tagMind ControlUltimate Trust Ch. 04

Ultimate Trust Ch. 04



My wife and I have always had awesome sex.

We had been married for about 5 years when we started to explore a little bondage with our sex-life. On my birthday one year, we decided to take our level of trust in each other and our bondage to a new place - mind control.

We both went to several sessions with a hypnotist who gave us each a 'trigger' by which the other person could put us in a trance, and once in that state we would be the willing slave of the other person. I love my wife and I know she loves me. We trust each other completely, and this new bond took our relationship to new heights. My wife is completely in control of my sex life, and I am completely in control of hers. We trust each other not to abuse this power, and as a couple we have never been better.

My name is Rod, and I am about 6-foot tall and 180 pounds. I've never been in better shape - flat stomach and a nice tan, which compliments my blonde hair and blue eyes. My cock is a full 8 inches long, almost 6 inches around, and has a slight upward curve, which drives Bridget crazy.

Bridget is shorter than me, around 5-8. She has gorgeous legs and a very perky pair of 36D breasts with large, pink, sensitive nipples. She also has blonde hair like mine, but she sometimes colors it. In this story, she is a redhead; because that's the way I wanted it at the time.

CHAPTER 4 - Her Best Friend Visits

Sometimes, my wife talks too much.

We were just starting to get comfortable with our mutual mind-control a few months after we started. Her friend Jessica was in town for a few days to celebrate Bridget's birthday, and the two of them went out for a few drinks together. They have been friends since they were in High School, and apparently they tell each other everything.

Jessica noticed that Bridget was looking better and seemed happier than ever, so of course she was curious. At first, Bridget just thanked her for the compliments and played it off as 'clean living'. But after more than a few drinks, Bridget confided our little secret to her best friend.

Jess didn't believe a word of it.

So when I got out of the shower the next morning, my wife told me that she had let the cat out of the bag, and also had a proposition for me. She said that wanted to prove to her friend that her story was true, and that she had always wanted to experiment with another woman. She asked if I was willing to 'share' her with Jessica for a day, if she could convince Jess to cooperate.

I thought about it carefully. I love my wife and I would never be unfaithful to her, even without her mind control over me. She is everything I have ever wanted in a friend, companion, and lover. However, the thought of another woman pleasuring my wife made my cock start to harden.

I told her that I trusted her, and if the two of them wanted a sex-slave for the day, I was game. Besides, it was her birthday, so why not? She kissed me soundly in the bathroom, told me to get dressed comfortably, because I wouldn't be going to work, and then she set off to wake up Jessica and hatch a scheme.

I finished drying off from my shower, and put on a pair of comfortable lounge pants and a loose t-shirt. I kinda stalled around in our bedroom for a few minutes, because I did not know what to expect when I walked out.

A few minutes later, I was sitting on the bed idly reading a magazine, when the two of them came into the bedroom together. My wife was visibly excited, but Jessica looked skeptical. Bridget said, "Well, since you won't believe me, I'll have to show you."

Then she cupped my balls in her hand and whispered the 'trigger' word in my ear. I went into a trance. Bridget gave me instructions that I was to do whatever Jessica told me to, though I could not fuck her unless Bridget gave me permission.

Then she turned to Jessica and said, "Here's the proof, honey. He is all yours to command as you will. He will do anything you tell him to except fuck you. He needs my specific permission for that."

Jessica still looked doubtful. Jess is absolutely beautiful, and she knows it. She said to Bridget "You mean anything? You trust your husband to be alone with me and to do anything I say?"

Bridget just laughed. She said, "Jess you are so damn sexy, you even turn me on. But I have control over Rod's mind, and he simply cannot fuck you without my permission. So no, I am not worried in the least. Use him however you want."

Jess was up to the challenge. She turned to me and told me to stand up. I did. She told me to come with her into the bathroom. I followed her obediently. She told me to turn my back while she used the toilet, so I stood there patiently facing the wall while she did her business, then she turned on the shower.

Our master bedroom suite has a large sleeping area with a king-sized canopy bed, a separate area for dressing with two walk-in closets and a vanity, and a large master bathroom. The bathroom has a hot tub large enough for 4 adults, and a shower that is also probably large enough for four adults, with two showerheads, one at each end.

