tagLoving WivesUncle Ben Has Taken My Wife

Uncle Ben Has Taken My Wife


This is a true story about my wife Fran, her uncle and their cuckolding of me. When it first started we had been married only two years. Fran was 23 and I was 29.

Shortly after our wedding Fran seemed to change. She ate a lot more and inevitably put on weight. She was always a little on the heavy side anyway. It seemed that she just sat around doing nothing but eating and watching daytime telly. Worse than that she seemed to take little interest in her appearance. Even though she had put on weight her figure was still well rounded in all the right places. However she covered it up under baggy clothes, which were flecked with food stains. She began to smell quite strongly.

Our sex life seemed to take a dive as well. Although she would let me have sex she made it clear that it was not turning her on. The only thing she really seemed to enjoy was when I licked her to an orgasm and believe me sometimes her plump cunt would smell rather strong.

Things came to a head when we were evicted from our rented accommodation for non-payment of rent. It turned out that Fran had been frittering the rent money away and by the time I found out the arrears were too high to pay off. So on the street we went.

Fortunately for us Fran's uncle Ben offered to let us stay with him until we could get back on our feet. He lived alone in a large house. His wife, Fran's aunt had died some years ago.

I wasn't totally looking forward to moving in with Uncle Ben because like the rest of Fran's family he was a lazy slob. The house was dirty and unkempt and Uncle Ben always wore the same dirty vest and shorts. He stank to high heaven.

Still beggars can't be choosers and we moved in. Pretty quickly it seemed that I now had two slobs on my hands. Both sat around eating and boozing all day while I was out working. When I came home I had to clean up after them and cook for us all. Uncle Ben would tease me by calling me his little clean up girl. I didn't like this but felt unable to tell him because of his uncertain temper. Physically he dwarfed me. He is a very tall and somewhat over weight man with a big beer belly.

Things first got out of hand after we had been with him for about two weeks. I had noticed that he seemed over interested in Fran and in turn she seemed to play up to him not least she took to walking around in a T shirt and her little knickers most of the time. Uncle Ben would playfully slap her big bum whenever Fran walked past him.

Anyway, one night when I returned home from work I was met with the sight of Fran sitting in a reclined position on the settee. Her legs were open and stretched out. Even from where I was standing I could see the outline of her hairy pussy through her knickers. It took only a few seconds to work out that she was pretty drunk. Her speech was slurred and she kept giggling. Uncle Ben was in a similar condition. He was sprawled out on his armchair swigging from a half empty whisky bottle. He then passed it to Fran who took another long swig.

I couldn't see what she saw in this man. Whilst he was not a blood relative he was much older being in his mid fifties and in my view a dirty un-kept slob. Yet here she was displaying herself to him.

Uncle Ben insisted that I sat down with them and had a drink, which became three or four. I quickly felt tipsy to the point that I no longer cared about their behaviour. Uncle Ben told me that I was in for a treat because he was going to let us watch one of his adult films. Fran clapped with glee and told him to put it on.

The film was pretty hardcore. Several drinks later I noticed that Fran was touching the front of her knickers with her index finger. She was watching intently a scene where a blonde woman was being entered by a pretty big cock. Fran whispered that she wouldn't mind trading places with the woman.

I guess that the drink had taken away my inhibitions and despite Uncle Ben's presence I started to touch Fran's thigh. Big mistake. Fran turned on me telling me that if I thought I was going to put my little weener anywhere near her I had another think coming. Uncle Ben guffawed and Fran burst into a fit of giggles. Uncle Ben asked her if she had got herself hooked up with a small cock.

I was getting pretty outraged by this discussion and stood up to leave the room. However, quick as a flash Fran grabbed at my trousers and yanked them down. Fortunately I still had a semi hard on from the film so I didn't look as small as usual. Normally I am about one inch long when slack and five when hard. Moreover my cock is pretty slim. It's true to say that I have avoided public changing rooms for fear of ridicule about my small penis.

Anyway, Fran grabbed my cock and balls in one of her meaty hands and twisted a little. Uncle Ben sat forward and looked closely at it. He said to Fran "fucking hell, he is really like a little girl." Despite this humiliating treatment something odd happened. I got a real hard on.

Both of them giggled at me and Fran began to rub my cock. Uncle Ben cupped my bum cheeks in his hand and said that I would make some man a good slut girl. Both went on to make abusive comments about me and my weener as Fran called it. She even told her Uncle that she couldn't feel me during sex. That hurt. I made the mistake of trying to retaliate. I said to Uncle Ben that maybe we should see if his cock is any better. I was convinced that a fat slob like him hadn't seen an erection in years.

