tagIncest/TabooUncle Dave's Midlife Crisis Ch. 03

Uncle Dave's Midlife Crisis Ch. 03


My thanks to everyone who has provided feedback both positive and negative. This is Chapter 3 in the continuing story of "UNCLE DAVE’S MIDLIFE CRISIS". I hope you enjoy this installment and please let me know if I stay on track. Again Thanks.


Jackie had heard Jamie come in the front door almost 90 minutes late.

"Boy is she going to be in trouble now!" She thought a smile coming across her lips. She didn’t feel the least bit sorry for her older sister since over the past year or so they just didn’t get along. Jackie waited to hear what was going to happen next. Soon she heard both Uncle Dave and Jamie yelling at each other and Jamie’s language was as foul as she could remember hearing. She was surprised that her uncle was allowing the argument to go on for as long as it did. Just then she heard Jamie squeal and the distinct sound of several loud slaps. Slipping out of bed, Jackie quietly moved to the top of the stairs, and crouching down, peered into the living room. There before her, she saw her uncle sitting down with Jamie across his lap. Her short skirt was hiked up around her waist, and he was spanking her nearly exposed bottom. Jackie could see the redness starting to develop over her sister’s ass and realized she was crying.

"Serves her right." She thought. "I knew Uncle Dave wouldn’t tolerate that kind of behavior, I hope he spanks her until she can’t sit down!"

Then Jackie noticed that he had stopped spanking and was gently rubbing his hand over Jamie’s thong covered cheeks. Jackie remembered the sensations of the similar rubbing he had administered to her a short time ago and was thankful she didn’t have a bright red ass to go with the rub. She was a bit surprised though when she noticed her sister starting to squirm on his lap...was she getting excited by the spanking she had just received? Then her uncle picked Jamie up and told her to go take a shower and get ready for bed. Jackie took the opportunity to retreat from her hiding place and silently slide back into her room. She heard Jamie bounding up the stairs, stop in her bedroom and then enter the bathroom, which was next to her room. Soon the shower was running and Jackie listened as Jamie got under the shower and began to wash. Jackie lying on her bed drifted back off to sleep.

Sometime in the early hours of the morning Jackie was awakened by the sounds of Jamie’s screams. They were not screams of fear, but screams she had heard occasionally coming from Jamie’s room late at night. She rose out of bed and walked toward Jamie’s bedroom. The door was open and Jamie wasn’t there. Again she heard a muffled scream and by now knew it was coming from downstairs. She descended the stairs as quietly as possible and seeing only a sliver of light coming from her parent’s room moved down the hallway to the partial open door, she was shocked to see her uncle laying on the bed with Jamie sitting on him, riding his cock up and down.

"That conniving little cunt!" Jackie fumed to herself. "How dare she fuck Uncle Dave? Not thirty minutes ago he was giving her the spanking of her life!"

Jackie stood transfixed in the doorway taking in the sight before her. She watched as Jamie lifted herself off her uncle exposing his entire slick cock and then she saw it disappear back into her sister. The sight had a electric effect on the young teenager and soon her own juices starting to flow in her pussy. Reaching under her nightshirt, Jackie began running her fingers across her now moistening cunt. Slowly she slid the middle finger of her right hand into the hot steaming opening of her vagina and started a slow steady pumping motion. Soon Jackie felt the mini orgasm overtake her and shuttered with the climax. Just then, both her sister and uncle came and Jackie watched intently while Jamie bent down and sucked all the juices off Uncle Dave’s cock. As Jamie got up to leave Jackie quietly went back upstairs to her room and climbed back in bed. The thought of another orgasm occurred to her as she reached into the nightstand drawer and pulled a fleshy dildo out and put it under her pillow just in case.

"I’ll deal with that little bitch in the morning!!" Jackie told herself just before falling into a deep sleep.

At 9:00 am, the sun broke through the curtains and splashed across Jackie’s closed eyes, gently waking her from her sound sleep. Laying in bed while coming to full consciousness, Jackie was feeling a multitude of emotions. She felt a great deal of contentment resulting from the new sexual experiences of the previous evening. She had more orgasms in a seven-hour period than she’d had in an entire month. She was mad as hell at her sister for what she had done, and she was a little jealous that Jamie had gotten to fuck her uncle. This was going to prove to be one very difficult day she figured.

