tagNonConsent/Reluctance(Un)welcomed Intruder

(Un)welcomed Intruder


It was a warm Summer evening. The light was fast disappearing from the sky, but the heat remained, lingering in the air. Only the slightest breeze meandered through the twilight, caressing the soft lawn grass and gently rustling the leaves of the trees.

Kayla was stretched out on her bed. Her blonde hair draped over her pillow and her slim young body lay on top of the sheets, her stomach and breasts pressed firmly against the soft linen. She had one leg straight, the other bent, pulled up towards her body. Her smooth tanned skin was covered by a tight pair of white cotton panties that hugged her firm, tight ass, revealing the bottom creases of her cheeks. She wore a matching white camisole that came down halfway down her stomach leaving her midriff and lower back exposed. It clung to her toned body and wrapped seductively around her firm, b-cup breasts.

At nineteen, she was glad to be back home from her first year at college, resting on her childhood bed. She was even happier that she had the house to herself as her parents had taken a trip to Italy to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary.

The lightest gust of air pushed in through the open window and softly brushed over her smooth skin. She sighed slightly as she enjoyed the calming sensations. Her eyes were gently shut, her arms stretched lazily above her head as her face rested on the downy pillow. As the last sliver of sun slipped under the horizon, she drifted into a peaceful slumber.

Suddenly, her peaceful state was torn from her.

She felt a strong hand yank her hair, whipping her sleeping head up and back and another large hand clasped over her mouth. She yelped and her body jerked with terror as she heard a menacing, growling voice speak roughly in her ear.

"This will go much better for you if you don't make a fuckin' sound whore," a menacing voice growled in her ear.

She felt the heavy frame of a man straddling her tiny body, pinning her down, pulling her hair and denying her the ability to get away. She thrashed under him, legs kicking against the mattress, trying to use whatever leverage she could to get free.

"Hold still bitch, I'm not going to tell you again," rasped the voice. He removed his hand from her hair but kept his other hand firmly clamped over her mouth.

He felt him shift around and then a strap of cloth was dangled in front of her wide eyes that were filling with tears of terror. He quickly grabbed the other end of the cloth with his hand that was clamped on her mouth and with her mouth accessible, she attempted to scream. "Heeeeeelp," she started, but with lightning speed, her attacker grabbed her hair and shoved her face into the pillow, drowning out her attempt at salvation.

"I told you to shut the fuck up bitch. Make another sound and you'll regret it," he said, his voice filled with anger. "Are you gonna be a good little whore and keep your dirty mouth shut?"

Her head bobbed, nodding in acknowledgment.

"Good," he said and lifted her head up. He brought the strap of cloth around and wrapped it around her head, sliding it into her mouth. He tied the cloth and gagged her, denying her from speech. With her mouth bound, he grabbed her wrists with one of his big hands and held them above her head. He began to wrap rope around her wrists, binding them together. He then tied the other end to the large wooden bar that ran across her headboard. With her securely bound and gagged, he shifted off her and stood up.

She managed to peek at him from the corner of her eye. She couldn't make out much in the darkness, but she could see he was wearing a ski mask, and his eyes were visually molesting her barely covered body.

"Very nice," he growled. "I've seen you around for quite a while whore, always walking around in skimpy outfits, showing off your hot little body but turning down any guy that tries to talk to you. You are nothing more than a teasing slut and I've had enough of it. I've wanted to fuck you for a while now and tonight, I'm going to fuckin' ruin you."

Terror filled her eyes as his words sunk in. He could have been here to rob the place or something of that nature, but now his intentions were fully displayed. He had come to use her and, in her current state, she couldn't do anything about it. She twisted around on the bed, hoping that her movements would loosen the ties that bound her, but her actions only pulled the knots tighter.

"I love watching you squirm, whore. The more you writhe around, the harder I get," he laughed. He stepped up and ran his hand up the back of her beautiful legs. Her skin jumped under his fingers. She kicked her legs, trying to detach his hand from her flesh, but there was no escape. His hand traced up and grabbed her panty covered ass. He squeezed roughly, compressing the tight flesh under his palms. She whimpered as he violated her personal space.

"You won't be needing these any more," he said grabbing the waistband of her white, cotton panties and violently yanking them down her legs. She tried her best to keep her legs closed as he ripped the panties down her legs, but it was no use. He tugged and yanked till the panties reached her ankles then he pulled them from her tiny body and threw them in the corner.

