At the same time she felt hands spreading her knees and Peter's hard cock pressing into her. He filled her completely with the first thrust. His hands clenched her hips and he began to thrust fast and hard. She continued to play with her own nipples, working Nathan's cum into her skin, matching the thrust of her hips to Peter pace. She heard Peter begin to growl deep in his throat. The growl became more pronounced and deeper with each thrust. A few more hard thrusts and he exploded on a prolonged growl. The sound and the feel of his cock pulsing inside her sent her over the edge into an orgasm of her own. Her moans of pleasure mingled with Peter's.

Before her orgasm had completely subsided, she felt Peter slip out of her and move away. She felt like she'd been cut off mid-orgasm. The experience was incomplete. This thought had barely registered when she felt someone else between her legs. She felt something firm and rounded pressing into her. She realized that another man had taken Peter's place. The head of his cock felt larger that Peter's.....more bulbous. It stretched her opening pleasantly, but caused no pain.

As he began to stroke in a slow, easy rhythm she heard her lover say, "Baby, this is CJ. He's always had a fantasy about being able to walk up to a woman and just start doing her. He was watching Peter and he couldn't take his eyes off your sexy body displayed like you are."

She heard CJ murmur, "Feels so good...so hot and tight."

Hearing this sent a thrill of excitement through her body. She loved knowing that she was turning him on and that he enjoyed watching her and being inside her. Her pussy was twitching with aftershocks from the orgasm Peter had given her and from the adjustment to CJ's size. His strokes were long and easy, and he made little sounds of pleasure as he moved in and out of her. His hands explored her thighs as he moved. He opened her pussy lips and rolled her clit under his thumb, all the while keeping up a steady rhythm. He took his thumb off her clit and reached to hold her breast. He leaned forward and began to suck one nipple while he rolled the other one between thumb and finger. She wondered what he thought about tasting Peter on her skin. She found the thought incredibly arousing.

Her hips began to move with CJ, and his pace began to increase. He slipped his hands under her shoulders, right over her shoulder blades, and lifted her slightly, pressing her breast to his mouth. He moved his mouth to the other breast as he continued to hold her. His hands were large and his arms were thick and strong. She realized that he was a tall, big man and the way he was holding her made her feel feminine and vulnerable in a pleasing sort of way. His steady thrusting combined with the stimulation to her nipples was moving her quickly toward yet another orgasm. Her breathing quickened and her movements became more urgent as she surrendered to his strength and to the sensations he was causing. She slipped her arms between his so that she could reach down and put her hands on his hips. She pulled him into herself, fast and deep. As she reached the peak, she wrapped her legs around him and used them and her hands to still his thrusting.

He remained still, deep inside her as her pussy spasmed around his cock. She ground her clit against him and moaned with every wave of pleasure that rippled through her. She heard CJ say,"Oh, damn, I can feel her cumming....She's squeezing my cock.....oh, damn that's hot."

As her orgasm began to subside, she released her death grip on his hips and he straightened. She loosened her legs and felt his hands slide under her until he was holding her ass. He said, "God, girl, that felt so good....I've just got to fuck you."

He lifted her slightly and pulled her onto his hard cock. She put her hands at her side to steady herself and gave herself up to the sensation of being pulled onto his thrusting cock. His thrusts were deep, fast and hard. His length was perfect. He could ram himself completely into her without hurting her. She loved the feel of his hands on her ass and his balls slapping into her with every thrust. She had barely recovered from the last orgasm when she was stunned to feel herself building toward another one. The steady thrusting, his hands on her ass, his balls slapping against her, the sound of her wetness - all were combining to move her toward that peak of pleasure. CJ was breathing hard, his hands gripping her ass. Every thrust jarred her body and ground her clit. He was deep in her, fucking her with short, fast, hard strokes. He began a low chant: "Oh, god....oh, god.....oh, god......oh, goooooooood". As he came, he pulled her onto him and held her there. She felt her pussy tighten around him, squeezing in rhythmic spasms of pleasure. She moaned with him and felt him shudder as each of her spasms caused intense sensation for him.

Finally they were both spent, and he worked his hands out from under her. She relaxed, catching her breath as he moved away from her.

She settled herself in her original position and spent a few moments recovering and having another drink of water. She touched her damp pubic hair softly and caressed a nipple. It was almost as though she were making sure everything was still in place. It was hard to believe this was happening.