Pulling the covers off her body she made her way to the bathroom, sitting on the toilet, she expelled a bladder full of urine, wiped herself and stood at the sink to brush her teeth. After her teeth were clean, she ran a brush through her hair and walked out of the bathroom. Looking across the hall she noticed Jamie’s door slightly ajar. Walking over, she pushed the door open and glanced in. On the bed Jamie was laying on her side still sound asleep, a sheet pulled over the top half of her naked body. Jackie looked at her still pink naked ass and smiled. Pulling the door closed, she returned to her own bedroom, crossing over to the window she noticed Uncle Dave’s car was no longer in the driveway. "I wonder where he went to?" She asked herself.

Jackie decided to check her e-mail so she sat down at her desk and fired her computer up. After checking through her e-mail and answering a few, she opened her personal files. Immediately she noticed that someone had accessed several of the files the afternoon before, and it didn’t take long for her to determine her uncle was the culprit. Opening the file named "JPJ" she took note of the time and date stamp beside each of the JPEGS.

"So this is what got him so worked up when I came home yesterday." She said to herself.

Opening several of the pictures, she remembered back to the day she took them. Home alone, she had used her parent’s digital camera to shoot the time delay photos. She no longer found the photos as arousing as they had once been, and she thought she should delete them from her computer. But before she deleted them, she zipped them into a single file and e-mailed them to her uncle.

"I sure hope he doesn’t open this when anyone else is around!" She smiled thinking what her aunt’s reaction would be if she ever saw the pictures.

As soon as the file was sent, Jackie began to delete each of the pictures. A soft knock at her door interrupted her task. The door opened and in walked Jamie, now in her nightshirt but with her hair disheveled. As Jamie entered her room Jackie spun around and snapped.

"What the hell do you want????"

Seeing Jamie standing there brought her buried anger toward her sister to the surface. Jackie suddenly realized that she really didn’t want a confrontation right now and hoped Jamie would just leave.

"What are you doing?" Jamie inquired, looking over her shoulder at the open file on the computer. Jamie could tell Jackie was looking at some pictures but she couldn’t tell what the pictures were. "What were you looking at?" She asked again.

"None of your god-damn business!" Was Jackie’s angry reply.

"Oh come on, let me see what you were looking at." Jamie prodded.

"I said it was none of your fucking business!!" Jackie nearly screamed. Then she very quickly turned back around, closed the window on her computer and hit the off button. The screen went blank as she spun back to face Jamie. Her anger was building with each passing moment, and she just wanted to be left alone.

Jamie was feeling some remorse for the way she had treated her sister over the past couple of years. She had at times gone out of her way to antagonize Jackie, and her relentless teasing had strained their relationship to the breaking point. But things looked different this morning to her, maybe it was a result of what happened last night or maybe she had decided it has time to grow up. Her sister had never confided in her like most little sisters do to their big sisters and that was something Jamie now was sorry she missed out on. There was something else, Jamie noticed her sister sitting in the computer chair with her legs tucked under her butt. Jackie’s nightshirt was bunched up above the top of her thighs and Jamie thought she could make out naked flesh under the garment. The sight had a mild hypnotic effect on Jamie as she openly stared at her sister’s exposed pussy.

"What the fuck are you staring at!!!" Jackie barked. Quickly realizing her sister had been staring at her naked vagina, she pulled the nightshirt down over her knees. "What are you, some kind of pervert or something? Maybe Uncle Dave should have spanked you a lot harder and longer last night!" She retorted, not thinking she had just let Jamie know she had seen what had transpired in the living room. Wishing she had kept her mouth shut, she spun around to face out the window.

Jamie stood there in shock as the words she just heard hit home. So her sister had seen what her uncle did to her last night when she got home. At first she was angry at the thought of her sister spying on her, then she was fearful of what else she might have seen.

"So you were spying on me, you little bitch!" Jamie accused Jackie. "Did you get your rocks off watching me get punished? What gives you the right to sneak around here and spy on people?"

Jackie just sat in silence staring out the window. Why had she let on she knew about the incident in the living room? Why didn’t she just keep her cool about last night? However, she wasn’t about to let her sister get the upper hand on her.

