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Ultimate Toilet Slave


(fictional story, WM/wf, AF/wm, AM/wm-nc, AF/AF/AM)

Foreword: This story is a sequel to OH SHIT. OH SHIT is a sequel to TOILET SLAVE 2. TOILET SLAVE 2 is a sequel to TOILET SLAVE. This story is also a sequel to OH POO-POO, even though OH POO-POO is not a sequel to any other story.


It was only last year that Steve had been a toilet slave in the ladies' room at Edge Play -- a BDSM-oriented club in New York. He had been their toilet slave for about two months straight. He had only volunteered to do it for one night, but he had failed to read the fine print of his contract and they kept him until another guy volunteered to replace him as a toilet slave.

After that debacle, Steve had become unemployed again, in exactly the same dire straits as he had been before his servitude.

He wasn't supposed to have been paid for his services, for that would have been equivalent to being a prostitute. That the club doesn't pay its toilet slaves and charges no cover to its patrons is what keeps the club legal -- barely. However, the bouncer slipped him an envelope containing sixteen hundred in cash as he was leaving -- two hundred dollars for each week he had served the ladies.

Before he left, they had let him take a shower. They had even washed and pressed his clothes for him too. So refreshed and clean and with a nice chunk of change, he left the club through that steel back door onto 14th street. He checked his wallet, and his driver's license and everything were still there. So maybe things weren't as bad as when he started, after all.

He walked around the block to the front entrance of Edge Play and stood before a pair of glass doors in a stainless steel frame on an, otherwise, featureless gray stucco building.

A bouncer whom he had never seen before came from inside, unlocked the door, and held it open.

Steve stood there for a moment.

"You coming in or what?" the bouncer asked.

"Sure," he answered and followed the bounder inside.

They walked down a short corridor, around a corner, and down a short hallway, where the bouncer took a seat on a stool next to a pair of elevators. Other people had entered the club behind Steve and the bouncer, and a line had already started to form behind Steve.

Steve pulled out his wallet and showed the bouncer his license.

The bouncer nodded and said, "Have fun."

Steve took an elevator down one level. A short hallway led into the club. As he was first to enter, the club was empty, but the people behind him immediately came out of the other elevator, and then more people started to fill the club.

But Steve didn't come to drink or party, he was just curious about something. He stopped to check out a couple of display cases on the wall down from the elevators, but one was a political ad:


Vote Libertarian! We're pro-choice on EVERYTHING!


The other was just a list of shows and the name of tonight's band.

He entered the main room as the band was starting to set up. They were five guys in pastel-blue leisure suits. The drum said the name of the group was Cass Carnaby Five.

Colored stripes on the floor led the way to the different venues within the club. Steve knew exactly where he wanted to go, however. He headed straight for the alternate restrooms. He entered the alcove. Then he stood there gazing at the door to the ladies' room. How many women, he wondered, had entered that door in the past two months and had used him as their toilet?

"Excuse me!" one women said in an annoyed tone as he stood there blocking the door.


He turned and entered the other door -- the door to the men's room. He walked in and entered a stall. But when he looked, there was a guy in the stall. He had expected a woman. The toilet slave looked up at Steve and grinned. Steve said, "Sorry, wrong stall," and left flustered. Steve looked in the next, and the next -- all guys. Then he looked in the fifth and last stall and found his reward -- a female toilet slave. She avoided his gaze, so he turned around immediately and closed the door. All the times that he had been a toilet slave in the ladies' room, the women had used him without comment. With his back to her, he dropped his pants and sat on her face. He leaned forward and pushed his dick into her mouth. He had been hard now ever since they told him that a replacement had taken over for him and they were letting him out. It took him a few moments to relax enough to let his pee flow. He had peed just before he left a few minutes ago, so he didn't have to pee much. He considered standing for a moment, after peeing, to make it easy for her to swallow, but then decided not to. Instead, he immediately started to rock back and forth, causing his hard dick to slide in and out of her mouth. It didn't take long at all before he exploded into her mouth. He had come a few times into that pipe during his two months, but he had built up an enormous need for release during that time, and he just kept coming and coming into her.