I heard her get into the shower, and then she told me to get undressed and join her. So I dutifully slipped out of my clothes and stepped into the shower next to her.

Jessica was standing in the center of the shower, with both showerheads spraying on her. She is only about 5-foot-4, with shoulder-length blonde hair, bright blue eyes, full lips and a killer figure. She is a fanatic about the health club and goes at least 4 nights a week. She has round, firm breasts, shapely hips, and tight, toned legs.

For the first time, I noticed that she also had small, pink, cone-shaped nipples and that her light pubic hair was trimmed into a 'V' above her pussy, coming to a point just above her clit.

She told me to stand in the corner of the shower, out of the water, and face her. She stood in the middle of the shower, water running down her body. She asked if I was truly under her control and would do anything she asked.

I said, "Yes."

She tried a few little experiments. She had me stand on one foot, etc until she was partly convinced. Then she started asking me questions.

"Have you ever had sex with another woman since you were married?" She asked.

"No," I answered truthfully.

"Have you ever, um, fucked Bridget in her asshole?"

"Yes." I said, telling the truth of course. I couldn't lie if I wanted to.

After a moment, she asked, "What do you think of me?"

I said, "I think you are incredibly beautiful and sexy. You have a gorgeous body. You are my wife's best friend, and I love you like a sister."

She actually blushed. She seemed a little flustered for a moment, and then she said, "Fine, then. If you are really under my control, I want you to wash my entire body here in the shower. Start with shampooing my hair and massaging my scalp. Then soap me from neck to feet. Do not wash my face or my pussy, but make sure everything else is clean, and take your time. Oh, and no boners. If you are really under my control, your dick will stay soft."

So, I obediently lathered up her shoulder-length hair and massaged her head for a few minutes. She moaned softly with pleasure as my fingers worked through her thick hair from the back of her head to the front.

Jess stepped backward into the spray to rinse her hair as I began lathering her tight body with soap that smelled like tropical fruit. I rubbed her neck and shoulders and worked down her back before starting again on her front, massaging her breasts and now-erect nipples and her flat stomach.

I washed her trimmed pubic hair and rubbed the soap down her legs to her feet. I squatted down behind her and washed her round butt. She shivered when my finger brushed her asshole, and she moaned again softly as I scrubbed the back of her legs.

I sat on the black marble shower floor, and lifted her feet up one at a time to scrub them while Jessica leaned against the shower wall. She giggled once as I rubbed her soapy feet. The water ran down my body to my flaccid penis on the shower floor. From where I was sitting, I could see right up to her pink pussy lips, and above that, her small nipples pointing at the ceiling. That vision alone should have made me hard as a rock, but her command kept me limp.

When I finished washing her body, she had me stand up in front of her. She took my limp cock in her hand, and then looked me in the eye and said, "Did you know I give great blowjobs?"

"I did not know that." I said. Although I had occasionally thought about what her lips would feel like, but of course she had never sucked on my dick so how would I know?

She stroked my cock as she said, "If you are truly under my control, you could remain soft no matter what I do, right?"

"Right." I said.

"Well, then, this should prove whether you are truly my slave or not." She bent at the waist and sucked my entire cock into her mouth. I could feel her lips around the base of my soft penis, and her tongue licking my shaft vigorously, but my dick would not get hard. She caressed my balls while she sucked me, and even tickled my asshole with one fingernail, but she could not get a rise out of me. When she finally gave up, she sounded almost angry.

"Slave" She said. "I want your cock hard right now. Prove to me that you are my slave."

In maybe 5 heartbeats, my dick sprang out to its thick 8-inches and pointed up to the ceiling. I stood in front of her, waiting on her next command. She turned around, braced her hands against the shower wall and spread her legs apart. I could see her pussy lips clearly with water running down her back. She said, "Rod, I want you to fuck me right now."

I couldn't move. She insisted. "Fuck me. Fuck me right here in your shower. Stick your dick inside me and fuck me!"

I still couldn't move.

