tagLoving WivesUnborn Truth of a Cuckold

Unborn Truth of a Cuckold


Hello, my name is Lynn and I'd like to tell my story of how my marriage changed beyond my wildest imagination and comprehension. Even today, I can't figure out how we got from where we were to where we are today. It all started the day after Thanksgiving, I'm lying in bed that morning still feeling the angst of relatives and their disagreements, the overindulgence of turkey and dressing, and the mixture of wine.

I'm not feeling very sexy and my husband, John, rolled up behind me with his usual morning hardon. I'm thinking, 'not now'. But he kept pressing it against my bare ass. Not wearing any panties and my nightgown rolled up past my waist, I'm sure John saw me as an easy target for a morning 'fuck'. After several minutes of this, I felt his hand massaging my left breast while running his finger over my nipple. He kissed the back of my neck. He knew this would turn me on and my resistance would soon be overcome by his persistence. I thought to myself he isn't going to stop until he cums, so I reached back and grabbed his cock, which was sticking straight out, and starting stroking it.

My thumb rolled over the tip of his cock, and I could feel his precum making it easier to move my thumb with its slickness. I put my thumb into my mouth, licked it and then positioned it over his cock again. I began to rub faster and faster his tiny hole. After several minutes of this, I began to slowly stroke his cock. No words are spoken at this point. There is something about a cock in my hand that makes my pussy begin to flow profusely.

John moved his hand down my stomach and positioned it so his fingers could stimulate my clit. I felt the tingly sensation of his fingers, or at least one of them, rotating over my clit. He moved his fingers into and out of my now juicy pussy and then back up to my clit so it wouldn't get sore. The nice thing about having sex with your spouse is they know what agitates you and what is pleasurable without discussing it. He planted more kisses on the back of my neck, which made me now in the mood, and I started to yank back and forth on his dick with more vigor.

I was feeling the warmth of the moment when John said, 'Why don't we just make this for you this morning. You worked so hard on the Turkey dinner yesterday you deserve to be treated special this morning."

Letting go of his cock, I rolled over onto my back and turned my head and gave him a great big kiss. He pulled my legs to reposition me and moved his head between my legs. His tongue moved over my clit with precision and my body reacted immediately with immense pleasure. He said, "Now think of something we've never done before that you've always wanted to do but were too embarrassed to mention. It can be anything. I won't criticize you or make judgment. And, tell me about it while I work your clit with my tongue."

My mind began to think what I'd like to think about. After 20 years of marriage, it was hard to come up with something we've never discussed, or at least I thought so. After several moments, an idea popped into my head: I said, "I'd like to see your expression while another man fucked me. You know...banged me hard and fast. Stick his big fat cock in me that would feel like he was splitting my pussy." John begins to lick me faster.

He mumbled, "Now what? Tell me about his cock. What exactly does it look like?"

I visualized a cock about 8 or 9 inches long with a big bulbous almost purplish head, full of blood and really, really hard, circumcised and oh...so...lickable, like a hot popcycle that never melts. He would have little or no pubic hair, nor hair on his balls.

I told John about that and he said, "That's so fucking hot. Who is this guy with this gorgeous cock?"

The cock didn't have a face of a man connected to it at first. So, I thought for a moment about this faceless man as John now pressed three of his fingers into my pussy against my 'g' spot and jack-hammered me harder and harder. I came up with a name of this guy at work who is always checking me out. He was always trying to look down my blouse whenever I wore a slightly open blouse. His name is Bob. I know he wants to fuck me. I've seen it in his eyes many times. I uttered quietly out the name Bob hoping John wouldn't hear me. I was somewhat afraid of his response.

John then caught me by surprise when he said, "Oh, Sweetie, I'd love to see Bob fuck you. See his hard gorgeous cock ramming in and out of your luscious pussy. I would give anything to see that. Tell me how much you want Bob to fuck you." John had never expressed this thought before and I was slightly taken off guard. But I could see how this thought turned him on by the quickness of his hand moving in and out of my hot, slippery cunt.

I then said, "Somehow I have sensed you wanted me to fuck another guy but you never said anything. Bob would be the one I would choose. He's muscular and tall and occasionally I have seen the outline of his cock through his pants. He looks so suckable and fuckable. He also is not married so I wouldn't be breaking up a marriage."

John worked quicker and quicker with his tongue. I began to feel a climax building and I screamed out, "John, make him fuck me harder. I want to feel his hard cock pounding my pussy. John, look at him fucking me. Isn't it beautiful? Can't you see how good he is making me feel?"

John, so in tune with the moment in time, said, "Lynn, do it. Fuck Bob harder. Enjoy the feeling of his big cock pounding away. Fuck his big cock! You love it, don't you? This is what you deserve, isn't it?" My mind was so filled with lust and passion at that moment.

