Ultra Class


He groaned in utter bliss.

Without really thinking, he had slipped a hand under Ella's skirt, past her exciting stocking tops to caress her glorious arse.

"Would you like me to remove my skirt, Mr. Flan?" Ella asked politely, her smile seemingly amused at his frantic clutching.

"Oh, yeah," he moaned as Lin's lovely mouth sped up in response to him reaching full hardness.

Ella slipped out of her skirt deftly, to reveal that she was wearing hold-ups and a tiny black thong.

"Oh, wow," he moaned as Wendy and Helena also discarded their skirts. Wendy's suspender belt and kickers were scarlet like her bra and Helena's g-string was also black with a delicate pink floral pattern.

"Would you like to try out my mouth, Mr. Flan?" Ella asked him.

Without waiting for an answer, she knelt down gracefully in front of him and took his cock from Lin. Her eyes continued to smile up at him as her mouth pursed around his rigid shaft, her tongue laving his knob generously.

Lin had stood up to take off her skirt to reveal a complete lack of underwear apart from her hold-ups. A tiny tuft of dark pubic hair pointed down to the delights of her dark pink pussy lips, clearly visible between her legs.

Dan noticed a startled glance pass between Wendy and Helena at Lin's lack of underclothing but they barely hesitated before divesting their own knickers to reveal a bright red strip of hair and a tight curly pubic thatch respectively.

Dan allowed his hands to wander to Lin's and Wendy's arses as Helena knelt down next to Ella at some unspoken signal. He groaned in pleasure as his fingers found their tight moist cunts at the exact same moment Helena's tongue joined Ella's on his cock.

He fingered the two smaller girls as he watched Ella and Helena virtually snogging each other around his cock. A two-girl blowjob had always been a major fantasy of his and the reality was proving to be significantly better than he could ever have dreamed. Their tongues mingled and swirled around his glans before they alternated working on his balls and shaft.

All-in-all, it wasn't a surprise when began to come once more. Ella carefully directed his spunking dick, unloading his thick white jism all over Helena's dark brown generous tits.

He wasn't sure in the excitement of his climax, but Lin and Wendy had been squealing in pleasure as his fingers strummed their clits and it seemed to him that at least Lin but maybe both of them had come under his relentless rubbing.

In any case, as Helena stood up with her spunky tits thrust out in front of her, they both leaned over to lick them clean, all the while maintaining eye contact with him as they lapped up his spunk from her enormous firm breasts. They took a long time sucking her nipples clean, causing Helena to sigh in apparent pleasure.

Ella stood up and deliberately removed her own g-string joining her colleagues in exposing her neat golden pubes.

"I hope you enjoyed that, Mr. Flan," she said.

"Yes, you could say that," he agreed.

"Good. Would you like another beer while we serve you lunch?" she asked.

"Yes, please," Dan replied, lost in the wonder of the situation.

Lunch was amazing, possibly the best food he ad ever tasted and a far cry from his usual fry-up or burger on the road. And of course it tasted even better being served by four perfect sexy young women wearing nothing more than cute hats, stockings and high heels.

He couldn't get over the perfection of their bodies nor how generous they were in sharing them with him, encouraging him to touch them intimately as they passed or served him.

As he ate his wondrously light yet satisfying dessert, Wendy, noticing some stirring in his trousers at her fit tight body, knelt down in front of him to suck him gently hard again.

Ella came over to check he was OK.

"Mr. Flan, the girls and I were wondering if there were any other fantasies we could fulfil for you during the rest of the journey? We're more than happy and willing to do anything you'd like."

"Really?" he squeaked as reached out to feel her beautiful pink cunt.

"Oh, yes, Mr. Flan. There's nothing we wouldn't do for you. Please just ask," she replied, allowing him to slide a finger into her pussy.

Dan considered briefly. "Could I fuck you? I mean, all of you?" he asked tentatively,

"Of course, Mr. Flan," Ella replied immediately. "Anything for an ultra class customer. As soon as Wendy's got you nice and hard you can take your pick of any of us in any position you want or perhaps we can suggest some interesting ones for you if you want. Is there anything else you'd like?"

Dan swallowed hard at the thought of shagging someone as perfect as Ella. He paused, considering his other darker ruder dreams, before guiltily asking, "I don't suppose I could try, well, you know, doing it up your arse? Or if that's going to far then maybe you could do some, er, lesbian sex?"

Ella's smile didn't falter although she did let out a small sigh as he slipped in another finger. "Mr. Flan, I can assure you that all of our bottoms are more than available for your unconditional use as often as you want. I can guarantee you'll enjoy them most thoroughly. And of course we'll make sure you get a proper girl-on-girl show to help you get ready and in any combination you'd like. I can honestly say it would be our pleasure."

Wendy sucked him hard over the next half an hour until Ella came back to suggest he come to one of the cabins to enjoy the rest of his journey.

