lovely designer clothing. Pulling out hoards of various items throwing them over the bed, she comes across a sexy outfit she bought in Paris a few years back. She bought it a whim, and has never worn it as she felt it was just too sexy and revealing. But now she has a chance to wear it. She puts it aside and goes through her shoes and boots. Picking out her favourite long black boots and a large black belt.

Cara has one of those bodies girls would die for. Tall, slim and perfectly shaped. Her legs are so well proportioned she could wear anything and look dead gorgeous.

The day moves on slowly as Cara constantly watches the clock. She has never known the day to go so slow.

Numerous cups of coffee later, a shower and leg shave, she is ready to dress.

Picking up her "Paris" outfit, she holds it up in front of her in the mirror. Yes, this is the one.

She slips her legs into the dress and pulls it up over her body, placing her arms through the opening and reaching behind to fasten the zipper. Looking at herself in the mirror she can't help but admire how sexy she looks. Tight fitting black semi see-through dress. Hem half way down her upper legs allowing full view of her long beautifully shaped legs.

The body area composes a variety of different sizes holes allowing her smooth skin to be seen.

The dress fits perfectly over her backside tightly fitting into her back with thin shoulder straps.

She takes her wide deep red belt and wraps it around her tiny waist and fastens the large buckle.

She takes on more look into the mirror, brushes herself off and smiles.

Just then the doorbell rings. It is her best friend Jo. She has come to do Cara's makeup for the evening.

Cara lets her in and offers her a coffee. No thanks Cara, Jo says, I have to get going as I am running late. And with that she takes a chair and places it in the middle of the kitchen. She puts her makeup case on the counter and opens it up, taking out a variety of makeup and brushes.

Take a seat Cara, we are going to make you look a million dollars.

Cara takes a seat sitting up straight. Jo takes out a makeup cape from her case and unfolds it in front of Cara. That's cute she says, were did you get that from. Oh, i found this on the net and just had to have it. It is so feminine isn't it? She holds it up to admire the cape. A lovely pink smooth cotton fabric with a tiny white lace trim around the edges. There is some fine embroidery of flowers over on one side.

Jo moves towards Cara and commences wrapping the cape around her neck and tying it at back with the dainty satin ties. She steps back to see how it looks, and then takes the capes and straightens it up. Cara look very feminine in the cape, and the pink looks so gorgeous over her black dress.

Ok, now for the makeup. Let's see how we can make you look.

Twenty minutes later Jo is all done, she takes out a mirror from her case and hands it to Clara.

A light red lipstick perfectly applied to her moist lips, with a lite brushing of makeup over her face to soften her look.

A slightly dark collared eye liner and eye lash tint to bring out her sexy look.

Do you like it Jo asks, oh yes, this is great. Jo moves around to the back of Cara and starts to untie the lovely makeup cape. She pulls it from around her neck, folds it up and places it back into her makeup case. All done for another day, I must run or I am going to be late ok. And with that Jo heads for the door and leaves.

Cara was feeling a little horny after having the makeup cape tied around her neck. She felt so sexy and feminine. Just in the right mood to start the night off.

She picks up her bag, runs her fingers through her hair and off she goes for her second visit to "The Dungeon Room".

Upon Cara's arrival, she is greeted by Julie, a very sexy looking lady who is always immaculately dressed to kill.

Hi Cara, nice to see you again. The other are in the bar area, so just make your way through ok.

Cara opens the bar door and enters to find about a dozen people sitting around various tables chatting and laughing. Hi Cara, comes a call from in the corner. It is Dave and his "assistant", the muscle bound gentleman who gave her a bit of a whipping last time.

She moves over to the table where they are sitting, takes a seat where Dave leans over and pecks her on the cheek. Nice to see you again Cara, are you up for some more fun tonight? Cara smiles and says "well, that depends on what you have in store for me Dave". Dave smiles and looks to his friend, oh, by the way this is Trevor. Hi Cara, hi Trevor. They both exchange kisses and sit back in their seats. Cara feeling a little embarrassed remembering what he had done to her last time.

Tonight is going to be fun. There are lots of people here tonight all dying to do some role play.

What sort of role play Cara asks, oh all sorts, I think everything is going to get explored tonight Dave replies.

They continue with their drinks when a group a people come over. Hi guys, and they introduce themselves. Cara recognizes a couple of faces from the "audience" she had on her first session. She feels herself blushing as she makes eye contact with one of them. That was some session Cara; I fantasized about that for days afterwards said one of the guys. That made Cara blush and go hot and sweaty even more as she puts her head down and takes another sip of her drink.

Don't worry Cara, explains one of the group. We all have our turn here, so don't feel embarrassed ok. That made Cara feel a little more at ease. She already knew they all role played in one form or another, but that statement just made her a bit more easy with everything.

I little time goes by, with a few more people arriving and get amongst the group. Everyone seems upbeat and happy, lots of laughter and joking when a loud bell rings out. God what is that Clara says in a tone of astonishment. Oh, that's just telling us it is time to play, and everyone cheers, puts their drinks down and everyone all of a sudden disappear through various doorways.

