tagIncest/TabooUncle Charles Ch. 02

Uncle Charles Ch. 02


This story is a complete fantasy and no association with real life whatsoever. No one is under the age of 20 and there is no physical hurt or pain.

Following that evening alone with Uncle Charles with all the doors locked I felt more confident in myself.

I think I had pleased my Uncle but even though I was almost 30, I needed some reassurance. My mother was wonderful.

A few days later she called at the cottage when she knew that Uncle Charles was away on business.

Since I had been living at the cottage she had been much more open about her own experiences, but I wasn't sure if Uncle Charles had told her about what had happened between us.

I was relieved when she told me that he had.

We were sitting in the kitchen having a cup of tea and she smiled "Uncle Charles was very pleased with you the other night Wendy."

I sighed with relief but was still unsure exactly how much she knew.

She had a twinkle in her eye as she asked me "Did you enjoy it Wendy?"

I nodded.

She smiled "Your Uncle Charles is a very kind man, Wendy. You will enjoy staying in his cottage. All you have to be is be prepared to be flexible."

Actually she knew how relieved I was at having such as comfortable home after all my problems and also knew how grateful I was to my Uncle. I was still curious about how far she had gone with him. After all he was her brother and then there was my father to consider.

I asked her quietly "Mum, did you please Uncle Charles?"

She nodded "Yes Wendy, I did and I still do."

I was quite aware that she didn't have the same domestic necessities as myself and asked "Why do you do it Mum?"

She answered very simply "Because I like it Wendy. He pleases me as well."

I remembered what Charles had told me when we had talked about my ex husband being small downstairs and also about my father and said "Uncle Charles said that Daddy has a small penis."

She wasn't embarrassed as she told me "Yes Wendy it is very small."

We had both started to enjoy this conversation now and wanted to be quite honest and I asked her "Is that how it started Mum. Because Daddy has a small cock?"

She chuckled "Well partly I suppose but also your father was always very compliant and did what your Uncle told him."

I nodded understandingly. Daddy was like my ex husband in most ways.

I wanted to be clear on one thing "You still love Daddy though, don't you?"

She was very firm with her reply "I love him very much and Charles regards Henry as his best friend. You father admires your Uncle Charles very much but likes to be guided by what he says."

I knew she was really telling me that my father needed to be told what to do.

When I said this she looked serious and said "You must remember Wendy that just after I married your father, he lost his job and all his confidence. We were in serious difficulties. Your Uncle Charles came to the rescue and offered your father a job and he has worked for Uncle Charles all his life."

I could see how it must have been and asked "Is that why Daddy is so compliant Mum?"

She nodded "Partly I suppose but although your Daddy is grateful, he is a naturally submissive man anyway. To be honest Wendy it worked out to suit us all in different ways."

I giggled mischievously "And besides all that Mum, Uncle Charles has a lovely big cock."

She giggled back "Yes it is lovely."

I was still curious about what my father knew and said "When you were over to tea a few days ago Mum, I could see that Uncle Charles had his hand up your dress quite a lot."

She just nodded.

I went on "He also had your hand inside your blouse and had undone your bra."

Again she smiled and nodded.

I told her "Uncle Charles said you had nice big tits."

She chuckled "He told me yesterday that he likes your tits as well."

We were both laughing now and I knew she was enjoying telling me things which had always been secret for many years. I loved it and wanted to know more.

I said "Mum, will you tell me something?"

My mother nodded.

I said "When Uncle Charles was feeling you the other day, Daddy was in the same room. He must have known what Uncle Charles was doing to you."

"Of course he does Wendy. Your Uncle and I never had secrets from your father. We both love him too much."

I gasped "So Daddy knows everything?"

"Yes Wendy."

"Do you usually tell him when Uncle Charles has been doing things to you, Mum?"

"I don't have to tell him, Wendy. He is usually there."

This was a real shock.

I gasped "Do you mean in the same room when he is doing very naughty things to you?"

"Not just in the same room, Wendy. Usually in a chair very close by the settee that we are on."

"And he has your breasts out?"

"Not only that Wendy. When his hand is right up my dress and he is using his finger. Your father sees it all including me doing things for Uncle Charles."

I gasped . This was much further than I had possibly imagined.

I said seriously "But Daddy must be dreadfully embarrassed Mum."

She nodded agreement.

I added pointedly "He must feel so humiliated."