John had almost his entire hand in me now. He rammed me with a ferocity that he's never done before. His tongue lapped me at the same time he was moving his hand. He acted like a dog lapping up his favorite dish of food, a food that was about to be taken away. Every way I moved and gyrated, his tongue stayed right on my clit. I even thought I could hear John mildly growling. My hands held John's head tighter and tighter, squeezing it. I wanted to explode in his face. Again and again I felt his hand punishing me. It seemed like it would never end. And then, WHAM!!!!!!!!, a climax came over me with sensations like I've never felt in my life. My stomach contracted over and over.......My legs shook and trembled. My mouth opened as wide as it would go and let out a scream that I thought would wake up the entire neighborhood. "Oh My FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD." I then felt myself squirting something out of me. I had never done that before. I looked down and John's face was covered with fluid. He didn't miss a beat and kept lapping at my clit and drinking down every drop of cum I spewed out. I tried as hard as I could to get away from his tongue. I couldn't take it anymore...not another touch. The contractions were so severe I rolled up into a ball and rolled off the bed onto the floor.

John, looked down at me and said, "Are you alright? Did you hurt yourself?" I didn't utter a word. I simply moaned in pleasure and shook with my eyes now closed tightly.

I reached up and grabbed the comforter off the top of the bed and wrapped it over me. I lay there for several minutes without moving except for still having multiple contractions. It was an awesome feeling. My mind ran rampant with thoughts. 'Why did I have such fantastic orgasm?' 'What have I done to our marriage?' 'What will John think of me?' Then my thoughts ran back to the thought of Bob's cock, or what I imagined what Bob's cock looked like, and a smile came over my face.

I then heard John get up off the bed and go into the bathroom and heard the shower being turned on. I lay on the floor with my eyes closed for several minutes. I opened them briefly and saw past the bathroom door John in the shower masturbating. I smiled and closed my eyes again. I felt so...so free, free of guilt. I just told my husband, whom I love so dearly, another man fucked me. It didn't matter that it didn't really happen. I imagined it and it was real in my mind. Not only did I say it, but also my husband didn't get mad. In fact, he embraced the idea and encouraged it. I then fell asleep.

After what seemed like a second or two, I felt John's hand slowly stroking my forehead. "Get up sleepy head. You've been a sleep for a good hour now."

My eyes slowly opened and found John's eyes looking back. The first thing out of my mouth was, "I love you." And the next thing I said was, "WOW!!!"

John just smiled and said something like, "It's time to get going for the day' or something like that." That was the start of a new relationship between us.

We went about the day without much being said of what happened that morning, making small talk the entire day. However, later that evening it got even more interesting. I felt I needed to give John something back for treating me to such a special orgasm that morning. After taking a shower and putting on John's favorite perfume, I walked into the bedroom wearing just my thong and bra. John always tells me that a see-through lace bra and thong works for him every time and not waste money on expensive lingerie.

I slithered onto the bed and gave him a slow thankful kiss on his lips and ran my tongue around his mouth. He responded in kind and we locked lips for several minutes as I ran my hand over his cock. I then said, "You were so nice to me this morning, so what is it I can do for you tonight? I mean this is all about you tonight."

He just smiled and lay on his back and said, "Suck me."

I started at his nipples. I know how much he likes his nipples sucked. While I ran my tongue around his erect nipples, I asked him, "What is your deep dark fantasy? I mean, I told you mine, now I need to know yours." I was expecting to hear about some woman's boobs at work or some woman's ass he's seen lately. He is such a T & A man. I was also expecting a comment about a threesome with another woman. He didn't say a word at first.

I move down to his cock and began my onslaught on it. I started licking his balls. He always loves that. Moving up his hardened shaft, I said again between licks, "Tell me something you've never mentioned before in your entire life you would like to do sexually." Still nothing was uttered from his lips. My mouth then engulfed his cock, and I sucked and licked it as if I had never done that to him before. He began to stir and moan a little and was getting really turned on.

John then said, "I do have a thought that turns me on that I've never mentioned before."

"Oh," I said. "What is that?" as I sucked him with my ears pinned on his every word.

He then said, "As I said this morning, I would like to see you fucked by another man."

"Yes," I said, "you mentioned that this morning."

"But more than that," he continued, "I'd like to participate in you fucking another man...Bob if you will."

"REALLY?" I asked.

"Yes, really," John shot back.

My juices started to flow again by his statements. I worked harder on his cock not saying anything else. I bobbed my head up and down on his hard shaft feeling it tickle my throat as it dipped deep into it. I gagged and choked a few times, but since I have done this to John many times, I quickly recover with my breathing. I cupped John's balls and I felt his balls start to rise. This let me know that he was moving closer and closer to shooting his load. As my fingers moved up and down aggressively on the bottom of his shaft while my mouth and tongue worked the top of his hard, throbbing member. I felt his legs stiffen, his body became rigid and then his cock suddenly shot streams of gooey and yummy cum into my mouth.

John screamed out, "I'm CUMMMMMMMING," as if I didn't know. I love the taste of a man's cum. I have ever since I was young. It's salty with a smooth, slippery texture, and depending on what he has been drinking, can range from citrus to coffee flavoring. Regardless, it never gets old.