Cara and Dave are left sitting there looking at each other. Where's everyone gone She says, oh, they are all going off to get ready Dave replies, taking another sip of his drink.

They exchange chat for a few minutes when one of the doors opens. Standing there is a Trevor, dressed in the same outfit he had on last time. Short tight black leather shorts and nothing else but his shiny tanned muscular body. "Come with me Cara" he calls out in a demanding voice. "Come, now quickly". Dave turns to her and tells her she had better get up and go over there quickly, or else.

She puts down her drink and starts to walk over towards Trevor when he quickly comes over to her and grabs her by the arm. "I told you to come now", he pulls her through the door to the dungeon room and slams it behind him.

Several members of the group are standing around as if they were awaiting her arrival. Almost a sort of ritual setting.

Trevor pulls her over to the centre of the room in front of everyone and makes her stand still with her arms down beside her.

She feels like she is being paraded like a horse in the ring. Everyone is staring at her when Trevor

Asks everyone "what scenario are we going to play tonight then" The room is momentarily silent until one person speaks up. "The dentist room", a call comes out from several members agreeing and then a chant and clap as Trevor pulls on Cara's arms and pushes her towards the "dentist's room".

She knows what is in there as she had a good look around last time. She liked what she saw then, but now, she is not so sure.

With her heart racing as she is being forced into the room and made to stand at the foot of the dentist chair. An old fashioned cast iron chair with red leather seat and back rest. A long head rest protrudes from the back of the seat. Besides the seat is a spit bowl, old porcelain looking round bowl. Off to the side of that stands a very old looking pedal drill unit with its long arm hanging down to one side. At the end hangs a heavy looking drill handle with dental bit at the end.

That piece of equipment looks like it belongs in a museum she says. "Be quite" Trevor yells at her.

Clara continues to look around more closely. On the stainless steel trolley on the other side of the dentist chair a pure white towel is laid over the top of the trolley. Placed out neatly over the towel are various instruments. She recognizes a few of them. Dental picks, and various metal instruments.

One catches her eye as she knows what it is. A large metal mouth spreader sitting there looking oh so ominous.

On the second shelf she notices a variety of vibrators, butt plugs and other "interesting" items.

She looks to the chair once again and notices there are a set of ankle restraints at the bottom of the foot rest, and wrist cuffs on the arm rests. There is also a strap connected to the head rest.

Cara already knows what is install for her, but she is wondering about the dentist drill. Is that thing really going to be used, or is it just there for show. The thought makes her feel anxious and uncomfortable. She starts to shuffle around when she feels someone take her arms from behind.

Take her clothes off says Trevor to the person behind her. Cara feels her zipper being undone and the straps from her shoulder being pulled down. Her dress is then pulled quickly down to her ankles where she voluntarily steps out of the dress flicking it to one side.

Her bra is undone and thrown to the floor as are her panties.

Cara is now standing totally naked at attention in front of the dentist chair.

Feeling the cool air over her naked body, she starts to get a little excited at the thought of her upcoming session.

She is told to bend over, right over, and with that a hand is placed on to the back of her head and pushed downwards until she is almost looking back through between her legs.

The hand remains on the back of her head when she feels the coolness of an instrument being run between her thighs and up to her fanny.

Cold but nice she thinks to herself, just as her legs are spread apart by Trevor's hands who is now standing slightly behind her.

Trevor pushes her forwards and down to make sure she is bending over completely. He spreads her legs further and starts to insert and anal speculum. Clara feels the cold metal speculum slide into her rear end. It feels so weird, but it also feels very erotic.

The speculum is fully inserted and opened up wide and left inside her while Trevor steps back.

He moves around to her front where he lifts her head up where her face is now right in front of his crotch.

He leans into her forcing her face onto his erect penis. He rubs it into her face for a moment then lets her head down.

This has made Cara so horny she is wet as hell.

As Trevor is standing in front of her, she feels another hand grasping the anal speculum, she is waiting for the feeling of it being pushed further inside her, but the opposite happens, the speculum is slowly withdrawn from her ass until she feels it "popping" out.

"sit up into the chair" Trevor states. Cara is then moved to the chair and helped up on to it.

She sits there as she is pulled right back into the back rest where her arms are pulled down on to the arm rests and fasten with a Velcro strap. The back of the dentist chair is then reclined right back to where Cara can see herself totally in a large mirror connected to the ceiling.

She sees Trevor taking hold of her legs pulling them down to the foot rests and securing them with ankle restraints.

Totally naked she feels the coolness of the red leather chair and the cold porcelain arm rests.

Another male comes into the room and picks up the mouth gap sitting on the white towel. He moves over to her and tells her to open up wide. She reluctantly opens her mouth just a little, but it is enough for the mouth gap to be forced into her mouth. Once in place she feels the metal gap being screwed open as her mouth is prized open further and further unable to stop it. She can feel the metal gag against her teeth as it spreads her mouth wide open.

She lays there looking at her naked body in the mirror. The mouth gap with her gaping open mouth looks so cool she thinks. Even though it is slightly uncomfortable.