He got up and knelt next to her on the bed as she wiggled around. He reached down and groped her naked ass, exploring the tight globes. As the reality of the situation sank in, tears began to fall from her eyes and sobs escaped her beautiful lips.

Then he spanked her. His hand crashing down onto her tan flesh. She yelped at the sudden, unexpected pain and the smack of skin on skin rang through the silent room.

"I told you to shut up, slut," he growled and smacked her firm ass again. Then again. Then again.

She thrashed around, trying to move her ass away from his hand, but it continued to find its target. Spank. Spank. Spank. Each smack sending a throb of pain through her body...

...and a hot pulse through her abdomen straight to her clit.

"No," she screamed at herself inside her own head, "don't get horny," but as each spank hit her, as each pulse passed through her, the heat began to ratchet upwards. "Stop, stop, stop," her mind continued with its silent pleading. But it didn't stop, it just kept on building.

How could she be turned on by this? She had not given him permission to touch her, yet her body was just reacting to this guy's hand. She silently prayed that he wouldn't notice, but she knew this was a feeble attempt. He had come to fuck her, so he was most definitely going to discover her wet pussy. Humiliation burned inside her.

He grabbed her body and flipped it over, placing her on her back; naked except for the small, tight camisole that hugged her body.

"What a dirty whore, look at you. Your nipples are rock hard. You really are a dirty fuckin' slut," he said. She couldn't help it. In addition to her pussy becoming wet, her nipples had hardened, straining against the tight material.

He reached up and roughly grabbed her breasts, squeezing them. She started to squirm. He reacted by giving them a firm slap, "Hold still, bitch."

He grabbed the sheer material at the neckline with both hands and ripped the soft covering down the middle, exposing her young, firm tits. Her nipples were perfectly round, a mixture of pink and brown and stood to his attention.

"You fuckin' like this, don't you slut," he growled. His ski mask concealed his face, but she could see his piercing blue eyes, and his mouth, which was curled up in an evil smile. He was a large man, easily over 6' tall and bulging with muscles.

He again went back to manhandling her breasts roughly and she whimpered some more, partly from fear and partly from arousal. He quickly moved his hand from her tit and smacked it across her pretty little face. "Shut. The Fuck. Up," he snarled.

She looked up at him with terrified, tear filled eyes; but he just leered over her body. He looked at her pussy, her bald, shaved pussy and drew his hand to it.

"Oh no, oh no, oh no, he's going to find out how wet I am," she screamed inside her head. She clamped her legs together, but his strong hand pushed between them. His fingers went directly to her dripping snatch and curled two fingers inside her.

"You really are nothing but a dirty whore. A complete stranger is about to rape you and your pussy is just drooling all over his fingers," he laughed. The flames of humiliation seared through every part of her and tears flooded from her eyes. He began to firmly slide his fingers in and out of her hot, dripping hole. Slowly at first, sneering as he did it, then fast and hard, causing her hips to lift from the bed.

She desperately tried to suppress the throbs of pleasure that pulsed through her body, trying to stifle her moans of lust and whimpers of terror; but his grin told her that knew exactly what she was feeling.

As he fucked with one hand, he roughly undid his belt and opened his pants with the other. With the zipper down, he reached in and pulled out his erect cock. It was big, thick and veiny. Probably eight inches in length, circumcised with a large, bulbous head that sat atop the hard shaft. Pre-cum oozed from the tip.

He withdrew his fingers, and she audibly gasped at the loss, then instantly hated herself. She couldn't bare that she'd enjoyed the sensation.

With a sticky hand he removed his jeans all the way and then got back on the bed, straddling her chest and waving his large cock in her face. "I'm going to tear you up slut, I'm going to ruin your pussy for any other man that comes along," he growled. He began to slap his cock against her tear-coated face, rubbing the hot, heavy meat all over her features. She jerked her head back and forth, trying to escape the sensation. He laughed at her futile attempts and continued to slap it against her. Pre-cum leaked from the end, mixing with the tears on her cheeks.

He slapped her a few more times with his dick, "I'd love to fuck your mouth with this, but not tonight. Tonight I am going to ruin your pussy."

She continued to thrash, but he just laughed at her. "Silly little bitch, don't you get it? I'm going to do whatever the fuck I want with you. The sooner your dumb ass realizes that, the better it will be for you."