The exercise of releasing all that pent up sexual tension had also loosened his bowels, and he suddenly had to take a shit. So without pause, he slid forward so that his anus was over her mouth. He didn't even have to strain, as soon as he relaxed his muscles, a big one slid out of his asshole. Then, without pause, another. Then another. He sat there for a moment, and felt a throbbing movement under his ass. He realized that she was probably bucking for breath. He pushed her head down with his ass and pushed out another lump into her mouth. He paused a moment, grunted, and pushed out one last lump. Finished, he stood, grabbed a wad of toilet paper, wiped his ass, threw the paper into a trash bin on the wall, pulled up his pants and opened the door to leave. As he walked out of the stall, it was no big surprise to see that here was a line of guys waiting to use that particular stall.

Steve left the men's room and explored the club a little before leaving. Cass Carnaby Five was playing their latest hit, Dangrous Game. He came to a cork board with all kinds of notes pinned to it. Most were for masters seeking slaves, or slaves seeking masters. Others were selling BDFM paraphernalia -- collars, shackles, suspension harnesses, fellatio harnesses, spreader bars, etc. A few were for more mundane items such as cars for sale, apartments for rent, and roommates wanted.

Steve yanked off an ad for a roommate wanted over in Chelsea. The rent was right, so he went over to a pay phone and called the number.

A guy with a Chinese accent answered on the other end, "Hello."

"Hi. Are you still looking for a roommate?"


"My name's Steve. I need a room for tonight."

"I'm John, but late now. You come tomorrow, okay?"

"Well, okay, I can take a hotel room tonight. But can I come over tomorrow?"

"Sure. Where you see ad?"

"At Edge Play. Uhm, you're not, like, looking for a partner or anything, are you? I just want to rent a room."

"No. Just looking for ordinary roommate."

Steve got the address and arranged a time, then left the club and went up to 34th street to find a hotel.


The following day, Steve went to John. The room was decent, so he rented the room from John. John Chen was from China, working as a software developer up in midtown on an H1 visa.

Steve explained to John that he was also a programmer out on Long Island until the economy went south a few years ago.

John said, "I know what you mean. My contract be up in couple years, and I might get ship back to China. It suck, man!"

It then came up what Steve was doing at Edge Play that night, and Steve told John about his stints as a toilet slave to different women, and how he got tricked into being a toilet slave in Edge Play's ladies' room for two solid months without a break. Steve's prospects for employment were dismal and so he did minimum wage jobs now and then to get by, but life really sucks any more now that there's no programming jobs any more.

John said how he knew these two women who've been going back and forth to Taiwan the past year. They're building a house there and they're trying to sell their restaurant over in Chinatown. They've been into the scene and they would love to have a permanent built-in toilet slave.

A couple of nights later, John took Steve to Most Delicious Hunan Cuisine They sat at a table in the back and John introduced Steve to Ai Ling Chung and Chin Zhang. It was obvious that the two women were lovers. They also didn't speak a word of English, so John translated between them.

Yes, the two women were building a beautiful house in Taiwan, and they never expected to find someone to be their permanent toilet slave. They would have preferred a woman, but no one had offered themselves before to be permanently built into their house as a human toilet. Therefore, Steve would be fine.

Steve was near the end of his cash from Edge Play when John told him that the two women had returned to Taiwan and they would like for Steve to come soon so that they could start the construction of their private bathroom.

They booked a flight to Taipei for the following week. John bought a round-trip ticket; Steve, one way.

Steve gave John this manuscript of his diary and asked him to continue it until they part their ways, and then post it to the Internet for posterity. John agreed.


Steve ask me to continue journal for him. I agree. We arrive in Taiwan after long flight from America. Ai Ling and Chin meet us at Taipei airport. They take us by car. They head southwest, back to home. Some hours, we reach home outside of Miaoli. They let us stay in separate room for night.