She feels a strap being placed around her forehead and pulled tight behind the head rest. Now she is total restrained and finds she cannot move her head at all. Nor can she lift her arms or legs.

The trolley with all the instruments and "toys" is pulled closer to her as she desperately tries to move her head slightly sideways to see everything on the trolley. But she cannot move her head at all.

Another male enters the room dressed in a white short sleeved doctor's coat. One that you see many dentists wearing these days.

He moves over to her and puts his fingers into her mouth and runs them around her gums as if he is feeling for something in particular.

He then looks over her body admiring what is spread out in front of him. A beautifully shaped smooth skinned naked female, restrained and awaiting his service. Cara can feel his hard penis rubbing against her arm as he stands closer to her. He gives her arm a gentle rub with his penis as he continues to look over her body.

He places his finger just under her chin and gently runs it down to between her breasts, paying particular attention to her now erect nipples.

He then carries on running his index finger slowly down the middle of her stomach and down to her fanny. There he stops. Stands back, and tells the others it is time to begin.

He reaches over and pulls the large bright light over the top of her and shines it into her mouth, partially blocking her view in the overhead mirror.

He then picks up a dental pick and hand mirror and leans over her, looking into her mouth he puts the instruments into her mouth and starts to examine her teeth. Clara can feel the metal instrument clicking against her teeth as he checks each one in turn. Mumbling away as he goes, Cara then feels someone running their hands up inside her thighs. She squirms initially to avoid this, but then lays back opening up her legs so that the person can carry on. The gentle touch of the hands is making her very horny and wet while the metal instrument continues clicking on her teeth.

Her mouth is starting to feel strained from the mouth gag stretching it wide open. But somehow she doesn't really care as she is feeling the erotic nature of the whole episode unfolding around her.

The gentle hands make their way up to her pussy where she feels the fingers starting to explore and spread her open slightly. A slippery cold gel is applied to her private parts as the fingers continue their journey around her lips and over her clitoris. It feels so magical to her being treated this way. Totally exposed and probed at both ends at the same time.

The dentist leans over and takes hold of the dental drill. Cara's eyes open up wide as she watches the drill being drawn closer and closer to her mouth. Oh god no she is thinking, I thought that was just for show. She starts to wiggle around uncomfortably but cannot move anything than lifting her arse up off the chair. This just allows the other person to slip his fingers into her as she raises herself up. She doesn't know what to do, as on one hand she is loving the feeling of being penetrated with the fingers, but in total fear of seeing the old dental drill coming closer to her mouth.

She can feel beads of sweat popping up on her forehead and under her arms as the drill enters her mouth. She feels it knock against one of her teeth as it enters her mouth. Her mouth now feels full with the drill inside. She looks up to the mirror where she can only see the upper part of her body, her mouth spread wide open with a hand holding the drill in her mouth.

She hears the drill roar into action with its high speed screeching sound. It is sound is so piercing and she hates it. It is the sound every dental client hates while sitting in the waiting room.

She feels the drill touching one of her teeth but it is not painful. At least, not yet she thinks.

Suddenly a feeling of relief comes over her as she realizes that the drill bit only contains the cleaning attachment, and that it is not going to be a painful experience after all. She relaxes slightly as the dentist continues to run the brush around the inside of her teeth. The screaming sound of the drill is still in her ears.

Her thoughts go back to between her legs as she feels the slippery fingers moving in and out of her and rubbing against her clit making her lift up each stroke passes over her.

She hears the sound of a bowl and something rattling in it. But cannot move her head to see what it is. She doesn't have to wait long before the sounds become apparent.

She feels a wet soapy brush being applied around her fanny, the brush moving quickly around pushing the shaving foam well into the hair.

Cara has slightly dark blonde hair nicely shaped around her fanny. She always pays close attention when shaving making sure it looks nice and is well shaped.

The brushing ceases, she then feels his fingers stretching the skin around her fanny and then the unmistakable feel of the sharp barbers razor touching her. She flinches for a moment in fear of the razors sharp blade cutting into her, but then relaxes as she feels it sliding gently in short strokes cutting away at her soft stubble.

Cara lays there looking up at herself, metal mouth spreader still in place which is starting to make her jaws ache with her mouth being spread open so far. She finds it difficult to swallow as she looks further down where she can now see herself exposed in the dentist chair. The site of her pussy being all soapy with parts having been shaven already, is just so erotic to her. She wants something inside her once again, and tries to speak, but once again, she cannot.

Trevor then speaks out and suggests that it might be easier to shave her in the barber's chair. And before Cara can gather her thoughts the mouth spreader is being unwound allowing her to slowly close her mouth. It is such a relief for her to close her mouth.

The strap around her head is taken away as are the wrist and ankle restraints. Cara stretches out and lifts her arms. She has been bound for some time and moving around brings a feeling of freedom. But not for long. As she is taken by the arms once again, pulled from the dentist chair, and dragged over to the large antique barber's chair where she is made to kneel in front of the chair.

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