Someone took her hand and moved it gently off her nipple. Warm lips took it's place, licking and suckling. Then she felt warm lips on her other nipple as well. Oh, it felt so good...two set of lips...four hands caressing her.

"That's Peter and Nathan taking care of the girls, baby. Now I'd like to you meet Alex.

She felt someone settling himself between her legs. Hands ran slowly up both her thighs with gentle pressure, encouraging her legs to open fully. She felt his thumbs caress both sides of her slit, first on the outside, then pressing gently inward and exploring the moist interior. He slid both thumbs from her opening to her eager clit and back again several times. The double stimulation was interesting, and when both thumbs dipped into her at the same time, she moaned with pleasure. He stroked in and out of her, still using both thumbs, pulling them apart slightly on the outstroke producing a pleasant stretching sensation.

She felt his hands slide further apart as he leaned forward and began exploring with his tongue. He took long licks from her opening to her clit and back again, moving his tongue from side to side and taking a moment to give her clit a quick suck each time he reached it. God, it felt so good. She opened her legs as much as she could and drank in the sensations. His hands shifted to her thighs, and she felt him push her legs up and apart so that he could reach her more easily. Just as her hands were moving toward her knees with the intention of holding her legs in the position he wanted, she felt Peter and Nathan each take charge of a leg.

They held her legs up and open, but didn't pull or stretch them in a way that caused pain. She felt the lips of her pussy open and felt Alex bury his face in her wetness. He suckled her clit until she was moaning and longing for something inside her. His tongue moved down to probe her opening and she found herself hoping that he would stay there for a while. Instead, she felt him reach down with his tongue and circle her asshole. She normally wasn't all that interested in that kind of thing, but tonight she found her body responding with a jolt of pleasure and a gasp that Alex took as encouragement.

She felt Peter and Nathan shift position so that they could curl her up a bit tighter and make it easier for Alex to reach her asshole. He ran his tongue from clit to asshole several times, spreading slippery pleasure with every stroke. Then his face and hands lifted away from her, and she was left wondering what was happening. Her question was soon answered when she heard the unmistakable sound of a bottle of lube being popped open. She felt the cold lube splash on her clit and begin to roll down her slit toward her ass. Alex's finger soon followed. He ran his finger up and down a couple times, spreading the lube before he began to concentrate on her asshole.

He made slippery circles using slight pressure as he leaned forward to suckle her clit again. She didn't know when she had begun playing with her nipples, but she realized she was madly rolling and tweaking them. She was sliding her asshole back and forth across Alex's finger, enjoying the way the tip of it was slipping in and out of her. He wasn't going in deep enough to hit the second band of muscle yet, so there was no resistance or discomfort.

She felt him lift his face from her and heard him sit back. He put the palm of one hand on her pubic hair and continued to stroke her from opening to clit with his thumb while he gently slipped his finger a bit further into her asshole. To her amazement, the inner band of muscle opened readily to his touch. He used plenty of lube and gave her a few slow, gentle strokes. Then she felt him slip his finger out of her ass. She felt mildly disappointed until she felt something slim and cool pressing into the opening.

She heard her lover's voice in her ear, "Alex has your favorite plug, baby. If you want him to stop, or ease up, just say so. This is all for you, so whatever you want to happen will happen and nothing more."

At that moment, what she wanted was that slim butt plug inside her. She loved the smoothness of it, and the way it was tapered meant that it stretched her gradually and never caused pain. As if he was reading her mind, Alex began to slip the plug in and out of her in slow, smooth strokes. Her hips rocked, moving her ass down onto the plug in time with his strokes. His hand continued to stimulate her pussy. The combination of the plug and his thumb dipping in and out of her pussy was amazing. The moans she let out each time he did that soon had him skipping the trip up to caress her clit and only using his thumb to dip in and out of her pussy while the plug continued to stroke in and out of her ass.

She was so lost in the sensation that she barely heard a murmurred consultation between the men. They soon had her full attention, however, because she felt the plug slip out of her ass and Alex's hands disappear from her body. She felt the beginnings of confusion, but then a combination of murmured instructions and encouragement from the hands on her body led her to understand that she was to turn over.