"You were making so much noise, it’s a wonder you didn’t wake the entire neighborhood!" She said very matter-of-factly. "Maybe if you’d kept your promise and been home on time none of that would have happened! Now get the hell out of my room before I smack you."

"Oh, piss off, you naïve little child!" Jamie taunted. Even though she desperately wanted to end the fighting with Jackie, she couldn’t resist one last shot. Walking over to the chair Jackie was sitting in, she gave her a quick shove and turned to leave the room.

Hearing her sister call her a ‘little child’ infuriated Jackie. She doesn’t know anything about me and if she knew about last night or the toy under my pillow, she wouldn’t be so quick to judge. She thought to herself. Then the slight shove brought a reaction from the young girl. Spinning the chair around Jackie reached out and landed a firm smack right on Jamie’s still tender ass.

Jamie was completely taken by surprise by the hit. Although the slap wasn’t very hard, it still stung considering she still hadn’t recovered from the punishment she received last night. Twisting around she decided that if her sister wanted fight, then a fight she would get. She grabbed the younger girl by the hair, jerked her out of the chair and pulled her upright in front of her. Although her sister was several inches taller than her, Jamie wasn’t afraid of her and knew she could win any fight. Both girls began wrestling about and a pushing match ensued. Neither one of them really wanted to hurt the other, but now it became a matter of principal for both. No way would they allow the other to get the upper hand and the struggle continued. Jackie finally decided to use her size to an advantage and picked Jamie up and flung her on the bed. Pouncing on her like a quick cat, she soon had Jamie’s arms pinned to the bed with her knees as she straddled her chest.

"Had enough you little whore??" Jackie shouted in anger.

"Get off of me, you cow, and I’ll show you who’s had enough!" Jamie shouted back.

Then, gathering all her strength, she pushed up and rolled her sister off her into the center of the bed. In the same motion she rolled over and planted her right leg between Jackie’s legs and sat upright. Using her hands, she tried desperately to pin her sibling’s arms above her head. Jackie sensing she might be losing ground in the encounter, pushed back as hard as she possibly could, sending Jamie tumbling onto the bed. During the mayhem that continued on the bed, both nightshirts managed to work their way to the girl’s waists. Immediately, both girls became aware of the feeling of bare skin on bare skin.

As they both wrestled for control, their legs and thighs started rubbing against each other. Soon the intensity in both girls seemed to diminish, changing to an almost playful pushing and shoving match. Neither girl however gave up, and the exchange continued on for several more minutes. All of a sudden both young pussies came into contact with each other, freezing the girls amid shoves. The feeling was new for Jackie and a slight rush of panic developed in her mind.. Jamie was the first to react, very slowly and gently she began to grind her hairy young cunt into her sister. The familiar sensation of moisture starting to flow through her vagina immediately came to her as she let out a soft moan.

Jackie, aware of her sister’s actions, was confused and unsure of how to react. The feeling of another female organ gently rubbing against hers was exhilarating. She could distinctly feel the course hair that surrounded her playmate’s pubic area as it softly rubbed against her own clean-shaven region. She had never experienced the touch of another woman, and while the thought had repulsed her in the past, Jackie found herself getting turned-on by the exchange with her sister. Moisture began to seep through her canal and soon was mixing with her mate’s own juices. As the regions became slick from their combined fluids, the feeling of arousal increased.

Then Jackie felt the delicate touch of Jamie’s hands as they moved across her body toward her young budding breasts. She sucked her breath in as soon as those hands made contact with her tits. Her moaning increased as her equally aroused sister began to softly massage her through the nightshirt. Tentatively, Jackie moved her own hands toward her sister’s breast wondering what the feeling would be like. Cupping her sister’s protruding tits, Jackie was soon massaging them the same way hers were being manipulated. Within minutes, the young teenagers were squirming on the bed, both cunts firmly locked together and four hands busily at work kneading each other.

"Oh fuuuuck, that feels sooooooooo goooooooooood!" Jamie cried out. She felt herself racing toward an orgasm as she pushed her drenched pussy into her sibling’s sex while squeezing and gently pinching her small tits. The harder she worked the more intense the feelings within her became, and after a very few minutes, her orgasm was upon her.