She tried to back up onto my cock, and as soon as I felt it touch her hot cunt, I went soft again. She stepped out of the shower then, and wrapped herself in a towel. I heard her open the door, and then I heard Bridget laughing in the bedroom. "I told you!" she said.

The two of them talked in the next room while I stood in the steamy shower with my cock soft and water running down my naked body. After a few minutes, they both came into the bathroom. Bridget started to undress. Jess stepped back into the shower, stood back against the far wall, and said "Rod, jack off for us."

Bridget said, "Don't you cum, though, unless I tell you to."

So I took my cock in my right hand, and stroked it from tip to base, while cupping my balls with my left hand. It sprang right back to life. Bridget stepped into the shower and hugged Jess in a tight embrace. The two of them stared at my dick as I stroked it for them. "Its nice isn't it?" said Bridget.

"Yes, it is a very nice cock," said Jessica, without taking her eyes off me.

Jessica cupped her friend's breast and licked her nipple playfully. Jess said, "Have you ever been with a woman before, Bridget?"

My wife answered a little shyly, "No."

Jess said, a little shocked, "Really?"

For a moment, they just looked at each other, the hot water splashing onto the floor.

Then Jess said, "I am going to love being your first, then. I love you like a sister, but sometimes I look at you and my pussy just throbs." After a thoughtful pause, she smiled and said, "Plus we have my slave and his big cock over there for whatever we want. It's going to be a good day." And she kissed my wife full on the mouth.

As I stood there rhythmically stroking my cock for them, they began to explore each other's bodies. My wife pinched and teased Jessica's nipples with her manicured fingers, and Jessica rubbed Bridget's ass with both hands. Bridget began sucking Jessica's nipples while cupping her tits with both hands. Jess held Bridget's head and rubbed her face into her chest delightedly.

Then Bridget sat down flat on the floor of the shower with her legs spread apart. She maneuvered her face under Jessica's pussy, and began licking, timidly at first, then with more enthusiasm, as a groan came from Jess and she reached for the side wall for support.

Jessica then said, "Is it okay if I suck on Rod's rod while you eat me?" She giggled.

My wife said, "Mmmmmmm Hmmmmmmm...." as she buried her face in her friend's cunt. Bridget had both hands on Jessica's round ass.

Jessica said to me, "Quit stroking that cock and bring it over here so I can suck it. I want you to cum in my mouth when you are ready."

I let go of my boner and shuffled across the shower floor to Jessica's waiting lips. She grabbed my cock in one hand and leaned on the sidewall of the shower with the other. Then she bent over at the waist and sucked the head of my dick into her wet mouth.

For a few moments, there were only the sounds of the water on the shower floor and the occasional slurp as either my wife or Jessica got carried away. Then Jess began to moan with my cock in her mouth as Bridget worked over her clit with her talented tongue. The vibrations of her moaning felt awesome as they travelled up my shaft to my balls.

Then Jess took my dick out of her mouth and said, "Oh God, yes baby, I'm cumming!!! Oh FUCK YES!! FUCK YES!! Oh Godddd!" Her whole body shuddered and she wailed, "OH YES!" as her orgasm peaked. Bridget slowed a little, lapping at Jessica's juices and getting contented squeals in return.

Jessica returned her attention to my swollen member, dropping to her knees and grabbing my ass with both hands. She slid my entire length in and out of her throat and worked the underside of my dick with her tongue as Bridget watched.

Her tongue worked wonders, and I could feel my own orgasm building. Just as I was ready to cum, Bridget said, "Rod, don't cum yet. Stay right on that edge, but don't cum until I kiss you." So cruel! I could feel a strong ache in my sac as my balls yearned to let go, but i could not. Bridget said, "You have been awfully quiet. I would love to hear you tell us how good those lips feel on your cock."

Bridget came around behind me and started tickling my asshole with the tip of her finger. My legs were shaking with ecstasy. I said, breathlessly, "God her mouth feels so damn good on my cock. I am so close, my balls ache to cum in her mouth. MMMmmmmm feels so good."

Bridget stood up and pinched both of my nipples, hard. "Do you want to cum in my friend's mouth?"

"Yes, please!" I wailed. Such sweet torture.