With their help she was soon on her hands and knees with her ass in the air. Supports were adjusted so that she could lay her head and upper torso down. She felt incredibly exposed and aroused in this position. She felt hands slipping under her, cupping her breasts and rolling her nipples. She felt more lube running down her ass, and Alex's thumb pressing against her asshole. He didn't penetrate, just pressed and rubbed. Then she felt the head of his cock rubbing over her clit. He slid it back and forth a couple times, then pressed smoothly into her. She began moving back and forth on his cock almost before he started stroking into her. The combination of his cock inside her, his thumb on her ass and the stimulation to her nipples was driving her crazy.

She felt him pause in his stroking and use his hand to still her motion. Then she felt the plug slipping into her ass again. Oh, God, he was going to fuck her ass with the plug and her pussy with his cock. The dual stimulation had her clutching the fur in both fists, gasping and moaning like she rarely had before. After a bit, Alex's thrusts became more urgent, and she felt him remove the plug from her ass and grab her hips in both hands. God, she loved the feel of his hands on her ass while he fucked her. Suddenly she heard a sharp slap and felt a sting on her right cheek. She gasped with the pleasure of the sound and the sting. She began to rock back onto him more urgently. Again, she heard and felt a sharp swat on her ass. She loved the sound and the feel of it. She loved not knowing when it would be coming again. She felt her orgasm building. She knew she wouldn't cum until he did...it was always that way for her with doggy style. But she also knew that when she did cum, it would be a good one.

Alex was breathing hard. Using his hands to pull her onto his thrusting cock. Every thrust was a small slap to her ass. Her breasts were jiggling in the hands than were still playing with them, adding to her pleasure. She felt Alex lean forward and wrap an arm around her. His fingers found her clit and ground it while his arm pulled her back onto his cock. His thrusts were short, deep and urgent. He soon straightened, put his hands on her hips and thrust long, deep and fast into her. With a loud groan, he thrust into her one last time and she felt his cock throbbing inside her. She tumbled right after him. Awareness of everything but the exquisite waves of pleasure coursing through her vanished and she was lost in sensation.

When awareness returned, she was gasping for air and bathed in sweat. Alex was no longer inside her and the muscles of her legs and arms were trembling from exertion. She heard a door close softly somewhere past the end of her feet. She sensed that the others had gone, and that she and her lover were alone.

He gently slipped the blindfold up over her head, and she blinked for a moment to clear her vision. They smiled at each other and he bent to give her a lingering kiss. It felt so good. This one part of her body had been left untouched by the others. It had been reserved for him. Then without a word, he helped her off the platform she'd been lying on and onto a matress that was on the floor nearby. The sheets were fresh and it felt good to stretch out on their cool, smooth surface.

He lay down beside her, leaning over her to kiss her again. Her arms went around his neck as his hand slid down to softly touch her moist womanhood. His voice was husky as he said, "I know you're probably worn out, baby, but I've just got to be inside you. You're so beautiful, and sexy. I love you, and right now, I want to be as close to you as is humanly possible."

She nodded and he rolled on top of her. He slipped easily into her, the weight of him familiar. She revelled in the feel of his skin against hers. His mouth closed over hers and they kissed deeply with him just resting inside her. As the kiss deepened, she wrapped her legs and arms around him, holding him close. Her heart was full with love for him and amazement at the experience he had arranged for her. He rose above her and began to stroke in and out of her. His eyes were closed as he focused on the sensation. It felt so good to have skin to skin there, too. She didn't mind condoms, but she loved being able to do without...an experience also reserved for him.

Her hands moved to his chest, playing with his nipples, her eyes closing as she surrendered to the sensation of joining with him in love. She didn't think she had any orgasms left in her, but as he built to his peak, she discovered that she was climbing right along with him. Their bodies moved easily together, the product of long familiarity. As long as he'd waited, it didn't take him long to reach his peak. Even so, she reached hers first. She gripped his hips and ground against him. He instinctively paused in his thrusting, knowing that this would increase her enjoyment. He felt her spasm around him and that pushed him over the edge into a release of his own. He thrust into her, filling her with his juices, then collapsed on top of her, catching his breath.

She lay, drifting in the aftermath of their lovemaking, enjoying the weight of him. Soon he rolled off her and gathered her in his arms. She snuggled close and let herself begin to drift off to sleep. A faint smile was on her lips, and just before she drifted off completely she whispered one word....."Unbelievable".

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