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Ultimate Pampering Massage


I am an LMT in the Tampa area with over 10 years of experience. I work for a one of the popular spas in the St. Pete area. With my clientele comprising of over 90% women, I have been asked questions at times about providing something more in the massage.

The establishment I worked at in the past, dozens of women would hint at wanting a little more attention to areas not typically addressed in a massage, but it was not conducive in that work environment.

I see this trend happening with increased curiosity and boldness in women wanting services that fulfill needs that aren't being met provided in a respectful, yet sensual manner.

Guys have it made because they have no problem finding someone who offers a massage tailored to their needs and they aren't shy about asking for what they are looking for. Ladies are usually more reserved and classy when they get a massage, but it would be fair to say that they are curious at times as well.

So I started helping women with this in a professional manner within comfortable surroundings whenever I do out calls to their hotel rooms or homes. They have been very happy and satisfied with my massage.

This is my first attempt to write about my experiences and I hope you will pardon my amateur writing skills.

This is the story of a beautiful Indian woman who was massaged by me into a total relaxation and multiple orgasms over a period of three hours. It might sound strange but I totally forgot to ask her name. For the sake of this story let us call her Ruchi.

I am a bi curios person, primarily into guys. Though I am not always sexually attracted to women, I really love massaging women. Very few women aroused me and Ruchi was one of those.

Ruchi's husband called the spa I work in and scheduled an appointment for "Ultimate Pampering Massage" package, which is a 120 minute session that is totally customized as per the client's needs and requests. When asked about if he has any specific type of massage in mind, his response was he wants his wife to be pampered with a nice massage that relaxes her mind and body. He said she has been through a lot of stress off late and she really needs something like this.

The appointment was scheduled from 4PM to 6PM. My previous appointment ran over and I showed up at Ruchi's hotel room about 20 minutes. It is one of the nicest hotels in St. Pete, right on the beach.

Ruchi answers the door and I come in with my table. I introduce myself and for some reason her face was very familiar. It felt like she was one of my old clients. She has a beautiful face, very beautiful nose, about 5' 3" and petite build. She doesn't mention that she recognizes me, so I play along and ask where she's from and how long staying etc. She is from one of the big cities in Midwest. I tell her I've been to her city before - and once in the winter - Brrrrr. No thanks and not interested and going there again!

I ask if she is here for vacation or business. She tells me much needed vacation. As I set up the table I ask her if she likes bird songs as some of my music is my recordings of birds I made. She says she loves nature and birds. So I plug in the music and start it up while I set the table up. I ask her if she prefers cream or oil and she answers oil, definitely. I say great, I have organic coconut oil.

Once I am set up I tell her I will go into the bathroom to wash up while she can get undressed and get on the table under the towel. I had grabbed a hotel towel and laid it lengthwise on the table.

I went into the bathroom to let her get ready and she says she is ready I come out and see she is under the towel I placed for her which is covering her legs and butt while she has taken a second towel and covered her upper body. Her feet are sticking out. The way she covered herself I could tell she is very shy and conservative. Each woman is different and how open they are with their sexuality/sensuality. Culture values and upbringing play a lot into that of course.

I adjust the pillow under her ankles and then come to the front of the table which is facing the windows to adjust the face cradle. I loosen the connections and ask her to hold the cradle and position it where she wants so I can lock it in.

I had asked her before the massage what parts were troubling her and she told me her neck, shoulder and upper back.

I then ask her if it's ok to massage her head and hair and her response was yes. So I begin a long slow scalp massage eventually running my fingers thru her hair while moving it out of the way so I can get to her neck next. After her head massage I come around to one side and slide the towel down to her hips so I can begin working on her back. Thought she was not wearing a bra, I realized that she still had her panties on.

I start a dry massage technique on her neck and back and upper hips at first loosening and warming up her muscles. Then I came to her head to start applying the oil down her back. I begin making long strokes from her upper shoulders down her back to her hips and then down the sides and up the sides of her body gliding over the sides of her breasts.

After this, I move to working one side of her body paying extra attention to her upper hip/butt and her upper shoulder and neck. I start reaching under her side opposite me starting down at the pelvic bone. I know this feels very sensual and good and warm her up a little bit. Then I work from her hip up to her head repeating this on the other side.

As she still has her panties I tried to slide them down just a little on the sides as I massage from her upper back to lower back. After finishing up on her upper back and main part, I asked her if it's ok to move her panties down more so I can get into her glutes and hips as there is a lot of tension here. After a slight hesitation, she obliges and moves them down exposing her upper butt clefts. I proceeded to squeeze and massage her upper and side glutes thoroughly. I did that for a little bit and I noticed that she was liking it and bit more relaxed now. As I come up I once again glide over the sides of her breast and repeat this multiple times. Now that she is seemed more relaxed and comfortable, I asked if she can remove her panties entirely. She hesitated at first and asked if she must take them off or is it okay to leave them on. I tell her nicely that the oil might soil them and moreover it allows me provide nice and long strokes. He asked me if I step back into the bathroom so she can take them off then come back when she is ready again.