The two of him led him to the cabin which turned out to be more like a large hotel bedroom, with an enormous comfortable-looking bed and sofa. Making the bed look even more appealing, Lin and Helena were lying on it, kissing passionately.

"Hello, Mr. Flan," they chorused as he entered before Helena said, "We thought we'd warm up a bit for you. If you're happy with the two of us performing for you, please sit down on the sofa and watch."

"Why don't we get you out of these clothes first, Mr. Flan," Ella suggested as he made his way to the coach to enjoy the show.

"Well, um, I suppose..." Dan replied uncertainly, embarrassed at undressing to expose his hairy flabby body in front of these goddesses.

However, Wendy and Ella deftly stripped him off before kissing him lovingly all over his corpulent hirsute form including simultaneously nibbling his nipples before making there way down to his dick via his belly. They began to tenderly suck, lick and slurp his cock and balls as he watched the two girls on the bed.

Dan couldn't work whether there was real affection or lust between Helena and Lin or whether they were just fabulous actresses but he was completely amazed at the enthusiasm with which they threw themselves into their hot lesbian embrace.

They began by passionately kissing whilst caressing each others' boobs before progressing to sucking each others' nipples. Lin then pecked her way down Helena's flat stomach before licking her pussy lips up and down and sliding two fingers up her cunt.

Meanwhile Wendy and Ella were flicking their tongues over his knob, occasionally breaking off for an ardent snog with each other. Ella then began bobbing her mouth up and down his cock, making an immensely tight ring with her lips and sucking intensely while Wendy affectionately sucked his heavy balls.

By this time Helena was moaning in joy, approaching orgasm as Lin's skilled tongue worked its magic on her clit and pussy. Even more excitingly, Dan distinctly saw Lin slide an inch of her tongue up Helena's arsehole before wiggling it vigorously, causing her to squeal in bliss.

"Oh, wow," he exclaimed before saying, "please can you do that to me?" to the two girls sucking him off.

Ella and Wendy glanced back to see what he meant before Ella agreed, "Of course, Mr. Flan." However Dan noted that they gave each other a long glance before Wendy rolled her eyes and bent down to stick her tongue up his arse.

As Ella began to suck him again, Dan acknowledged the amazing feelings exploding through him as they pleasured him. Surely nothing could feel better than this?

He watched as Helena eventually screamed in climax, convulsing her thighs around Lin's head who then lay back on the bed with her legs open. Recovering quickly, Helena enthusiastically obliged, burying her face between Lin's smooth thighs with her curvaceous taut brown arse pointing invitingly towards him.

Despite how wonderful Ella's hot sucking mouth and Wendy's agile tongue felt, Dan decided he just had to get his cock into one of them and quickly.

Gently pushing their heads off him, he strode to the side of the bed and positioned himself behind Helena's lovely bum, before sliding himself into her pussy in one smooth thrust.

Helena moaned into Lin's cunt as he entered her but writhed her butt athletically back against him as he got into a rhythm.

"Oh, fuck that's lovely," he said as he shagged her. He could hear a quick whispered conversation behind him followed by the feeling of a tongue wriggling wetly into his arsehole, trying to move in time with him as he pushed his hips back and forth.

He realised it was Wendy when Ella sat down on the bed beside Helena to lick his nipples. He gratefully fondled her enormous firm boobs in return.

Lin was the first to come as Helena continued licking her hungrily despite the vigorous rogering she was getting from Dan. Indeed she came moments later as his energetic thrusting inevitably pushed her over the edge of control.

Dan however pulled out of Helena's enchanting pussy, keen to try out one of the other delightful holes on offer.

As soon as he was out, Ella dropped down to suck and lick him clean of Helena's heady juices. He allowed her to bob her mouth on him and for Wendy to wiggle her tongue inside him for a few blissful moments before disengaging and lying back on the bed.

"Come here, Ella," he ordered, desperate to be inside her.

Ella smiled as she replied, "Certainly, Mr. Flan." She climbed onto him and slowly lowered herself onto his willing pole with a long sigh.

"Am I tight enough for you, Mr. Flan?" she asked helpfully.

"Oh, fuck, yes," he replied before grabbing her hips and pushing up into her.

She rode him in a controlled way without losing that smile although he couldn't see her face anymore after he grabbed Lin and got her to sit on his face.

He paused to look at Lin's perfect peachy buttocks and her bulging pubis and cunt before burying his tongue between her sweet pink labia. She tasted clean and scrumptious and he heartily ate her causing her to grind herself over him, covering his face in fresh pussy juices.

As Ella fucked him, he reached out with his hands to find Helena's formidable boobs and Wendy's snug cunt to either side of him. If his mouth hadn't been full of pussy, he'd have shouted in elation.

He could feel himself getting close to coming once more but wanted to fulfil his final fantasy, the one thing he's always wanted to try and had never thought would happen, at least not with any of these dream women.

So after Lin squeaked out yet another orgasm, Dan rolled her off him and, while squeezing Ella's huge tits, thought about whom he'd like to bugger.

