tagIncest/TabooUncle Bill Ch. 02

Uncle Bill Ch. 02


Well we had a good thing going Angela and I, that is until her mother Susan came home and saw the evidence of what had happened whole she was at work. What could she have seen you say? She saw pussy cum still on the floor, a huge wet spot on the couch and a daughter that had obviously been fucked hard and put up wet.

What I never would have expected to happen next is what happened. When Susan asked Angela what had happened she actually told her the truth. She told her that her Uncle Bill had come over and had fucked her brains out and made her scream the walls down. I could only have hoped that her mother wouldn't have believed her, but she knew about me from her husband my brother. She knew all about the monster cock that I have and the way I use the thing on women.

I would have also thought that Susan would have called me and thrown a huge fit and threatened to call the cops on me. By the way Angela is 20 years old and lives at home still while she is going to college. Neither of those things happened. So it was when I came by the next day for our arranged fuck fest that I found Susan there.

I tried to play it off as I was just stopping by to see if Nathan was home to see if he wanted to go play a round of golf with me. That was when Susan threw off the gloves and let me have it with both barrels.

"I know why you are really here and I have sent Angela out for the day so that we could have a little sit down and talk about what transpired yesterday with the two of you."

Bam! There was the bomb and I knew I was dead. I told her that it was an accident, which she countered with a "oh you tripped and fell dick deep in my daughter and by the way your niece?"

Who could have a come back to that.

"I know what I did was wrong and I am willing to accept whatever you have coming my way. I would just ask that we don't have to involve the police. I will do whatever you want though" my eyes dropped to the floor and I waited for the bomb to drop again.

"Well I had thought about calling the police in the beginning but have decided on a lesser form of punishment for you this time." She paused and I held my breath waiting for what was to cum.

"If you think that it's ok to fuck your niece how do you feel about your sister in law?"

Bam! Didn't see that one coming at all.

"Well I have always lusted after you and I think that is part of the reason that Angela and I did what we did. So I guess too answer that I would have to say that I have been waiting a long time to fuck you." There it was out there.

Susan stood up and walked over to where I was standing and grabbed a hold of my cock through my pants. Her hands gripped it tightly, just the way I like it. She squeezed good and hard and waited for the monster to come to life. Which he did quickly.

" I have heard about this thing, why don't you show it to me" she said as she lead me back to the same couch that I had fucked her daughter on the day before. She sat down and waited for me to whip it out.

I unzipped my pants and drug the monster out for her to see. Her eyes grew wide as she saw it being pulled out.

"Wow that is a big cock! Is that as hard as it gets?" She teased. Her hands reaching out to wrap around it. I was in heaven and it was about to get better. She squeezed extra hard on it and slapped it with her hand.

"Do you think that I am going to let you off so easy? I have plans on making you pay for fucking your niece and they all deal with what I am going to do to this thing here." She squeezed my cock again.

With that she slapped it time and time again till it was throbbing and red. When she had worn herself out on that torture she went in and got a feather duster and gently stroked it up and down my cock lightly. Pain and pleasure eh? When I got used to that feeling she took off her blouse and wiggled her D cup tits at me.

"Do you like these? I'm sorry what a silly question that is I can see that you love them. Bend down and suck on them while I continue to fuck with your cock."

I bent over and sucked one nipple into my mouth while I played with the other one with my hand. Pinching and squeezing her nipple till it stood out straight from her chest. Then I switched over and sucked it while I played with the other.

She moaned and thrust her tits out for me to play with while she grabbed my balls and squeezed them till tears came to my eyes. Then she slapped the head again and stroked down hard while gripping it with all her strength. There was pain, oh yes, but at the same time I knew I deserved it and I was loving it.

Finally she pushed me away from her tits and pulled my cock to her mouth. She licked the tip and licked it up one side and down the other. Her hot mouth actually felt cool on my throbbing member after the beating it had taken.

"Mmmmmmm. God that tastes good", she moaned. "Did Angela like the way it tasted? I bet she did, I bet she sucked as much of this monster down her throat as she could until it gagged her didn't she?"

I was starting to have the feeling that Angela had told her mom everything in detail! I mumbled a yes as my eyes rolled back in my head from the cock sucking I was getting. That was when she bit down on me with her teeth.


"Oww that hurts Susan" I said.

"I told you that you would be punished for what you had done, are you saying that your not man enough to take your punishment for it now?"

"No", I said with my eyes averted from her gaze.

She started grating her teeth up and down the length making my balls tighten up and my cock start to really ache. She continued this for what seemed like an enternity, when she finally stopped I am pretty sure that my eyes were watering.

She looked up at me and slapped my cock head while I looked down at her and winced every time she did it. She smiled and continued to do that for a few more minutes. When she was through having her fun that way she stood up and took off her pants and panties. She pushed me down so that my face was in line with her dripping cunt and said "lick!".

I was happy to do this as it kept my throbbing member away from her brutal hands for the time being. My tongue dove right in and licked her clit like it was my own personal salvation. She started moaning and I finally saw a opportunity to take some control back. I pushed her down on to the couch and lapped at her pussy like it was a saucer of milk. Pushing my tongue as far as it would go into her hole before pulling it out and lapping at her clit. When she started bucking up I darted my tongue down to her asshole and poked at her tight brown eye. That was it she screamed out that she was cumming and blew a pussy wad straight on my face. Drenching my whole head almost.

She grabbed me by the back of my head and crammed it between her thighs and screamed out again as she came a second time on my face nearly drowning me this time.

I had had enough and stood up and slapped her check with my cock. Her eyes were glazed and she tried to grab it, I pushed her back and spread her legs roughly apart with mine and slapped her clit with my cock. Her screams could have been heard from the moon about this time. I slapped it again and her pussy ejected a little more cum for my efforts. Then I slammed the whole thing ball deep into her.

Her head shot back and her breathing stopped for a second. I knew I had hit a spot and wasn't going to give an inch after what she had put me through. I started pounding away at her pussy like a mad man. Her tits were bouncing all over the place as I hammered it home on every down thrust.

I grabbed a hand full of hair and pulled her head back and whispered into her ear. "Who's pussy is this?"

"Aww fuck it's yours Bill, fuck me, it's yours."

That was all I had to hear and I went back to pounding her hole with everything that I had. The slapping sounds of my brutal fucking of her only made me fuck her harder. I grabbed a tit in one hand and twisted it while pulling it towards me. She screamed out again.

I felt my cum boiling up in my balls and made a mental decision to cum in her, she was still young enough to get pregnant and she was going to get a huge dose of cum straight up her hole. I blasted away load after load into her until my balls were empty. When that was done she laid there for a moment and then did the sexiest thing ever, she actually pushed the cum back out of her. Load after load slowly slid out of her pussy and slid down to her asshole puddling up on the couch between her legs.

"God that was good! I knew Angela wasn't lying about that much when she told me about what the two of you had done. I just want to make one thing clear to you before I throw you out. When you cum over to play you need to check with me first and make sure that I can't fill your incestual needs first. If I can't get away to let you fuck me then what you do is your own business and I don't want to know about it. But if I am free then you will have to fuck me silly first and then whatever, if any, you have left can be pumped into someone else. Now get out."

I left there that day wondering just what the fuck I had gotten myself into. Either way I figured that I wouldn't have to look far to fuck two fine women.

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