"Yes Wendy. Your father is all those things. He is embarrassed and it is very obvious that he is dreadfully humiliated."

I shook my head in confusion. I just didn't understand. I could see that she didn't intend to explain. I had to ask.

I must have sounded a bit plaintiff "But why Mum. Why does Daddy put up with it?"

It was so strange. The conversation was like nothing I had ever experienced. I could feel my breasts feeling so heavy and full and I had this urgent tickly feeling in my tummy and between my legs.

I felt a bit overwhelmed and flushy. Then I noticed my mother seemed rather tense herself and had crossed her legs rather over tightly. With her long clothes nothing was showing but I could see she was squeezing her big thighs together.

I don't know why but I did the same and crossed my legs. I also had a longish dress on but I did find that as I squeezed my thighs the urgency between my legs subsided a bit and I had a lovely flowy feeling which I could control.

My mother took a deep breath as she considered my last question.

She told me "Your father has needs as well Wendy."

I could hardly comprehend what her words meant but there was only one possible explanation. "Do you mean he wants to watch, Mum?"

She nodded.

"How do you know Mum?"

She said simply "It excites him."

"How do you know?"

She chuckled "Oh don't be a silly girl Wendy. You are 29 now. You know how a man gets excited."

I was still in confusion as I asked "Does his penis get stiff?"


"How do you know Mum?"

I was pressing her for answers now but in reality there was no need. She was quite happy telling me. Her thighs were still tightly squeezing and she was rocking slightly. I knew she was enjoying telling me. I was enjoying it as well although our voices were very low and husky.

"Both Uncle Charles and I knew he was excited and yet frustrated so we allowed him to pull it out."

"How do you mean, you 'allowed' it?"

"Your Uncle Charles gave him permission."

I gasped "He gave Daddy permission to pull his cock out as he had his hand up your dress?"

"Yes Wendy. We knew that your father was humiliated but he was also more excited watching than he had ever been when he had tried to do those sort of things himself. We let him play with his little cock."

This was so erotic. I asked dumbly "Play with it Mum?"

"Yes Wendy. We let him rub his cock. We let him wank as he watched Uncle Charles doing things to me."

"What things did he do to you in front of Daddy?"

"Everything, Wendy."

"Do you really mean, everything Mum?"

She smiled at my obvious question.

She was still clenching her thighs but her rocking was more pronounced now. I had started to rock as well and the feelings were exquisite.

She was so frank "He would fuck me Wendy."

I gasped. I was almost cumming as I muttered "Fuck you. With Daddy watching?"

She nodded.

"I know Daddy was humiliated Mum, but weren't you embarrassed?"

"Yes the first few times, but then I liked it. It was even better than just being on our own. It was almost like putting on a performance, and I was the female star."

I panted. This was so bizarre and taboo. I rocked more strongly and even humped a bit and let out a little squeak. My mother was settled into a rhythm and was humping.

"Could Daddy see things?"

She was panting a lot now "He could see everything. Charles told him he could kneel down by my feet so that he could see it going up."

"His cock?"

"No, his prick. When he was fucking me your Uncle liked me to call it his prick."

I was squeaking more now and I gasped "So Daddy was kneeling at your feet and you had your skirt up and your panties off and Uncle Charles had his prick was up you."

She was squeaking now but more strongly as she corrected me "Mostly he didn't usually take my panties off."

I squeaked as she continued "He liked fucking me with my knickers partly down."

"Partly down Mum. How far?"

She nodded "He liked shoving it up me with my panties around my knees. He liked it that way if he had me across the kitchen table or when I was at the sink washing the dishes."

I squeaked and squeaked. I felt it flushing for the third time but it was even more intense and I felt exhausted with excitement.

My mother was on the same state but she let out a low growl. I knew she had cum as well.

We both slowed down and drew her breath. It had been so erotic without even doing anything physical. We were both silent for a few minutes and then I said "Shall I make us a nice cup of tea Mum?"

She was quite calm now "That would be lovely Wendy. Could I have a few biscuits as well."

We had a cup of tea and some cream biscuits and chatted and laughed about old times when we used to go on holiday with my father. He was always so nice and placid even then. For all the happenings of the recent weeks we knew we both loved him very much. He was a kind man and I adored him.

As we talked we both knew we were still partly thinking about what had happened earlier. I don't think either of us felt guilty. After all we hadn't hurt anyone and we had enjoyed it very much.

Suddenly my mother said "Wendy!"