"Ahhhhhhhhh shiiiiiiiitt, I’mmmmmmmm cummmming, I’mmmmm cummmmmming!!!!!!!!!" She screamed and then tightened up, letting the orgasm crash over her.

Jackie was amazed at how quickly her sister had cum. She was surprised when Jamie’s body stiffened, and she was held captive in a vise-like grip. She saw beads of perspiration rolling down Jamie’s face and the look of sheer bliss come over her. She lay quietly on the bed while her sister was relaxing from the pleasure of the past few moments. Her own needs were still unfulfilled, and she was starting to feel guilty about what had just happened. Sisters weren’t suppose to act like this she thought feeling the pressure on her most private area starting to recede. Jamie had stopped massaging her breasts and her soft gentle breathing told Jackie things were returning to normal.

Jamie basked in the glow of just having cum. She was sure Jackie hadn’t had a similar reaction and wondered if her sister was upset that she hadn’t cum. She was the first to speak.

"Thanks Jackie, that was great." She said looking up at her younger sister. "I take it you have never been with another girl before."

Jackie looked down and smiled, a multitude of questions coursing through her mind. "Why did you do that? Where did you learn to do that? Isn’t it wrong for sisters to be doing these things to each other? I had always thought sex between two girls was gross! But I must admit it did feel very good! " Jackie queried.

"I don’t know about how gross it is, I find it very satisfying sometimes. Don’t think I’m a lesbian just because I like sex with girls. I like a good fuck from a guy just as much!" Jamie explained.

Thinking back to what she had witnessed the night before with Jamie and her uncle, Jackie knew her sister both loved to fuck and was pretty experienced at it. Jackie had also seen a tender loving side of her sister she hadn’t seen in many years. It was time to find out what was really going on with her sister.

"OK Jamie, what’s come over you? You normally don’t give a rat’s ass about me or how I feel and now this has happened, what gives?" Jackie wanted to know. She waited patiently while Jamie took a few seconds to compose her thoughts.

"I’m not sure what really happened just now. One minute, I was pissed-off and ready to tear your hair out, and the next minute, I wanted to make love to you more any anything else in the world. I can’t explain it. Maybe I’ve come to realize that you and I are sisters, and we need to put the past behind us and become friends. You know, acting the way sisters are suppose to act. As far as where I learned it, Beth and I have been doing it for a while now. Someday I’ll tell you how it all started." Jamie replied with a small tear in her eye. She wasn’t sure of what was going to transpire next, but she hoped Jackie would forgive her of her past behavior and let them start anew.

Jackie listened as Jamie answered her questions. So her and Beth had been at this for a while. She thought. "I could see why she would like Beth, she is very pretty and sexy in her own way" Then Jackie decided to push the conversation. "I’m sorry I spied on you last night, but the truth is, I saw a lot more than just Uncle Dave spanking you. I was standing in the doorway of mom and dad’s bedroom watching you two get it on." She confessed. "Was Uncle Dave any good? And, where is Uncle Dave this morning?"

Jamie was shocked to discover their escapades the previous night had been discovered. Fear ran through her as she thought of the ramifications of anyone else discovering her secret. But Jackie had been truthful and now it was her turn to lay all the cards on the table.

"First, Uncle Dave went out to play golf. He said he’d be back around 2. Secondly, he was very good last night. He doesn’t have the stamina of some of the boys I know, but he is much better at making sure a girl is satisfied. He was gentle and caring and knows all the right things to make you feel just perfect. His dick isn’t the longest I’ve ever had, but it was the thickest and I felt completely filled up." Jamie explained to her sister. "Now, you have to promise never to tell anyone about what you witnessed last night or there will be hell to pay for everyone!"

Jackie agreed to keep her sister’s secret and decided that if she told Jamie her secret about Uncle Dave, they would be even. Revelation of the secret might even help to cement the new relationship they were forming.

"I promise not to tell anyone about what happened last night. I don’t want you or Uncle Dave to get into any trouble. Now, can I tell you a secret?" Jackie asked.

Jamie felt good about the conversation they were having and when Jackie asked to share her secret she knew things with her sister where going to work out. "Jackie, it isn’t necessary for you to share anything with me, especially since I’ve treated you like shit for so long. But if you want to, I’ll be more than happy to listen.

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