He lifted himself off her chest and flipped her little body onto her stomach. He grabbed her by the hips and pulled her ass into the air. He slapped the pert cheeks a few times, forcing yelps from her lips. She tried to stifle them, but the pain was too much and too sudden.

He ran his fingers up and down her dribbling pussy and explored his prize. She shook her hips back and forth, trying to avoid his fingers.

"Hold still bitch or I swear to God, I will stick my cock in your ass without any fucking lube. You choose. My cock is gonna fuck something tonight before I leave. Keep still and take it in your pussy like a good little whore or keep thrashing around and I'll rip your ass open."

Terrified by the thought of having that monster cock in her asshole she froze and waited, accepting her fate.

"You're pretty smart for a dumb whore," he snickered. She felt the head of his cock press against her dripping pussy. Her body tensed in fear and her lips mouthed the word, "no" through gag. Then he grabbed her hips and pushed forcefully into her tight, wet hole. She wailed as the big cock spread open her tight little pussy, violating her without her permission. The humiliation was an inferno, blazing through every part of her. Excruciatingly hot, tense and terrible: that is what she felt as her own pussy dribbled over her rapist's cock.

He began to roughly fuck in and out of her tight, wet hole. His enormous cock plowing her tiny body. Her body was pushed forward with each of the powerful thrust. Unable to fight it back any longer, she uncontrollably moaned as she was taken by force, her pussy violated and fucked with hard, violent penetrations.

"Take that cock, you dirty little whore, I know you like it. All whores love a big cock in their dirty cunts," he taunted as he continued to pound her defenseless little body. She felt him grab her hair and yank back hard, her head pulled up and back off of the pillow as her upper body remained pushed against the bed. His hand wrapped her hair up and he held on as he continued to fuck her dripping snatch.

Pulses of pleasure forced their way through her unwilling nerve endings. The heat in her pussy started to dial upwards. She felt the unmistakable tinge of an orgasm building in her body. "Please stop responding," she pleaded with her own body, "don't let me cum like this". But there was no way to stop it. As much as it mortified her, his cock felt too good. As it drove in and out of her, she knew there was no turning back.

She inhaled loudly, her muscles involuntarily clamped down on his large cock creating a vice of hot, wet flesh around him. Her entire body tensed. Then her pussy exploded into orgasm, pulsing violently all over his dick. Her body shook as his unrelenting attack on her young pussy continued. She screamed, "no, no, no, nooooo, fuuuuuck, noooooooooooooo," she said as her mind and body was consumed by mortifying carnal bliss.

The tightness and the spasms of her pussy sent him over the edge and his cock began to blast several large spurts of hot, searing cum inside her. He roared with his release, dug his hand into her hips and gripped her hair tightly. His body tensed and tremored as his cock unleashed inside her, flooding her quivering body with his load.

He finally stopped pumping, released her hair and took his hand off of her hip. Her head slumped forward into the pillow as she panted in short, sharp breaths. His cock was still buried deep inside her and he slowly pulled it out. She gasped suddenly feeling a certain hollowness. She couldn't believe that she actually wanted him to remain inside of her... but her body kept on trembling and every second or two, her legs twitched involuntarily as horrible little aftershocks of pleasure snapped through her.

Devoid of the cock that filled her, she felt the remnants of his enormous load dribble out of her pussy and run down her inner thighs. He smacked her quivering ass and said, "I knew you'd be a good fuck."

He got off the bed and put his pants back on. He knelt back on the bed, next to her head and leaned down next to her face.

"I'll be watching you. You have no idea who I am, but I know you. If you tell anyone, you'll be sorry, whore. I can get to you anytime I want. In fact, keep your window unlocked from now on. I'll be back to use you again, so always be ready and keep your dirty pussy and ass clean for me," he said. She was staring into his piercing blue eyes as he spoke threateningly to her.

"I'm going to loosen your ropes. If you make a sound or try to call for help, I'll be back in here before anyone can come to your aid and I'll make you very sorry, do you understand, slut?" he asked.

She nodded her head, looking at him with fear in her eyes.

He loosened the ropes around her wrist, walked to the window and as he slipped out he said, "I'll be seeing you. Whore!"

With that, he was gone. She quickly released herself and untied her gag. She was breathing heavy, her body heaving with each breath, her heartbeat racing. She waited a few minutes to make sure he was gone and then quickly grabbed her phone.

She opened it up and immediately texted her boyfriend:

----- Oh my God, that was AMAZING!!!! Thank you for "raping" me. :-)

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