Bridget kissed me, her tongue thrust deep into my mouth, and my balls exploded in ecstasy, shooting gobs of white-hot cum into Jessica's eager mouth. It ran down her chin and onto the shower floor as my body convulsed. Bridget continued to kiss me until my orgasm calmed. Jessica sat back and laughed. "God! I've never had so much cum!"

They ordered me out of the shower, and I toweled dry while they cleaned each other up. First Jessica, then Bridget stepped out, and I dried each of them with a warm fluffy towel.

Then Jessica told me to lie on the bed on my back. She kneeled over my face, with her knees on each side of my head, and told me to eat her pussy. I licked and sucked on her clit while she ground her cunt into my mouth. Bridget stood over us on the bed, and Jessica gave her pussy some oral attention at the same time.

After each of them was wet and ready, Bridget told me to get my dick hard again, and I felt it start to rise. She told me that they were going to take turns riding my dick and riding my face, and that I should not cum unless she told me to.

I have no idea how long I lay there, with two gorgeous women, my wife and her best friend screwing my brains out. First Bridget mounted my cock and rode to an orgasm while Jessica enjoyed my tongue. Then they switched places, and Jess had a loud, wet orgasm on my cock, while I licked my wife's hot slit.

I completely lost track of how many times each one rode me. Finally, they both collapsed on the bed next to me.

Bridget said, "Rod has been such a good slave. We really should reward him."

Jessica rose up on one elbow and smiled. "Bridget, you never had a woman before today. I've never had a cock in my ass before. Do you think he'd like that?"

My wife said, "Let's let him go, and find out." And she cupped my balls and whispered the 'trigger' word into my ear.

Back to myself, I said, "If it is okay with Bridget, I would love to, Jess."

Jessica looked at Bridget, and Bridget said, "On one condition...I get to help."

We all agreed. So Bridget got the Astraglide out of the drawer by the bed, and helped Jess into a comfortable position. She had her bend over the bed, with her legs apart and ass up in the air. Bridget kneeled down between her legs and put a few drops of lube on Jessica's tight virgin asshole. She rubbed the slick lube into her crack and then slipped a finger inside.

Jessica groaned deliciously as my wife slid one, then two fingers into her tight sphincter. She slowly worked then in and out, until Jess was squirming with delight. Bridget looked to me and said, "She's really tight, honey, go slow." Then she lay on the bed with her head near Jessica's pussy and her trimmed snatch in Jess's face.

I put some more lube on the head of my hard cock, and took up a position behind Jess. I rubbed my cock in the crack of her perfect ass, and she shuddered each time I flicked over her hole. Bridget reached around her and spread her ass cheeks farther apart, and I started to slowly slide inside of her tight butt.

Bridget coached us on as Jess groaned with pleasure and pain. A little at a time, I pushed into her until I was balls-deep in her ass. I put both hands on her smooth hips and worked my cock in small circles to help her loosen up. Bridget started licking Jessica's swollen clit from underneath and I had to hold her up or she would have collapsed from her violent orgasm. She broke out in a cold sweat as I started gently working in and out of her asshole.

As she relaxed and her sphincter loosened, I got a little more vigorous in my thrusting. Between my dick in her ass and Bridget's tongue on her pussy, she was almost constantly cumming, screaming with pleasure, and I wasn't about to let her slow down. I could feel the heat of my own orgasm building in my feet and up the back of my legs as I pumped her ass harder and faster with each stroke.

I grabbed her shoulders and pulled her towards me in one final thrust and my balls emptied searing-hot semen into her bowels. Bridget reached up and massaged my balls as I they pumped jet after jet into Jessica. My body shook and convulsed as wave after wave of pleasure burned through me. Jess was gasping for air and collapsed onto my wife; I crumpled beside them on the bed, totally spent.

Bridget extracted herself from the pile and went to the bathroom to start the shower again. She came back into the room, kissed Jessica on the lips, and said, "Damn, now that is a birthday party I will remember." Jess and I dragged ourselves off the bed on shaky legs and stumbled toward the shower.

As we soaped each other once again under the hot shower water, Bridget said, "I hope you've got another of those ass-fuckings in you, dear. I'm feeling left out!"

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