Following day, we start work on finishing special bathroom. Rest of the house completed by builders already. In master bathroom is no toilet. There is a stainless steel enclosure jutting out from wall, high as toilet. Behind wall is lower half of large steel drum flush with wall. Inside drum is bench level with bottom shelf in toilet enclosure. One side of drum is wall to shower stall. On other side of drum was partly built back wall to master closet. I tell Steve lay down on bench with head in enclosure. Baffles in drum like stockades for body, wrists, and ankles. Drain under the drum connects to drain system under house. Ai Ling and Chin and I lift top half of drum over Steve and set it down. I then use welding machine to weld drum halves together. Now, Steve stick out of top of drum and of wall by shoulders with head in toilet bowl. We lift top piece of toilet seat over Steve's head. I then bolt and weld it together.

I ask Steve, "Are you okay? Fit good?"

He answer, "Yes."

I then build up bathroom wall around stainless steel toilet that contain Steve head. I slap mortar on blocks and then place next course of concrete blocks one after other until the wall reach ceiling. Next, I finish placing of bathroom tile on wall over concrete blocks. I use special trim tiles around the stainless steel toilet to make installation look neat and professional.

That evening, Ai Ling and Chin take me to nice restaurant for dinner for work I do. Ai Ling say she just used Steve as her toilet before leaving for dinner. She say she make Steve eat stinky shit from her bottom.

On following day, I build wall that separate drum from master closet. I build wall partway until is taller than top of drum.

Then I set up rebar around drum and then mix concrete in wheelbarrow. Then I fill in area up to middle of drum.

I wait for concrete to set for next two days. After concrete set, I fill the space with concrete to cover drum completely.

Again, I let concrete set. Then I finish building back wall behind closet. I plaster wall on side of closet, and install shelves and bins in closet against back wall. Last, I paint closet interior. Job is finished.

Ai Ling and Chin say they have used Steve as toilet slave many times each day for the past week. They giggle and say Steve drink lots pee and eat lots shit. They say they really appreciate work I do finish build house.

My flight back to America leave tomorrow. Getting ready for bed. I go into master bathroom and look at Steve.

I ask, "How you feel?"

"I'm fine. A little scared. What if I ever want to leave?"

"No leave! Ai Ling and Chin need tear house apart in here. You not leave, ever!"

"I Know what I agreed to. It's just scary, is all."

"Yes. Now I pee."

I let my trousers fall and turn my back to Steve to sit. Steve shouts, "Hey! What are you doing?"

"I tell you. I need pee."

"No! You can't! Please! I'm not gay!"

I sit and pinch his mouth open, and slide cock into his mouth.

"You are, now," I tell him.

I never do gay thing before, and am nervous. It take me time to relax and let pee out. I consider jerk-off, but Ai Ling and Chin promise me very special nighttime reward for work, so I save my wad for them.

Afterward, I join Ai Ling and Chin in bed they invite me to. First, I watch them make out together as they get hot. Then they turn face me. Is wonderful have two beautiful women give me pleasure at the same time. It is blissful and steamy night! Neither of us leave any orifice on any other untouched, unkissed, unsucked, or unfucked!

I fly back to America the next day, and return to daily grind. Ai Ling and Chin and I phone each other few times over next weeks, but the calls spread farther and farther apart over the months. Steve doing fine, they say. Steve is a good toilet, and the two women keep him well fed and watered.

One time, they hold phone to Steve and let me talk to him. He say that he longs to talk to someone. Steve say hope to pick up Taiwanese while being toilet, but little is overheard by Steve of Ai Ling and Chin in bathroom, and so he not learn language.

Steve tell me he well, that Ai Ling and Chin went away for a week about month ago. Different woman house-sat while they were away. Yes, she use him as toilet, so didn't get thirsty or hungry, but didn't know why Ai Ling and Chin left or if they be back. He fear they may have sold house or something. Unable to speak, he not able ask what happened to Ai Ling and Chin. Then they return after about a week. I bid Steve well and end call.

The other day, my employer announce downsizing. There no jobs, and no sponsor for me on H1 visa. So I return to China in two days. I sold all my belongings that I not take back with me. Am posting this journal before I turn off PC for the last time.

- END -

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