After a minute, he decided. "Wendy, I want to fuck you up your arse."

Wendy's smile faltered momentarily before she brightened up again. "Of course, Mr. Flan. My bottom is yours to do with what you want," she confirmed magnanimously.

"We'll get her ready for you, Mr. Flan," Ella said climbing off him, seemingly not even haven broken a sweat despite her exertions.

Wendy got on her hands and knees, pushing her bum up and back, giving Dan an exquisite view of her pretty red arsehole and plump wet pussy.

"Oh, wow," he said, happy at his choice. "Let me just try out your cunt...," he said before sliding into her.

As he fucked her, Helena slid under her into a sixty-nine position and began to lick her from below. Under Ella's direction, Lin began to tongue Wendy's gorgeous rosebud bumhole, using lots of saliva to really lubricate her well. Ella took Dan's hands and placed them familiarly on her breasts.

Unsurprisingly under such extreme attention, Wendy lost her calm professional demeanour and swore out loud as her first orgasm shuddered through her. In fact she began chanting, "Oh fuck, oh fuck,...," as multiple climaxes ripped through her elegant body, despite an admonition from Ella.

When Dan pulled out of her cunt and lodged his knob at the tiny tight entrance to her most personal of holes, Wendy was panting in pleasure.

Ella and Lin grabbed hold of a buttock each and pulled them apart to ease Dan's entry but it took several powerful thrusts before he was able to push himself all the way into her snug taut bottom, Wendy pushing back to help him despite releasing several screeches as he thrust himself in to her.

"How is she, Mr. Flan?" Ella asked happily, "Nice and tight, I hope."

"Oh, fuck yes, she really is," Dan replied in wonder at the hot cosiness of her anus.

Once he was in, Lin, without being asked, knelt down behind him to stick her agile young tongue into his arsehole and Helena pushed herself down the bed to suck on his balls.

"Ella, I want to see you touch yourself," he ordered knowing that the combination of a tight bottom and tongues on his testicles and anus were just too much to maintain control for much longer,

"Certainly, Mr. Flan," Ella replied before sitting at the top of the bed with her legs apart and reaching down with her right hand to finger her pussy and clit.

Dan was in a haze of pleasure. He couldn't hear the mighty plane engines any more. All he could perceive was the heavy smacking of his large belly on Wendy's lovable arse, the wet slurping of Helena's mouth on his balls, the moist squelching as Lin's tongue worked nimbly on arsehole and Ella's frenzied panting and moaning as she brought herself to orgasm.

She had finally lost her smile as her mouth was now slack with lust and her eyes were closed as she rubbed her clit in a frantic circular motion.

Dan and Ella came together. Ella gave a surprisingly low visceral groan as her body tensed in release. Dan just shouted, "Oh fuck yes!" as he pumped Wendy's petite arse full of spunk, before finally withdrawing and collapsing onto the bed in unqualified contentment.

After a few moments of recovery, Ella was the first to speak. "Well, Mr. Flan. I sincerely hope that our performance met with your approval?"

"Oh shit, yes," he said with feeling, even as Lin tentatively licked at his cock, fresh from Wendy's divine bum. He idly fondled Helena's fat boobs with one hand while stroking Lin's gently sucking head with the other.

"I'm sure Lin will be able to get you ready for another bout a little later. In the meantime can I offer you another drink and perhaps another, um, pharmaceutical pick-me-up?"

Over the next few hours Dan fucked all four stewardesses in all of their holes. The moments he would remember for the rest of his life included the instant when his cock was in Ella's mouth and a ball each in Wendy's and Lin's mouths respectively while Helena reamed his arse. He would also never forget making a daisy chain as the girls licked each other out with him forming one of the links with his happy cock and lucky mouth.

By the end of the journey he was exhausted and his cock was extremely sore despite the use of several proprietary lubricants.

But, of course, he was happier than he'd ever been.

As the plane made its descent, he looked forward to the cabin crew in their seats. They were now all dressed but still looked immensely sexy.

He wondered what he would do for a tip and decided to get them something in New York, having established that they would be the crew for the return journey.

As he left the plane, he thanked each of them with a hug, a kiss and a grope. "Girls, thank you for the best few hours of my life. I'm going to buy you each something special this weekend as you really deserve a gift."

"Oh, Mr. Flan, you really shouldn't," Ella replied with a smile but her eyes had lit up at the mention of a present. He realised that she was probably thinking diamond bracelet rather than the much more likely 'I-LOVE-NY' mug but he didn't disabuse her. He thought maybe it was best if he left them the gifts at the end of the reverse flight.

"Mr. Flan, have a lovely time in New York. I think I can confidently speak for the crew when I say we're really looking forward to flying you back to London. And we'll do our absolute best to make your return journey even more satisfying. If you can think of anything else you'd like to try then we'll be more than happy to put our bodies at your disposal. Thank you for flying with TGA," Ella finished off with a big beaming smile.

Dan strode off the plane knowing that he really was a lucky bastard.

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