She is under the towel again, minus the panties. The towel is covering from her lower back to her knees. I now start on her feet working each one over including the toes and between the toes with plenty of oil. Then I move the towel over to uncover her left leg up to her upper thigh and fold it halfway so her left leg is totally exposed up beyond her back. I applied oil and first worked on her calf for a bit then up to her upper leg, then more on her butt, this time working on the middle and lower parts, then back down to her upper thigh, but this time starting on the inner knee I work up her inner thigh to an inch or two. At the beginning of her massage her legs were clamped together, but not anymore at this point. So I know she is already more relaxed in this massage.

I then did full body massage strokes going from her lower leg all the way up to her shoulder and then back down again nice and slow. When I am done with her left leg I cover her back up and repeat on the right leg. I went a little higher on her right inner thigh testing her to see if she resists, which she didn't.

Once I am done with her backside, I cover her up and have her turn over. On the front side, starting at her head, I massage her head and face more using just a little oil over her face. Then I give her a really thorough neck and shoulder massage. I did some long strokes where I reach under her shoulders and slide all the way to the top of her butt and pull back – I could tell she really liked it based on her responses.

Next step is the arms which I first stretch out starting with the fingers, hands then arms finishing with a cross body arm and lower back stretch. Then I started massaging one arm fingers up, then I come to the front and put her arm over my leg and work her upper arm down to her chest and side each time going further down slowly moving the towel lower, but not exposing her breast completely. Then I move over to her other arm and repeat, this time when I get to the chest again I am massaging around her breast till the towel is completely off her exposing her erect nipples. I then moved the towel off so her beautiful breasts are exposed. I massaged them together and separately... gently massaging the nipples and breast tissue.

Then I pulled the towel further down so I can massage her stomach while her chest is exposed. She is definitely enjoying herself at this point. I pulled on opposite sides of her body same as from when she is on her stomach; I also massaged her stomach in circular motion each time going lower to her pubic mound where I can feel her shaven area. She is breathing heavily at this point. I then teased with a little bit by just massaging her mound a little as well as her breasts. I still didn't expose her pussy yet. After a long stomach and breast massage I went down to massage her feet and legs from this position. Again, starting with each foot then one leg lower moving up. The towel is still covering her waist and one leg at this point.

On her upper leg I first work the top and outside all the way up her hip and then starting at the knee I slowly work the inner thigh all the way up where my fingers and hand are brushing and pressing against her pussy feeling her heat and growing wetness.

I followed with the other leg where now the towel is just covering her mound area. On the second side I gave more attention to her pussy. She is breathing heavily now and very relaxed. As I wanted to check if she is willing to go any further, I asked her if she has had a yoni massage before. She said No. I told her it feels very good and many of my clients' especially Indian clients like them. To my surprise she said OK.

I took off the towel completely and put it aside. At this point she is totally naked on the table and I am at her side massaging both her breasts and pussy lips, both outer and inner. I occasionally entered a finger inside to see how she feels. Her pussy was hot and wet and quite tight. As you can imagine, I have felt quite a few and Ruchi's feet like it could really grip her husband's cock very tight.. I noticed her head is tilted back off the table a bit as she breaths heavily and moans.

Now I come to her head and work down both sides while her arms are over her head coming back up to her breasts. I then returned to the side and give her pussy more attention this time testing more to see if she is getting to the point that she can squirt. I used one finger at first and eventually got 2 fingers in there up to 2nd knuckle and maybe a little more. As I mentioned earlier she was pretty tight down there. I keep moving my fingers in and out slowing and nicely finger fucking her. At this point she was moaning loudly, moving up and down and experienced multiple orgasms.

I take this slow and cautiously not pushing too fast and she enjoyed this for a bit. Then finally she said she has had enough. Then I asked her if she knows about female ejaculation and she said Yes and so I follow up with asking her if she has done that before and to my surprise she says Yes. But at this point I have completed three hours and was going to close the massage session as it was about time for my next session. I covered her up and balance her energy out by holding her feet for a bit until I feel it settled down.

Once I am done I told her to just relax and lay there for a minute or two and take it in. I went into bathroom to wash up and when I came back out and she is wrapped in the towel. I start packing everything up. Once I am ready to leave I thank her and she thanks me and I leave.

It was really a memorable experience to be as I have started with a very conservative Indian lady who was shy and massaged every inch of her body and gave her multiple orgasms.

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