I knew he was going to say something about it and simply said "Yes, Mum?"

She simply said "Did you enjoy it Wendy?"

I knew what she meant and told her "I did enjoy it Mum, it was one of the most exciting things in my life."

She looked relieved "I am glad Wendy. So did I."

She smiled "Which was the best part Wendy?"

We weren't being naughty now. We just enjoyed talking about it and being a little curious I suppose.

I told her "It was all so erotic Mum, but the most exciting part was when you told me about Daddy watching you and Uncle Charles doing it."

She smiled "When Uncle Charles was fucking me?"

I giggled "Yes but it was even more exciting to think of Daddy watching and doing it to himself. It was so bizarre and taboo"

We really were explaining things to each other now and she agreed "It is more exciting for me as well when I can see him so excited and embarrassed as he rubs his little cock."

I thought of a few things to say which were outrageous. I smiled to myself as I thought of something that may shock her.

I said "Mum, you know what Daddy is don't you?"

She smiled "I think you want to tell me something."

I did "Daddy is a cuckold. He is your cuckold."

She wasn't shocked at my words and answered "Of course he is Wendy. I know that and so does Uncle Charles and more to the point your father knows he is a cuckold."

I gasped. She was way ahead of me, but even that made me flushy.

"I love that part so much Mum. It must be so exciting to have a cuckold."

She laughed "You will have to get one for yourself Wendy. How about getting Derek back. He is like your father. He would be an ideal cuckold."

I shook my head. "You are probably right Mum. But I don't really love him anymore."

She smiled sympathetically "Yes I understand Wendy. These relationships are so delicate and have to be kind and loving and special I suppose."

"Yes Mum. Like you and Daddy really. He does love you so much."

She immediately said "Don't forget Wendy. Your father loves you very much as well. You are always his little girl."

I knew it was true and nodded.

We both went quiet for a few moments in our own thoughts and then she said "Wendy, if you like you could use your father."

I didn't comprehend for a moment and gasped "Use Daddy. What do you mean, Mum?"

She smiled "As your cuckold of you like. You know he loves you very much."

I looked at her curiously "But I am his daughter Mum."

She nodded "Yes of course you are and he is your father. He would be your Daddy Cuckold."

"But Mum. I have always been his darling little girl. He doesn't think of me that way."

She laughed "You never know how men think Wendy. They all have their fantasies."

"But I am sure he doesn't have fantasies about me."

"That's here you are wrong Wendy. He has talked in his sleep over the years I know all his fantasies and have talked him through most of them."

I gasped "You know all his fantasies."

My mother smiled "Yes Wendy. I know all of your father's fantasies."

I asked a little tentatively "And he fantasizes about me?"

"Yes. It mainly started after you married Derek. I think he was a little jealous. He wanted to do so much to you."

"What did he want to do?"

"Lots of things Wendy. But the main thing he wants to do is to fuck you."

"Fuck me?"

"Yes and see you with your blouse open."

"To see my bra?"

"Yes but also with your bra off."

"He wants to see my breasts?"

"Yes and your nipples."

I gasped. These were incredible revelations. They were so shocking and yet I didn't feel upset. I loved my father so much and knew he would never harm me. I even liked the thought that he found pleasure in fantasizing over me.

I asked her "Would you mind if I showed him my tits Mum?"

She laughed. "I would love it Wendy. He is a good man and if we can give him some excitement then its nice that we can"

"What about the other thing Mum. Should I let him fuck me?"

She went a little serious "That could be difficult Wendy. I told you he only has a little cock. If he tried and failed it would be devastating for him."

I nodded. It seemed a great pity.

She said "There is always Uncle Charles. He can fuck you."

"But he will be doing that anyway Mum."

"I know that but you could let your father watch."

This did shock me. "Do you mean in the same way that he watches you and Uncle Charles?"

She nodded.

Again the conversation was exciting but I needed a few quiet moments to gather my thoughts.

After a minute I said "But you are his wife. He is your cuckold."

"Yes he is but that is no reason why he cant be your cuckold as well. He is your father so he can be your Daddy Cuckold."

I breathed heavily. It was so exciting.

I was still looking for difficulties "But he thinks I am his Little Girl. He will be embarrassed and humiliated."

She smiled "Yes he will be Wendy. And excited."

I nodded, we had been down this path before.

I whispered loudly to myself so that my mother could hear "My Daddy Cuckold."

My mother smiled happily.

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