John made incomprehensible sounds and moans as I licked up every drop of cum. His cock twitched and jerked with the movement of my tongue. I moved my mouth away from his sensitive cock head and worked my way up to his face and planted the juiciest and wettest kiss I've ever given him. In doing so, I spit out all of his cum I had stored in my mouth into his. He grunts louder and his eyes widened as he gobbled down his own cum, sounding like a wild animal gobbling down his prey. He looked at me with surprise in his eyes. I licked the sides of his mouth and picked up the spillage and re-deposited it into his mouth. He moaned louder as I did this. I could tell he liked what I was doing.

I said to him, "Do you like cum? Is that why you want to have sex with Bob and me? I bet you want to suck his cock too, don't you? Don't be shy. Tell me the truth. You seem to like the taste of a man's cum. Do you want to suck Bob's gorgeous cock too? Do you want to taste his cum?" "Tell me," I said pretending to be stern. "Do you want to become Lynn's little cocksucker? It sure sounds like it." I loved the thought of that. The idea made me so fucking hot.

John looked at me and was resisting but still managed to say, "Yes, I would like to taste Bob's cum. And, I want to be your little cocksucker. There, I've said it. Are you happy?"

I could tell by his demeanor he was saying this to appease me. So I said, "No, that's not good enough. You must say, I want to be Lynn's little cocksucker husband and will do anything for her."

He immediately responded, "Yes, I want to be Lynn's little cocksucker husband and will do anything for her." I smiled and kissed him long and hard. I then pressed my body hard against him wrapping my legs around his leg and squeezing. I could smell his cum and my juices emanating from his mouth. It was such a turn on smell. It was the smell of sex, passionate sex.

I asked, "You love the taste of cum don't you my little cocksucker? Do you really want another man's cum in your mouth?"

He said with some hesitation, " Uh...uh...Yes, I really do, if it pleases you."

I couldn't tell if he was truly convicted to this thought or just saying so just to make me feel good. But I could tell I was getting closer to the truth of what he really wanted. I quickly responded, "That is so fucking hot. I might cum just thinking about that. Mmmmmmmmmmmm." I loved that thought. And, I did have a small comforting orgasm at that moment squeezing his leg tightly and rubbing my pussy against it.

I needed more proof of what he truly wanted so I reached over and grabbed my dildo out of the nightstand. I held it up to John's lips and said, "Suck it. I want you to suck this big cock for me."

His lips slowly moved over the head of the dildo. He stuck his tongue out and began to naturally lick it without further instruction. I then slid it into his mouth as he moaned and I whispered into his ear, "Suck his cock for me baby. Suck him until he cums. You know that's what you want isn't it?"

John pulled the cock out of his mouth and said, "I know I shouldn't be feeling this way but I want to suck it so bad. I feel so much like a fucking cuckold." I could tell now that he was letting his true feelings come out. He smothered the dildo with his mouth again and sucked hard, moving his head up and down on it, swallowing it down his throat. I could tell in his mind it wasn't a dildo any longer. He was sucking cock.

I whispered again, "That's Bob's cock you are sucking. Taste him, baby," knowing he still had his own cum in his mouth. "Feel the veins of his big cock slipping over your lips. Doesn't it taste wonderful? I bet you never knew what you were missing, did you?" I looked down and saw John was stroking his cock, which had recovered from cumming just minutes earlier.

His breathing was getting quicker and his stroking was intensifying. "Baby," I said, "suck him until he shoots his big load. You know you want it. Make Bob cum. Suck harder, Baby."

He moved his mouth up and down on that cock like a crazed man. The speed was so fast with his hand that it was not perceivable between the up strokes from the down strokes. His legs began to stiffen always an early sign that he was about to cum. I wanted to tip him over the edge and said, "Bob's cock taste good doesn't it baby. Make him cum in your mouth. You want that cum. You need that cum. Suck harder, baby."

John was moaning more than I have ever heard him moan before. I knew he was about to blow his load again. I quickly moved down and put my own mouth over his cock, and as soon as I did, 'BAM', he erupted like a volcano oozing out hot, hot streams of cum into my mouth. I swallowed most of it but kept some in my mouth for him to swallow also.

His body shook and legs quivered and the dildo fell from his mouth as he shouted out, "Oh My GOD. I can't believe how good that feels. Oh My God..." And then there was silence except for his heavy breathing. His body continued to quiver every few second for several more minutes. His eyes were closed tightly and I sat back and gazed at his body, which was attempting to recover from an orgasm I had not seen him have in years. I felt so warm and excited by his orgasm.

I moved up with a mouth full of cum and deposited it into his mouth. He swallowed it down immediately. I looked down at him and said, "You love the taste of cum don't you? You are Lynn's little cocksucker, aren't you? Things are never going to be the same since your secret is out. I love you more than ever."

The entire day was too precious to forget. What a day...I verbalized to my husband how much I wanted to be fucked by another man, and he verbalized to me how he would like to suck that same man who would be fucking me. It was a revelation to our marriage, to our thoughts, to our way of life. Somehow from that day onward we both felt free from the shackles of our secret thoughts. The unborn truth was delivered from both of us and much appreciated as we moved into a new chapter of our lives.

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