However, Ben gleefully rose to the challenge. Standing up he lowered his shorts and dirty looking pants to reveal something that had more in common with a German Sausage than it did a penis. Fran sat bolt upright and kept saying, "Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" as she stared at it. Ben advised her that it got much bigger. She began to demand that he made it bigger.

He turned towards me cock in hand and told me to sit down. When I did he began to slap my face with his cock. Both of them roared with laughter. The worst of it was his cock smelled of stale urine. Pretty quickly it grew to what I now know to be a ten-inch erection. It had a massive purple head revealed when he pulled his foreskin back. The shaft was as thick as a baby's bottle and seemed even thicker at the base. His huge balls hung below the great shaft.

Uncle Ben told us that now that his cock was hard he would need it relieved. Fran without needing further invitation leaned forward and took the head of his cock in her mouth. She had never done that for me.

She began to noisily slurp on his cock and I noticed that she was playing with her clit at the same time. Uncle Ben looked down at me and sneered. He told me that he was going to fuck my wife silly. He said he was going to do everything to her and that I would have to watch. He then grabbed me by my hair and pulled my face to his sweaty smelling balls. He ordered "lick or else."

The smell was so powerful - stale sweat and urine and a musky manly smell. I did as I was told. I have to confess that I had never been so turned on.

Fran stopped sucking to have a closer look at me. She took my head and forced my mouth over his piss smelling cock and ordered me to give Uncle Ben a tongue bath all over. When I finished his cock and balls Ben turned around and told me to clean his arse. The smell was overpowering. Fran kept calling me a dirty little pervert as I washed his anus. She leant forward and told me to get my tongue right in him and clean.

After about ten minutes Ben turned around and told us both to suck him as he needed to cum. Fran and I worked together on the huge staff. Finally he roared and his cock sent out spurt after spurt of thick cum. Fran directed it from her mouth to mine and back again. I had never tasted cum before but found it not to be unpleasant.

Afterwards Ben sat back in his chair and told me to lick his armpits clean. Fran again clapped her hands with glee. I set about my task feeling unbelievably humiliated yet turned on.

When I had finished to his satisfaction he told me to take his cock in my mouth. I thought he wanted me to suck him hard again but he had other ideas. He started pissing in my mouth. He warned me not to let any leak out. It had a bitter taste and I did well not to gag or choke. Afterwards Fran looked at me and said, "What kind of pervert did I marry?"

Ben told her that I was the kind that was now going to give her a tongue bath.

I was told to lie on the floor. I watched as Fran took her knickers off and lowered her fat cunt on my mouth. I licked like mad hoping that she would stop soon as her fat thighs were suffocating me. Now and again she would move forward slightly so that I could lick her anus. At the same time Uncle Ben had fed his cock back into Fran's mouth and once again I could hear her lurid slurps.

When he was hard again Ben told Fran it was time for Uncle to fuck her like she deserved. In response she laid back on the carpet with her knees drawn up and her legs open. I could see the juices running out of her. Ben knelt between her thighs. He asked me if I wanted to see him fuck my wife.

I know it was wrong but I couldn't help myself. I told him to give her the type of fuck that she deserves.

Knowing that he was fully in control he ordered me to insert his cock into my wife. It was quite a job at first. His cock was like an iron bar and it was hard to line it up with her cunt lips. Eventually I got it there and at least half of it slipped in. Fran just bucked into an orgasm. The noise she made helped me understand that I had never given her such pleasure. Inch by inch he slipped in until his balls were resting on her arse.

He began to thrust slowly but hard. Every now and then he would push himself right in and gyrate his hips causing Fran to orgasm again. Fran's eyes met mine and she said in a soft whisper, "He's so good, your little weener has never made me feel like this." I couldn't help it I just ejaculated in response.

Unfortunately some landed on Ben's arm. He pulled out of Fran and slapped me hard and then made me lick my cum up. He then returned to Fran and began to fuck her again. He told me to lick his arse and that way I might not mess up again. It was difficult to do as he said because of his now urgent thrusts but I think I did it well enough to add to his pleasure. With a bellow he reared up and poured his cum into Fran's obscenely stretched cunt.

As they lay panting from their efforts I could see his cum oozing from her cunt. I didn't need telling and moved in to clean them both up.

Afterwards when Fran said she needed a pee Uncle Ben pointed out that my mouth was available. She squatted over my face and let it pour into my mouth. When she finished Ben took her place and did the same.

That and subsequent nights Uncle Ben has taken us to sexual places we never knew existed. We now live with him on a permanent basis and I wait on them hand and foot. I love it.

There is much more that I could write about and will do so if people want more.

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